5min Delay On Welcome Screen, Then Blank Screen With Cursor (windows 7)

Jul 6, 2012

After leaving my comp on overnight i wake up to non-responding programs, i shut down manually and then as i restart this happens. 5minute lag on welcome screen and then it turns blue with a moveable cursor. i have used system restore and created a new user but neither works. i can run perfectly on safe mode.

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Startup Delay After Login Screen - Blank Screen With Cursor?

Dec 31, 2010

Everything shows up fine until the welcome screen after that it normally used to fade to the desktop but now it goes blank. The screen in Black with only the mouse pointer. Its not hung, i can move the mouse pointer. Then after a minute or so it advances to the desktop. Everything on the desktop loads up in less than 5s. The PC runs fine, it is really fast as there are only a few programs, but only boots slow. My total boot time is about 3-5 min. I think it should be like in a minute or so.I have not tweaked much with the system but have installed a few programs like MS office, Nero, Acrobat and Photoshop. These are the only heavy programs in the PC right now. The only games on the PC are AC1 and AC2. I have uninstalled my graphic driver and reinstalled. I already minimized the programs in the msconfig>startup to the minimum. I have run ccleaner, spybot s&d, Antimalware and i also have a trial copy of Kaspersky AV (upgrading later to 1-year license). there are no peripherals attached during boot except the USB keyboard and mouse. A printer is attached too but is most of the time turned off.

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Windows 7 Blank Screen With Cursor?

Sep 4, 2011

When computer starts is says windows is starting and then just get blank screen with cursor.

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Blank Screen With Cursor On Windows 7?

Sep 30, 2012

After I turn on my laptop Dell starts and it says her resuming windows and then goes to a blank screen with my cursor. I removed the battery and held the power button but don't know what else to do. I don't have a restore disk. I'm running windows 7.

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Blank Screen With Blinking Cursor Windows 7

Dec 8, 2012

two day ago i turned on my pc as usual. But it did not boot, instead i got a black screen with blinking cursor, so is there any way to make my pc recover from this issue.

I've tried the f8 , it has No effect I even re installed the os but it does not work.. It does all installation work asks for my name and pc name . Then it does the video and perfomance testing . Then it restarts and i again get the blank screen with blinking cursor.

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Blank Screen With Cursor But No Log On Screen

Oct 3, 2009

I've been using my laptop for a while now and had a friend install Windows 7 onto it (because i'm quite rubbish with this sort of thing) and everything has been going great until a few weeks ago.

I loaded it up one day and everything is going fine until it reaches the part where it's supposed to load the log on screen. Instead of a log on screen all i am getting is a black screen with the cursor. Now i can't give you specs to my computer or anything of the like because i simply don't have access to it but i can give as much aid as possible to help find the problem.

One of the things that happens is that when the black screen & cursor appears if i move the mouse or push any buttons the screen goes VERY dim as if i've put it into a lower power mode or i've taken out the power cable. If i push the power button to turn it off even if it's just a tap on the button the screen will go off immediatly even if the laptop is still running.

One of the green lights that i believe is showing if the hard drive is busy or not flashes during the process but after a minute or so of the black screen it'll stop flashing altogether.

I've tried all three safe modes with all the same results, F8 to system repair has given me no love with startup repair finding NOTHING wrong, memory check running through the process only for the same thing to happen and system restore has no restore points to go to.

I've looked for answers in several places and some say i have to use sticky keys to get the screen to come on but the problem is that as of last nights use i turned sticky keys off for a few minutes so i could play a game and forgot to turn them back on afterwards. I've taken a look around the net and can't find a fix to my problem. Reinstall simply is not an option under my current circumstances so i really need a favourable reply.

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Windows (7 Ultimate X64) Boots Into A Blank Screen With A Cursor

Feb 11, 2012

I was all good working on my computer when I decided to restart my computer because "rocketdock" (a dock program) didn't open a folder and gave me the "open with" dialog instead.

Background:- I've installed a lot of updates recently, including SP1. The windows is customized i.e. some files are edited. I used tune up registry cleaner, which caused a problem in Chrome, so I used a command found on the Internet, it made tons of errors (which was mentioned by the one who suggested the command) and the computer CPU was fully loaded, the command was replacing files, or something like that. When I remember the command I'll post.

PS: "Ctrl+Alt+Delete", "Ctrl+Shift+Esc", and "Ctrl+L" don't do anything. PS2: Safe Mode loads into the same screen.

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Windows Wont Boot Up - Blank Screen With Cursor

Apr 25, 2012

I thought I would start to describe this issue by telling you what I screwed up on and how I made it happen: I accidentally set my backup drive as my primary (set the partition as active in CMD, it has no installation on it). Then when I went to boot my device, it would tell me that Windows was not installed. I put my C: (main, primary) partition as my default again (with CMD on installation disk) and I was able to get Windows to boot. Then I messed with the MBR to try to fix it and now this happens:

Current problem: When I boot Windows, it give me the old Vista-looking boot scroller (Not "starting windows" with the traditional animation). This animation only lasts for about 3 seconds, then it goes to a black screen with the cursor. That is all. Nothing loads, yet no error message. I tried using a few bootrec commands to fix it using the installation CD's CMD but no luck.

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Goes To Blank Screen With Cursor After Log-in

Dec 22, 2009

Just today I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7. This was a problem I had a few months ago with Vista on this same laptop, and I was hoping it would be fixed with Windows 7, but apparently it hasn't.

I just finished the installation and final reboot and everything, and I logged in, only to have the Welcome spinning circle on the screen for about 30-45 seconds, and then a blank screen with a moving cursor, but nothing else. After using Ctrl-Alt-Del to log out, I logged back in, and this time after 25-30 seconds of the Welcome spinning circle it logged me in.

Like I said, this was an occasional problem I had with Vista as well, but if possible, now that I'm using Windows 7 I'd like for it to not be a problem at all.

I'm running a 5 month old HP G60 laptop. During the upgrade process today I had to update my BIOS and everything else, so I think those should be fine. I just thought this would be the best place to ask if others have had the same problems and if so, what they did to fix it.

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Windows 7 Not Booting - Blank Screen With A Cursor At The Top Left Corner?

Mar 19, 2012

have Windows 7 Home edition on a HP dv4 series laptop. Couple of days back I was browsing through a website suddenly the the windows was shutdown. I assumed it was some virus workWhen I try to restart windows it is taking me upto the HP boot options then I get a blank screen with a cursor at the top left corner.The following did not work,1) Booting via the recovery disk2) Booting via recovery hard disk3) I created a USB boot with Ubuntu and even the USB is not getting detected

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Blank Screen And Flashing Cursor?

Aug 11, 2011

my son has a toashiba satellite pro L450D-12x it goes past set up screen then to a blank screen (in black ) with a flashing line in the left corner how can i get it to load properley? before it did this it said media cable fail or something like that and i restored bios back to restore settings and it was also turning itsself off now and again.

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Blank Screen With Blinking Cursor?

Jul 5, 2010

I recently dualbooted Linux Mint and Windows 7 on my laptop. Yesterday I removed the Linux partition without thinking, and forgetting about the GRUB bootloader. I'm at a stump now. When I try and turn on my computer, the Toshiba logo appears, then the screen goes blank with a blinking cursor. I searched the internet all of today and most of yesterday, all that did was tell me to do the bootsect /nt670 /fixmbr and all it's variations[CODE]

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Starting Up To Blank Screen With White Cursor?

May 8, 2011

I have a HP netbook running Windows 7 Starter edition that I only had for about 2 months anyways this morning I started it up and got the HP logo screen briefly and then a black screen with a white cursor in the top left hand corner. I can get to the BIOS menu and I have tried restoring to default but that didn't do anything. I then unplugged ac adapter and battery and help power button down for a min. and then put battery and ac adapter back in and started it.

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Formatted Windows 7 Loads Shows Windows 7 Logo And Screen Blank With Cursor

Oct 28, 2011

Formatted Windows 7 loads shows Win 7 Logo and Screen blank with cursor

I have an Acer laptop 4551, got hit by nasty viruses and on top no restore intact.
I formatted the hard drive which gave me an error 83% and stopped. Today I turned on laptop to install fresh genuine Windows 7, I popped in the DVD and done everything in BIOS selected Boot from CD. Everything was Ok I hit enter to Continue then comes the Windows 7 logo and after that a blank black screen with Cursor, that's it! I done that some 5/6 times but no luck.

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Clean Install Of Windows 7: Blank Screen With Cursor After Starting Windows 7?

Oct 1, 2012

My old HDD was fried so I decided to use my External HDD to boot off. Afterreformatting the drive I have installed it into my laptop and have attempted to install Windows 7 64bit and its all going great until after the starting windows screen and then it just turns black with the cursor. What I have tried so far....- I have reset the BIOS to defalt-Cleared the CMOS- Checked the RAM (even left 1 2gig stick in and tried that?)

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Black Screen W/ Cursor After Windows 7 Loading Screen?

Mar 24, 2012

Recently, my computer starts up windows and after the loading screen it just sits at a black screen forever with a cursor and it doesn't even make it to the log in screen. I have tried safe mode with the same results. What I've Done So FarTried to Repair Startup with Windows DVD Tried to use sfc /scannow at boot (Says pending changes and needs to restart) Tried logging into my Ubuntu partition and virus scanning (None found) Tried copying Reg Files from Regback into config while I was in Linux Tried to Repair Install (But I can't log into Windows ) Tried to bootrec /fixmbr /fixbot /RebuildBcd (Which destroyed my dual boot linux grub, but I was desperate. And still nothing) Interestingly though, after I do /RebuildBcd command it says something like "Found Windows Installations: 0" Tried to System Restore (Gave me an Error, wouldn't you know) At this point I'm not to confident that this can be fixed. If anyone has any ideas I'm willing to try. Or if you have any snazzy suggestions on how I could fix it using another computer, I have a different Windows Pro x64 computer that I can put the HD in if there's someway I can save my data/fix it/repair install from there. I just don't know how.

Edit: I finished the chkdsk and there were no bad sectors, though it did give me a message "Failed to transfer logged messages to the event log with status 50."I did a Windows Defender Offline scan with no viruses and I'm currently scanning with Kaspersky Rescue disk. I don't believe it is a virus, I think it's a corruptregistry at this point. I had just cleaned my registry with CCleaner before the shutdown that led to this >.<

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Black Screen On Startup / Showing Cursor / Doesn't Go To Log In Screen

Dec 5, 2011

I'm using I have a DELL4500S desktop, on startup it will not go to the login screen, the screen is just black with the cursor showing. I've tried restarting the computer, unplugging everything and restarting it. Nothing is working. When it first starts a pop up shows and says "This Application has failed to start because SAMLIB.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem."I'm not sure what it's talking about and what to re install and I can't reinstall whatever it is because I can't get to the start menu.

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Delay Of Several Minutes Between Windows Logo And Logon Screen

Apr 1, 2012

I have a Dell inspiron 1545 with Windows 7 Home Premium x64. I recently reinstalled AutoCAD 2012 Student Edition on my system (I had this installed earlier but I'd uninstalled some of its components).

Since reinstalling, the Windows Logon screen takes around 3 minutes to appear after the Windows logo disappears after booting. The only thing on the screen is the cursor. Pressing ctrl + alt + del does nothing. I can only move the arrow cursor around for 3 minutes.

Restoring the system to a point before I'd reinstalled AutoCAD fixes the problem, but reinstalling it brings the problem up again.

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Black Screen Before Login Screen, No Cursor

Nov 6, 2012

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium.As I brought my computer out of sleep mode the computer had crashed with the screen showing vertical, multicolored lines that vaguely resembled gray.I had to hard restart my computer and after the splash screen, the login screen with all the users never appears, nor does my cursor.Nothing is on my screen except a faint glow indicating that it's active.

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Black Screen With A Cursor, Login Screen Won't Appear

Oct 4, 2012

I got a bad virus on my computer about a week ago. I decided to use my windows 7 installation disc to reformat my disk drives and reinstall windows 7. The installation goes smoothly and I am able to login to windows. But after I install drivers and updates, then restart the computer, I get the "starting windows" screen with the swirling logo. I can hear the chimes that sound when I get to the login screen, but the screen is black. I can make the cursor appear by moving the mouse, but I cant do anything else. I never created a system restore disc, so I dont have that to help me.I have done some tinkering and will tell you what did not work so far.First, like I said, I used the windows 7 install disc to reformat my disk drives. Then, I reinstalled windows. I installed the updates for my graphics card and motherboard. When I restarted, I got the black screen. I restarted the computer and used F8 to do a system repair. This detects no problems. I tried to use the "startup repair" on the windows installation disc. This does not recognize a problem. I have tried it several times. Same result. Next, I tried to use the repair options on the windows install disc. I went to command prompt and typed in: bootrec.exe /fixmbr, bootrec.exe /fixboot, and bootrec.exe /RebuildBcd. (An interesing note: When I used the RebuildBcd command, it said that it detected 0 windows installations.) After the first time I did that, I tried the startup repair and got my first and only error message: "Startup repair cannot repair this computer automaticaly". I checked the details and it said "Problem event name: StartupRepairOffline". If you need the rest of the details, I can provide them. But I tried the repair again, and there was apparently no problem. Yet, still got the black screen.I then reformatted again, deleted both drives, and made new ones. I tried to install windows again, and I can get to my desktop.(One thing I noticed is that before I install updates, the computer is saying that my monitor is a "Generic PnP monitor on standard VGA graphics adapter". I dont know much about computers so this may be normal before installing the graphics card updates.)This time, I was connected to the internet and tried to install the system updates first. After all 120+ updates installed, I restarted and got the black screen again.I decided to use the install disc again to reformat, delete, and recreate the hard drives. This time I tried to install windows on the second hard drive (Disk 1) Again, the install went smoothly. I started installing the graphics card and motherboard drivers, but this time it told me that my disk drive D needed to be formatted before use. I reformatted it (this took MUCH longer than the format option on the install disc), installed the drivers, and restarted. I still cant get into the login screen. Finally, I used the install disc to reformat, delete, and recreate the disk drives. This time I installed windows on the first hard drive (drive 0) again and got to the desktop. Now I tried to install the motherboard drivers first, then restart. I did this and was able to restart and get back to the desktop. Next, I installed the graphics card dirvers, and then restarted. Black screen again.

Here are my computer specs:

Windows 7 64bit OEM
EVGA P55 FTW motherboard
EVGA GTX570 graphics card
Intel i5-760 processor
Intel patriot 8gb ram

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Welcome Screen Delay

Sep 7, 2009

Has anyone figured out why the welcome screen spins for about 10 seconds ... then brings up the desktop. It is clear that startups are occurring as |I can here skype logging in. This is new in the RTM as RC did not have this long delay. All my device drivers are functional and working. The machine is running an SSD drive OCZ ... it is dual core 64 @2.1ghz --- a ripping machine. Yet the Welcome takes a long time.


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Input Delay On Welcome Screen

Jul 9, 2009

For some odd reason there is a noticeable delay once my laptop wakes from sleep. It will display the "press ctrl-alt-del" welcome screen almost instantly, but it takes 10-20 seconds for it to recognize when I actually press ctrl-alt-del. I don't remember it doing this when I first installed the RC, and I don't have any credential management software running. This is on an HP 6710b.

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Startup Delay After Welcome Screen

Sep 25, 2009

Windows 7 is booting normally and after I type my password in the login window the text 'welcome' shows up for 8 seconds or so. Then the screen fades to black. At this point, the only thing I see is the mouse pointer (which I can move). Pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn't work (does not respond). This black screen lasts for about 40 seconds, then Windows finally progresses to the desktop. Before this problem occurred, Windows faded directly into the desktop after the 'welcome' text. Does anyone know how to solve this?

A while ago, I thought I had the solution to the 40 seconds delay by disabling the Workstation Service. But now I notice some things do not work anymore like filesharing via Hamachi or via standard Windows Networks, or joining a Domain. How can I fix the 40 seconds delay without disabling the workstation service?

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Long Delay At Startup Screen?

Mar 23, 2012

The power went out a few days ago. When I came home, my computer was off, but it's set to turn back on when power is restored (I think 3 attempts max.). I turned it on and everything seemed normal until the "windows is starting" screen (the one with the windows logo on the black screen). I thought the computer froze after sitting there for 5-10 minutes, and I turned it off. I unplugged it for 5 minutes, then turned it back on and ran the repair wizard. It found no problems and I tried starting windows again. After 5 minutes I was going to turn it off again, but I noticed the windows logo was still animated, so I let it sit. After about 20 minutes I heard the startup sound. I came back and windows had loaded. Everything worked normally, as fast as usual, no problems at all. I shut my computer off so I could plug it into the UPS I've had for a while but never got around to connecting. When I tuned it back on, it took 20 minutes to get past the load screen again. I've had it take a couple extra minutes in the past when power was lost, but only the first time I started it back up.

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Painfully Long Delay Before POST Screen

Oct 23, 2012

[code] I have Windows 7 64 bit in HDD1 and OS X Lion in HDD 2 that I installed using Hackintosh distro. I press F8 key on POST screen which gives boot drive selection menu from where I select the HDD to boot from.The system was running flawless on both operating systems until recently. The problems are listed below:

- Almost always it takes unusually long for POST screen to appear (around 60 to 90 seconds) whereas during good condition it used to appear within 5 to 10 seconds of power on
- Sometimes the system doesn't receive display signal
- If I take out power cables from all SATA drives but one, then the POST screen usually appears normally for sometime.
- At one time I removed ALL SATA drives, i.e. both HDDs and DVD then turned on, it turned on promptly without delay.

Then I connected Optical drive and turned on, it turned on properly. Then connected the HDDs one by one, and it still turned on without delay. But this lasted only for 2 days after which the same problem, i.e, either POST screen appears after painfully long time or doesn't appear at all.Before this motherboard, I had Intel DG43NB and had both Os X and Win 7 and experienced exactly the same problem and my hardware guy told me that my motherboard had gone down so I replaced with this ASUS one. Again the same problem with this board

- Where is the problem?
- Could the problem possibly be in the motherboard? I think it's unlikely because once the system starts it works flawlessly, i.e. no errors, no crashes, nothing.
- Could it be the power supply? Since it seems to work better with less load, i.e. some drives disconnected.
- Could it be the GPU?
- What's the best way to diagnose?
- Does the problem have anything to do with my frequently switching boot drive from POST startup menu?

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Screen Sometimes Appear "No Signal" Word And Become A Blank Screen?

May 29, 2012

Check connections between:- video card to motherboard- video card to cable- cable to monitorTry another monitor

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Windows 7 Blank Screen After Login

Oct 4, 2010

I have Dell studio series 1558,I have two issues: After Powering on the laptop and inputting the password for login to Windows 7, I get a black screen with the Mouse cursor active. In the background the login seems to have happened but I don't get to see the Desktop. When i open any program or web page, e.g. yahoo messenger, the messenger/webpage display is very small, i had to manually enlarge it to view properly, i tried changing my screen resolution, but didnt work.

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Blank Screen After Starting Windows 7?

Aug 13, 2012

I seem to have a odd issue with my laptop. Sometimes when i boot into windows there would be a blank screen with a mouse cursor after the starting windows screen. I would have to wait for approximately 5 minutes for it to show up my logon screen. I've been having this issue since the start of the year and have attempted to solve it but they have been unsuccessful. Things i've tried:Reformat Windows (Did it 4 times)Purchasing a SSDReduced the start-up items(barely any)?

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Getting A Blank Screen After Windows Login

Jan 31, 2012

I started the machine today and after the welcome screen the screen becomes blank and i get a black screen for about 30 seconds.then i get the task bar and after about 10 seconds i get the desktop.

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Windows 7 Blank Screen After Login?

Sep 8, 2011

1> After Powering on the laptop and inputting the password for login to Windows 7, I get a black screen with the Mouse cursor active. In the background the login seems to have happened but I don't get to see the Desktop.

2> When i open any program or web page, e.g. yahoo messenger, the messenger/webpage display is very small, i had to manually enlarge it to view properly, i tried changing my screen resolution, but didnt work. My screen resolutions are:

Display: 1.Mobile PC Display
Resolution: 1920*1080 (recommended)
Orientation: Landscape.

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Blank Screen After Windows 7 Loads?

Jul 18, 2012

I opened up my PC to move the front audio cable so that it wasn't sitting on the graphics card (was causing EM interference).When I tried to reboot, my computer now gets to the windows loading screen, then stops outputting video - so the monitor goes blank and eventually turns off. Windows continues to load in the background as I can hear the startup sound play.

Computer Setup:
Gigabyte GA-EX38-DS4 Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 CPU
Gigabyte 670 GTX Factory OC GFX Card
4GB RAM (I think XMS2)
500GB Samsung Spinpoint F3 7200rpm HDD
Corsair 650W modular PSU
Linksys PCIE wireless card (can't remember model)

Things I have tried:

1) Booting into safe mode (works fine, can view the desktop etc.)

2) Booting into low resolution mode (doesn't work, same issue)

3) Booting into safe mode, un-installing the graphics card, booting into normal mode and reinstalling drivers for graphics card (doesn't work, same issue)

4) Trying a different PCI-E slot (doesn't work, same issue)

5) Trying a different output on the graphics card (doesn't work, same issue)

6) Hard CMOS reset (doesn't work, same issue)

7) Trying a different graphics card (even worse, didn't get any video out even at BIOS screen - can't guarantee card is working as I don't have a second machine to test with but it was working the last time I used it a couple of months ago. Second card was ATI rather than Nvidia so shouldn't be using same drivers).

Things I intend to try but haven't had time:

1) Plugging into a different monitor (heard some people mentioning it may be to do with the monitor drivers not reporting max screen settings properly, I could find any windows 7 x64 drivers for my monitor as its so old but I do have a TV I can test with)

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