Norton Goback Internal Error

Sep 1, 2005

Boots up and can't get past the Norton Go Back.if I press the space bar,it will go to this message.Norton Goback internal error press any key to reboot, and when I do,it starts all over again only to get the same message.Sometimes, will show a diagram of I believe, the keyboard and computer with arrows pointing to F1 key in diagram, and at the top it says no operating system. So i got the XP disk, and completely formatted to RAW, and re-installed XP.Only to have it come back to the diagram thing saying no Operating System.

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Internal Error While Installing SP3

Mar 20, 2010

When I try to install SP3, after it has downloaded through Auto-update, it gives me internal error, without any codes or anything. Just says installation did not complete.

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What Is Internal Error 2753?

Jun 23, 2005

While trying uninstall and re-install Microsoft antispyware, I am getting "Internal Error 2753 ".When searched, there is no GcasInstallHelper.exe file on my hard drives. I am disappointed to see the MS released such a buggy program.

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Installing SP3 (An Internal Error Occurred)

Sep 30, 2009

I've recently put together an old computer using parts from 2 similar machines. The specs are..
Mobo: GA-K8VM800M

CPU: AMD Sempron 2800+ - o/ced to 2ghz tonight.
HDD: Master - Seagate, Slave - Maxtor both 70gb
Ram: 256 + 512 @ 400
Onboard VGA..
Standard 250V PSU

Okay so, i've been trying all night to install SP3 on this thing but every time I get this error "An Internal Error Occurred" and it's driving me crazy. I installed a fresh Windows XP SP2 on it and uninstalled the few updates I did through windows updates. I've cleaned the registry. I've done everything it says to do here: I've tried installing it from the Windows updates page, i've tried installing it through Automatic updates and i've even downloaded the full SP3 Package (also tried this in safe-mode). I've read every freaking forum about this error and took their advice. Nothing works........

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Installing Sp2 - Internal Error Occurred

May 18, 2008

I recently did a system repair after having problems with Windows starting up, and I need to re-install sp2 for programs such as iTunes to work. When I try running the update wizard, it gets to the 'collecting inventory' (I think that's what it's called) stage, and then stops with an "An Internal Error Occured" message. Below I posted the data from svcpack.log.

3.937: 2008/05/18 22:35:36.268 (local)
3.937: f:a20f92d53e2234d8e995e0i386updateupdate.exe (version 5.5.1005.0)
3.937: Service Pack started with following command line:
4.093: Return Value From OnACPower = 1
4.093: OnACPower returned value( 0x1 ) which is Equal To 0x1
4.093: Condition succeeded for section OnACPower.Section in Line 1 of PreRequisite
4.093: SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionSetupWindowsFeatures is not Present
4.093: First Condition in A6Block.Section Succeeded..................

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Ipconfig An Internal Error Occurred

Sep 19, 2007

Before I reinstall the OS,,, does anyone have the fix for DHCP issues. When I run ipconfig I get the internal error occured error. I have tried to retstart TCP/IP, I changed the name of the PC and ther group name then rebooted but notta.

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InstallShield Will Not Work - Opera Browser - Internal Error

Mar 15, 2008

I'm trying to download the Opera browser, but when I do, it goes though the steps of installing and then I get the following error: Internal Error 2932C:DocumentsandSettingsCompaq_OwnerApplicationDataMicrosoftInstalle r(C619B312-19F3-460A-9F7B-443248379F18)ARPRODUCTICON.exe,131 I've tried several registry cleaners, etc. but can't fix the problems.

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Internal Error 2908 Disable To Install Program

Sep 3, 2006

Recently I haven't been able to install certain programs due to Internal Error 2908.When I press OK in the message box another one opens and all I can do is kill the setup program in Task Manager.I guess this is some sort of registry problem.

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Norton Go Back Error / Cannot Get To Windows

Feb 24, 2007

I have win xp with norton goback 4.0 on it. Has been working fine but when son added a larger power supply i cannot boot into windows now. I get a black screen that says. GoBack internal Error-Failure code: gb_genlog(175)-Press any key to reboot. When i press any key i get Norton screen that says please wait. But then it goes right back to the erroe screen.Cannot get into windows to remove norton, so is there a way to get to dos or something to remove it ?Also my son says if i need to wipe HD and start over that maybe he can put my HD in his computer as a slave and copy the files i do not want to lose.
Will this work ?.

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Norton Ghost 10.0 Fatal Error During Installation

Nov 17, 2006

Norton ghost was on this personal computer when bought and now expired.When I go into add remove program to remove it ,it won't remove and say fatal error during installation.This program is 85.75 mb and want to remove it.

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Uninstalling Norton 2003 Results In Rundll32.exe Error?

Apr 15, 2006

I recently just purchased norton 2006 to replace my 2003 edition.after uninstallin 2003, restarting, then attempting to install 2006, i got an error in the installation.i restarted my computer hoping that it would work the next time... well after i waited for it to restart, all my icons were blank on my desktop and i can't run any programs but firefox. The error states:"This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. create an association in the folder options in the control panel."

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Unknown Application File - Norton Error Message

May 3, 2005

I have three (3) questions:1. When I'm closing down Windows XP (Home Edition), I continually receive an error showing "XtkU.exe" cannot. I have checked everywhere and cannot find out what this file is associated with. In addition I have gone through my system and purged all files associated with this executable from the registry. They pop right back in there with a system restart. I'm lost and confused now because I don't know what application uses this file.2. When closing down I receive the same Norton error message another user gets."ccaps.exe" at signoff. I will try and remove Norton to see if that works. 3. The user "quick switch" does not work any longer. I am not sure what is causing that either. Do you think it may be associated with the WtkU file?

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"Internal Error Unable To Query HOST" When We Try To Use Ipconfig

Oct 17, 2005

I have issue in 2 of my computers. I lost internet connectivity. I run on Wired DSL connection ( always on ). I did try to check ipaddress of my computer and it ends up with Internal error
" An internal error occurred: the system cannot find the file specified. Additional information: Unable to query hostname " after googleing over internet i found that if we replace tcpip.sys from

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SP2 - TCP/IP Internal Error - "Unable To Query Host Name"

May 15, 2005

SP2 - TCP/IP internal error - "Unable to Query host name" A friend installed SP2 on a Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop, 866M processor, 833MHz & 320MB RAM.

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Installing SP3: "internal Error", But Can't Repair Product Id

Sep 1, 2010

I have XP with service pack 2 already installed. I tried installing sp3, following all the guidelines about being an administrator, closing all programs, disabling virus scanners and such, but consistently get this "internal error" as soon as the installation starts. The event viewer doesn't say anything useful, but according to this is a problem with a funky product id.

The solution says I should go to the System Properties to get the product id. Well an abstraction of that product id is 69831-xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxx. Then it tells me to go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMWPAKey-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, and work with the fields in there. It predicts that there might be more than one key conforming to that format, and there is. It says I should pick the key that has the same ProductID as found in the System Properties, but they both have the same id and it isn't what I found in System Properties, it's 55285-xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxx.I have one product id in System Properties, and another that appears in two keys in the registry.

Here's my SysInfo:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2600+, x86 Family 6 Model 10 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1023 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6200 , 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 103936 MB, Free - 25331 MB; D: Total - 13228 MB, Free - 8921 MB; G: Total - 70605 MB, Free - 11730 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., nVidia-nForce2, 1.x,
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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SP2 Will Not Install "an Internal Error Occured"

Jul 27, 2005

Running XP Home Edition. I run SP2 setup. It does it's inspections and the last text I see displayed before it gives me "an internal error occured" is 'checking product ID.' I checked the numerical product ID and it does not match those as listed as Pirated. This computer has several issues and really should be reloaded, but the user has 'misplaced' the CD's that came with the system. Below is the latest attempt at running SP2 according to my svcpack.log

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Norton Updates - Couldn't Create Callback Object Error LU1848

Jul 25, 2005

When down loading certain Norton updates, I get the message "couldn't create callback object" What does that mean, and more to the point, how do I fix it?

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Norton Ghost Or Norton Save And Restore?

Feb 5, 2007

Which is better?, Norton ghost, or Norton save and restore? also which if either, is compatible with Norton go-back?

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Norton Firewall - Norton Popup Keeps

May 4, 2006

A Norton popup keeps asking if I want to close Windows firewall. Is there a problem using both firewalls at the same time

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Firewall And Norton Confusion - Have A Firewall With Norton Systemworks

May 10, 2005

I have Windows XP and have the windows firewall on. I also have Norton 2005 Systemworks. Funny thing happened, I turned off the windows firewall under control panel, windows firewall. But when I open control panel, security center, it says there is a firewall on. I don't beleive I have a firewall with Norton Systemworks

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Installing With Internal CD-ROM Or Floppy

Aug 17, 2008

the computer is a SolidPPC50 515 Model, which has no internal CD-ROM or Floppy drive. I have an external USB CD-ROM and Floppy, but there are only 2 USB ports, and no PS/2 keyboard slot, so I've had to use a USB keyboard. Despite the BIOS being compatible with booting through USB, it doesn't recognise the CD-ROM, but it does recognise the Floppy. I tried using a bootable floppy with the I386 folder from the install CD copied to the Hard Drive (formatted as FAT32), but when I run WINNT.exe then try to change over the Floppy drive for the CD-ROM, it can't find the CD-ROM drive.

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Does Not Recognize Internal DVD Drive

Mar 10, 2010

Running XP Professional SP3. I am curious why Windows does not recognize an internal DVD ROM as a DVD? It sees it under My Computer as a CD Drive. But, if you put a DVD disc in the drive, then it sees it as a DVD..... THE DVD ROM is an LG Model GH22NP20.

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Internal SATA LG DVD-R/-RW/+R/+RW - Never Installed

Dec 28, 2007

I just installed an internal sata dvd-r/-rw/+r/+rw drive ( F: ) and it is being recognized as a removable drive. The unplug/eject hardware icon shows up in the system tray. Never installed a SATA drive before so I don't know if this is normal for an internal sata dvd drive??

In the BIOS I set SATA=IDE. Only other option is Raid which I assume would be for a SATA HDD.

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Install No Internal Cd Drive

Oct 10, 2010

I've been trying to install windows xp from a cd onto my dell c400 notebook which does not have an internal cd drive. Thus far I've tried to pre-load the installation files on the hard drive and boot from them, use windows PE to install off a network cd drive, and install off an external usb cd drive

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Internal ATA Hard Drive?

May 29, 2006

my friend keeps telling me to buy this:

but i really have no idea what it will do for my computer, i dont really understand. could someone please explain it to me????

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Adding Second Internal Drive In SP2

Oct 24, 2007

I have a Dell Dimension 8300 desktop with 80GB hard drive and 3 GB RAM. Dell do told me I can have only a total of 120GB hard drive on my machine. Dell forum said that is not right. The Dell manual states there is are 2 bays for 1" high hard drives and it gives installation directions for adding a second internal drive. I have 3 external hard drives for backups, photos and much of what I don't need or want on the C drive. I need to install more programs for photography since they can not be run from an external drive according to those I have asked.

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DI-804HV VPN Router Can't Ping Internal IP?

Jul 20, 2005

I have a client with a DLink DI-804HV VPN Router. They need to connect with PPTP using the Windows XP "Network Connections". I am able to connect to the VPN with no problem. Their IP structure is 192.168.2.x subnet is and DHCP is turned on with a range of - 254 If I have a user from the PC #1 with ping the PC #2 with then he gets replies with no problem. If I ping him PC #1 ( I get a reply through the VPN. If I ping PC #2 ( I get no reply.

So, I had him take the PC #2 out of the network (unplug the ethernet) and manually change his IP PC#1 to I cannot ping him. If he changes his IP to anything other than the one DHCP gives him I can't ping him. The only option I can find for the PPTP server settings in the DI-804HV is "Virtual IP of PPTP Server" which I have tried changing to 192.168.5.x and 10.0.0.x with no luck on either.

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Using Internal Hard Drive As An External HDD?

May 18, 2010

My problem is that I am trying to use a 60 GB ATA / 133 Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 Internal Hard Drive as an External Drive as a Slave and I am having trouble getting my bios to recognize it.The Hard Drive is hooked up in the same way as an Internal SATA DVD burner setup as an External DVD Burner that is running on Windows Office XP 2003 and it works fine. So what suggestion would you give me so that I maybe able to get the bios to recognize this drive?

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Internal Maxtor Ata Drive Detection

Aug 9, 2007

I have a Maxtor internal 300gb drive that I've mounted in an external casing. The other day I knocked it over and ever since then when I turn it on it makes some kind of warning sound three times. The computer doesn't detect it anymore and I can't access any of the information on it

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Can Install Internal HD / Pre-loaded Into Another Tower?

May 10, 2008

I decided to help out an older friend upgrade their computer. I had an old tower lying around minus a Hard Drive, and I figured that I could remove my friends Hard Drive from his PC and pop it into my Tower and away he'd go. Well, it didn't work. The PC seemed to boot fine and showed the initial text, but when it came to the Windows XP loading-part of the boot process, the monitor flashed white for a millisecond then went blank and the power light turned to amber, then off altogether.I disabled my ATI Graphics card, then tried again with no luck so I looked in BIOS but couldn't get it to detect the drive which is a Seagate Barracuda 40GB drive.I did however notice that the HD was listed as Secondary Slave. I was able to move it up to Primary Slave by moving the jumper but couldn't set it as Master. I even tried with the jumper removed. In fact I don't recall whether or not there was a Secondary Master there is a DVD/CD Combo drive installed so maybe that was set as Secondary Master? I'm afraid I can't remember.

I then tried connecting the HD to the same cable as the DVD/CD drive with no luck. The HD is an IDE and my original HD was also a Seagate IDE drive. Also FWIW, the last time I used my Tower with an IDE HD installed ( only months ago) it all worked perfectly.After a few hours I called it a day.So, when I returned home I realised that the DVD/CD drive was probably throwing a spanner in the works and I should have unplugged it to see if that would get a result.Finally it dawned on me that my friends internal HD would have all the drivers pertaining to his particular set up (Mobo, etc) but not the drivers for my mobo and maybe that's why Windows didn't boot up.I'm left wondering if it's even possible to do what I'm trying to achieve, or would my friends IDE Hard Disc need to be wiped before installing it into my Tower? I have the ABIT VIA-1.31M driver disc that came with my mobo, but don't really know where to go from here other than to try to install the drivers for my Mobo onto my friends HD before I remove it from his PC and install it in the one I want to give to him ..

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DVD Internal Drive - Cannot View Files

Nov 12, 2007

I have two burners in my system; one CD-R/W and one DVD-R/W. I usually burn everything on the DVD drive. However, after I burn something and place it back into the DVD drive to view the files, I can't. When I go to My Computer, right click on the DVD drive, I don't have the option to "OPEN". I do have this option on the CD-R/W drive but I'm wondering why I don't have that option on the DVD drive. This seems strange to me that I cannot do an OPEN on the right click with the DVD drive. any suggestions? I'm running WinXP Pro with all the updates, 2GB Ram.

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