Add 'select All' Option To Right Click Menu

Mar 22, 2009

how do i add 'select all' option to the rightClick menu when i right click in a folder. i know you can do 'Ctrl+A'. i want to do this using the mouse. i'd prefer if someone told me how to do this using operations performed within the system without having to install an application. i'm comfortable with the registry and am open to editing the registry


Right Click Menu Freezes When Use Option Send To

Jul 15, 2005

On the desktop, when I rt. click a program shortcut the menu comes up, but when I go to "send to" nothing else comes up and menu freezes.

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Right Click - Menu Option Open Changed To Search

Jan 7, 2006

i am using windows xp home edition, and for the past last 1 week, whenever i try to open any folder by double clicking a search page opens same as search in start menu, n when i right click the folder i found dat d first option dat should have been 'open' was now changed to search, n dis is d case with all d folders n my drive too.

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Select User Password - No Users From Option Given Shutdown / Reboot

Aug 7, 2007

When my laptop gets to the point in XP where you can select user and put in a password, There are no users to select from. the only option given is to shutdown, reboot etc.

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Double Click Does Not Work - Cannot Select Any Program

Jan 30, 2007

Whenever i double click a drive (besides the one with windows installed on it) windows asks me what program i want to use to open the file. It does not let me select the box "always use this program to open files like this" so i cannot select explorer and save that setting. I've been through the file associations and it has "open" set as default. Tried to change this to "explore" but that didn't work.

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Can Change The Select Time In Single Click Mode?

Mar 10, 2005

I need to know if you can change the select time in single-click mode? Because as soon as my pointer moves over a file, it selects it. This is extremely irritating, when you only want to select certain files and then try to drag them to another window. Because as you move across the other files, they become selected also!! So, is there anyway to increase the amount of time that it takes for your pointer to select a file, because I hate double-click mode!

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Cannot Select Standby Icon From Shutdown Menu

Jul 19, 2005

I am running Windows XP SP2 on a Toshiba laptop. Recently, I cannot select the standby icon from my shutdown menu (i.e. it appears, but is not highlighted). While this does not seem like such a serious issue, I am concerned it may be a sign of a larger problem. I have not had a crash however, so I do not know why the sudden change. I would prefer not to do a system restore, if there is another option. I also could not see any simple solution in the power management settings.

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Blue Screen Shows After Select Booting Menu

Apr 29, 2008

I run XP SP2 on Athlon 2600 and 512 MB RAM and last night I shut it down as usal. When I turn my computer on this morning, it started to boot, but after few seconds, the long message appears, something like: "We are sorry for inconvenience but Windows can not start... " and it tells me to either boot into Safe mode, use last configuration, or start Windows normally. The last option is highlighted. But after that, blue screen flashes for just a moment (long enough to see there is some text but not long enough to read it), and then it goes back to start... detecting hard drive and stuff. It keeps looping like that forever. I tried to go to safe mode, but the same things happen. It goes back to start and then a "Start Windows normally" is Highlighted again.

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Turn Off Computer - Start Menu Select Switch Off / Restart

Jul 23, 2005

Having problems with my Windows XP Pro (SP2) as when I go to "Turn off computer" (on the Start menu) and select "Switch Off" or "Restart" I lose the normal screens and it saves my settings but then gets to "Closing Windows" and then it sticks. Ctrl-Alt-Delete does nothing.

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Unable To Load 2003 Adv Sever When Select In Boot Menu

Aug 31, 2005

Let assume that, in a disk we have 3-partition 1. in C: drive Windows 98 (FAT32), we install it first.2. in D: drive Windows 2003 Adv Server (NTFS), this was install 2nd.3. and, E: drive is FAT32, under Windows 98(FAT32)Now, all it works fine as dual boot, we will have menu at startup, there we can select the OS. Right.Now, if we install Windows 2000 Pro in C: Drive by means of format and install option. Windows 2000 is working fine. But we can�t able to load Windows 2003 Adv server, when we select that in the boot select menu.

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Explorer Closes When Click On File Menu - Right Click

Aug 3, 2005

I have a computer that quits explorer every time I try to click on the file menu, or right click on explorer and go to the new link. It also does this when i try to delete a folder in explorer or through my computer.

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Click On Desktop / Select Properties To Change Desktop Wallpaper / List Of Family Photographs

Jun 4, 2006

When I click on desktop and select properties to change the desktop wallpaper I have a list of family photographs!I still have the desktop wallpaper folder in windows web folder but how do I put it back into the desktop and remove the ones that are mysteriously there.

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Right Click On AVI The Play On Tv Option Won't Work

Mar 18, 2010

I have just reinstalled xp media center edition. I have my pc connected to my plasma tv with s-video lead, everything used to work before new instalation, but now when I right click on an AVI the play on my tv option won't work, the option is listed in the drop down menu but nothing happens when clicked.

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Get Run Option When Click On Start After Reboot

Feb 6, 2006

Using XP Home, If I click on Start>Run after a reboot, the Run window opens normally.If I open any program and then click on Start>Run, nothing visible happens! Nothing. I have tried to correct this by right clicking and using: Properties>Customize>Advanced, but without success.Haven’t been able to fix this with Tweak UI or by using sfc. AVG has not found a virus.Observations:Switching to Classic View the link works normally every time.Clicking Start>Run and nothing happens, then looking in Task Manager gives the following information: under Applications, Run is shown as running right clicking this entry and selecting Go To Process shows the explorer.exe processRun opens every time by holding down the Windows Key and pressing R.

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Right Click Format Option Gone In Computer Management

Oct 24, 2008

When I go to 'manage' computer to format an extra dive [magicjack], that option is grayed out. How can I get that option to be notgrayed out anymore? I've spent about 3 hours with Magicjack's customer service & they can't help me with this.
Also my 'removable drive' is gone. How can I add it back?I have windows xp model 2400, service pack 2.

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No Repair Option In Boot Menu

Jan 15, 2008

i dont have the option with my xp to boot and run a repair "r" i know this has to do with oem,volume license disks etc...i was wondering if there was another way i could run a repair...

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Not Able To Get Folder Option In Tools Menu

Mar 1, 2008

Im using Xp. If im pressing ctrl+alt+del im getting a message "task manager disabeled by admin". and also im not able to see my hidden files, bcus im not getting folter options in tools menu. ( one day my friend used my system after that only im facing this problem)

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Missing Shutdown Option In Start Menu?

Nov 7, 2007

A few days ago the Shutdown option at the bottom of the start menu has disappeared and from the Ctrl+Alt+Delete also.I have scanned the computer with Avira antivirus, free version, and super antispyware. Lots of things were deleted, but the shutdown option is still missing. I have not been able to shut my laptop down for two days.

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Run Command Option Missing In Start Menu?

Jul 6, 2010

I am using Windows xp. In 'Start' menu, the 'Run' and 'Search' options are not being shown. When I try keys 'Windows + R' it shows a message reading " This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your System Operator."

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Taskbar And Start Menu Option Wont Appear?

Aug 9, 2005

the taskbar at the bottom was missing completely, not just minimized and scooched down to the bottom. It's gone. I figured a nice trip to the Taskbar and
Start Menu would do the trick, but it wont appear. I've tried creating shortcuts, typing in the actual location myself, and clicking a thousand times, (as well as a few good reboots because I cant just log off). What do I do? I want my taskbar back, but I also want all my menus to appear

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Unable To See Folder Option In Tools Menu

Dec 4, 2006

I have upgraded some PC from win98 to WinXP,Now I m unable to see Folder option in Tools menu,I want it desparately as I have to set show hide or unhide file option from there.How to bring Folder option in Tools menu

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Lost Context Menu Option To 'create New'

Dec 25, 2006

I was changing something in the shell extensions using shellexview to make my right click menus faster. But i accidentally deleted the option to make a new file (like by right clicking in a windows explorer area). How can i get this back?

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Lost My Menu Option Send Shortcut To Desktop

Feb 2, 2007

I dont have anymore the option send to desktop - shortcut in menu options I don't know how that happened..Someone played on my com with services.

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Installation Adds An Extra Option In OS Choice Menu

Apr 12, 2006

Due to a faulty RAM module my PC crashed and showed me an error that a was corrupted.My vendor tried to reinstall XP on another partition of my harddisk.But meanwhile,by reinserting another good RAM module the problem was solved and the installation was left pending. Now,I'm having two options one,Windows XP proffesional and two

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Operating System Choice Menu - Delete A Certain Option

Jul 19, 2010

i had Win xp sp2 on my hard-drive i installed windows 98 on my remove-able disk... after that i formatted my removeable disk now i just have Win xp but when start up it still shows the os choice menu. I just want to know can i delete that option of choosing win98 which doesn't exist. And so i can save 30 sec of booting time in case my pc reboots after an update or so when i am not around.

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Media Center Menu No Longer Has Live TV Option

Aug 21, 2005

My Dell 8400 with Windows XP Media Edition no longer gives me the option of watching live TV. The main menu does not even have it listed as a choice. I've tried opening the program directly from the Windows remote but the system is unresponsive. I've re-run the setup but that did not work. The cable line going into the computer has a good signal.

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Quick Launch Disappeared - Toolbar Option Gone From Menu

Oct 19, 2007

I recently have lost my quick launch feature on the task bar. Also when right clicking on the task bar my toolbar option is no longer available. Trying to retrace what I could have done lately but only remember playing with UI themes.

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Un Able To Select Select Multple Folders

Aug 3, 2005

I open Windows Explorer from Start button>Right Click.Sometime, I would like to select multiple folders in the Win Explorer while holding Ctrl or Shift Key.It never worked. While selecting next folder, the first folder always becomes unselected.

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Xp Bootup Menu Error (with Install Option) / System Crashed?

Jan 3, 2005

issue with friend pc, when he boots up he gets the menu that says along the lines of 1. boot xp home from hard disk 2.setup xp from cd so he has to like press 1 every time he starts up his pc. if he leaves it it goes thru some bumf and gives an error n reboots its cos i tried to reinstall xp at one point for him (other problems which later dissapeared) and the system crashed out on me before i could do it..

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System Restore And Search Option On Start Menu Not Funtioning?

Dec 8, 2008

im having this two option in start menu is not functioning as well as my system restore.i wasnt able to fully explain in words so ive decided
to attach it.

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Right Click Menu Keeps Coming Up

Aug 8, 2005

I have a Dell Inspiron 2600, I have Windows XP. I don't remember anything particular happening, but one day the right click menu started coming up without me clicking, whether I was on the desktop, Netscape, AIM, Wordpad, etc. I re-installed my touchpad software, thinking that would solve the problem, but it has continued. It interfers with my typing, so checking and replying to emails is really difficult.

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Right Click Menu Slow

Dec 23, 2004

I am using Windows XP Pro (SP2). Well when i right click on a file , it takes 5 -10 seconds for the right click menu to appear. Apprantly the problem only persists when i am connected to network. When i unplug the network wire it becomes fine. Using shellview i tried disabling non microsoft context menu options but it didnt work. When network is enabled right click or double click on a file is very slow. Else it is normal.

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Right-Click Drop Down Menu?

Sep 27, 2006

When you right-click on a folder or file you get a dropdown menu that has a list of options. i.e. Open, Send To, Properties, etc.My questions are, Does this menu have a name? What is it? Where does it reside? How can it be modified to remove unwanted items? (Some programs put an item in this menu when they are installed)

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Right-click Menu Vanished

Aug 13, 2005

I used to be able to right click on a picture and rotate (either left or right) and save the picture to desktop.Now, I can't do any of that- it has cut that out of the menu. What do I do?

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Right-Click Menu Default

May 9, 2006

The problem is this - everytime I open up a folder within WinXp, a search window pops up instead. So, the only way I can view any specific folder, I have to right-click and then select 'open'. The right-click menu shows 'search' as the default, and I have browsed the registry to see if I can reset it back to 'open'. I have also browsed around the net to see if there is instructions to fix this issue, but I have had no luck.Whoever can solve my issue - it would be greatly appreciated.

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Right Click Menu Doesn't Come Up

May 24, 2008

whenever i right click anywhere the menu that is supposed to come up doesn't. All you can see is like the shadow of the menu and you can only see things when you scroll over them. like i said above, i read about this on a previous board and tried the solution that was recommended, but it didn't work for me.

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Right Click Mouse Menu Does Not Appear

Mar 31, 2010

In Windows XP using Excel 2007. I right click the mouse and nothing happens in Excel 2007 only. The right click menu works on the start menu, internet and other spreadsheet programs,

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Run Option Got Disappeared From My Start Menu / Task Manager Wont Work?

May 21, 2007

the run option got disappeared from my start menu....also task manager is not working....cant even open regedit.exe from windows folder.

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Change Explorer Right Click Menu?

Jun 13, 2005

changed my right click menu in Windows Explorer/My Computer where �Search� is the top item.I would like to revert back to where �Open� is the top item and executes on a double click

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Removing Items From Right Click Menu

Dec 22, 2004

there is a way of removing some of the right click context menu with the help of TweakUI.

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Slow Right Click / Context Menu

Mar 11, 2008

Recently whenever i right click on anything or anywhere on my computer, be it the desktop or an avi file etc, the list that should normally open instantly, takes a long time to open - this can vary from only a few seconds to 10+ seconds.Once i have waited for the menu to open however and click off it, the next time i right click on the same point it opens instantly. I presume this is because it has cached the menu or something.Ive had a look around the internet.

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Right Click Menu Is Obscenely Slow

Jul 18, 2008

For some reason whenever I right click a first time after I start windows or have been doing something else it is sooooo slow (ie 10-20 seconds for menu to pop up) and the same goes for opening up some other menus. Does anyone know what could be causing this and how I could fix this? PS running Windows Defender and Symantec Antivirus which I assume might be causing the issues if you know how to adjust it to better my performance that would be awesome.

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Cannot Right Click Things On Start Menu

Mar 11, 2010

I have tried literally everything I've found. I've even check registry keys but just cannot find what causes me to be unable to right click anything in the start menu. I can right click everything else, this is the only problem. And I've also checked the enable dragging and dropping.

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Right Click - New - Custom Content Menu

Jul 12, 2008

I would like to be able to right click, and when I select new, have a submenu under the new that I could put my custom files for. I actually have used a program (Tweak UI) that allows me to to remove or add new files, but the problem I find is this.

I to a lot of HTML coding and create new files often. As much as I like conforming to strict, I have to use traditional from time to time, and I wanted to add for both. Well, when I used Tweak UI to add my strict template, and then checked out my "New ->" it was labeled as "New Firefox Document", which from reg searching I show is exactly what HTML is associated to. I wondered if there was a program, or a hack for my registry that would allow me to have a new file under the context menu that would otherwise not alter what .HTML was associated to (meaning, show "New Strict" and "New Traditional" but when you check the properties of index.html would show "Type of File: Firefox Document").

My guess is that to really pull this off, that I would have to make two new extentions (like .ext1 and .ext2) and when I make the new file, simply rename the extension. I know how to do that, but I was hoping that there was another way around it. Also, as noted above, how does one make a submenu under new to group things in? Such as

New -> Folder
New -> Shortcut
New -> text document
New -> Media -> file
New -> Media -> another
New -> Programing -> whatever

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Can't Right-click On Start Menu - Alternatives

Oct 10, 2007

Strangely when I click Start >> Programs >> Under those list, I want to do a Right Cick but whenever I press right-click, the Start Menu flickers and the menu never appear.I want to sort the list of programs in order, any alternative way to do it?

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