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Unable To Open Bin And Cue Files?

I have these two files taht I am trying to open one is a BIN file and the other is a CUE file, Umm, How would I opne THese?

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Unable To Delete Files From Recycle Bin?
I want to know if there is a way to delete my files from the recycle bin as when I try to delete them it displays an error saying "Cannot delete file".If you have some idea how to delete these then please tell me ?

Posted: Oct 18, 2009

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Unable To Open Video Files: Program Closed While Trying To Open?
when ever i start any video application it shows that something has gone wrong and prog is to be closed,and pror closes everything on desktop closes and disappear only to reappear again after some time.

Posted: Jan 8, 2008

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.bkf Files Unable To Open
I have an external HDD on which I have backed up 15G of Data. I wish to retrieve some Pictures from this Backup but when I try to open it in order to restore these pictures I cannot find a programme to open it with. I do have Windows NT but can't seem to get it to open with .bkf.

Posted: Mar 22, 2008

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Unable To Open Files After Playing Game?
im fairly new to computers but seemed to be doing ok until i allowed my neice & her friend to play games on it. now i cant open some of my files as its saying 'dont know what programe created it' especially DLL files.

Posted: Jul 21, 2005

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Unable Tp Open EXE Files In Any Profile?
My problem started when I read an article on the web that Microsoft uses a "/prefetch:1" command to load Windows Media Player faster than normal. This is usually added to the shortcuts found on your taskbar and desktop. I thought this is a great idea. I should have this "/prefetch:1" command on all my important shortcuts.

I logged into my limited account and I tested it on the programs I used the most and in fact it worked wonderful, that is until I used it on a particular program called 2xExplorer. This program is like Windows Explorer on steroids. I've used this great program for a couple of years now and never had a problem. I added the "/prefetch:1" command to my 2xExplorer shortcut and when I launched the program it worked fine.

Posted: Feb 7, 2008

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Unable To Open Files / Programs Disappeared While Trying?
when ever i open up a program and try to intiate opening a file, say i'm trying to author a dvd, and i want to open up the file that i want to work on, well, the whole program disappears, as if i closed it, i thought it might be just one program, but it seems to be a few programs, don't know whats going on

Posted: Jun 27, 2005

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Unable To Open/modify Encrypted Files
I have user who created a few ecrypted MS Office docs on the home drive. Instead of using the encrypted folder, the user ecrypted the individual files. The user is unable to do anything with those encrypted files. Copy, move, unencrypte none of them works. The user is running Win XP SP2 and the file server is WS2003 R2 SP1.

Posted: Jan 9, 2009

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Unable To Open Any Program Files / Registry Error?
I restarted my computer and now i cant open any of my programs.It appears the links are missing.for example, in the program files menu (start > all programs) there are no icon pictures anymore just blank icons.when i double click to open .exe files nothing occurs.(the problems occured after i restarted my computer and messages popped up asking if i wanted to change registry settings for a variety of different things so i said no to all messages)

Posted: Dec 18, 2006

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Unable To View .pps Files To Open / Eidt?
I can't get .pps programs to open, I have microsoft power point viewer 2007.

Posted: Aug 9, 2008

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Unable To Open .pps Files In Outlook Express 6.0?
I have powerpoint viewer 2003 which will open .pps and .ppt files on my hard-drive, but will not open them as e-mail attachments received in OE6. This is very inconvenient, and I want to remedy the problem. I do not have MS office 2003, but the stand-alone MS powerpoint viewer 2003. I am using WinXP Media Center Edition, version 2002, with SP2 installed.

Posted: Mar 3, 2006

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Unable To Select Specific Program To Open Files
Recently my father downloaded a Windows update thing that included the newest version of Windows Media Player, and since then I have had trouble getting my preferred media player to work with files. I can still open up it up and select a file, but it is impossible to add it to the "Open with" list, which is annoying. No error messages pop up or anything, but when I go to Browse in the "Open with" window and select the program, it just reverts to the (unchanged) "Open with" window.

Posted: Feb 2, 2007

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Unable To Open Files Received From Internet / Asking For Some Program?
recently I have received three files via the internet. I download and save them into my folder, but then cannot open them, the message tells me to open from a program and I am using internet explorer to do this, but when I click on the files they won't let me open them - what am I doing wrong?

Posted: Sep 1, 2005

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Unable To Find Program To Open Configuration Files?
I downloaded microsoft flight simulator to my xp I need to know the program to use to open the configuration files to run game

Posted: Jul 4, 2006

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Unable To Open Files Which Turned In To Green Color
I am using Windows XP and a malware hit my system. It is "windows Antivirus Pro" 3 days ago.Now some of the files which I modifies after its attack turned into green in color and I am unable to open it. I am also unable to run any .exe files as well as any command from RUN like regedit or some thing else.I have downloaded "Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware" and scanned my HDD with the help of another system. Yet those files are GREEN in color and I cannot open it.

Posted: Aug 26, 2009

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Unable To Open Wps Files Received From Other Computer By Mail?
I am running windows xp and outlook express. I often receive emails from friends who send me attachments that I cannot open. They are usually from an older computer, probably running microsoft works, not word. They are wps files. I have tried downloading a converter, but it didn't work. Sometimes I can open them but all I get is symbols.

Posted: Nov 1, 2007

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Unable To Open Files With Picture & Fax Viewer: Showing Missing Icon?
I'm not sure how it happened, but all my files that I have set to open with Windows Picture and Fax viewer all display the "missing icon" icon. The one with the picture of a Windows 95 window on a white page. I figure the normal icon for pictures got deleted somehow, but I'd like to fix this without re-installing Windows if possible

Posted: Jun 27, 2005

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HP Printer - Hp Cue Scanning Flow Component Has Encountered
i have a hp deskjet 4180 and for the first few months i had it, i've had no problems. Since then it hasn't worked properly. it keeps giving me an error that the hp cue-scanning flow component has encountered a problem and needs to close. and i usually scan my checks to my bank thru my scanner but now my bank isn't even picking up that i have a scanner.

Posted: Apr 21, 2008

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Open Recycle Bin Error - Freezes On That Page
I have a normal windows XP computer, The problem is whenever i try to open the recycle bin, there is an error message saying: Windows has encountered a problem and needs to close. It than freezes on that page. I than have to press Alt, Control and Delete to close it and carry on.

Posted: Sep 27, 2005

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Unable To Open Files Imported From "Incredimail"?
could someone tell me how to open files I have imported from Incredimail (ME) into XP, I have them in a folder called Message Store, each one sitting there
named correctly and I can't open them!!!

Posted: Sep 11, 2005

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Deleting Takes A Long Time Recycle Bin Doesn't Open
My computer takes a long time when I try to delete a file (doesn't matter what size or kind of file). Once I click on the file and hit delete the hard drive starts going and after a while I get a confirmation message "Are you sure you want to send file.ext to the recycle bin?" I click yes and then it's hung up again for a while as I watch pieces of paper float accross the screen from a file folder to a recycle bin, and then it finally deletes. This is a new problem on my old machine.I also can't open the recylcing bin, but I can empty it. When I click on the recycle bin it opens a window and shows the "flashlight" icon, the hard drive goes, and it never finished it's process, never displays the recycling bin contents.

Posted: Dec 5, 2008

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Rretrieve Files From Recycle Bin
is it ever possible to retrieve files that one has emptied from the recycle bin

Posted: Aug 26, 2005

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RB.tmp Files In Recycle Bin
Recently I have RB.tmp files in my recycle bin. They are coming after turning the computer on, or after deleting a file. It can be RB8, RB9 or any other RB with numbers or letters. The worst part is - all content of the recycle bin is disappearing next day (except this files).Click on "proprties" of these files gives: 0 bites, origin: recycler.The mistery started (at least I noticed it) soon after I switched from Norton to Rogers Protection (wrong move?).

Posted: Jul 26, 2009

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Unable To Delete Pictures After Restoring From Recycle Bin?
I save some pictures off the internet and then deleted them. Afterwards, I restored them from my recycle bin and now i am unable to re-delete them. When i try to delete them it comes up with "Error Deleting File or Folder: Cannot delete file: cannot read from source file or disk" How can i get these files off of my computer?

Posted: Aug 13, 2005

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ScanDisk - Files Cant Be Deleted From Recycle Bin
When I delete emails in Outlook Express they move over to the Deleted file ok.
When I try and empty Deleted file I get an error message saying they can not be deleted and there may be some damaged section on the main drive. It then says I should run Scan Disk or similar.
There is no ScanDisk but I went control Panel, c drive, properties and ran Ckdisk.
It takes a while to run and I have done it several times, as well as Disk Cleanup

Posted: Jan 22, 2009

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Recycle Bin - Discovered Bunch Of Files
Upon opening my recycle bin before deleting all trash, I discovered a bunch of files with .bak after them. Since I don't know how to open them and see what they are, they look like information I had moved to my filing system to the left of my messages on IE. I have no idea how they got into the recycle bin as I didn't delete most of them. How do I find out what they are and where they are if I should undo delete? If I undelete will they go somewhere I can read them? Using XP

Posted: Feb 19, 2007

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Recycle Bin Is Not Showing Deleted Files
My recycle bin won't show its contents. I can delete a file and it goes to the recycle bin but when I open the bin, nothing shows. Clicking on "Empty Recycle Bin" gives a message asking if I want to delete x items. The x increases everytime I delete another file.

Posted: Jul 2, 2005

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Recycle Bin Shows No Deleted Files
My daughter is running win XP professional on a desktop Gateway P4 (about 3 years old) and after successfully cleaning up incredible amounts of spam (Look2Me- horrible!), I found that her recycle bin shows no deleted files. It doesn't even show that they are being deleted, yet they disappear. Of course I have all the usual checked off in both the Recycle Bin Properties and in Win Explorer like 'view hidden files and folders'. It's also set to '10% max size', '1 setting for all drives', and 'show delete confirmation' (which it does not do). Also strange to me is that there is only a Global tab available in her recycle bin properties. I run XP Home on my desktop and laptop, and there are 2 other tabs for both C and D drives. She has no windows login set so there are no administrator rights set which would prohibit me from deleting. I've searched through article after article online and even downloaded a recycle bin fix (restorerecyclebin.reg) from a reputable site. I then attempted to do a manual fix to delete the recycle bin and let Windows replace the bad component (Info2 - whatever this is), which suggested using the command prompt (CMD) and typing in a series of directions, but when I type each line in and press 'enter', it doesn't recognize the direction (I'm not too sharp in the DOS area!).

Posted: Jul 12, 2005

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Free Tool Converts .bin Files?
Is there a tool on windows or one availible for free that converts .bin files to windows?

Posted: Jul 5, 2005

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Recurring Files - Cleared Recycle Bin
Can someone please tell me why this is happening, I had created on my desktop 2'new folders', I then decided to delete these created folders, yet everytime I shut down my pc and reboot the following day, these 2 'new folders' miraculously keep reapearing on my desktop even though I deleted them earlier and cleared my recycle bin, how perfectly bizarre is this, can anyone shed any light on what I ought to do to permanently delete these from my pc?

Posted: Sep 24, 2007

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