Installing STOP 0x0000007e - Pci.sys - Address F748E0BF

Mar 8, 2008

I put everything together, went into bios, changed the time. Made sure everything else was alright, (boot order basically) then put in my XP disc (that ive used for computers before) and restarted. It recognized it, went to the windows blue screen where it tried to load everything. Loaded everything (at the bottom in the gray bar) then the last thing it says is "Starting Windows Setup" (or something close to that) the screen flickers and up comes a blue screen saying "A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. If is the fi."

Then Technical Information:

*** STOP: 0x0000007e (0xC0000005, 0xF78E0BF, 0xF78DA208, 0xF78D9F08)
*** pci.sys - Address F748E0BF base at F7487000 DateStamp 3b7d855c

At the moment i am completely lost, my only thought was to take out the video card and see if that helped (since it said something about video drivers) but everything is brand new, and plugged in correctly (i believe) so i dont understand what is going on!?

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0x0000007e Stop Error After Installing Kodak EasyShare Software

Mar 13, 2007

I have been trying to fix this problem for about three days now, and I am at the end of my rope. I was installing the Kodak EasyShare Software and when it was almost finished, my PC restarted. I disabled the automatic restart and received the BSOD with the above mentioned stop code. I have rolled back all of my drivers and reupdated them. I have installed new drivers for my chipsets on my motherboard. I can go into Safe Mode with networking with no problems. But as soon as I start Windows normally I get the BSOD. I don't see anything in my startup folders either. I have ran a HiJack this file and found nothing either.

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Error Stop 0x0000007e - How To Resolve

Feb 21, 2010

I have the stop error message as above, but can't find out how to resolve as i don't have a cd-rom drive on my mini dell

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How To Fix BSOD And Stop 0x0000007E Error?

Apr 8, 2010

How do you fix BSOD and Stop 0x0000007E error?

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Reboot And Stop Error 0x0000007E

Jul 5, 2005

My computer started to crash a bunch, so I reloaded windows. Now it does it all the time. It reboots randomly and does not record anything in the error log. It did however just give me a stop error. The error was 0x0000007E (0xC00001D, 0x804FFDB7, 0xF789E678, 0xF789E374)

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BIOS Sreen Error Stop 0x0000007e

Oct 6, 2008

I have a XP laptop and when I turn it on, after I login it kicks me out and gives me a Error in the the BIOS sreen,,, Anyways, the Error code is "Stop: 0x0000007e (0xc0000005, 0x00000000, 0xf79817c8, 0xf79814c4)"

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STOP 0x0000007E - Sp2 Wont Boot After Install

Jul 5, 2005

I download Windows XP fine and then i install the 17 critcal updates. I install all my drivers and then i go to restart my computer and the blue screen pops up saying this error message STOP: 0x0000007E( 0xc0000005,
0x00000000, 0xf79f70c0, 0xf79f6dbc). Is it a BIOS problem? snd i have repeated the process above several times only to find the same error. SP1 runs fine. Sp2 wont boot after i install

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Updating And Boot - Bsod Stop 0x0000007E

Nov 13, 2009

my inlaws have a gateway with XP media on it. they told me that the machine said it was updating and going to reboot. after that it never rebooted. when they turned it on they got a reboot loop going. when i looked at the error msg it was the 7e stop error. with nothing else i did a search but just could not find anything like this. i can not boot into safe mode or normal mode. i have done a chkdsk /r /p several times but still no go. i have taken the HDD and was able to clone it with acronis to a larger drive. i put the HDD in a different pc and same thing.

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Xp Installing Stop Error

Feb 5, 2006

Installing windows on a pc built for my friend and it comes up with a stop code.
stop d1. driver_irql_not_less_or_equal then it states

address fc40d3b4 base at fc3fb000

which i think refers to a stop a1 as well.

ive tried using 2 different type of memory on the m-board and still get the same error.
there are no other hardware besides a cdrom and hdisk, mosue and keyboard. i did have an old logitech mouse but swapped that as i read that can cause problems too.

i dont know how to go about fixing this as their is a hotfix for acpi problems but thatr equires u to actually have windows on teh pc in teh first place i.e safe mode.

i can get into bios and it performs POST no problems. the only other thing is it boots fromcdrom but it says no emulation.

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Stop Screen When Installing

May 2, 2008

I received the following Stop screen error code after installing SP 3 to my XP Home Edition OS.

Stop:0X0000007E (0XC0000005, 0XF781C756, 0XF79F7430, 0XF79F712C)

I had to reboot in safe mode and uninstall SP3 to get back to normal, which is Service Pack 2. The PC is an HP Compaq SR1520NX with 1GB Ram and 160GB HD with plenty of room. The only hardware I had a bit of trouble with was an Nvidia AGP card which they helped me with updating the driver several months ago. I don't seem to have any problems otherwise with it. Also, I installed a Pinacle USB TV
Tuner. I've had some problems getting it to recognize the tuner occasionally. Sometimes when I unplug it and re-plug it, it works.

How can I tell (from the error code) what is causing the stop screen?

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Stop Installing Software

Jul 11, 2005

Now when you visit some sites they will install some program onto your computer.

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Stop Scripts While Installing X64

Jul 26, 2005

Every time I try to install Windows XP x64 on my newly assembled computer I get 0x000000A stop scripts (mostly 0x0000003b)
The farthest ive gotten in the Windows installation was 17 minutes left for completion.

can this be something to do with BIOS? (BIOS is updated)

Computer hardware includes:

-ASUS A8V-E Deluxe motherboard
-AMD Athlon 64 3800+ Processor
-Sapphire ATI Radeon x800 pro Video Card
-Corsair Dual Channel 1gb DDR 400 PC 3200 Memory
-Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 ST3250823AS 250GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache Serial ATA150 Hard Drive

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Stop Error (0xF4) When Installing

Oct 3, 2007

Over the last two weeks, I've reinstalled Windows five times. I'm literally at my wits end. Here's my problem...

Whenever I try to install almost anything, I get Stop error 0xF4, which is the termination of a system-critical process or thread. Sometimes it happens for no reason, but for the most part, it's usually just when I'm installing something. Unfortunately, I don't have all the parameters of the stop error, but according to the Overclockers Forum, my first parameter (0x03) denotes that it is a process that is being terminated.

There are sometimes when the sfc /scannow command can temporarily fix the problem (that is, to run it before installing an app, then install the application once it is finished) but that's not always the case.

It should also be noted that there are some instances when I get a 0x7A error, but this is seldom. I merely included it in the event that it may prove to be helpful.

I'm running Windows XP Home, with an ASUS A8N-VM-UAYGZ motherboard. I'm sure you guys need more specs than that, and if so, please tell me. Also, I intended to include the Stop error message in it's entirety, but I neglected to write it down (odd, since I've seen it 40+ times). So I will write a follow-up with the Stop error and ...

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How Can I Stop Installer From Installing Program?

Mar 15, 2006

The windows installer on my computer keeps popping up every now and then wanting to install a program I had downloaded on the net but do not want anymore. I have deleted the downloaded program file but windows installer still keeps popping up wanting to install the program.

How can I stop windows installer from popping up?

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Error (Stop: 0x0000007B) While Installing PRO

Oct 17, 2009

Recently I bought a very cheap Acer Aspire M1640-E1150 which came with an MSI motherboard, an Intel Pentium Dual Core E2200, 2 GB of DDR2 RAM, and a 320 GB HDD from Hitachi. The system came with Vista initially installed on it, and needless to say, it was very slow! I decided to do the right thing and go to XP, so I found all the drivers required and I proceeded to install Pro from a disc that I have from a previous computer. As soon as the screen booted up and the system was being checked by the program, the system gave me an error message, before I even got to partition anything, it was initial. I tried to restart, took one of my RAM sticks out, but nothing was working. I even tried to format the HDD through an external drive, but nothing was working.

The error message is "Stop: 0X0000007B" and something about a virus or a software or a hardware being the problem. The system was running smoothly on Vista, and I even formatted the C drive, and I am sure that there were no viruses.

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USB Ports Stop Responding After Installing Sp2

Aug 24, 2005

I have an ailian computer with XP Home on it. After installing sp2 my usb ports stoped working. In device manager the usb root hubs and ports say that they are working but the mouse and game controler do not function. I do not get power to my mouse either.

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STOP:0x000000A (Problems Installing On My New System)

Mar 8, 2008

Hi.I just bought an Asus P5N-D ATX SLI-ready mobo. Have 512 mb of memory to start with so I figured I would set everything up and make adjustments as I received my new parts. Started with a 250 gig Western Digital SATA 1.5 harddrive, a 600 watt Ultra PSU, 512mb of DDR2 PC6400 800fsb single channel, a P4 Dual Core 3.0 processor, and a Windows XP Home Edition 32bit disk. This isnt even close to the setup I plan to use but I thought it would be nice to tweek this processor to see what it would do before I got my new Wolfdale E8400 3.0 processor which I expect great things from. Its the 45nm series. I also have 2 gigs of DDR2 PC6400 800fsb Dual Channel OC memory in shipment. My problem is during my setup I formatted my harddrive for a clean install and when its close to being done I get this error message on the forbidden blue screen: STOP 0x000000A IRQL-NOT-LESS-OR-EQUAL. So I browsed through my BIOS checking settings and ran into this in PCU settings: cache 2x1024 memory. Assuming this could be changed I browsed some more changing settings and taking note of what I changed and what the original settings were,but never could disable the cache. It doesnt seem to be an option at all. I think this is my problem. I think the sytem is trying to access unaccessable memory to finish downloading XP, but I also took note when I was searching the net that it could be a driver issue. If anyone knows anything that may help me resolve this, or if you are aware of a way to disable the cache before downloading an OS, please let me know.

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How Do I Stop Windows Installing Driver Automatically?

Nov 19, 2008

here is the problem: when I plug in an USB device, windows will install the driver for the device automaticlly if:
1. the driver comes with the system.

2. the device driver has been installed.

I wanna stop windows installing driver automatically but ask me the location of the driver when I plug in a device every time. How do I do that?

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Installing Operating System & Getting Stop Errors During Setup?

Aug 27, 2008

i am trying to install winxp on my wifes older it is older but it does meet all of the winxp hardware requirements for installation....3 times now it has seemed like it was going to take the installation but I keep getting different stop errors....the 3 I have gotten so far are 0x00000024; 0x000000D1; 0x0000008E .....does anyone know what is going on so i can install winxp already.

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Stop Add Hardware Wizard Automatically Installing Drivers

Sep 5, 2008

Is there any way in XP to install a device driver manually. I've tried using update driver in the device manager but it tells me I already have the best driver. If I unistall the driver, when I use the add hardware wizard, windows automatically installs its own driver.?

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System Installing Updates All The Time / Unable To Stop?

Feb 15, 2008

The computer uses XP home and is set for automatic updates.Every time I switch off it says it is installing update 1 of 1 even if I have not been connected to the net.When I tried using manual update I was told that the installation of <Windows Installer 3.1> had failed.Is the computer trying to install this same thing every time?If it is how do I get it to install properly or remove it from the list of programs ready to be installed?I think that when I installed the drivers for the motherboard this installer, or an earlier version, was installed by the Intel download.

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Blue Screen Error When Installing Winows XP: Stop: 0x0000007B?

Jul 18, 2008

I put in My CD and it goes through the first blue screen (the one where is asks if you want to press f2 to do install drivers via A drive etc) and when it gets to "Setup is Starting up windows" (this is before all the HD formating and partitioning) I get the blue screen. it does not have much info on it all it says is:Stop: 0x0000007B (0XF78D2524, 0XC0000034, 0X00000000, 0X00000000)

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Installing Media Center Results In Getting Stop Error And Blue Screen?

Jan 7, 2009

I have just installed a Samsung CLX-2160 on my Dell Dimension 5150 PC,which runs Windows XP Media Centre.As soon as the PC started reading the installation CD, it crashed with the following (taken from event viewer):The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck.The bugcheck was: 0x0000007e (0xc0000005, 0x804f106f, 0xba4fbaac, 0xba4fb7a8). A dump was saved in: C:WINDOWSMEMORY.DMP.

I rebooted with F8 and chose last working config.After a little enlightened guesswork and advice I removed my old Dell 725 printer driver(which had started giving an error message on startup). Now I could load the Samsung driver etc and the new printer works.However, XP still crashes whenever I reboot normally I can still bring up a working system with F8 as above (but I have to reload my PCI card drivers again - 2 port serial and sound card - for some reason)

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Server 2008 C0000218 Stop Error: Installing The Internet Printing Client?

May 26, 2010

I'm in the middle of a basic networking lab and one of my VM's crashed. As our host, we use Windows XP. For virtualization we use VMware Workstation. I had a problem installing the Internet Printing Client for my lab. I got an error saying that there wasn't enough hard drive space. I then shut down my VM and added another hard drive. Upon startup I was greeted with: STOP: c0000218 {Registry File Failure} i did this:Removing the virtual HDD I added before the problems started. Restarting the VM. Restarting the host machine. Trying the VM on another machine. Booting to .iso and using the repair console with the command chkdsk C: /r.

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Ethernet Card Shows Broadcast Address As Physical Address

Aug 14, 2008

I am running xp pro. I can not get an internet connection through my ethernet card. When I hook up my modem through usb it works fine but unable to utilize my full download speed capabilities. Hooked the modem up via ethernet to laptop and it worked just fine. The only thing I can find wrong that I don't know how to fix or what is causing it is the fact that the physical address of the card comes up as the broadcast address (FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF). Very strange.

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Tick Infront Of The Address Bar Address Bar In Internet Explorer

Aug 5, 2005

I opened my computer and decided to goto internet through the my computer window. So I pressed home button of my key board so the My Computer window converted to a web page. But after that the address bar disappeared. I closed the window and restart the machine and opened the internet explorer, but still address bar is missing. I checked under the tools and I can see the tick infront of the address bar.

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Assigns APIPA Address Instead Of Getting DCHP Address

Oct 12, 2006

We have run across a problem here with APIPA addressing. After we install Windows updates, Windows assigns an APIPA address in the 169.254.x.x range, instead of getting an address from the DHCP server. The effect is that the computer loses connectivity with the network and the Internet. You can confirm this problem by running an IPCONFIG and checking for an address in the 169.254 range.

Releasing and renewing the address does not correct the problem. Assigning a static IP address resolved the issue. Searching the Microsoft Knowledge Base, we found a registry hack that will disable APIPA addressing on the computer, and this does correct the problem so the computer can connect to the network again. We assume that the problem is a result of an update from last Tuesday, but we have not determined which update is the problem. We are still looking. Our concern is that as DHCP leases expire with computers in the field, that this effect may appear. If you get calls for loss of network or Internet connectivity, have the user run IPCONFIG, and if they have an APIPA address, the registry hack is outlined in KB article

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Deleting Address From The Automatic Address List

Nov 15, 2005

I am using Windows XP Home edition. How do you delete an address from the list of automatic webb address list in the Address box? I tried highlighting it and entering delete but it doesn't get deleted.

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Error 0x0000007E Constant Laptop Reboot

Nov 12, 2009

toshiba laptop keeps rebooting i have a toshiba satellite a100/a105 series laptop. it was working fine until i hit a link from a Internet video. i try to log on but it keeps rebooting indicating the following message:"we apologize for the inconvenience, but windows did not start successfully. a recent hardware or software change might have caused this.if your computer stopped responding, restarted unexpectedly, or was automatically shut down to protect your files and folders, choose last known good configuration to revert to the most recent settings that worked.if a previous startup attempt was interrupted due to a power failure or because the power or reset button was pressed , or if you aren't sure what cuased the problem, choose start windows normally.

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BSOD Error 0x0000007E Upon Opening CD Tray - Restarts Itself

Feb 9, 2008

I'm having some issues with my computer at the moment. It seems whenever I load an application from a CD/DVD, be it a game, installing or playing, or anything else, upon attempting to eject it after I'm finished, I get either:

A) the inability to open the disc tray again,
B) my computer restarts itself
or C) the computer shuts off, and i receive a BSOD stop error : 0x0000007E.

I report to microsoft every time, but so far to no avail. My graphics card burned out recently, and ever since, be it with my integrated adapter, or new graphics card, i have the formerly mentioned issues. I have reset the drivers, reinstalled them several times, checked the firmware of my optical drive, and checked my hdd for viruses, aswell as cleaning up my registry, but still i havent been able to solve the problem.

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Some Address Doesn't Delete From Address Bar

Oct 17, 2005

after every use of internet i delete history,cookies and files by using internet option(tool menu)but some address stays and they never get delete please can somebody tell how to delete those from address bar.

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