Installing Huawei Modem Driver Of PTCL V Wireless On Wi

Dec 5, 2009

Installing Huawei modem Driver of PTCL V Wireless on windows 7. In this article you will find how to install huawei modem (ETS2558) drivers of previous version windows (XP) on windows 7.

Other user (other modem brand) of PTCL V or windows XP service pack 3 and vista user may get help from there to install their drivers.

As we know that win 7 has great support for previous windows applications so software make no problem only driver create a problem.

To install the driver follow these steps.

1- Insert CD into CD/ DVD ROM.

2- Cancel auto run of huawei application.

3- Go to start Menu in search bar type "Troubleshooting" and open it from menu.

4- Now click on programs and follow the instruction (Run application in Win XP service pack 2 compatibility mode and follow procedure same as XP).

Select not listed….

Select Location of application….

Click on "Try recommended settings"

Now click on start the Program…

5-After installizations save compatibility settings. (Windows may warn u that it is not compatible just ignore it).

6-Now go to the Device manager here you will see TUSB3410 DEVICE IN Multiport serial adapters which will be marked with some sign Right click on it and then click on update driver. Now click on brows files from computer and select CD/ DVD ROM in which driver is found. It will scan the CD/ DVD ROM n find and install drivers automatically.

7-Refresh the list of device manager or re-open it. U will see that USB-Serial Port (COM 3) in Ports (COM & LPT) will be marked with sign. Now perform same procedure as in step 6 with it.

Now you are ready to use your application.

Now open application ptcl v and click on connect it may take 1 to 2 minutes by displaying a message initializing.

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Huawei E630 Wireless Modem Gives BSOD After Pluging

Jan 12, 2009

I have a problem with Huawei E630 wireless modem. Afert pluging in - PCMCIA type II card - it's starting to install but afert couple seconds it gives BSOD with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.

Also, becouse I think it might come handy, card was working well on XP or Vista 32bit.

Oh, and something else, after pluging it install a NEC USB controller - showed in Device Manager - and secondary a Modem.

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Huawei E169 USB 3g Modem Driver

Dec 13, 2008

I can't get my Huawei 169 modem to function in Windows 7, I've tried both build 6801 and 6956 -same result

As soon as I plug the modem in Windows 7 recognizes it as a usb disk, I can access the disk and launch the on board installer. I've downloaded the latest driver from the Huawei site, but the installer fails with the error "can't find any modem"

If I do a hardware scan in the device manager only the usb disk turns up, but not the modem.

I'm using this modem on this laptop in both WinXP and OSX without any problems, so the modem and PC is allright...

Is there any special windows 7 services that I need to start?

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Huawei E156g Mobile Modem Freezes

Nov 7, 2009

Huawei e156g Mobile Broadband USB Stick

HP Pavilion dv7 2070ea

Windows 7 Professional 64bit

The laptop came preinstalled with Vista Home 64bit and i was able to use the mobile broadband without any issues.

I have installed Windows 7 Pro 64 in a dual boot config and it runs fine on wired or wireless connections, but when i try to use the mobile broadband i run into issues.

After the modem driver and software install and a few restarts I was able to get all the devices in the device manager to be happy, and i was able to connect via the 3 Connect software and access the internet. But after a few minutes Windows will inevitably lock up, regardless of what program is being used. The screen will freeze, there will be zero harddrive activity and the only course of action is to hold down the power button

The mobile broadbands company site says that the vista drivers should be happy on windows 7, but something isnt happy.

I really need to resolve this as my mobile broadband allows me to connect to various servers for work via its allowed IP address.

Is this the modem, the USB bus or something else?

I have checked the event log and there isnt anything useful in there.

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Make A Huawei Modem EC221 Work On 64bit?

Oct 11, 2011

I installed a huawei modem EC221 on a laptop - Windows 7 64bit but I cant seem to get it connected to access the internet?

Do I need to install or update the drivers? Don't seem to have any problems with 32 bit version but 64 bit is driving me nuts

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Why Huawei E1550 Usb Modem Is Not Working On The Fujitsu Life-book A530

Jun 26, 2011

why huawei e1550 usb modem is not working on the Fujitsu life-book a530

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Wireless Modem Driver?

Mar 28, 2012

how to get wireless modem driver

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New Modem Sent By Comcast Also A Wireless Modem Can Only Get One To Work?

Jan 6, 2013

I have a laptop and regular computer and a new modem sent by comcast also a wireless modem. I can only get one to work. what am i doing wrong?

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Huawei E173 Not Installing Under Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Service Pack 1

Apr 16, 2011

I can't install Huawei E173 under Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Service Pack 1. I get the following message:"UpravljaĨki program nije pronađen" in the screenshot means "Driver not found".I have also tried connecting the modem while connected to the Internet, to no avail.I had previously installed and used 3 other USB mobile broadband modems on the same system, 2 of which were Huawei. All software for these modems is supposed to be uninstalled.However, when I install it under a VMware virtual machine with a fresh install of the same operating system, everything works fine.I have also tried copying all relevant drivers successfully installed under the virtual machine to the physical machine, but that doesn't completely work, either.

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Connect The Net Setter But Sum Huawei Mobile Driver Lost?

May 22, 2012

i connect the net setter but sum huawei mobile driver lost.

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Windows Wireless LAN Driver Installing

May 21, 2012

I apologize in advance if a thread related to this has already happened. Judging from my join date, I'm obviously new to these forums, a friend of mine recommended this to me, so I'm hoping someone here can help me figure out this problem.That problem being, I recently just wiped out my Windows 7 Basic edition due to some problems it was having and I recently just installed Windows 7 Ultimate (Wireless LAN_ Realtek_ 8.0. 0.238_W7x86W7x64_EM108). Now from my judgment with computers when I want to connect to a router, in the bottom right hand corner you could do as so and connect right away. Well, I can't do that. Right now I'm connected through my Ethernet cord and I'm trying to figure out this issue.

I went to my manufacturer website (I have a Gateway zx4800) and I recently downloaded the driver I needed (also x64bit) and I have set-up and installed what I needed to do and I even restarted, and still nothing. I even tried to set-up a wireless connection myself and it told me to wait 90 seconds, but nothing showed up for me to sent anything up, so my mind is just completely boggled.

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Installing Atheros Driver For Dlink Wireless Adapter

Jan 4, 2013

I've been having intermittent disconnection issues with my wireless card, DWA-552. After having thoroughly researched on the subject, the conclusion drawn by many people is that dlink's drivers are inappropriate for the card. It was suggested to install the Atheros driver instead, which i proceeded to do. Much to my confusion, when i downloaded the AR5008 driver, i found no .exe file to easily setup the driver.

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Installing A 3G Modem Without Installation Disc?

Mar 5, 2012

My laptop died and until i can get it fixed, i am borrowing one. I have a LG 3G modem and use Verizon Wireless. How can i get the modem to work on the borrowed laptop? I don't have an installation disk and there are no numbers on the modem itself?

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Make Laptop/notebook A Wireless With Usb Modem?

Dec 30, 2012

How do i make my laptop/notebook a wireless with usb modem?

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Belkin Share Wireless Modem Router WiFi And LAN Not Linked?

Dec 12, 2011

Just bought this belkin router. Linked one computer through LAN and 4 devices through WIFI or some reason my WIFI devices are not able to read or detect connections to the LAN network

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Unable To Connect To Modem/internet Via Lan But Wireless Works Fine

Dec 4, 2012

My desktop (windows 7 ultimate 64bit) has been able to connect fine to the internet until I got home from work this morning. My laptop is connecting to the same modem fine through wireless (along with my wii). The modem I am using is Motorola SB 901. When I rightclick my connection on my desktop and hit troubleshoot problems, I get 'local area connection 2 doesn't have a valid ip configuration'. Same thing happens when I switch the ethernet cord to local area connection 1. When I go to control panel, network and internet, network and sharing, the connection map at the top stops between my pc and the network (which is now labeled as 'unidentified network'). Here is a list of what I have done so far to try and resolve the issue:

1. Replaced the ethernet cord with one I know is working

2. Full scanned my pc for viruses

3. Disabled all firewalls and virus protection programs

4. Restored my pc to a previous save state

5. Reset winsock with cmd via these prompts: netsh winsock reset catalog and netsh int ip reset reset.log hit

6. This attempt is unfinished as I am getting stuck. I am attempting to setup a static ip to attempt to resolve the issue, but when I open cmd and type ipconfig/all, the default gateway under my local area connection is completely blank.Here is what comes up with ipconfig/all:

Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Paul-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid


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Belkin Wireless G Modem / Router And Realtek RTL8139/810x

Nov 25, 2009

I own a Belkin Wireless G Modem/Router. I connect my computer to it via Realtek RTL8139/810x wired network adapter.

Just a moment ago, my computer could not connect to the Internet. When I ran the troubleshooting tool, it suggested to "Make sure the other end of the cable is plugged into the router. If that does not help, try a new cable."

I checked the LED light on the network card, and it appears to be solid red. I'm not too sure about its usual colour when it was working fine. The modem's LED shows that it detected a connection from the cable. I tried to replace the cable with another one, but it the light is still red and the modem still shows that it detects a connection from the cable, but my windows is not able to connect to the modem. It failed to detect any connection.

I am currently using a D-link wireless USB adapter to connect to the modem.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong? Is there a problem with my settings or is the network card damaged?

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Can't Connect Net Using Mobile Modem - It Says Modem Not Found

Dec 2, 2011

i am using n73 mobile to connect to the internet...ut now a days it couldnt get says modem not found....

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Access A Cable Modem Via Wireless Access Point?

Feb 19, 2012

This question may not be what you think it is. I am trying to fix an intermittent issue in my home environment. The issue is I am having to use wireless. Our Xfinity Cable/WAP modem sits on the top floor of our house. I am located in the basement. The wireless signal I get most of the time is very good, and by very good i mean at least 15+ mb/s on [URL]

I am taking the Cisco Network Academy classes and am familiar with network terminology and concepts. However, what I'm trying to do is take a router/WAP (using it downstairs where I'm located) and configure it to access our xfinity modem upstairs, so that I can plug in to it downstairs using a RJ-45.

Let me know what yall think. By the way the router/wap i would be using is a netgear model unknown at this moment but could easily find out.

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RC ADSL Modem Driver

May 6, 2009

I installed the windows 7 RC with great enthusiasm but found that the driver for my speedtouch 330 adsl modem which was working fine for beta not working the problem being the setting option for world cannot be selected. Bad experience from windows7 indeed!

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Usb Modem Driver For Windows 7?

Dec 16, 2011

where i can get the driver for usb modem driver for windows 7

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Usb Modem Driver For PC Windows 7?

Jun 12, 2012

Usb modem driver for PC windows 7?

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Driver For CXT 10B5 HCF PCI Modem

Feb 27, 2010

Is driver for CXT 10B5 HCF-PCI modem available in window 7?

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Driver For Speedtouch 330 USB ADSL Modem

Jul 9, 2009

Is there a driver for speedtouch 330 USB ADSL Modem ?

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Agere Systems HDA Modem X64 Driver

Jul 13, 2009

My laptop is BenQ Joybook S57 that came with x86 driver cd. I tried to install x64 Win-7 but the only driver I can't find is the modem. I found agere driver for the other brands of notebook PC but no BenQ. I triend to install the other brands driver with no success. Anyone know how to find a generic x64 driver package? or any driver package that will work with my laptop.

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SmartLink 56k Modem Driver For 32Bit Win 7

Oct 23, 2009

Just upgraded from XP and need a SmartLink 56k Modem Driver for 32Bit Windows 7

Can anyone help or do I need to go and buy a new/different modem for the once-un-a-blue-moon fax that I use it for?

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Cdma Modem Driver For Windows 7

Apr 26, 2012

I have CDMA modem from PEOPLEnet, I m running windows 7 32 bit. I could not find its driver.

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Driver For Usb Modem Thg540 For Windows 7?

Jun 2, 2012

I have problems finding a driver for thomson thg540 for windows 7. it says that windows 7 is not compatible with the modem. I have tried finding a driver on the net and I didn;t find any for windows 7.

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Looking For The Modem Driver Installer Free?

Oct 13, 2012

we are looking for the modem driver installer free

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Compatibility Between Huawei And Windows 7?

Nov 9, 2009

I am using window 7 ultimate on my dell notebook. I just purchased broadband data card of Huawei from tata indicom. The system get hanged after using it for 5 to 15 minutes and respond only on doing system switch off.Do we have any solution as the firm's technical person just waisted my time thrice for no result?

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64bit Modem Adsl Driver Problem

Aug 2, 2009

i have a HAMLET HDSL640 USB MODEM ADSL and there are only drivers for 32bit that don't work with seven 64bit

there are no installation with these drivers, only the drivers that canìt be installed on 64bit

there are solution or not?

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