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Black Screen W/ Cursor After Windows 7 Loading Screen?

Recently, my computer starts up windows and after the loading screen it just sits at a black screen forever with a cursor and it doesn't even make it to the log in screen. I have tried safe mode with the same results. What I've Done So FarTried to Repair Startup with Windows DVD Tried to use sfc /scannow at boot (Says pending changes and needs to restart) Tried logging into my Ubuntu partition and virus scanning (None found) Tried copying Reg Files from Regback into config while I was in Linux Tried to Repair Install (But I can't log into Windows ) Tried to bootrec /fixmbr /fixbot /RebuildBcd (Which destroyed my dual boot linux grub, but I was desperate. And still nothing) Interestingly though, after I do /RebuildBcd command it says something like "Found Windows Installations: 0" Tried to System Restore (Gave me an Error, wouldn't you know) At this point I'm not to confident that this can be fixed. If anyone has any ideas I'm willing to try. Or if you have any snazzy suggestions on how I could fix it using another computer, I have a different Windows Pro x64 computer that I can put the HD in if there's someway I can save my data/fix it/repair install from there. I just don't know how.

Edit: I finished the chkdsk and there were no bad sectors, though it did give me a message "Failed to transfer logged messages to the event log with status 50."I did a Windows Defender Offline scan with no viruses and I'm currently scanning with Kaspersky Rescue disk. I don't believe it is a virus, I think it's a corruptregistry at this point. I had just cleaned my registry with CCleaner before the shutdown that led to this >.<

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Black Screen With Cursor After Loading Windows 7 On Lenovo Thinkpad?
wondering if anyone could help me solve this problem. When starting computer everything works fine, the windows logo loads, I get the welcome word on the screen and just when the screen should turn into desktop all I get i black screen with a cursor. I can access the Task Manager through CTRL+Alt+Del.restart or shut down the computer. I tried setting it to an earlier date, but no difference. I tried the system repair - found no problems. So do not know what to do with it. It does load in safe mode.This has happened yesterday after I have attached hdmi cable to it, which I have done many times previously without any problems, do not know if this could have any connection to the problem.

Posted: Sep 12, 2012

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Black Screen On Startup / Showing Cursor / Doesn't Go To Log In Screen
I'm using I have a DELL4500S desktop, on startup it will not go to the login screen, the screen is just black with the cursor showing. I've tried restarting the computer, unplugging everything and restarting it. Nothing is working. When it first starts a pop up shows and says "This Application has failed to start because SAMLIB.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem."I'm not sure what it's talking about and what to re install and I can't reinstall whatever it is because I can't get to the start menu.

Posted: Dec 5, 2011

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Black Screen Before Login Screen, No Cursor
I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium.As I brought my computer out of sleep mode the computer had crashed with the screen showing vertical, multicolored lines that vaguely resembled gray.I had to hard restart my computer and after the splash screen, the login screen with all the users never appears, nor does my cursor.Nothing is on my screen except a faint glow indicating that it's active.

Posted: Nov 6, 2012

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Black Screen With A Cursor, Login Screen Won't Appear
I got a bad virus on my computer about a week ago. I decided to use my windows 7 installation disc to reformat my disk drives and reinstall windows 7. The installation goes smoothly and I am able to login to windows. But after I install drivers and updates, then restart the computer, I get the "starting windows" screen with the swirling logo. I can hear the chimes that sound when I get to the login screen, but the screen is black. I can make the cursor appear by moving the mouse, but I cant do anything else. I never created a system restore disc, so I dont have that to help me.I have done some tinkering and will tell you what did not work so far.First, like I said, I used the windows 7 install disc to reformat my disk drives. Then, I reinstalled windows. I installed the updates for my graphics card and motherboard. When I restarted, I got the black screen. I restarted the computer and used F8 to do a system repair. This detects no problems. I tried to use the "startup repair" on the windows installation disc. This does not recognize a problem. I have tried it several times. Same result. Next, I tried to use the repair options on the windows install disc. I went to command prompt and typed in: bootrec.exe /fixmbr, bootrec.exe /fixboot, and bootrec.exe /RebuildBcd. (An interesing note: When I used the RebuildBcd command, it said that it detected 0 windows installations.) After the first time I did that, I tried the startup repair and got my first and only error message: "Startup repair cannot repair this computer automaticaly". I checked the details and it said "Problem event name: StartupRepairOffline". If you need the rest of the details, I can provide them. But I tried the repair again, and there was apparently no problem. Yet, still got the black screen.I then reformatted again, deleted both drives, and made new ones. I tried to install windows again, and I can get to my desktop.(One thing I noticed is that before I install updates, the computer is saying that my monitor is a "Generic PnP monitor on standard VGA graphics adapter". I dont know much about computers so this may be normal before installing the graphics card updates.)This time, I was connected to the internet and tried to install the system updates first. After all 120+ updates installed, I restarted and got the black screen again.I decided to use the install disc again to reformat, delete, and recreate the hard drives. This time I tried to install windows on the second hard drive (Disk 1) Again, the install went smoothly. I started installing the graphics card and motherboard drivers, but this time it told me that my disk drive D needed to be formatted before use. I reformatted it (this took MUCH longer than the format option on the install disc), installed the drivers, and restarted. I still cant get into the login screen. Finally, I used the install disc to reformat, delete, and recreate the disk drives. This time I installed windows on the first hard drive (drive 0) again and got to the desktop. Now I tried to install the motherboard drivers first, then restart. I did this and was able to restart and get back to the desktop. Next, I installed the graphics card dirvers, and then restarted. Black screen again.

Here are my computer specs:

Windows 7 64bit OEM
EVGA P55 FTW motherboard
EVGA GTX570 graphics card
Intel i5-760 processor
Intel patriot 8gb ram

Posted: Oct 4, 2012

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Black Screen With Cursor Only?
I'm having black screen with cursor only on my laptop! I just restarted my computer because there was a message prompt from my antivirus (AVG) to restart to finish the update. When it restarted all I got was a black screen with cursor only. Same thing happens when I boot to safe mode. Start up repair and system restore cannot fix it automatically. I even tried the crtl+alt+delete. doesn't work either. I'm using dell n4010, windows 7.

Posted: Apr 29, 2012

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Black Screen With Cursor?
I have Sony Vaio which is just 1 yr old. About a week before, I installed the latest updates windows 7. When I started the windows, I was able to log into the windows. But then, the system was very slow. So, I turned down the laptop. After that, a message appeared "A disk error occurred. Press Alt+Ctrl+Del". When I press it, the same message appeared. I tried to go from the safe mode and there is a blank scree with a cursor. I cannot do anything with the cursor. No right click. No task bar and even tried pressing shift 5 times. Every step leads me to the same screen. I even tried to get to the vaio recovery for setting it into the default factory settings.

Posted: May 8, 2011

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Black Screen With No Cursor
i have a hp pavilion dv6z-6c00 running windows 7 home premium 64-bit and it's messed up. a week ago i let the battery run out and when starting it up again, i noticed the windows logo page was in a version close to safe mode. right after, instead of going to the log-in page, all i got was a black screen. left it like that for a while and no change. i then proceeded to restart the laptop numerous times and i still got the same thing. sometimes with a cursor but more so without. i have looked online for solutions and have read multiple incidents where it could be a problem with the start-up with my processes. yet i have not found one closely resembling my situation. some solutions recommended doing some diagnostics and memory tests to find out more info. i would try that with the built-in windows version and it would get hung up at 99%. the bios version to test memory only allowed the short version. some mentioned to go into safe mode, yet i do not even have access to the f8 menu. it just goes through the loading and keeps beeping until i let go of the key. some say to start a system recovery but when i try that, it actually loads with the regular windows logo screen but thats about it; it stays there without doing anything else. i really need help on this because i seriously don't know what else to do. i just got the laptop a couple months ago and to run into this really sucks.

Posted: May 18, 2012

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Black Screen With Cursor Before Log In
I have a Sony Vaio VPCSC laptop that I have owned for about four months. In these four months, I have experienced boot issues once before that was resolved by a lucky guess on my part. I have had the blue screen of death about four times before as well. This problem occurred when I was installing a game on my laptop. I had just agreed to the EULA when I went to go turn off my bittorrent. Just then, my computer froze, giving the familiar white-transparent screen with the circular loading cursor. I waited for it to load, and when it didn't, I went off for about thirty minute to do other things to pass the time. When I came back and it was still frozen, I manually shut off the computer. When I booted up again, the Windows Error Recovery screen appeared, after which I selected Start Windows Normally. The Starting Windows animation ran and then afterwards my screen shut off for about three seconds, came back on with solely the black screen and the cursor. After a second the brightness dimmed. I am left with the black screen and the cursor, which occasionally will be the cursor accompanied by the circular loading cursor, much akin to this [URL] but with the Windows 7 cursor. The entire time, my hard drive indicator is lit. Last night I just left the black screen running, and when I woke up, it was the BSOD.

I restarted and then tried every boot option in the advanced boot options menu. The only one that brings me something besides the black screen is system recovery. In system recovery, Startup Repair runs its course and does nothing, System Restore does nothing because I have no restore points (I know, I know, my bad), System Image Recovery cannot find any system images, Windows Memory Diagnostic simply restarts the computer, and Command Prompt works, seeing as when I click it, it opens.

So, from my own assumptions, I think my hard drive is shot, which is frustrating since I have only had this laptop for four months. I've already had two prior laptops that had hard drive crashes within the first year. I have looked at the other threads about this, yet none of them have helped me, because I do not own a Windows 7 disc, or any disc of that sort.

Posted: Mar 9, 2012

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Black Screen With Cursor?
I havn't booted up my computer in about 4 months. It was working fine before. Anyways the motherboard screen will come up and after that it will go to a black screen with a blinking cursor on the screen "most of the time" sometimes it's just a black screen. I can't boot into safe mode. I have made sure in the bios that the boot order is correct. I can't boot from CDrom. Is my harddrive bad and if my hard drive is bad shouldn't it still be able to boot from CDrom? that's what doesn't make sense to me.

Posted: Dec 23, 2011

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Black Screen With Cursor Only?
i have install software yeshield from ...after i restart laptop have black screen with cursor only after 'welcome' to fix it....,.i recently do restore point and this is not solved my problem.

Posted: Nov 22, 2012

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Getting The Black Screen With Just The Cursor?
I am getting the black screen with just the cursor. I have tried to boot up in safe mode and I still get nothing. I have tried to put in my windows 7 disk and do a repair and that does not work either.

Posted: Jul 18, 2012

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Loading To Black Screen?
restored my windows on my laptop a few weeks ago an last night the laptop just loads to black screen so I switch it off then back on again and it sakes me to do a start up repair this happens all the time and I get up today and it's still doing it any ideas what it could be and how to fix nspecified changes to system configuration might have caused the problem

Posted: Mar 7, 2012

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Persistent Black Screen With Cursor
I installed Windows 7 Service Pack 1 a few days ago, and it's been running since then without any problems. However, just yesterday I fell victim to the "Black Screen of Death". I was about to pop out for a few hours, so I exited the game I was playing to turn my machine off. Despite the game being in Windowed mode, where I could happily see the taskbar, once the program closed my entire screen went black. The cursor was present, but I couldn't do anything - not even Ctrl Alt Del.

I reset the computer with the reset switch on the tower, and it loaded back into Windows without issue. Everything looked OK, so I shut it down normally. When I came back a few hours later and turned on the machine, the real problems began. Everything boots fine, including the "Welcome" screen you get from W7 just before hitting the desktop. But instead of the desktop, I get a black screen and a mouse cursor.

Fortunately, safe mode still worked, so I went straight online to search for a solution. One of the articles I read blamed SP1, and said that uninstalling it had fixed the problem for them. So, in safe mode, I uninstalled SP1. SP1 uninstalled successfully, and my desktop returned! But once everything started loading, my Avast alerted me to a possible rootkit. I opted to delete the file, and was asked to perform a boot-time scan, which I agreed to.

I restarted the machine, and Avast's boot-time scan kicked in. It found nothing. Once the scan had finished, Windows restarted and the problem returned. Black screen, mouse cursor. This seems to be a common symptom of a variety of problems, so I have tried:

- The Prevx tool released in 2009 when this problem cropped up. No joy.
- Checking that Windows isn't looking for multiple monitor displays. It isn't.
- Uninstalling the video drivers, disabling the card, and using a different card with different drivers.
- HKLM regedit to ensure there wasn't a Localhost where there shouldn't be, and that explorer.exe was correctly listed. Everything was fine.
- I've run a Malware Bytes, Spybot, and Avast scan (full, thorough) all of which found nothing.
- I've simply sat and waiting at the black screen, for 15 - 20 minutes with no activity.

Ctrl Alt Del doesn't work, neither does Ctrl Shift Esc. The only thing I can do is reset the machine to prompt a "Windows didn't load properly" screen and go into safe mode. I have one last suspicion to try when I get home from work, and that's disabling / uninstalling the audio drivers. But if that fails, I'm out of ideas.

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Intel i7 920
Radeon 5850 HD

Posted: Feb 28, 2011

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Windows 7 Black Screen With Cursor?
Win7 (64 bit) will not boot into regular or safe mode, after log in I get a black screen w / cursor, and that is it. I believe the registry is corrupted. I attempted a repair with the win7 disk, that did not help.

Posted: Feb 19, 2012

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Black Screen With Blinking Cursor?
I have a sony vaio vpceb11fm laptop. the moment i turn it on i get the vaio sign and then a black screen with a flashing cursor on the top left hand corner i tried f10 to recover the system but come across the same problem.

Posted: May 14, 2012

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Black Screen With Cursor On Startup?
When I start my computer, the windows logo animation happens, and then it goes to a black screen with a cursor in the middle. I have done startup repair a few times, and the first time it did something, but now when I try it says there there are no problems. I cannot start it in safe mode either. One major problem is that there are files that I really need for a school project on this computer. So, is there anything I can do to recover the files and fix my computer?

Posted: Oct 16, 2012

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Black Screen With Cursor In Windows 7?
I get only black screen with mouse cursor. As mentioned in some blog I went the registry through ctrl+alt+Del key. went to winlogin and had not found on other key on shell excepting explorer.exe. Hence did not delete any keys.

Posted: Jul 17, 2011

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Windows 7 Black Screen With Cursor?
I have a laptop that came into my shop last week, an HP G62 with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. The user needed immediate file recovery which was done without a problem, and then I went to town on fixing the issue.The customer reported a "memory error" popping up before they shut the computer down. Upon restart, Windows would only load to a black screen with the mouse cursor. I've encountered this in the past and through various methods, such as CTRL+ALT+DEL or Startup Repair, but this one has eluded me for some time.No matter what I do, I can not get anything to launch on this computer. Windows from the hard drive, Windows from the install CD, built in Startup Repair, and Windows in every single startup mode all returns a black screen with the cursor. No shortcut keys seem to do anything.

I have also connected it to an external monitor to see if that was an issue, and it wasn't. I have tried UBCD to no avail, it just doesn't start. I have tried BartPE with a Window XP Pro install and received a blue screen.I have connected the hard drive as an external and run virus and malware scans with no issues found. I have tried to run CHKDSK, but the drive hangs about halfway through. The files, however, are all accessible and able to be moved/removed, but it does not allow me to change permissions. I have heard about this being a permission error, but I have had no luck in that department.The cd-rom drive works as I have just tried Paragon Partition Manager to use the boot corrector, however, it seems to be to no avail either.MemTest turned up no errors. Just to be sure I ran it with each memory stick going solo, same results.

Posted: Jul 5, 2011

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Black Screen With Cursor Insolvent?
So I've read through what seems like 100s of threads about the black screen with cursor. No task manager access, same problem in safe mode and even repair mode. I have not been able to fix this and I need it fixed desperately.

This is an Asus notebook running 7 Home, 64 bit. 2 days ago I reformatted and restored the pc using the discs I made. Everything went great. I took out the HD and plugged it directly into my desktop to transfer all my files back onto it. Got everything done except music. Put the HD back in the note book and used it for 2 days. Worked fine. Took the HD back out and plugged it into my desktop again. Transferred 25gb of music into the my music folder. Put the HD back in the notebook. It started up but wouldn't open iTunes. I thought maybe I should restart it. So I restarted it and it went crazy going through what seemed like every file on the machine. Invalid security id, deleting security id, replacing security id, and so on. I left it alone for a good hour or 2. Can back to the black screen with while cursor no matter what I do. I need this computer for work.

Posted: Apr 23, 2012

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Black Screen With Cursor - Laptop?
I'm trying to load a system recovery disk, however I'm getting a black screen with a cursor.

I've selected the CD/DVD to be first in the BIOS. I'm having to format my HD, because the laptop would load to a black screen with a cursor.

Posted: Oct 12, 2012

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Black Screen With Cursor On Startup?
When I start my computer, the windows logo animation happens, and then it goes to a black screen with a cursor in the middle. I have done startup repair a few times, and the first time it did something, but now when I try it says there there are no problems. I cannot start it in safe mode either. Also I was able to recover some files on the hard drive using a Ubuntu Live CD. I have an ASUS A53S laptop running Windows 7 Premium.

Posted: Oct 16, 2012

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Black Screen With Visible Cursor?
When I booted up my PC all I got was black screen with white cursor I tried pressing Alt Ctrl Delete but it didn't work I restarted the computer manually a few times and it got back to normal, this happened to me few times already, anything I should do to prevent such thing from happening?

Posted: Oct 30, 2012

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Black Screen With Cursor On Start Up?
im having this problem on my acer 4741g laptop recently. Upon start up im having this black screen with cursor for about 10-15minutes until in boots up to normal start up display, i also observed that after the black screen in boots up very slow. This only happens when i shut down or restart my system otherwise this problem dont show up.I already did some troubleshooting including start up repair, adjusting my resolution and system recovery but still cant fix the problem.

Posted: Dec 19, 2012

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Windows 7 Black Screen Cursor?
I woke up this morning and restarted my computer. When it restarted all I got was a black screen with a cursor. I've tried safe mode, and normal mode. I've tried startup repair which goes to a "windows file are loading" screen then once its fully loaded goes back to a black screen with a cursor. I've put in the install disk, and boot from it. It does the exact same thing as the repair start up. Which eventually just leads me back to a black screen with a cursor! What can I do? Nothing is working!!

Posted: Jul 28, 2011

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Black Screen With Cursor After Boot?
I have been getting an alert that I have updates to windows 7, but they never seem to actually install. Tonight it didn't seem like my audio drivers were working anymore.On my other computer I realized that Custopack tools, which is a theme customization program that alters uxtheme.dll, wasn't working with the new service pack. So with this laptop I restored the default windows theme and rebooted, and got my audio back. However, I went to shut down, which would also install the update, and when I booted back up, Windows won't even start.I get past the bios, and then there's just a blinking cursor. The door on the CD-ROM works but the caps lock and num lock do not.

Posted: Jul 29, 2011

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Black Screen With Mouse Cursor
Any one experienced a problem with Acronis 2010.

Didn't had time to look in to it, hope you guys can save me some time.

I used the Acronis 2010 System Cleanup for the first time. My windows 7 stopped responding, and I had to do hard reset.

After reset windows boots as far as black screen with mouse cursor.

I can move the mouse and Caps Lock respond, but that about it.

Same in safe mode.

Had no luck with Sys Restore, Boot recovery, Chkdsk didn't find any problems.

Ram Fine, swapped dims, memtest pass.

Didn't had time to do more.

System Info:-

Windows 7 x64 Enterprise.
UD5, I7 920, 12GB RAM, 260gtx
x2 750 in Raid 0
x4 1TB blacks in Raid 5

I have 4 days old system image, but I like to know what went wrong.

Posted: Jan 18, 2010

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Windows 7 Black Screen With Cursor
my Win 7 laptop is starting up and then going to a black screen with movable cursor. When I hard reboot it, I am brought to a screen recommending that I restore it. This happens every time I switch on and sometimes when the laptop goes to idle.

Posted: Nov 5, 2012

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Black Screen With Flashing Cursor?
I am having trouble with my Toshiba Sattelite MG45. When I turn it on, I get a black screen with a flashing cursor. I have tried the F8 method, nothing happens. Also, I am running Windows 7 with an Intel Core. I am by no means tech savy.

Posted: Nov 8, 2012

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Black Screen And Cursor At Start Up?
Im having an issue with my computer. I was playing on my computer yesturday and everything was fine until this morning when i turned it on. At first, it would log into windows but everything was slow, windows security center services was off (coulnd turn it back on), i coulnd open firefox. I then started it up in safe mode and ran Avast full scan (nothing found), ccleaner, and malwarebytes (nothing found)I then tried to restart it in normal mode and now i got a black screen with a movable cursor after welcome screen.

Posted: Dec 19, 2012

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