Windows 7 StartUp Goes Blank

Feb 23, 2011

When I start up Windows, it is loading and when I reach that point it says "welcome" and loads in background, after that Desktop must show up immediately, but instead of this , after welcome screen it turns black(and mouse pointer can be seen) like loading something and then after 3-4 secs the desktop shows up.

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Windows 7 Startup Hangs At Welcome Or Desktop Blank

Jun 14, 2012

my windows7 x64 will not boot completely. I get the welcome screen, with a continuous whirling circle or, sometimes, i get to the desktop, but no icons or task bar. I can't get any response from control/alt/delete to get to task manager. I have easy access to safe mode, and everything there seems normal. I have run AVAST, Malwarebytes, and a couple of other antivirus programs from safe mode, with no virus or malware identified. I have read every post in as many tech sites as I can find, and nothing seems to work. I have already tried going back to earlier restores, and am out of them.

I need to backup all my work files and reinstall Windows 7, I guess. I'm concerned that I will not have the drivers I need when I do that. I have a backup Macrium system image, but it's a year old, the external drive it's on clicks like crazy, indicating it's going bad, and I've got a LOT of work on my machine I don't want to lose. I've already beaten myself severly with a rubber hose for putting off backups and restore disks, so save that...

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Blank Screen At Startup?

Feb 11, 2011

I have a HP Pavilion Elite, OP windows seven. The problem i have is when i turn the computer on, it goes through the RAID boot up and the Ethernet Boot up. But after that, all I receive on my monitor is a blank black screen.

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Blank Screen On Startup

Dec 9, 2009

I recently built a new system and installed Win 7 Home Pro. The install was relatively quick and painless, however, I've got a little problem. Every time I power up the machine Windows begins to start but then stalls at a blank black screen. My keyboard and mouse are powerless although there still seems to be HDD activity. I've let it sit for some time with no resolution and so I hit restart. Restart take me to the "Windows did not close properly screen where I get to choose from various start up modes (safe / normal). I always choose "normal" and the machine boots up just fine and, here's the kicker, if I restart the machine Windows continues to boot up fine. It's only after the machines been powered down to a boot to this black screen.

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Screen Keep Going Blank At Startup

Nov 19, 2011

I have a windows 7 and it has only been one year since I got the computer.Several weeks ago, a problem began to occur where once I turn on the computer and monitor, and I am on the welcome page where I enter in my password, the screen goes black. But the monitor is still on. But when I turn off the monitor and on, it comes back. But immediately after that it goes blank again. Until 1-2 minutes after I log in.

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Startup Delay After Login Screen - Blank Screen With Cursor?

Dec 31, 2010

Everything shows up fine until the welcome screen after that it normally used to fade to the desktop but now it goes blank. The screen in Black with only the mouse pointer. Its not hung, i can move the mouse pointer. Then after a minute or so it advances to the desktop. Everything on the desktop loads up in less than 5s. The PC runs fine, it is really fast as there are only a few programs, but only boots slow. My total boot time is about 3-5 min. I think it should be like in a minute or so.I have not tweaked much with the system but have installed a few programs like MS office, Nero, Acrobat and Photoshop. These are the only heavy programs in the PC right now. The only games on the PC are AC1 and AC2. I have uninstalled my graphic driver and reinstalled. I already minimized the programs in the msconfig>startup to the minimum. I have run ccleaner, spybot s&d, Antimalware and i also have a trial copy of Kaspersky AV (upgrading later to 1-year license). there are no peripherals attached during boot except the USB keyboard and mouse. A printer is attached too but is most of the time turned off.

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Won't Read Blank CD / Can't Burn On Blank CD

May 29, 2011

I have a problem with my DVD Room, HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H55N ATA Device. It won't read blank CD's/I can't burn on blank CD's nothing, but on DVD i can.

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Windows 7 Randomly Crashes On Startup Or Requires System Repair On Startup

Jan 14, 2011

Ever since I bought my new computer and installed Windows 7 64 bit Pro I have noticed that sometimes when I start my computer the startup locks up or crashes, requiring me to restart or it takes me to the system repair screen and running this process does nothing.

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Windows 7 Won't Startup Properly - Stuck In Startup Repair Loop

Feb 18, 2012

I have a Dell Inspiron and a while ago I shut down my PC and the next morning I was faced with options to repair my computer. It hung on the screen for ages before it actually came up with startup repair and supposedly fixed the problem. A few days later, everything got very slow and started to freeze a lot and before long, booting the computer got very slow as well as it hung for about ten minutes on a black screen after the 'welcome' screen before finally starting up. I decided to reinstall the operating system (I did NOT reformat the C drive), so I borrowed my Grandma's external hard drive and copied my files. After reinstalling using a Dell Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium Re-Installation DVD, I copied and deleted the files off the external hard drive onto my PC (I didn't know it would create a Windows.old folder) and started installing programs. Then I left it overnight to install quite a big program. This morning, somehow it had turned off. I turned it on and it gave me the safe mode options and a 'start windows normally' option. I chose the latter and after typing my password it hung on the welcome screen again. I left it for ages and it just went back to the user login screen again. I pressed the red button in the corner to shut it down but it just hung once again on an empty screen so I did a hard shutdown (held down the power button). I turned it on again...startup repair. It gave me the option for system restore, which I did (then realising when it finished that I hadn't made a backup). I booted it, and again it wouldn't start properly. At this time, safe mode booted fine. After trying various things (even using a compressed air can to get rid of dust) and a few hard shutdowns, suddenly every option from the advanced boot menu took me to startup repair except 'Repair your Computer' which gave the normal options for repair (although now it only gives me 2, Startup Repair and DataSafe Restore and Emergency Backup. Now when I do startup repair, some times it says it has fixed the problem, and sometimes it says it cannot be fixed automatically and gives me information on the problem (a few things it said were: 'StartupRepairOffline', 'AutoFailover' and 'CorruptRegistry').

I can't reinstall my computer because then I would lose my precious files.

Is there some way I can save my files and reinstall or even just save my files somehow or am I screwed?

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Windows 7 Startup: Administrator Startup Fails?

May 17, 2011

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 240 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2815 Mb


Antivirus: The Shield Deluxe Antivirus, Updated and Enabled DISPLAY MODEL: All I got with it was mouse and power cord On Startup, I get icons for the Administrator and Standard user. Clicking on the Administrator gives me a desktop with an on-screen keyboard; the computer keyboard disabled, and a panel saying,"FAILED, The application has failed to start." Going back and clicking on the Standard User icon gets me running for the most part. Here's the BIG problem. Every time I try to install any program, the User Account Control box drops down and asks for the Administrator Password, plus the question,"Do you want to allow the following programs to make changes to your computer?" You click "Yes", but, since no one is in the Administrator office, your installation comes to a halt. This blocks "Install" and "Uninstall". I get lots of messages I need Adobe Flash Player. I've trie over and again to install it, going to Windows 32 bit, but can't uninstall my previous tries. It will always download, and that's all. I've tried to install my digital camera's CD, but can't.

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Windows Won't Startup, Startup Repair Can't Fix It

Aug 17, 2010

I hate it when this happens and so far, the startup repair has always been able to fix the problem. Today, I'm not so lucky.
I'm using my other built right now coz I have to work. I don't remember what updates I did last night but I do remember the dvd drive firmware was updated.I popped in the system restore disc, start it up and the same page appears: Start with windows start up or Start windows normally. Tried both and neither one of them would bring up system restore. This built was only a month old and was hardly used so far so no system restore point was created at this point. I have files in it that I would like to keep but I can't get to them right now so a clean fresh install is needed but I can't get it up.

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BSOD On Startup Error 0x000000f4 Startup Takes Long Time

Jul 27, 2012

i used to get the BSOD very often so i decided to recover the system to the initial state . i did that and everything was fine , then i updated the windows 7 service pack 1 and finished the installation and rebooted my computer , the start-up at least took half an hour at that time and the service pack 1 installation showed "not successful " i tried to again to update the service pack1 which showed 73.6mb - 892.6mb so i updated it again and again the same thing happened.

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Windows 7, Everything Blank, Can't See Anything?

Oct 24, 2011

so last night my computer was in the middle of a download which i now is the cause of the issues i'm having, but i've completely gotten rid of it and done several scans and made sure there was no inflicting damage or viruses on my pc! so after all of that, my toshiba did a start up repair and supposedly restored itself, wellnow my programs look like this.i seriously have no idea why this is happening and seriously, get this. not all of my programs look like this, some are working and are completely fine like nothing ever happened. i usually use AOL instant messenger and it did the same, i used google chrome and it was completely blank and my internet explorer did the same thing as well. so far, no one knows what this issue is and it's absolutely unbearable. my toshiba didn't come with a system recovery disc so i am without it and when trying to burn one

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Windows 7 Startup Repair On Every Boot But After Startup Repair Hibernate Works?

Dec 14, 2012

windows 7 startup repair on every boot but after startup repair hibernate works. How to fix?

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Laptop Had Been Checking Disk For Consistency Every Startup / Now Won't Startup At All

Feb 11, 2011

My hp dv3t has been giving a message about checking a disk for consistency every time I reboot(ed) for about a week now, but today it froze after the countdown reaches zero (for bypassing the procedure)´┐Żnothing I do can get it past this step. What do I do? I tried booting from Safe Mode, it listed a bunch of drivers but then froze.I'm using W7 64-bit Home Premium.

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[64bit] Cannot Uncheck Startup/ Edit Startup Entries

Mar 15, 2011

Trying to disable some of the bloatware that came with my HP G62, as well as disable unneeded auto-updates, and have been blocked from doing so.Ran msconfig, startup entries... Unchecked, hit "apply" and they just become checked again. (Ran as administrator on admin account)Tried "Tuneup Utilities." Same effect.Have been trying to disable Yahoo Messenger from starting and it just keeps on starting.I have unchecked the startup box in the pref dialog of the prog.Is my admin account not really admin? (No other accounts on the computer)

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Windows 7 Feature Box Is Blank?

Mar 31, 2011

Running Win 7 64 bit and I noticed that my AddRemove Windows feature box is blank. I ran the windows readiness tool and tried system restore to no avail.

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All Videos Blank In Both IE9 And FF5 And Windows 7?

Jul 13, 2011

i recently had applied a 3rd party theme Shine 2.0 for Windows 7 by ~zainadeel on deviantART, and had used the path utility TCP-Z, Best TCP/IP Patch: Universal Theme Patcher (v1.5, Build 20090409)I had applied it the mean time there were a couple of windows updates released too, i applied those as well.Today i realize all flash videos as well as every video on my computer is blank. Just the audio plays, no videos on no matter which player

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Installing Windows 7 On Blank HD

Mar 11, 2012

I tried to start it up one day and it told me that it could not find ootcd. To make a long story short, it couldn't be fixed & I pulled the hard drive out of the computer, hooked it up to another, and reformatted the drive. I cant reinstall from the recovery partition because it was bad too and got wiped. What I want to know is if there is a way to get windows 7 installed back on the HDD? I don't have install disks since my computer didn't come with one. I have a verification key that came with the computer, so can I download windows 7 from somewhere and install it (without having to pay for it)? Can I take Windows 7 from my other computer and somehow install it on the drive?

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My Internal Dvd Rom Will Not With Blank Dvd In Windows 7?

Dec 15, 2011

i have windows 7 and my internal dvd rom will only work with dvds that have bytes installed on disk but will not reconize a blank dvd

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Windows 7 Blank Screen After Login

Oct 4, 2010

I have Dell studio series 1558,I have two issues: After Powering on the laptop and inputting the password for login to Windows 7, I get a black screen with the Mouse cursor active. In the background the login seems to have happened but I don't get to see the Desktop. When i open any program or web page, e.g. yahoo messenger, the messenger/webpage display is very small, i had to manually enlarge it to view properly, i tried changing my screen resolution, but didnt work.

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Windows 7 Blank Screen With Cursor?

Sep 4, 2011

When computer starts is says windows is starting and then just get blank screen with cursor.

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Windows Search Drawing Blank?

Apr 19, 2012

When i try to use the windows "Search: Programs and Files", i get nothing, just blank. When i try "Search Everywhere" again nothing. So i downloaded google desktop, and now the search everywhere intializes the google desktop. I like the windows search so much more, how do i get it to work?

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Blank Screen With Cursor On Windows 7?

Sep 30, 2012

After I turn on my laptop Dell starts and it says her resuming windows and then goes to a blank screen with my cursor. I removed the battery and held the power button but don't know what else to do. I don't have a restore disk. I'm running windows 7.

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Blank Screen After Starting Windows 7?

Aug 13, 2012

I seem to have a odd issue with my laptop. Sometimes when i boot into windows there would be a blank screen with a mouse cursor after the starting windows screen. I would have to wait for approximately 5 minutes for it to show up my logon screen. I've been having this issue since the start of the year and have attempted to solve it but they have been unsuccessful. Things i've tried:Reformat Windows (Did it 4 times)Purchasing a SSDReduced the start-up items(barely any)?

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Windows 7 / IE 9 - Getting Blank Tab On Clicking Link

Dec 11, 2012

I have windows 7 trouble with IE 9 when I click on a link I get a blank page and blank tab I have tried resetting IE and also a reg fix on the internet the same is happening if I upgrade to IE 10.

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Getting A Blank Screen After Windows Login

Jan 31, 2012

I started the machine today and after the welcome screen the screen becomes blank and i get a black screen for about 30 seconds.then i get the task bar and after about 10 seconds i get the desktop.

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Turn Windows Features On Or Off Is Blank?

Oct 26, 2010

the list is just empty after loading. I've tried running sfc /scannow, system restoring back, I've ran a chkdsk on C:, I created a new admin account to see if it worked, I even tried this command: reg delete HKLMCOMPONENTS /v StoreDirty but still no luck.

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Windows Explorer Shows Blank

Jul 1, 2011

Ever since running some registery cleaner I have been having issues with my windows explorer.I never should have touched my registery with untrusted software in the first place.I know most of you will probably suggest me to reinstall but I would prefer to just put the registry entries back in place as I have a lot installed on my computer.Whenever I try to start up "Computer" or control panel it shows the explorer but the contents are blank.I already scanned my disk for issues (sfc /scannow) but nothing was found.

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Repair Windows 7 Via CD Gives A Blank Page?

May 20, 2012

I have a windows 7 32 bit and for some reason it wont load. Its just stuck on the windows logo and nothing happens. I tried going into Safe Mode, and all the other F8 options but nothing works.So I read a little online and they suggested I repair the windows with my CD which I got when I bought the laptop.So I inserted the CD and I clicked on the repair button. Now I get a blank page with nothing on it... No repair stuff.

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Windows 7 Won't Recognize Blank Discs?

Jan 22, 2010

I have now installed win 7 three times, 64 bit and now 32 bit and have the same problem. I have read many similar problems on various forums and microsoft have been remotely on my PC for the last 2 days, and cannot resolve the I have 2 DVD RW drives, and both of them can read all types of media with no problems. When blank discs are inserted, all programs trying to access the drives just lock up. The "not responding" message will clear as soon as the disc is ejected and everything is then back to normal. If I leave the disc in the drive it will eventually recognise it after about 1.5 hours, but I can then do nothing with it.Microsoft have stated to me today that it is not an issue with Windows 7 and I should contact the manufacturers of the drives for help or updated drivers. All my drivers are showing as being up to date, and I cannot find any other drivers on the OEM websites.

Prior to purchasing, the upgrade advisor stated that I would have no issues moving from XP to WIN 7. Microsoft have informed me today that the upgrade advisor will not guarantee any piece of hardware will work correctly after win 7 install, it only indicates if any hardware will cause instability problems !!!I have an internal LITE-ON SHM-165P6S, and a USB Lightscribe drive built into my HP C8180 printer. These are 2 completely different drives that are exhibiting the same problem (only win 7 is the common theme)

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