Machine Stuck In Startup Loop / Not Start Correctly

Jul 30, 2005

A firends machine (XPSP2) is stuck in a loop of starting, going to a screen that says Windows did not start correctly, then offering the options of safe mode, safe mode w/ networking, last known good, etc. No matter which option I choose, the machine shuts down and restarts and goes through the same loop. What should I check? I am able to get into BIOS.

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Stuck In Startup Loop Installing MS Updates

Dec 22, 2006

I was installing MS updates and my system went down and began looping in startup. I have tried F8, safe mode s/u, safe mode w/networking etc, No luck.It keeps looping.

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Computer Attacked By Viruses And Having Stuck In Startup Loop?

Jan 14, 2005

I think my PC is infected with a virus. It is stuck in a continuous startup loop.I get an error message stating:SAS Window: winlogon.exe - Application Error I'm given an option to enter to terminate the program or cancel to debug. Either option restarts the system again. It won't work in safe mode or any thing else.

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Stuck On Startup Infinite Loop - Safe Mode Do Not Work

Mar 9, 2010

My desktop is stuck on an infinite startup loop, I can see the standards Windows starting screen then there is a quick BSOD flash and the computer restarts and does the same thing - lucky I have a spare old laptop which will allow me to jump onto this site. Safe mode options do not work I tried the Windows recovery console - typing 'R' booting from the CD but then I get stuck at the console black screen not knowing what DOS commands I should be pushing. I tried goign the other way and choosing to install XP but then I get a message saying C: isn;t configured and will need to format to continue.

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Stuck In A Reboot Loop - "did Not Start Successfully"

Jun 10, 2006

Picked up a computer from my parents the other night that has stopped working. When it is turned on it goes throught the normal process of recognising the BIOS, running some checks on processor, memory clock, primary master etc., but once these checks are done it jumps to the screen that says: We apologize for the inconveneince. Windows did not start successfully etc., and then asks me to select from
Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with command prompt
Last known configuration
Start Windows normally

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Recently Reformatted - Stuck In Loop

Aug 8, 2010

I recently reformated xp computer with xp 2002 disk all went well until i got to the activation of windows I activated windows and clicked ok then as i got to the logg on screen the error popped up again i repeated what i did the first time and sure enough it worked but when i clicked finish it returned to the logg in i tried once again to logg on and it came the same error but this time it told me windows is already activated and the only way to access windows is via safe mode which dont allow u to activate windows.

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Stuck On An Endless Loop Of Rebooting

Mar 5, 2006

Just installed SP2 on a fresh Windows, and it's stuck on an endless loop of rebooting - never going past the Windows logo loading screen.

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Home Won't Boot In Any Mode, Stuck In Loop

Sep 15, 2007

I don't really know where i should start so.well earlier today i installed a second hd in my computer to pull so files off of it for my sister and my mom, but when i got it working it said accsess was denied to there stuff i went on my moms computer to check if i hade already backed up there stuff of the old comp, so i go into her document to see if i could find the old documents and when i start scrolling through them the window i leave it for a minute and while i'm waiting i close some other programs one of which was mozilla which was also frozen.I go back to the my document window and its still frozen.

I try to close it and of course its not responding so i click end now and it made the every thing disappear like the task bar and all the icons on the desktop are i wait and see if any thing will reappear and nothing does so i restart it and it starts booting up..the windows logo comes up and the little bars only gets half way across then it restarts and brings me to that menu where you can choose save mode or start normally and all that and no matter what i pick the comp just restarts and bring me back to the menu.

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Reinstall Stuck In Loop - Reformat Drive

Nov 12, 2007

OS crashed and am trying to reinstall Windows XP Pro. Problem is I've reached the blue Windows screens and getting error message that 'can't locate asms file'. Now I can't finish the install, and I can't boot from cd to try to reformat drive and reinstall. when I restart Windows XP splash screen comes up, the blue install windows comes up and the error message comes up.

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Stuck In A Boot Loop Computer Starts

May 7, 2008

Installed SP3 today.The install seemed to go fine.Restarted the computer,now I am stuck in a boot loop computer starts, goes to the We apologies page.None of the load options work, computer simply shuts down and goes back to the same page. Since this computer was a Vista-ready computer,but I ordered it with Win XP Pro,I don't have the OEM Win XP Pro CD.Therefore, can't do a chkdsk.

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PC Stuck In Safe Mode Loop / Wont Boot

Aug 21, 2007

I'm working on an IBM ThinkCenter Desktop PC.On bootup, it goes through the IBM logo and then the Windows logo flashes quickly and then is gone and then the Safe Mode screen appears. No matter which option I choose from the Safe Mode screen, the result is the same: The Windows logo flashes quickly and then the system reboots, and then the IBM logo and then the Safe Mode Screen.I have tried running the repair module from an o/s disk I have here, but when I get to the c: prompt and type "dir" it says "error occurred during directory enumeration".There is only one partition.I have a copy of UBCD4WIN, if that would be helpful in diagnosing the problem.I do not have the o/s disk that belongs to this computer.

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Home Configuration Wont Boot Stuck In Loop

Jan 6, 2005

Windows xp will not boot to the safe mode or normal mode or the the last known good configuration, just goes in a loop and right back to the menu page

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Stuck In A Loop - Adminstrator Password Set Protecting Boot

Apr 3, 2007

Windows XP Home but before it boots to the start up screen it freezes and crashes everytime. I went through many troubleshooting steps and am stuck in a rut. here's what I've done. Tried booting in safe mode, that failed as well. Seems like the OS is really messed up. Tried using a restore cd that includes Windows XP Home. But the boot order for the cd rom is last and so it keeps trying to boot windows first instead of starting up the restore disc. To fix that I went to the Bios. Tried changing the boot order but that was not available to me because they weren't an administrator.

There was an adminstrator password set protecting the boot order but they don't know what the password is because they bought it from ebay a long time ago and lost that person's contact information. So there is no way of finding out the admin password from the previous owner. So now we're in a jam, can't get to Dos, can't get to windows, can't boot from the cd rom to do anything.

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Computer Not Closing Down Correctly - Wierd,unknown File In Startup

Jul 17, 2005

I am having trouble with my computer not starting or closing down correctly.
The only "strange" thing I have been able to find when I run msconfig, is an
entry in startup called:yenuxbhtod.exe-start.I have done multiple searches on the net and cannot find anything like this. Its location is listed as SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRunI have unticked it in Startup, but it just comes back.I am running Windows XP home.

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System Start Not Correctly After Restart

Mar 24, 2007

hello fellow CNET members, I am in a fix.I have a Dell Dimension E510 running on Media Center Edition 2005. I also have a certificate of authenticity with the XP key on it. This past thursday, I restarted my computer, and it gave me the good ole Windows did not start correctly and gave me an option to start in Last Known Good Config, Normal, or Safe Mode(s). I entered Last Known Good Config, and then it restarted, and then it came up again. It seems I cannot boot into the OS at all. I have been on my old WinME(!) system looking up solutions, and some, if not all of the suggestions have been to Repair it, etc. However cheap ole Dell has not provided me with a XP CD, and I am unable to access the i386 files in the systems. Boot Disks will work, however they only setup the system for a CD install. The BIOS is fine, i believe, as a Ubuntu CD will work fine. There are some vital files that are on that hard drive, and i can't access them. All the other computers I have are not as updated as the E510, so the SATA hard drive will not connect to the ATA motherboard (Dimension 4100)as a slave.

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Constant Reboot Loop On Startup?

Oct 14, 2006

I had to store my PC for a couple of months due to some home renovation. Hooked it all back up yesterday, and it booted fine. Only thing out of the ordinary was a message "new hardware requires windows to restart". I figured it was my TV tuner, it's always been touchy after a complete power-down. I chose not to restart right then, and used the pc for an hour or so, then selected shut-down. It powered down, then re-booted on its own. No problem, the TV tuner causes this, I waited to get into Windows to turn the DVR function that I know causes this, but it refuses to boot! I get to the windows screen with the progress bar, and after about 15 seconds, the screen goes black and it reboots.

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Continuous Startup Loop - Black Screen

Dec 6, 2004

Upon turning on my PC, the I get as far as the Windows icon showing the system booting up, then an hour glass, then back to a black screen as the computer automatically reboots and begins the cycle again. I've done some research online and found others have worked on this problem with check disk commands and safe mode start ups. The problem is, even when started in safe mode, it reboots. I am not able to get to a command prompt at this point to try anything!

The machine is an HP pavillion 513n running windows XP. XP came installed when this desktop was purchased new 2 years ago. This particular computer is not even used to access the internet so I have a hard time believing its virus related. I've checked that the power supply is secure and the fan seems to be operating as usual. The only change I made to any software or systems today was to add several legitimate fonts to the control panel.

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Very Slow Startup On Very Fast Machine

May 29, 2007

Recently, my computer's startup in Windows XP has been getting slower and slower, the first loading screen takes a little while, but the most annoying part is that once I'm inside Windows, everything appears loaded, except for the icons in the taskbar, and I cannot click on the Start button or do anything, I must wait for the entire system to finish loading before I can do anything. I don't have many programs in my startup either.

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Check Disk Start Up Loop

May 31, 2010

When I turn on pc it starts scandisk. Only scans about 6 or 7 percent then shuts down and starts over and repeats this indefinitely.

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Scandisk Stuck At 0% Every Startup

Mar 20, 2006

Out of no where my computer has started running scandisk each startup (after proper shutdown). On top of that, scandisk gets stuck at 0%, and won't budge. I've tried starting up in safe mode and I can't even do that. Currently I have to wait for the scandisk screen, and press a key within the 10 seconds so scandisk doesn't get stuck. I would like to be able to run it completely and have it not bother me every start up.

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Loops On Startup Tried Various Things Now Stuck

Jan 31, 2007

A friends computer went down last week - on loading it'd say 'file missing explorer.exe' it restarted and just wouldn't do anything else. It wouldn't go into safe mode, XP wouldn't repair etc, so I reformated the PC and put XP back on a fresh. She said she'd done nothing to it which was a bit puzzling.Now today I've gone around there and the PC is looping, it'll go to the XP load screen and then go back to the menu options - safe mode etc. The PC won't load in safe mode, last known config, nuffink! Again, she said she'd done nothing to it, apparently the mouse was freezing, now it won't do anything, I put in the XP disc and tried to do a repair this is the message:Setup cannot set the required Windows XP configuration information. This indicates an internal setup error. Contact your system administrator.

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Machine Reboots Continuously / And Getting Blue Screen Upon Startup?

Nov 11, 2005

The HP machine boots up and right after the Windows XP loading screen a blue screen flashes and then the computer restarts. I put a XP Home CD in and tried to repair the machine, but all i got was a command prompt where i ran the chkdsk. It came back saying "found one or more errors on the volume" What would be the best solution for this?

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Loop Problem At Start Up But No Access To Safe Mode

Mar 21, 2006

I am not really a computer whizzkid but am not afraid to give most things a go ever since powering down for a holiday my xp start up is in a loop. Clicking f8 and trying to access safe mode doesn't work either. Have tried "last known settings" but still no luck although it does get me a bit further but then I get the message ODBC32.dll was not found in the winlogon.exe box. Then MPR.dll was not found message appears. Is there anyway I can access the c prompt and do anything or should I have a restore disc somewhere that I haven't found supplied when I purchased the PC

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Startup Gets Stuck On Black Screen With Cursor

May 21, 2006

I dont know what is going on. I originally was trying to get my webcam to work, it wouldn't so i was going through troubleshooting procedures according to its help menu, and it asked me to unplug all usb devices and replug the webcam only, well i wasn't thinking and I just unplugged the external hardrive and the webcam at the same time without "stopping" it. So then it gaev me a message saying it needed to reboot to complete its update or something i wasn't paying attention cause i thought it just needed to reboot for the webcam so i did, then when i rebooted it would show the COMPAQ screen with the three options at the bottom(ESC for boot menu, F1 for BIOS(Ithink) and F10 for recovery, well then it would go immediately to a black screen w/ a white cursor in top left corner, It would idle there permenantly. I would have to ctrl+alt+del to get it to go back and finally i was looking for a way to use my recovery tools cd, that didn't work at first but then it finally came up and said it could do a recovery where it wouldn't delete my files but it would restore the rest to orignal state, so i went ahead and chose that option. It finished and said to reboot. I did, then it still gets stuck at that black screen, doesn't even show the WINXP i was looking for a way to figure this out and i went to the ESC menu this is what you see there.

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Stuck On Startup / Didn't Shut Down PC Properly

Feb 22, 2006

I have a problem with Windows XP. I didn't shut down the PC properly. After that when I switch it on, the windows progresses until the screen with blue button running right-left left-right for couple of seconds and then: black screen and nothing.I tried safe startup - it worked OK. I performed recovery to yesterday savepoint, but the result remains the same as above.

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System Stuck After Start Up

Aug 9, 2007

I am at a internet cafe and have 55 mins left so i'll be quick my laptop starts up and then before it gets to the start up screen the computer won't carry on even in all other modes and even safe mode. This morning i think some sort of virus or something came on my computer when i saved a smilies in msn, but then my friend told me about it afterwards so i deleted it then.

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Installing Windows Xp On Machine That Wouldn't Even Start

Aug 26, 2004

how do i go about installing windows xp on a machine that wouldn't even start. it says cannot find operating system and stays there with the underscore cursor flashing. i inserted the disk anyway an tried to run it usind DOS commans, but it says that the setup file can't run from the command window. is there any other way to do it or that's it the machine is gone.

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Stuck On Did Not Start Successfully Screen

Jul 16, 2010

When booting up my pc, I continue to receive the 'We apologize for the inconveneince. Windows did not start successfully' screen ., and then asks me to select from, The timer counts down, but I am unable to choose any of the options. the window then appears to freeze.I can't do anything with the pc only turn it off from the on/off button.

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Stuck On Splash Screen On Start Up

Jan 31, 2006

I started up my system today and on the windows splash screen (the page on start up that shoes the WINXP logo and the blue scrolling bar below) The blue scrolling bar was stuck in one place and stayed there for a good 2 hours so I restarted and was greeted by the infamous ?Disk boot failure, Insert a system disk and press enter?. So I turned off my system and took the side of the case of and disconnected the SATA cable from the hard drive and then the power cable from the hard drive as well, connected them back up powered the system back up and I am now back on the windows splash screen. With the scrolling blue bar below the WINXP logo stopping and starting randomly now and again. I am going to leave it for 2 hours see if it recovers its self, anyone got any ideas if this does not work what to do? I have my windows XP disk and serial number so I guess its fresh install? Still what could have caused this as it?s happened twice now!!!! Could it be the SATA drivers I have all the driver installed by a shop do I need to install SATA driver for the HD or not could the drive be faulty?

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System Stuck After Start Up Screen

May 16, 2010

If I switch my laptop on he starts but when I get my main screen I can't do anything.I even can't open start to turn it off. Nothing works.

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Transparent Taskbar - Start Menu Stuck

Nov 18, 2006

I' m supplying a screen shot. Recently I started having my task bar on the left and have started to like it. Then just now I found that nvidia can make it transparent which I tried and also like but now whenever I hit the start menu and click a program or click away, part of the start menu is ghosted into the task bar. The only way to get rid of it is to move the task bar or take a boxed window and rub it through underneath the task bar to make it disappear.

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