'Files To Delete' On Disk Cleanup Are Automatically Recreated?

Nov 18, 2011

The " Files to Delete" on disk cleanup are automatically recreated.? Because I check all and some dont appear anymore and other yes are still there but with 0 bytes.

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What Is Safe To Delete During Disk Cleanup

Apr 4, 2012

So I want to perform a disk clean up on my laptop, except I have no idea which items in the list are safe to delete and which are not. I've looked through Google and a lot of sites say it's safe to just delete everything, but I want to make sure.

The following:

Downloaded Program Files - 0 bytes
Temporary Internet Files - 0 bytes
Game Statistics Files - 3.71 KB
Recycling Bin - 0 bytes
Service Pack Backup Files - 920 MB
System error memory dump files - 5.00 MB


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Safe To Delete All Contents Of Disc Cleanup

Jul 4, 2012

I ran a disc cleanup a couple of days after I got my new PC and there is approx 1gb of material which it is showing as files for removal which I think are mostly system files.Is it safe to delete all of this content ?

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Shortcuts Automatically Creating For Files On Hard Disk

Nov 9, 2012

My computer's hard disk's files are automatically creating shortcut files. I trying it to remove but, it comes again.

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Delete Files From Backup Disk?

Oct 11, 2012

After downloading the latest updates for Google Earth, I began getting a msg saying that "there is not enough disk space on your backup disk." When I attempted to clean it up, I was unable to free up any space. I have a LENOVO 570; the backup disk is labeled: Lenovo: D It says I have @ 10.6MB free out of 29GB Can I delete all the drivers and the applications from the D drive ? And then do a complete restore once the D drive is emptied?

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Check Everything When Run Disk Cleanup?

Feb 21, 2012

can i check everything when i run Disk Cleanup?

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Disk Cleanup - Open And Use

Nov 1, 2009

How to Open and Use Disk Cleanup in Windows 7 ?

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Disk Cleanup Stopped Working

Jan 17, 2012

I've recently formatted my laptop, maybe a month ago or so and this is the first time i experience such a problem. I click in Disk Cleanup and it simply crashes, I googled around couldn't find anything useful, I tried most of the solutions suggested here: In Windows 7, Disk cleanup stops working on System Files after - Microsoft Answers and nothing.

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Unable To Delete The Files And Folders In The External Disk?

Jun 12, 2012

i have files and folders in my external hard drive- transcend 320 GB. but now it is almost full with the documents. i want to delete some folders and file but it is not possible to delete. How to delete my documents in my transcend external hard drive?

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Disk Cleanup Windows 7 Home Premium?

Nov 1, 2012

disk cleanup is not deleting any files and my local C disk is not getting any free space. I have used disk cleanup and tried to delete tham but when I try again they are still there can this be fixed

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Windows 7 Won't Boot After Disk Cleanup In Sleep Mode

Sep 23, 2011

My netbook was working normally but I was running low on space so I decided to run a disk cleanup. I opted to compress the files as well. Then I put the netbook to sleep.

Trying to restart this morning, the "Toshiba" screen came up (with access to the boot menu) and immediately after a black screen with the following message appears:

YKNRE is compressed
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

When I follow the instructions, the same cycle repeats. This is a nebook without a CD drive. I am traveling in Iran and am stuck.

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After Disk Cleanup , Can't Use My Audio System In Safe Mode?

Apr 13, 2011

I ran the disk cleanup and it freed up several GB of space on my C drive (I have a Dell laptop with a C drive with about 62 GB of space and a D drive with 426 GB.I let it run overnight because it said it was going to take 6 hours (no idea how long it actually took).

It had either shut down or hibernated, so I turned it back on the next morning. Windows booted up, but has not been working--I can't use the shortcuts, and even if I click on something from the start menu it won't run. (Firefox, for example, or other programs). It gives me an error message about the data not being found with an I/O error.I am able to use the internet and some programs in Safe Mode, which is what I'm doing now.I can't use my audio system in Safe Mode.I have the upgrade CD for Windows 7--they sent it after I had bought the computer. Do I need to reinstall Windows 7?Can I do it from the update CD?Do I need to back up all of my files (photos, etc) before I reinstall it?

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Secondary HDD Works Fine But Cannot Be Disk Cleanup Or Defrag?

Jul 2, 2011

I have a two HDD setup with a newer Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB as my secondary drive. It stores all my bigger files such as video games, videos, and so on. Whenever I try to optimize that hard drive using Disk Cleanup or Disk Defragmenter, it doesn't seem to execute the program. The hard drive is running and DC and DD have it on their list but when I use DC it would just come up with 0 mb to clean every time and DD always run a lot faster than the smaller primary drive which is also Western Digital. Is there somewhere in Windows 7 configuration that I need to change to enable the disk to be optimized?

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Loss Of Disk Space On Samsung External 1TB Drive After 'cleanup'

Sep 20, 2012

I know about the immediate 'loss' of disk space owing to the two different methods of measurement. 1Tb to 931Gb - it's annoying, but I'm used to it.No, before a defrag by Fixbee I had 701Gb free, afterwards - in a matter of 2 hours - I had 537Gb. Obviously, I'm not going to use this product again, where a clean-up is obviosly a 'dirt up', but how do I undo the damage that it's caused - especially if it's not the only 'clean up' tool that might do this?

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Files Missing After Malware Cleanup

Feb 1, 2013

Missing files after malware cleanup. How to get rid of files I see in my Secunia psi program but never see them listed in windows uninstaller, Revo uninstaller or even Iobit uninstaller.

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User Accounts Not Recreated On Clean Install

May 16, 2011

I'm having in recreating my 4 user accounts on a clean install of Windows 7?I did a clean install (custom installation) to upgrade from Windows Vista Home Premium x32 to Windows 7 Home Premium x32. I used Windows Easy Transfer to save files and settings for the 4 user accounts (1 x administrator and 3 x standard) to an external hard disk and, following a successful clean install, I used it again to transfer them back to the PC. The Windows Easy Transfer Report says that the 4 users have transferred successfully and, sure enough, at "c:users" there are four folders with the names of the 4 users concerned plus a 5th called "Public". However, when I boot up the only account that appears on the login screen (if that's what it's called) is my (administrator) account. The other 3 standard accounts don't appear.

I went into Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts > Manage Accounts and created a new user account for the 1st of the 3 standard accounts (let's call it "Jane") thinking it would map the folder "c:usersJane" to this user - but it didn't! Instead it created a new folder "c:usersJane.pcname". Should I continue with creating new user accounts for the other standard users in the way I did for "Jane" and then manually move the files across (e.g. from "c:usersJane" to "c:usersJane.pcname") or will this make a mess of things? Is there another way? I didn't see anything in either the Windows 7 install wizard or the Windows Easy Transfer wizard that prompted me to create user accounts other than the one main administrator account.

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WMC Won't Automatically Delete Shows

Aug 27, 2012

I set WMC to only keep a certain number of episodes, (10 or less) then to keep 'Until space needed." However, it keeps recording episodes. For some, I have 30 or more episodes. I have to delete them manually by leaving WMC and doing it through Windows explorer. How do I set WMC to only keep the number of episodes I specify? I have a Ceton infiniTV tuner card, if it matters.

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Recycle Bin - Permanently Delete Items Automatically

Jan 20, 2010

How to Set the Windows 7 Recycle Bin to Permanently Delete Items Immediately ?

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Windows 7 Won't Automatically Boot From Disk

Dec 26, 2012

I just got an SSD, and immediately installed W7 on it. Got it all updated, backed up my other drive, and formatted the old one so it wouldn't be a boot disk. However, now Windows won't automatically boot from the SSD. I can hit the boot menu at startup and select the drive manually, but it does not show up in the arrangeable list of drives to automatically boot from. How do I make Windows automatically boot from the SSD? Windows 7 is fully installed and updated on it; it works fine when I automatically select it, but Windows refuses to notice it unless I tell it that it is there.

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My Disk Checks Automatically Gets Cancelled

Aug 4, 2011

My disk checks automatically gets cancelled.

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Reason For Automatically Reduse The Memory In Disk In Windows 7

Jan 12, 2013

i using windows 7 my problem is every 10 seconds an unknowing sofrware or programme is blinking in tool bar.i scanned many times my pc by AVG antivirous

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How To Run Jar Files Automatically

Oct 30, 2012

I'm so tired of going to cmd and type java -jar "<File Location>" any know how to open jar files automatically ? I tried opening it with java platform SE Binary but it doesnt open .

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Why Can't Delete Game Files From Program Files X 86

Jan 21, 2012

I have 64 bit windows 7. I deleted dungeon siege 2 using the control panel, remove program. It was removed except for one file in Program files x86/microsoftgames/dungeonSiege2. I tried manually deleting it but get this "the action can't be completed because the folder or file in it is open in another program. Close folder or file or retry" There is nothing open. I clicked properties of the file and security and clicked administrator and get the same message. Never had this problem removing remnants of programs in xp.

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.exe Files Automatically Disappeared?

Jun 5, 2011

currently I experiencing a problem .. that's my .exe files auto disappeared from my computer .. I don't know why .. I tried to download it again , but with 0 bytes ..When I click on the files it just pop out this msg '' is not valid win32 application .So Im using my father lap top to download the files and copy to my USB pend to transfer the file , but once I open my USB folder my .exe files automatically disappeared

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New To SSD's, Files Automatically Saving To Them?

Jan 18, 2013

I have a M4 Crucial 128GB SSD which I want to use as my boot disk as well as for a few games and all my drivers just for quicker loading times etc etc, in conjunction with the 128GB SSD I have a 1 TB Seagate HDD that I want to use for the more mass amount of my storage such as documents, music, movies, general games etc etc. I have already installed things such as AVG, Chrome, Skype, Vent, and 2 of my more majorly played games on my computer and everything I download is default saving to my SSD when I'd rather it save to my HDD and move it to my SSD after.

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Downloaded Files Automatically Being Encrypted

Mar 11, 2012

A while ago my brother was messing around on his computer and encrypted some of his folders (right click > property > advanced > encrypt). I'm not exactly sure how many or which folders got encrypted. Now every file he downloads is automatically being encrypted, and we're not sure how to revert the settings. Is there a way to stop it from encrypting files automatically again?

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Way To Delete RW Disk

Jun 18, 2012

I was doing a backup of my computer and it did not completely do it, so I have to do it again but the computer is advising I do not have the authorisation to delete the information.

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Files Doesn't Automatically Sort By Name In Folder?

Sep 16, 2010

I just bought a new 1TB drive. On my previous drive, everytime i (i.e) copy/paste files to that directory, it automatically sort itself out by Name. Now, it does sort by name but not if i don't click refresh or navigating to another folder and coming back to that directory.I've set it to sort by name. Is there something that's missing?

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Automatically Choose The Appropriate Program To Open Files?

Oct 28, 2010

We have Windows 7 on one of our office computers. However, I cannot figure out how to get the computer to automatically choose the appropriate program to open files. Every time we get a file in with a new extention, we have to browse and look for the program..

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Files In All Folders And Desktop Keeps Arranging Automatically

Jul 21, 2012

The other day I was browsing a website and Norton Internet Security pops up saying that a Trojan has been blocked (I don't have a screenshot of it, but that's pretty much all it said). So I exited the website and told Norton to do a full system scan later that night and fell asleep. When I woke up, all it found were some tracking cookies, which it deleted. However, I now had a problem on my computer: all files in every folder will auto arrange themselves every time the folder is opened or refreshed. The same happens on the desktop. Auto arrange is not checked.

Inside folders, the default setting is always "View > Details" and "Sort by > Name > Ascending." The icons on the desktop are still medium, but they are arranged in an odd order, it seems to be alphabetical but in an odd way. I had all my desktop icons arranged in a specific way, so now it's hard to try and find programs that I need. It's also extremely difficult to find any files because of this setup too. To clarify, here's an example of what happens: I arrange the icons the way I want (here being by "Date Modified"), but... If the folder is refreshed or reopened, computer is restarted, etc, then the folder resets to this default.

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Automatically Creating Shortcuts For New Files And Folders?

Sep 12, 2012

We currently have a user who has recently been upgraded to Windows 7 x64 and has this weird issue with shortcuts. When this user creates a new file or folder on a network share it's also creating a shortcut in the root of the share. This is only affecting this user and the only thing I can think of is to blow away the local profile on the laptop.

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