Secondary HDD Works Fine But Cannot Be Disk Cleanup Or Defrag?

Jul 2, 2011

I have a two HDD setup with a newer Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB as my secondary drive. It stores all my bigger files such as video games, videos, and so on. Whenever I try to optimize that hard drive using Disk Cleanup or Disk Defragmenter, it doesn't seem to execute the program. The hard drive is running and DC and DD have it on their list but when I use DC it would just come up with 0 mb to clean every time and DD always run a lot faster than the smaller primary drive which is also Western Digital. Is there somewhere in Windows 7 configuration that I need to change to enable the disk to be optimized?

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Access Denied On Secondary Drive, Nothing Works

Apr 24, 2011

i recently updated my OS from Windows XP to Windows 7. I have two HDD one for my OS install and one for my documents etc. I wiped clean for a fresh install the OS drive which removed XP and now contains Win7. The documents drive however wont open. I keep receiving the same message which is...F: is not accessible.Access is denied.I have tried numerous tutorials and browsed many forums where people have had the problem. The techniques ive tried include changing permissions from the properties, trying to change permission through cmd and all the rest. Another piece of information is that when i look at the properties of the drive it shows that its empty.

Free Space: 0bytes
Used Space: 0bytes
Capacity: 0bytes

The drive contains all the files i backed up from my previous OS and all the files that was originally on it.

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PDF Won't Open In IE8 But Works Fine In IE9

Apr 24, 2012

I have a number of users that I support that cannot open a PDF file downloaded from a training website (external website, not intranet). Using IE8 they get a flash of status bar activity and then nothing. On my computer with IE9 I have no issues opening them at all. I've changed all the security, privacy, content and advanced settings to match what I see in my internet options, but that hasn't helped.

I can't figure out what has changed between IE8 and IE9 that causes this. Adobe Reader 9 is installed on all machines. Firefox 10.0.2 will open the files also, but has issues with some of our propriety software so we can't use it as a workaround unfortunately.

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Check Everything When Run Disk Cleanup?

Feb 21, 2012

can i check everything when i run Disk Cleanup?

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Disk Cleanup - Open And Use

Nov 1, 2009

How to Open and Use Disk Cleanup in Windows 7 ?

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Pc Works Just Fine Until Go Into Facebook Games?

Aug 12, 2012

pc works just fine until i go into Facebook games. The screen then fades and freezes. This is with all games.

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IE8 Cannot Display Webpage But Then Works Just Fine

May 23, 2011

I have been having an issue on several computers lately where IE8 will not display a webpage. As soon as I close the troubleshooter the page loads right up. This has happened on new computers and old. I just installed windows 7 professional on a brand new computer and IE8 is having the same exact problems. What does this mean?

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What Is Safe To Delete During Disk Cleanup

Apr 4, 2012

So I want to perform a disk clean up on my laptop, except I have no idea which items in the list are safe to delete and which are not. I've looked through Google and a lot of sites say it's safe to just delete everything, but I want to make sure.

The following:

Downloaded Program Files - 0 bytes
Temporary Internet Files - 0 bytes
Game Statistics Files - 3.71 KB
Recycling Bin - 0 bytes
Service Pack Backup Files - 920 MB
System error memory dump files - 5.00 MB


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Disk Cleanup Stopped Working

Jan 17, 2012

I've recently formatted my laptop, maybe a month ago or so and this is the first time i experience such a problem. I click in Disk Cleanup and it simply crashes, I googled around couldn't find anything useful, I tried most of the solutions suggested here: In Windows 7, Disk cleanup stops working on System Files after - Microsoft Answers and nothing.

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Windows 7 Internet Not Working / OS X Works Fine Though

Feb 9, 2011

I have a mid 2010 iMac 27" 3.2Ghz i3 4GB ram 1TB hard drive space ATI HD4870.Running windows 7 x64 and OS X 10.6.6..I am using a wireless internet source from nearby, and the connection works great on OS X when I boot into windows the internet is completely un-responisive and when it does work its slower then glass (for those of you who don't know glass is technically a liquid)

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Network Not Connected - Internet Works Fine

Oct 9, 2011

My computer is on the internet, which is working fine - except that if I go to the Network and Sharing Center, it says that I am not connected to a network. The major problem this is causing is the fact that I can't use Windows Media Center to stream anything over to my Xbox, because it says that I'm not connected to a network: Running the troubleshooter does nothing.So far I've: Uninstalled drivers, and reinstalled from my Motherboard's disc which was working fine inititallyUninstalled Apple's Bonjour applicationDisabled and re-enabled the network adapter multiple timesRan ROUTE DELETE for the hell of it because I read that somewhereNothing has worked.

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ATI Card Works Fine In Win 7 Ult RC, Not In Win7 Prof

Oct 28, 2009

I've been using the Windows 7 Ultimate release candidate as an evaluation copy for a while now with no problems. I have an ATI radeon mobility X1600 graphics card in my laptop and I'm using an external monitor through my laptop's DVI port. I bought a product key for Windows 7 professional and therefore had to reinstall that version because I'm using Ultimate as the evaluation copy. I have each version on its own partition so I can switch back and forth between the two.

The problem is that the newly installed windows professional copy will not recognize my ATI graphics card and I can't use my external monitor. It has the standard windows VGA adapter drivers installed. I've installed and run the ATI file i downloaded off their site, '9-9_beta_win7_32_dd_CC', and this accomplishes nothing. I looked in device manager on the working ultimate version and the card is installed correctly so I copied all of the drivers and files it says its using and then tried to update the driver for the standard windows VGA adapter and it says it can't find any better drivers than the current ones.

I remember initially having this same problem when I first installed the Windows 7 Ultimate RC several months ago but I have no clue how I was able to get it to work... Any ideas?

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Can't Print To Pdf From Ie8 But Works Fine From Ms Office Programs

Mar 13, 2011

All of a sudden, I can no longer print to pdf from IE8 (windows 7), the windows flashes for two seconds as though it were starting and then nothing happens, no pdf is created, etc. I've thought about reinstalling Acrobat but am afraid it will also start to fail from MS office.

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Windows 7 Will Not Complete Install On SSD - Works Fine On HDD

Mar 6, 2012

New gaming PC project:
Asus Rampage Extreme IV
I7 3960x
32gb Gskill 2133 mhz
Sound Blaster Recon 3D
2 Corsair Force GT 60gb sata3
2 Corsair Force GT 120gb sata3
Windows 7 home 64bit w/anytime upgrade to Professional (Didn't know about the 16gb ram cap...)
9800 GTX video (ran outta money...)

The issue I'm having is everything seems fine till the first reboot, then I get errors about some random important file is missing or corrupt, please insert your DVD and repair windows or whatever the hell it says. The specified missing file is always different each install attempt (I have made about 30ish attemps so far in every drive configuration I could think of). Once it even said 'a system file' is missing or corrupt with no file specified. One attempt (120gb drives in raid0 with no other drives attached) did make it to the Windows 7 load screen, but then windows encountered an 'unknown error' and had to close while finalizing.

What I wanted to do was raid0 the 60's for boot and raid0 the 120's for games, but I can't do that because while this mb has 4 sata3 ports, only 2 ports are raid capable (Intel C600 controller) as the other 2 are on an ASMedia controller. As that is the least of my problems and only my fault for making assumptions before I buy crap, what I thought to do instead was install win on one 60 on the ASMedia sata3 controller in AHCI with OPROM enabled, use the other 60 for task file, and raid0 the 120's for game installs. At first I thought the problem was bad drives because it installs fine on my old HDDs, but all 4 drives DOA seems unlikely so I figure I'm doing something wrong.

There are multiple posts about issues with these drives on Corsair forums, however none of their solutions provide a fix. Currently I have Windows 7 installed on 2 seagate 160gb HDD's in raid0 on sata2 with both 60's on sata3 ASMedia and both 120's in raid0 on sata3 Intel C600 controller. I am convinced there is no problem with any drive as I have multiple games installed on the raid0 with task file on 1 60 and the other 60 is dedicated to ready boost. Honestly I have no idea what ready boost does, and with 32gb of ram it probably doesnt do much - but I can't think of anything else to do with the drive to see if I get any system hangs or issues.

After a week in this configuration I have had no issues whatsoever. I have run error checking from the properties tab in win for all drives, as well as chkdsk from command prompt and the disk checking utility in partedmagic which all came back no problems found. ATTO benchmark shows the the 60's around 475mb/s read/write and the 120's in raid0 are about 1100mb/s read/write. These SSD's are lightning fast. My HDD's are not - 275mb/s read/write in raid0 . Must needs faster boot.

I have tried installing win on each drive individually on each controller twice (16 attempts) and tried each set in raid0 a few times. Every attempt started out with a partition deletion and a secure erase using partedmagic AND sata3 controller in AHCI mode per Corsair forums. I have done Corsair's 1.3.3 firmware update to each drive. I have tried letting windows partition/format each drive during the install. I tried booting from my HDD's, then creating partition tables, allocating sapce, and formatting the SSD's from disk management, then installing win on the drives already setup. And a few other various things in different orders.

My steps for the 1 result that yeilded and actual Windows 7 loading screen after 1st reboot:
- 2 120gb ssd's on Intel C600 sata3
- Enter bios - change sata from raid to ahci - exit
-Boot with partedmagic bootdisk - deleted partitions both drives - system suspend for drive reset - secure erase both drives - shutdown
- Plugged in 2 160gb hdd to sata2
- Enter bios - change sata from ahci to raid - exit
- Enter raid setup utility - create raid0 on 120gb ssd's with 32kb strip - exit
- Boot win from hdd - create MBR partition table, allocate all avail space, format NTFS (not quick format) - shutdown
- Unplugged 2 160gb hdd
- Boot from Windows 7 install disk - install to SSD raid volume - 1st reboot yeilds load screen then 'unknown error', but I guess it was some-what better than windows failed to start due to whatever random file missing or corrupt.

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Cannot Connect To Any Website, But Internet Works Fine?

Jul 10, 2012

I recently ran into a problem. I cannot access any website through any browsers (Internet Explorer 64-bit works fine). In Google Chrome I get this:Error 137 (net::ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED): Unknown errorAll my other Internet-reliant programs (Steam, XFire, SKype, etc.) work fine, with the exception of MBAM (can't connect in order to update definitions).I've ran TDSS Killer (found nothing), MBAM (found a few things, removed all), and Microsoft Security Scanner (found a few things, removed all).

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Disk Cleanup Windows 7 Home Premium?

Nov 1, 2012

disk cleanup is not deleting any files and my local C disk is not getting any free space. I have used disk cleanup and tried to delete tham but when I try again they are still there can this be fixed

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Why Laptop Works Fine Using Ubuntu Live Cd But Not With Windows 7

Nov 28, 2012

When using the installed windows 7 my laptop keeps crashing no matter what web browser I'm using, what antivirus I use etc. The 'not responding' thing always bugging me plus occasional BSoD and regular freezes. I tried clean installing using windows CD but that didn't solve my issue.

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Netbook Can't Resume From Sleep BUT Works Fine From Hybernation

Mar 9, 2012

i have a bit of "weird" problem, that is, my netbook cannot resume properly from sleep BUT hybernation works fine. and the strange thing is, it was a while, lets say couple of months i didnt use sleep mode which used to work perfectly, all latest security updates have been done, etc etc...the computer goes properly into standby (hard disk saves files to memory?) and then the standby led blinks correctly. when i hit any key, the hard drive loads something for about 3-4 seconds, then Caps lock and Scroll Lock lights on the keyboard turn on (as if it was the check when you boot the pc) and then they stay stuck on and everything is idle, i have tried to leave the computer there 5 minutes, nothing happened, those 2 lights are stuck on... to get the pc back on i have to long press the power button so forcing a reset, when comp boots, it will detect something went wrong asking me what i want to do, i choose "boot normally" and is back up, this is what i have in the admin error log if that can give any hint, in referse order (newer first): 0 Your computer was not assigned an address from the network (by the DHCP Server) for the Network Card with network address 0x22224330DF61. The following error occurred: 0x79. Your computer will continue to try and obtain an address on its own from the network address (DHCP) server.

1 The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load: cdrom

2 Engine and VDF could not be loaded from installation directory. Engine and VDF will be loaded from a backup copy. >> AVIRA

3 The print spooler cannot start because the PrinterBusEnumerator could not start. Error code 0x490. This can occur because of system instability or a lack of system resources.

4 Audit events have been dropped by the transport. 0

5 The driver DriverWUDFRd failed to load for the device USBVID_147E&PID_10005&9195cc&1&1. Warning, Kernel PnP

6 The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly. CRITICAL, KERNEL POWER

7 The previous system shutdown at 07:28:23 on ‎09/‎03/‎2012 was perhaps keyboard problem? see below: the ONLY relevant hardware change i did recently was to swap keyboard with an OEM one as the stock one was kaput (though i still have it for a test which i have to do this evening). i am talking about the very onboard keyboard, not an external one, i purchased a OEM compatible one that works perfectly but to be precise is not the original.on startup i have avira, battery care (beta version) and the wireless utility, always had them.i have tried the following which haven'ty made ANY difference:

- changing Power options, restored "defaults", changed hybrid sleep on/off

- BIOS is useless as there's no power management options, is a netbook.

- roll back / reinstalled Nvidia video drivers

- my netbook has 2 onboard video cards, an nvidia and an integrated intel, i tested both configurations but the problem is IDENTICAL therefore i would skip the "video card problem" if that makes sense...

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Disable Disk Defrag On SSD?

May 3, 2009

I read an article titled "Windows 7 gets SSD-friendly" a while back that Windows 7 was supposed to take more consideration regarding computers with Solid State Drives. One of the mentioned steps would be to disable the Defrag option (something to do with SSD not getting any benefit from the defraged drives yet the extra work could actually lower the lifecycle of the SSD).Quote: At last week�s WinHEC techfest, Microsoft announced it wanted Windows 7 to make better use of SSDs. �SSDs are on the path to reach their full potential� says Microsoft senior program manager Frank Shu, who in a conference session on Windows 7 Enhancements for Solid-State Drives outlined how Windows 7 will be more SSD-friendly than Vista or XP. After recently installing Windows 7 onto my Lenovo x300 (which includes a SSD) I noticed the Defrag schedule was not disabled.

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Disk Defrag Error

Nov 28, 2009

when i try to run my disk defrag it says "Disk defragmenter cannnot start because the task scheduler service is not running. Start the task scheduler service and try again" I tried to open the task scheduler but that isnt working. When i open the task scheduler it says "The remote computer is not found." If anyone knows what i can do i would appreciate it.

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Windows 7 Won't Boot After Disk Cleanup In Sleep Mode

Sep 23, 2011

My netbook was working normally but I was running low on space so I decided to run a disk cleanup. I opted to compress the files as well. Then I put the netbook to sleep.

Trying to restart this morning, the "Toshiba" screen came up (with access to the boot menu) and immediately after a black screen with the following message appears:

YKNRE is compressed
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

When I follow the instructions, the same cycle repeats. This is a nebook without a CD drive. I am traveling in Iran and am stuck.

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After Disk Cleanup , Can't Use My Audio System In Safe Mode?

Apr 13, 2011

I ran the disk cleanup and it freed up several GB of space on my C drive (I have a Dell laptop with a C drive with about 62 GB of space and a D drive with 426 GB.I let it run overnight because it said it was going to take 6 hours (no idea how long it actually took).

It had either shut down or hibernated, so I turned it back on the next morning. Windows booted up, but has not been working--I can't use the shortcuts, and even if I click on something from the start menu it won't run. (Firefox, for example, or other programs). It gives me an error message about the data not being found with an I/O error.I am able to use the internet and some programs in Safe Mode, which is what I'm doing now.I can't use my audio system in Safe Mode.I have the upgrade CD for Windows 7--they sent it after I had bought the computer. Do I need to reinstall Windows 7?Can I do it from the update CD?Do I need to back up all of my files (photos, etc) before I reinstall it?

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'Files To Delete' On Disk Cleanup Are Automatically Recreated?

Nov 18, 2011

The " Files to Delete" on disk cleanup are automatically recreated.? Because I check all and some dont appear anymore and other yes are still there but with 0 bytes.

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Sound Card Not Getting Recognized By Windows 7 X64 - Works Fine In 32bit

Apr 13, 2011

Machine specs:
Antec 900 ATX case
Tyan Tiger K8WE S2877-G2NR mobo
Dual AMD Opteron 275 dual-core @ 2.2GHz
3 GB Ram, 2x BFG Nvidia GeForce 9600GT
in SLI config, 2x Seagate 750GB 7200RPM SATA HDD's Thermaltake Black Window 850 W power. LG CD/DVD/RW Creative Sound Blaster SE (model SB0570)

Dual Boot
OS Drive 1 Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit
OS Drive 2 Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Problem: Sound card works fine in 32 bit, but is unrecognized in 64 bit. All other systems nominal. Solutions tried to date.
(1) Sound card un and re-installed.
(2) SB solution SID 82669 (force detection through LGPE, D/L and install new drivers) Failed.

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System Reserved Partition Is Missing, But Windows 7 Pro Works Fine?

Feb 16, 2012

I have a Windows 7 Professional system that I went to take an image of using EASEUS TODO Workstation. When I went to do the backup, I noticed that there was no 100 MB System Reserved Partition. I made the image anyway.When I tested the image on a new machine, it prompted me to repair or start windows normally. Unable to start normally, so I did the repair. After about 10 min, the system came back and said it cannot repair.Outside of start a system from scratch, is there a way I can get the system reserved partition out of the Windows 7 partition?

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Unable To Connect To Modem/internet Via Lan But Wireless Works Fine

Dec 4, 2012

My desktop (windows 7 ultimate 64bit) has been able to connect fine to the internet until I got home from work this morning. My laptop is connecting to the same modem fine through wireless (along with my wii). The modem I am using is Motorola SB 901. When I rightclick my connection on my desktop and hit troubleshoot problems, I get 'local area connection 2 doesn't have a valid ip configuration'. Same thing happens when I switch the ethernet cord to local area connection 1. When I go to control panel, network and internet, network and sharing, the connection map at the top stops between my pc and the network (which is now labeled as 'unidentified network'). Here is a list of what I have done so far to try and resolve the issue:

1. Replaced the ethernet cord with one I know is working

2. Full scanned my pc for viruses

3. Disabled all firewalls and virus protection programs

4. Restored my pc to a previous save state

5. Reset winsock with cmd via these prompts: netsh winsock reset catalog and netsh int ip reset reset.log hit

6. This attempt is unfinished as I am getting stuck. I am attempting to setup a static ip to attempt to resolve the issue, but when I open cmd and type ipconfig/all, the default gateway under my local area connection is completely blank.Here is what comes up with ipconfig/all:

Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Paul-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid


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Ran An Auslogics Disk Defrag Analysis?

May 18, 2011

i've been doing some movie making for Internet lately, the raw avi files for which are rather large, the latest being 7.5gb for not even an hour's recording. are these files weaving around the smaller ones the reason for my hard drive getting fragmented so much lately? i just ran an auslogics disk defrag analysis and it found my hard drive was 11% fragged, and windows defragmentation found 14% the other day.

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Loss Of Disk Space On Samsung External 1TB Drive After 'cleanup'

Sep 20, 2012

I know about the immediate 'loss' of disk space owing to the two different methods of measurement. 1Tb to 931Gb - it's annoying, but I'm used to it.No, before a defrag by Fixbee I had 701Gb free, afterwards - in a matter of 2 hours - I had 537Gb. Obviously, I'm not going to use this product again, where a clean-up is obviosly a 'dirt up', but how do I undo the damage that it's caused - especially if it's not the only 'clean up' tool that might do this?

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Pinacle 14 Voice Over Recording Stopped Working / Skype Works Fine

Jan 6, 2011

My Pinacle Studio 14 voice over recording stopped working. Skype works fine.

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Defrag Process Stops After Analyzing Disk

Mar 3, 2012

Disk defrag will analyze the disc but when I try to defrag at the point the process reaches "PASS 1, 2% REALOCATED" the process stops, neither the mouse or touch pad will work. This has been happening a for some time now. I have cleaned out programs not used anymore, etc. I am using 116gb and have 174 gb free / 32 bit operating system, 3gb ram, windows home 7 premium, service pack 1.

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Toshiba A200 Weird Screen / Freeze When Plugged In - Works Fine In Safe Mode

Mar 29, 2012

My A200 has been upgraded to 4GB RAM, and Win7, worked fine for a while, then started randomly freezing with weird screen stuff (video not displaying properly). Power off only worked. Much frustration and removal of progs later, tried on safe mode - works fine. Safe mode with networking - works fine. Can plug it in (surefire way to get it to fault normally) and in safe mode it works fine, in normal mode, immediate fault.

Thought perhaps a horrible malware, did clean install from disc of win7, no change (except now, coz I deleted all the Toshiba drivers, the dvd drive is noisly lol). Can't load progs to run the damned thing properly because it won't run in normal mode, only safe mode. Tried formatting the hdd, but it won't let me (partitions) which I thought were reformatted during a clean install anyway?

Haven't tried changing the charger yet, because it works fine in safe mode, so I thought probably a software issue? Have tried minimal or "clean" normal boots, freezes immediately.

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