Unable To Open C And D Drive From My Computer

May 23, 2007

i ran the AVG anti virus and it put some files in its vault.now i am unable to open my C: and D: drive from My Computer folder.It says it caant find copy.exe file..also some other files seem to be missing.. like host.exe svchost.exe ...I tried to restore these files from AVG VAULT but it does not seem to work... I am only being able to open C and D drive with the right click-> open option.

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Unable To Open C Drive

Aug 23, 2007

My system was recently infected with a virus i think i have finally gotton rid of it but now im unable to open my c drive thought my computer when i double click it the open with window pops up and when i right click it i get strage symbols where open is suppose to be the virus that i was infected with is W32.Gexin.A its main exe is svsh0st.exe which i seem to have gotton rid of forever now as it hasn't recreated itself this boot up

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CD Rom Wont Work: Unable To Open Drive?

Aug 31, 2005

My cd rom driver doesn't seem to be working lately. I can't open the drive at all and after a while the red light comes on, then my system freezes. I
checked the system error log and found the following: The driver detected a controller error on DeviceCdRom0 Ther is also another message: The device Device IdeIdePort1, is not ready for access yet.

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System Recognizing USB Flash Drive But Unable To Open?

Jun 8, 2005

I have a USB 512-meg flash drive; brand new, outta the box. I used it on my computer at home with no problem--I plug it in, the computer recognizes it and it shows as another drive. However, my computer at work recognizes it and says "your device is ready to use" but it doesn't show up as a drive so I can't get into it. I've done the whole "troubleshoot" bit to no avail.Is there a way I can go to it manually or...? How can I see it so I can double click on it and get to the contents?

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Unable To Open Any Drive By Double Click ... A Search Window Opens ..

Dec 6, 2005

Whenever i doubleclick on any of the Drives(C: , D: ) a windows search window appears, if i have to open i have to rightclick and select open...also i observed that when i right click on my c drive or d drive the first option i have is "search" in bold. and then the next option is open. whereas for anyother folder open is my first option when i right click and in bold!

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Unable To Open Wps Files Received From Other Computer By Mail?

Nov 1, 2007

I am running windows xp and outlook express. I often receive emails from friends who send me attachments that I cannot open. They are usually from an older computer, probably running microsoft works, not word. They are wps files. I have tried downloading a converter, but it didn't work. Sometimes I can open them but all I get is symbols.

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Computer Wont Connect To The Internet / Unable To Open Port?

Feb 1, 2006

when i try to connect to the internet it says cannot open port and then it disconnects.

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Unable To See CD-drive Icon In Computer?

Jul 16, 2005

My Windows XP could not find the CD drive icon in the My computer or in the file explorer.I checked with the Device Manager and found the CD drive is working
normally. I've tried to uninstall and re-scan for new device. The system could find it w/o any difficulty. However, the icon still couldn't be found.

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Unable To Open Video Files: Program Closed While Trying To Open?

Jan 8, 2008

when ever i start any video application it shows that something has gone wrong and prog is to be closed,and pror closes everything on desktop closes and disappear only to reappear again after some time.

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Unable To Find Second Hard Drive In My Computer?

Sep 9, 2007

Cannot reformat it, because it's the only hard drive with my information left on it. The one it came from was totalled and there's no way to back it up.On startup, it recognizes that the hard drive is in. But it doesn't show up on My Computer.

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Partitioned Drive Lost - D Drive Missing Files / Folders Won't Open

Aug 13, 2005

XPpro with two HDs, CDr/w and DVDr/w.(D AND (E are (were?) a 20G drive which I partitioned over a year ago. This morning I came across a 4G drive in an old box. (really). Being a curious type I pulled the power and ribbon leads from the DVD and plugged them into the 4G HD, after setting the jumper to slave.Then switched on. A dos line appeared saying 'automatically configuring an F: drive' After which Windows appeared to boot up normally. Except that 'My Computer' showed no (D The 4G (F drive showed as not formated. So... I removed the 4G and replaced the leads back to the DVD. My Computer' shows 3.5 floppy Local Disk(C FRSTHAFOLD(D 9G abt Notice NO (E

Not only that but my D drive is missing lots of files and folders wont open. It seems that the partitioning has been forgotten! I have checked what bios settings there are (not many on Compaq 5000) And the bios sees my main Crive and only one 20G disk I have a bad feeling about this Is there any way to get things back to normal?

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Unable To Find "my Computer" Or C-Drive Files?

Nov 22, 2005

Something unexplained happened and don't know if its related to the XP (SP2) op system, new clip art or Norton 2006 install--or something else. Seems the system has a difficult time finding "my computer" when you select it. A flash light appears and after several minutes, the screen finally appears with all the drives listed. But that's not all. When I'm in a program--Microsoft or others--and want to browse to find the correct file, image, etc. to open, the system locks/freezes and won't let you select or even find the right thing.

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.bkf Files Unable To Open

Mar 22, 2008

I have an external HDD on which I have backed up 15G of Data. I wish to retrieve some Pictures from this Backup but when I try to open it in order to restore these pictures I cannot find a programme to open it with. I do have Windows NT but can't seem to get it to open with .bkf.

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Unable To Install SP4 - FTP Is Open Or In Use

Dec 9, 2004

Running a Windows 2000 machine. Machine came with W2k installed 2 years ago. Have all other windows updates installed. Getting this error when trying to install Service Pack 4 - The file c:windowssystem32ftp.exe is open or in use by another application. The taskmanager does not show any FTP specifically running. So I downloaded SP4 to my hard drive so I wouldn't have to get on the internet, and rebooted in safe mode. Then ran SP4 update from my hard drive but I still got the same FTP error. How do I find this FTP process and stop it?

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Unable To Open Registry

Mar 19, 2006

I can't open my registry. It just started happening. When I go the the stat/run and enter regedit all that opens briefly is a DOS window and then closing within second.

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Unable To Open Help And Support

Jan 15, 2009

Suddenly my documents folder opens when I log on to my machine. I checked all Startup folders for a shortcut to My Documents but found none. I followed the instructions on kb899865 but everything was as it should have been. I then checked for the trojan ´┐Żspyware.dlder with MalwareBytes Anti Malware and found nothing. Spyware Blaster also found nothing. About the same time I found I was unable to open help and support, when I tried to correct that I continue to get the message that pchdt_w3.cab can not be found. It is not on C or the Windows install disk or SP2 disk. I am really stuck. While it is possible to close the folder after booting it is a pain and I would like to get things operating as they should be. I am running XP Pro. w/sp2.

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Unable To Open Bin And Cue Files?

Feb 3, 2006

I have these two files taht I am trying to open one is a BIN file and the other is a CUE file, Umm, How would I opne THese?

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Unable To Open Some Websites

Mar 10, 2006

I am using xp and have a laptop with xp. I use a linksys router for the laptop. I recently switched from DSL to Cable, since the switch there are a few web sites I cannot get to open up. Aafes.com, hotmail.com, support.microsoft.com.....and a few others. Most sites open fine but....I have checked my router, it's fine. I have bypassed it and gone straight from the modem still doesn't work. I have hooked someone elses laptop up to modem and guess what??? They opened them just fine. So I'm back to me. I'm so frustrated and confused. Please any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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Unable To Open Any Programs On Xp?

Feb 13, 2009

After using Dr.Web Cleant it to clean up my xp laptop, it got worst. The laptop loads up but all that i see is the desktop background. No Start bar, not programs on desktop, shortcuts don't work .e. "windows"+R, "windows"+E) ONLY TASK MANAGER OPENS with CRTL+ALT+DEL.

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CD Drive ICON Missing: Unable To Access The Drive?

Jan 28, 2008

At times Cd drive Icon not visible in My computer. Then I have to restart the system to get it back. I m using Windows 2003 EE SP1 in newly assembled server.
WHile browsing the contents of the CD and if I choose back option it says D: or CD drive is not accessible and I have to restart the system to get it back.
-This is a fresh installation. Please let me know what could be wrong.

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Unable To Open Exe From Explorer But Can From Cmd Prompt?

Jan 28, 2008

As stated one of our customers has some windows based software (Sage Line 100 and Telemagic to be precise) which is run from a shortcut on the desktop mapped to a network share with the exe located within. whenever you run either of these shortcuts or even if you navigate directly to the file you get the error "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item" the users in question have full local rights and full control over the files on the server inc the exe. As they are part of the USERs group which have full control. The Administrator has no problem in getting this file to run

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Unable To Open Swf File From IE7 Or Any Other Browser

Jul 29, 2009

Just few days ago this was working very well, now suddenly it has responding as mentioned below. When i try to open the swf file locally saved from IE 7. i get message box in IE telling as followed. Title: File Download. Do you want to open or save this file? with Open Save and Cancel options. And am unable to view any flash content online too.

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Unable To Open Regedit Or Msconfig?

Sep 28, 2007

User acct has admin priviledges in a Win XP system.When trying to run regedit in a Run window I get the following error message:"Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."I get the same message when trying to run msconfig.

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Unable To Open Msconfig By Run Command?

Jul 14, 2010

Im unable to open msconfig using run command.I got the msconfig.exe file from other source still im facing the same issue

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Unable Tp Open EXE Files In Any Profile?

Feb 7, 2008

My problem started when I read an article on the web that Microsoft uses a "/prefetch:1" command to load Windows Media Player faster than normal. This is usually added to the shortcuts found on your taskbar and desktop. I thought this is a great idea. I should have this "/prefetch:1" command on all my important shortcuts.

I logged into my limited account and I tested it on the programs I used the most and in fact it worked wonderful, that is until I used it on a particular program called 2xExplorer. This program is like Windows Explorer on steroids. I've used this great program for a couple of years now and never had a problem. I added the "/prefetch:1" command to my 2xExplorer shortcut and when I launched the program it worked fine.

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Unable To Open Internet Options From IE

Aug 16, 2005

I Hope someone has seen this I am being told that I am no longer the administrator of my computer, and can not change the internet options. I have Win XP Home SP2, IE 6.0.2900.2180 BTW, I am the only user and I have complete admin rights.

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Unable To Open Password Recovery

Jan 1, 2009

I downloaded password recovery, burned it to a disc but then this disc will not open in another computer when I am trying to open it from the bios boot screen.My windows log in is stuck on the administrator log in and my password is not working.

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Unable To Open Media Player?

Jan 28, 2005

3 months ago I installed Service Pak2. Prior to the installation Windows Media Player9 had been running flawlessly on my system. After Installation, however I have been totally unable to get Windows Media Player to open. I downloaded Version 10 of Windows Media Player and installed it but again I was unable to get it to open. I cleared all traces of WMP from registry and turned off system restore and then re installed WMP10. Still would not open and the system will not permit me to use version 9 anymore.

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Unable To Open Links, Windows, Pop-ups?

Feb 5, 2005

I am unable to open links and attached windows when I need to move to another part of a page or window. When I click on a section or link to open, the window pop ups but it is blank and there is no activity on the window to show that it is attempting to open; and it just sits there. Somtimes, the STOP and REFRESH button shows up on the top of the page and I can click "STOP", then "REFRESH" and this allows the page to open but alot of times these features are not available and I just have to close the window and am unable to gain access to the information or page I am attempting to see.
I have enabled cookies, I do not have a pop-up blocker activated and no firewall so I cannot understand why certain windows open and certain ones won't. This problem occurs at random, there is no particular site or anything when this happens.

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Unable To Open Control Panel?

Jan 3, 2006

I can appear to be able to open any window but when I try to access the control Panel I get a "Windows explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. we are sorry for the inconvenience"

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Unable To Open My Control Panel?

Mar 16, 2007

I click on Start/My Computer/Control Panel. The screen goes momentarily to the blank background screen, then all the icons and tool bar show back up--but no control panel opens. I am running Windows XP on a Dell computer.

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