Setup Is Starting Installation Hangs

Apr 30, 2006

A new 250 gig seagate SATA 7200.8 hard drive and a win xp home upgrade edition. enabled SATA in BIOS, connected SATA cable to SATA1 on mobo, BIOS didn't recognize the drive, connected to SATA2 and BIOS did recognize drive so I tried to partition and format using Seagate's DiscWizard from floppy. Things seemed to go fine until I got a message that format wasn't completed because of some error.I went ahead and tried to install from xp cd, loaded SATA drivers from floppy, cd started loading but then hangs up at "setup is starting windows"I've never used SATA before.


Pc Hangs At Setup Is Starting

Mar 17, 2007

When I attempt to install XP it is hanging up at "windows is starting windows". It does it with either my XP or 2000 program.

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Hangs Every Time At Setup Is Starting

May 16, 2010

I'm trying to do a clean install on a laptop and every time I try to install Windows XP Pro, it hangs at the screen that says "Setup is starting Windows" I've also tried installing Windows 2000.

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Pro Install Hangs At Setup Is Starting

Aug 29, 2008

I am trying to install XP Pro on a machine with an AMD K6 clocked at 266mhz and 160mb of RAM. This is a laptop currently running Windows 98 SE. 98 works fine for me but I hate installing drivers. The laptop is an Compaq Presario 1235. I just want the laptop running XP, it doesn't have to be lightning fast. In setup, it hangs at Setup is Starting Windows. It does the same when installing Win2k.

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Computer Will Not Install / Hangs On "setup Is Starting Windows"

Dec 29, 2005

I am trying to install xp on this good friend of mine's machine that took a dive last week. We replaced the motherboard, cpu, and memory. And afterwords for about 3 days, it seemed to function ok. Then it just quit booting. I told him we would need to reinstall windows. I was kind of shocked we did not have to in the first place. Anyways, So now I am trying to reinstall windows:I can get it to boot from the windows cd, it goes through the standard list of drivers, and at the end says, "setup is starting windows"... Then it just hangs there indefinately. Typically after this, you get to the screen that asks you if you want to install windows, then you hit f8 to agree to there stuff, then you get to partition ect. I mention these things so you will know what part I am talking about.

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HP ZV 6000 Freezes Hangs At "Setup Is Starting Windows"

Oct 5, 2009

Im installing Win XP Pro (SP2) on a HP Pavilion zv6000 laptop. Everything runs fine until I start installing windows xp. The cd boots and the "Setup is loading files" goes through but then stalls at "Setup is starting windows". Waited for 2 hours just in case and still the same results.From what I can gather this points to a hardware problem. I have tried different ram modules and removed the battery but all to no avail.Could this be a processor or motherboard problem? I did everything the person above me did and then I took the hard drive out, reformatted it and tried installing XP SP2, Windows Home and the recovery cd supplied by HP. Every time it is gets to "Setup is Starting Windows" it freezes. I know the hard drive is working since I tested it in another computer. The reason I needed to reload XP is the notebook would load and get to the Windows XP loading screen and then freeze.It wouldn't boot in safe mode either.

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Install Hangs On "setup Is Starting Windows"

Mar 28, 2007

I have an Intel 945GTP motherboard running XP Pro on a SATA HDD that, until last week, worked just fine. Then, it decided not to boot up one morning, in either regular or safe mode.It won't boot from the CDROM drive either. It does boot from floppy.I've replaced RAM, taken out all non-essential hardware, replaced HDD cables.HDD can be recognised in another system.Mouse and KB are not usb.I removed the HDD partition, intending to reload XP, but the load hangs on "setup is starting windows" and never goes anywhere - i left it overnight, just to be sure.I repartitioned and reformatted using a 98 disk, just for kicks, to see if it'd work. Yep, boots to c:> HDD manufacturer's diagnostic reports no errors.I have put in another, new SATA HDD, as well as a new ide hdd.

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Users Try To Install Fax Client / Setup Hangs Asking For Fx Setup Files

Aug 20, 2005

I've setup Windows 2003 fax services on a W2K3 server and shared the device. I've tested faxing from Word on my PC and it works fine.However, when other users try to install the fax client, the setup hangs asking for the fx* setup files. I've tried different XPSP2 CDs, copying the files to a local directory, making sure that the users have local admin rights (and even domain admin rights) but to no avail. The files are already in the system32 directory so in theory the setup doesn't even need to copy them. Even if I delete them, it doesn't work.Our corporate SMS team reckons that there isn't any policy which could
cause the problem.

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Corrupt Installation & Repair Installation Hangs?

Jul 4, 2006

I started up the computer, watched the BIOS detect the RAM, hard drive, etc, and then was greeted by a blank screen instead of the Windows boot screen. It proceeded though, and after a few seconds flashed to another black screen, this time displaying the cursor. I'm guessing this is the logon screen, but nothing displays but the cursor. (Note that the video card and monitor are both fine...I tried swapping them out just in case.)

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Hangs On At Starting Up Screen

Apr 15, 2006

I am able to start in the diagnostic mode. In the safe mode, I disabled all startup programs, but XP still hangs.

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HP Laptop Hangs On Is Starting Up Screen

Aug 31, 2006

HP laptop hangs on "Windows is starting up..." screen for ever and a day! Ive tried safe mode but its gets to exactly the same point and than doesnt go any further. I havent tried any other remedies as I thought Id seek some advice since Im not that with-it on these technical issues. I have work on the hard drive that I would really like to be able to recover as otherwise I would have carried out a complete systems reinstall. Is there any way of me being able to do a reinstall and not loose my work? From the things I've tried I can't even return the settings to the way they were when the laptop worked ok.

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Starting Screen Hangs For Over A Min Page

Sep 26, 2005

I have windows xp home edition service pack 1 with all the updates, i can't install sp2 because my hardware (even with bios update) will not accept it and i had to reinstall windows after not being able to boot from installing sp2...but that is another story. After doing some recent updates my computer now hangs for about a minute before entering windows, it hangs after it reaches the blue screen that says "windows is starting" than finally you see "welcome" and it loads. I'd like to think of myself as a power and advanced user so i did the basics, checked the startup, disabled services, ran norton, used microsoft antispyware did a registry check, used tuneXP to defrag the boot.ini and used bootvis. The comp sure as hell restarts fast but bootvis says that "log on service" takes 168.7 seconds that is just not good.

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Setup Is Starting Every Time

Jun 21, 2005

I have a slight problem. I just recently replaced both my power supply and my hard drive, and when I try to install Windows, a blue screen pops up which runs through everything it's doing. No problem, right? Wrong.What's happening is: it says "Setup is starting Windows", and that screen does not disappear. It stays that way and never goes away.

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Pro Won't Get Past Setup Is Starting Windows

Jun 8, 2008

I can't get XP Pro to get past "Setup is starting Windows" ,to allow me to format.Loads all drivers up to that point,then the error in above post.Pressing F6 or F10 to install 3rd party(XFX MB drivers) has no effect,and Alt-F2 ultimately gives error also.S prompt is no joy also.Tried F8 for Safe Boot and no joy.Cleared CMOS several times.All drives are there in CMOS. All RAM (4 Gigs) is detected I raised Memory voltage to 1.9 volts standard for my ram),and raised FSB to 1600 Mhz from 1333 (standard also).Put timings to standard 7-7-7-24T Tried Memory linked/unlinked/Auto/1T/2T I Tried only 1 SATA drive,and 1 Gig of RAM with 1 DVD RW /2 drives and 2 Gig of RAM,I Enabled standard RAID for each and every drive and ultimately disabled them cause I want the XFX 790i ultra motherboard RAID Drivers.

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Freezes At Setup Is Starting Windows

Jun 10, 2008

When i put in teh Win xp disc its starts loading teh file etc.. and then when done after i press enter and "Setup is starting windows" its freezes andi get liek A black dot and a few like patterns on the screen or soemtimes teh screen just goes mad liek with different colourd patterns but ontop of the blue "Setup is starting windows" screen ive checked teh disc and made a copy both work fine checked teh CD rom works fine put a diffremnt cd rom drive in and made no difference cant check ram because my computer doesnt take DDR2. ive put diffrent IDE harddives in with and without a SATA convoertor and the same thing happens with the "Setup is starting windows" also when i start the computer up before i boot from cd or anything after all that without booting from CD i get a BSOD code 0x07B.

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Xp Setup Hangs

Sep 13, 2007

Im trying to instal a copy of windows xp and every time it gets to the screen where it says to you want to do a recovery or new install it freezes and never comes out of it. I found it weird though when i tried to instal ME or 2000 on the computer it goes through it fine. The computer isn't too old 2.4 ghz 1gig ram 120 gig hard drive etc.

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SP3 Setup Hangs/freezes At 34/35 Minutes

Aug 18, 2010

i am trying to install windows xp service pack 3. but the windows on that kept freezing at the same point, every time it loaded to a state where i couldnt even move the mouse, was working perfectly fine before. i inserted the windows xp sp3 disk, and formatted the hard drive to ntfs (quick) and then the files started to copy, once that was done, it restarted and the actual installation part started. it went from 39 minutes down to 35 minutes and froze on the installing devices part. i thought it was a common error so i restarted the setup. this time it went to 34 minutes and froze. most of the times it would get stuck on 34/35 minutes and either froze or restarted the laptop for no reason. Only once, it went down to 23 minutes and froze. only 2 out of 30 tries went past the install devices section.

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Bios Hangs / Cannot Enter Setup

Apr 28, 2005

After resolving an issue resulting from a printer installation, I was able to get my computer back to a state of normalcy, except that the CD drives were no longer found by the system.This is a Win 2K and there is a DVD-ROM and a CD-RW.So rather than do the smart thing and reinstall them via the OEM CDs, I went into the Bios and tried to tell the Bios that they were the Secondary Master and Slave drives (duh).So now, the system hangs, telling me that the primary slave auto detect wasn't finding anything. (Even though I didn't address that when I screwed with it.)I cannot even enter the BIOS setup, since the hangup occurs before the system even gets to that point.If I can get back to BIOS setup, I can at least reset to defaults, then figure out how to do the right thing, but for now, I'm STUCK.It's an MSI KT3 Ultra Mother board If more info is needed I can probably get it, but wanted to keep the initial post short.

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Install Hangs At Setup Is Inspecting Hardware

Aug 25, 2008

I have used the search facility to try and find a result to this problem but alas to no avail.I have had XP pro in this desktop before so I know it's compatible. Recently I decided to upgrade to Vista but decided that it wasn't for me and have tried to downgrade back to XP.On first try with XP pro setup bootdisk I got by said problem and got to the format/partition bit but got error message saying unable to load operating system half way through install. I figured it could be because i didn't set up boot in bios properly using bootup selector instead and upon restart during install it tried to boot from hd.

So restarted and sorted bios selection out but now get this wierd problem, being on ANY install disk of XP (I have a few) it jams after "setup is inspecting your computers hardware" i.e. blank screen and nothing happening. I've tried unplugging everything and leaving only cd-rom, hard-drive and monitor/keyboard/gfx card and mouse connected but all to no avail.The drive I'm trying to install to is a samsung 150gb hard drive partitioned to 20gb and 130gb respectively with data still on the 130gb section that i'd like to keep.The most interesting thing is that the Vista disk that I have installs fine without problem which is how I'm writing this.

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Hangs At Setup Is Inspecting Computers Hardware Configuration

May 18, 2010

While trying to install Windows XP, my computer hangs at the “Please wait, setup is inspecting your computer’s hardware configuration” screen. This happens while trying to install either Windows XP Home or Windows XP Pro (both of which are original CDs), as well as a slipstreamed sp3 copy of XP. So I installing XP on an older computer I have and then put that hard drive back into the computer with the trouble, turned the system on and it hangs at either the black screen or at the F8 boot options screen when I press the F8 key.I checked the connections, tried stripping the computer hardware down to just a several year old CD / DVD drive, graphics card, 1 hard drive, and floppy. When that gave the same results, I tried every hardware arrangement I could think of; several different hard drives IDE and SATA (internal) ranging from 40GB’s to 500GB’s, slave / master / cable / select and the wire or port selection, 2 DVD drives (internal / external), together and in combinations for both the hard dives and the DVD drives, pulling out or unplugging all other connections (Ethernet, USB, TV-card, and floppy drive), and changed the placement and number of memory sticks. I also changed the monitors and all of this gave the same results.

I played with various settings of the main board jumpers and from within CMOS. I under clocked and over clocked the memory, CPU, and north bridge as well as changing the voltage, individually and together; manually and automatically. I set the optimized defaults and reset the Bios, both from within the CMOS and pulling the plug or with the jumper. I enabled everything and disabled everything that I could get away with. Even run the boot up Virus scan utility. Some of these would not let the system post properly, however the those that would allow me to post gave my the same system hanging problems with XP.With the exception of adding a couple of hard drives, changing out a DVD drive, adding a couple of USB devices, different OS’s and some CMOS settings; the system is the same as when it used to run XP Pro fine about a little over a year ago. Though I do remember that XP was fussy about starting up with trying to over clock the CPU to anything with the memory running at stock settings and so I was left with having to use the automatic settings (which I used the lite or medium settings). As for the other OS’s, I am currently running Windows 7rc (which runs fine). I’ve ran MSDOS 6.22 (via bootable CD), Ubuntu Linux v10.04, and Mandrake Linux (I believe v6. something). All of these installed and ran fine. However Windows 95, Windows 95 OEM, Windows 98, and the Windows 98 sp2 installation CD’s just went to black screen and froze. On some site sometime ago, I heard that you will sometimes run into conflicts if the north bridge chipset is from an Opposing graphics vendor than the Graphics Card that you are using which is the case in my system, an ATI chipset with an nVidia Video Card. Though I have no idea that is source of my problem or not and the only other video card that my system I think will take is an old Voodoo3 or 4, 3d Card.

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Upon Starting Installation A Black Screen Came Up Saying There Was Corruption

Aug 22, 2008

I'm currently trying to reinstall XP onto my Sata hard drive. At first I reformatted the existing partition using the longer and more through option. Upon starting a black screen came up saying there was corruption. I attempted to reformat it once more Via the XP install setup, and the drive was not listed. After reformatting the drive once more on another computer, attempting to boot off the CD results in "NTLDR is missing". As a result, I unplugged the SATA cable from the hard drive, and reinserted it while windows install was loading.

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Starting Boot - Update Installation Huge

Jun 8, 2008

Basically today I bought a 250gb hitachi sata HDD, dvd drive and computer case, got home, assembled the lot. worked fine. Got my Win XP SP2 installation cd and stuck it in the drive... and started to boot it up... it read the disk just fine, but for some reason every damn time it gets to (Mylex EXR2000, 3000/AR160, 170, 352 Raid Controllers) at the bottom of the screen it just stays there and never progresses.

It's causing me so much hassle. I went into the BIOS, turned off all RAID related options since he doesn't even have a RAID. Then that did nothing, figured I would get rid of the SATA drive for now incase that was the issue, put back in the old IDE 20GB drive... same thing happened. Got another Win XP installation disc that i've used loads of times with no problems... but that one came with it's own error.... a missing file apparently? Anyways the PC is sat downstairs with the old 20GB IDE drive in it and the CD drive and not much else really. All raid options in the BIOS are disabled and my mind is falling to pieces.

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Sp2 Installation Hangs Up

Oct 10, 2006

I've been trying to update from xp sp1 to xp hangs up during instal with an error that tells me thatc:WINDOWSAppPatchdrv.main.sdbis still running.Has anyone seen this before and if so how do I get past this error.Also, I am wondering how much do I really need this update or am I fine without it.I am told by Microsoft that my version of xp is now out of date.Should I be worried? Other than this everything is fine on this machine.

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Try To Install XP Onto A New Hard Drive / Hangs On First Blue Setup Page

Oct 21, 2005

when I try to install XP onto a new hard drive it hangs on the first blue setup page with windows setup showing on the top line and nothing at the bottom to continue with. I updated the BIOS on the original motherboard and have now fitted a new MB but still the problem is the same. Everything was fine before the original drive went down with death rattles.

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Installation Hangs Up After Some Time

Sep 10, 2005

i have a Dell PowerEdge 800 it has to sata 37 gig hd on it when i install winxp pro on it says it cant find them i also raid 0 them

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New Installation Of Windows: Hangs On If Cd In Cd Rom?

Jul 24, 2005

when you boot up, if there is a cd in the cd-rom drive, it seems to 'hang' during windows startup for about 30-60 seconds. During that time it doesn't seem to be accessing the drive. After the 30-60 second delay, it boots up fine. Point me in the direction I need to go.

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System Hangs Even After Fresh Installation

Oct 27, 2008

I installed a clean win xp professional OS on a new rig (quad processor), no issues. Then I did a Acronis recovery from a uniprocessor pc, and installed the correct mobo drivers. Still no issues. The I did a restart and a repair install to load the mobo sata and AHCI drivers. The pc restarts, but everytime I open a program from windows, for example Windows Explorer, or Software from the configuration screen, or Network Connections, I get a window with "Windows Installer", waiting for something to load. The version of windows on my old pc is sp3, after the repair install (I used a win xp slipstreamed with sp2), I see sp2 on my info screen of computer properties.

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Setup Restart The Installation?

May 15, 2007

I've got a computer which keeps restarting. It's rather annoying.I switch it on, and it starts normally. It then restarts after about 1 minute.When I open in it up in safe mode, however, nothing is wrong with it! So I decided to reinstall windows, and i formatted c:; installing windows and it restarts during the installation...Windows then says "restarting reinstallation, and starts the installation from the beginning. Then it restarts again.

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Office SP3 Installation Hangs Up / Update Icon Pops Up

Sep 20, 2005

Windows update shield informs me I need to install Office XP SP3. I click on it, but the installation hangs up halfway through asking me to insert the Office XP CD - which I don't have.

Went to Microsoft download page and clicked on full file version (SINCE I don't have the CD), but still get the request to insert the CD halfway through the installation. Since I can't complete the download, the update icon pops up every time I log on. Any suggestions?

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Installation / Setup Won't Go Further It Is Stuck On Registering

May 2, 2007

I am trying to reinstal my WIN XP but when I reach the near end of "Installing Windows" at 9 minutes the setup won't go any further it looks like it is stuck on Registering Components. I don't get in errors or anything like in some other cases that i read. Here is a picture that might help resolving the matter.

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Pro Setup-Registering Components - Repair Installation

May 21, 2005

I read somewhere that I could do a repair installation to see if I could fix it. Well I go through the usual steps until I get to registering components where it goes for about a minute and then restarts. I thought thats what its suppose to do so I wait and wait and it goes through the whole process over so I go through it about 10 times before I realize something is wrong. So I go on my brother's laptop and look up whats wrong and I try opening the comand prompt by pressing shift+F10 and then typing "control sysdm.cpl" to get to the system in the control panel

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Removing Raid0 Setup - Regular Installation

Oct 5, 2010

Trying to remove my raid0 install and restore windows to a regular installation.
I deleted my array but my boot menu is not picking up either of my hard drives, however they are still showing up in my raid config window.Its been a while since I've done this but I don't recall any hardware alterations being necessary to switch back.Im obviously missing something, can anyone point me in the right direction? as it stands when I try to install xp now it is giving me a blue screen with 7b error

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New Build, Installation / Goes Right Back To The Original Setup Screen

Jun 1, 2008

I'm building my first system from scratch, and have done fine up until the XP installation. This is by far the first XP installation I've done, so thought it would be a breeze. Not turning out that way.

It runs like normal until it gets to the part where it restarts and is supposed to resume/complete the installation. When it boots back up, it goes right back to the original Setup screen (Enter for setup, R for repair, etc). I've tried re-installing numerous times

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Installing Process Stops At "Setup Is Starting Windows"

Jul 2, 2008

I have an old system I am installing a new hard drive in and trying to install Windows XP Pro on it. It's the only hard drive in the system, a Western Digital 500GB SATA. The MB is a Intel D102GGC2 with a Intel Pen D processor. Windows has run just find on this system. Replaced the hard drive because could not boot the installed windows. That hard drive is no longer installed in the system.

I insert the Windows CD and the install process goes fine till it tries to start windows setup. It stalls at "Setup is starting windows"

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Installation Hangs Up At "copying Files"

Dec 23, 2007

at first my PC was making funny effects. The screen goes blank and no screen comes out after XP finishes booting up. Frequent reboots were needed to get into XP. Didn't care at this stage as i was able to still do my work.

After few weeks, the PC goes mad with BAD POOLER CALL errors and restarts and i could not get my way into XP same goes for Safe Mode. So i decided to repair my XP...

It all goes fine, when installation goes halfway at "Copying files..." screen goes black, DVDROM goes disco in the LEDs and the PC restarts by itself. This happens endlessly.

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Installation Hangs On "Installing Network"?

Sep 18, 2009

had virus on system, I tried running as many anti-virus, malware, spyware, trojan programs in Safe Mode to no avail. I came to the conclusion that I should do a fresh XP install (SP2). Everything was fine after re-formatting and installing until I got to the "Installing Network" segment with "32 minutes approx remaining". The first time I waited well over 40 minutes and nothing happened. I restarted and started over with a re-format and the same thing happened.
I've tried everything I can think of:disconnecting the ethernet, removing all my expansion cards, making sure all of the on-board devices were enabled in the BIOS.

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MS Word Starting When Starting Computer

Jul 10, 2005

I have Windows XP and MS Office XP (2003) loaded on my PC. Whenever I boot up the PC, 3 sessions of MS Word open - 2 sessions have a new (blank) document open, and the 3rd session just shows Word as being open (no new document).I went to Documents and Settings | Application Data | Microsoft | Word | Startup to see if there was anything in the folder prompting Word to open the 3 sessions. The folder was empty. I then clicked Start | Run | msconfig | Enter to see if Winword.exe is in the Startup folder. I thought I might see it in there 3 times – one for each of the Word sessions that are opening whenever I boot up the PC. Strangely enough, Winword.exe wasn’t in the Startup folder at all – not even once.

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Pro Upgrade Fake Setup Call Himself Instead Original "setup.exe

Dec 4, 2006

I started an upgrade for xp pro part way through the install I got a message "WatchDriverSigningPolicy.exe" no found I pressed enter then got another message "fake setup call himself instead original "setup.exe" ; setup abort!" now each time I reboot it starts to load xp then gives me the same message then press enter it then reboots.

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Corrupt Setup / Trying To Remove Setup By Logging On From Another Disk

Feb 24, 2008

I mistakenly launched XP Setup and want to know how to stop it from progressing further. I have another XP installed on another virtual disk. Rebooting from there allowed me delete the Setup files. Or so I thought ! The main XP installation however continues to try to launch Setup. Just about whatever I do, it ends in tears. My question is how do I stop XP on this disk from thinking it has to launch Setup? I dont want to reinstall XP, as that will involve a huge amount of work to recreate my environment.

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2000 Setup Won't Complete - Setup Stops

Aug 4, 2007

I was told to reinstall windows 2000 aon a C800 I was given. I stopped with an erroro reading line 3221166496 hivedef.inf corrupted. Setup cannot continue.

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Starting Up It Gets Hung Up At "Windows Starting Up"

Mar 25, 2007

For about 2 months my computer (Sony VAIO desktop, Pentium IV 1.39 mHz, 512mb RAM, Windows XP Pro, SP2) has been acting strange. I have checked the system for viruses and spyware with AVG and Symmantec and others- with no luck. I also did a Windows repair; it only got worse. I also used reg scrub.First, when starting up it gets hung up at "Windows starting up..." taking about 3 minutes to finally get to the user selection page. Once I login, it takes another 2minutes to fully open up. At that point, my mouse has a constant flicker and takes forever to open up IE (6.0). If I leave the computer for awhile, when I come back and move my mouse to wake it up- it has some new problems: I cannot type in numbers (num lock has no effect), when I type letters, they are in all caps (caps lock off), and when I go to my desktop to select a program to start, it highlights all of the icons and says basically "do you really want to start 38 programs at once".

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Error: Setup Can Not Find Setup.exe

Oct 29, 2008

i am trying to install windows office 2007 but after a minute from start of installation ,it popup dialog box saying setup can not find setup.exe file and say browse valid installation source and click ok.
I don't know whats happening.I have just formated my C drive and installed fresh copy of windows xp.
here is image of error message.
what should i do?

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Installation/ Un-installation Of Daemon Tools That Corrupted Some Registry Files?

May 4, 2007

I've lately had some problems with my win-xp (home) following installation/ un-installation of daemon tools that corrupted some registry files. After an unsuccesfull repair-instalation of xp, i re-installed xp onto the secondary partition of my hard drive (d:, the original instalation being on c. I was intending to format the c: drive, then instal a copy of xp-pro i have onto it

finally moving the files i want to keep back from the d: drive onto the c: drive.The problem i'm now having is on formatting i recieve the error message 'system partition is not allowed to be formatted', as it is the primary partition. Can i go about formatting this drive in partitions and proceed with the re-install without having to remove the files i have on the d: drive? How might i go about this?

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Must Run Setup / Setup Won't Start

Apr 18, 2008

I dropped my laptop the other day. It kept working at first, but crashed a couple of hours later. Now, when I boot-up, I get the following error message:"Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: System32/Drivers/Ntfs.sys. You can attempt to repari this file by starting Windows Setup using the original Setup CD-ROM. Select 'r' at the first screen to start repair."I've inserted the setup CD (in an external CD-Rom drive, since my laptop doesn't have its own drive). But for some reason, setup won't start, and I keep coming back to the above error message. How do I start setup?

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Installation CD On Ebay Works For Installation?

Jan 8, 2010

I need to install Windows XP Pro on my laptop. Currently it has Vista. Some people are selling these installation CDs (and keys) on ebay. Can I buy it from there?

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