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"cannot Find The File Specified" / During The Installation Of The Device

I have had this problem numerous times in the past where the installation proceeds then ends with the messages: During the installation of the device. The system cannot find the file specified and it goes into a detection loop

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Unable To Find Missing File "ks.sys" For Audio Device Installation?
i am finding a missing file named ks.sys.i have been trying to install audio devices for my computer and it will not allow me to install them because i'm missing files. at first i was missing ksuser.dll file but i was able to download that and install it, and now its asking for the ky.sys file.

Posted: Sep 18, 2009

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Error Occured During Installation Of The Divice The System Cannot Find The File
I continue to get the same error everytime I try to install my HP Officejet 6500: An error occured during the installation of the device. The system cannot find the file specified

Posted: Feb 21, 2010

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USB Device Installation - Drivers
what i'm trying to do is install a SAMSUNG SGH-D600 mobile phone under WinXP via USB cable (original Samsung cable from the box). For this post the results are for the new drivers from the "Samsung PC Studio 311 FKB" package.But, i've been getting the same thing with the earlier versions of Samsung SGH-D600 Drivers, as well as Mobile Action drivers for D600.

Posted: Jan 26, 2007

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Can't Find Sound Device
I purchased a used Compaq laptop, strictly to get online for Email. I installed Windows XP. There is no sound, and no speaker icon on the task bar in using windows support/troubleshooting to install sound, get error message: "Cannot find sound device" and/or "Problem with sound device".

Posted: Oct 12, 2008

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Cannot Find Hardware Device - Code 41
My computer no longer recognizes my cd drive or even brand new dvd drive. It says it has sucessfully loaded the device driver but cannot find the hardware device, code 41. I have tried the troubleshooter, updating the driver, checking the conections, uninstalling / reinstalling the device. Bought a new DVD drive (good enough reason) but it has the exact same message. Any ideas on what else I could try before having to pay the boffins to have a look?

Posted: Dec 15, 2004

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No Audio Device Found After Clean Installation?
I recently found an old Gateway desktop in my basement. It is from a few years back, but I figured I'd do a clean install of Windows XP on it and run it in an extra room.I copied the drivers over using a program called DriverMax, and it seemed to work successfully. I had the internet right away and everything else I tried worked. The only problem I am having is that there is no sound. It also says there is no audio device found. Device Manager says I have the most up to date Legacy Audio Drivers, but I am still having this problem.Is there another driver that I might need in order for my computer to recognize an audio device.

Posted: Dec 2, 2009

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Unknown Device In The (media Reader) / Unable To Find?
Help with Unknown Device (media reader)wont find anything related to this

Posted: Jul 5, 2009

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1394 Hard To Find Device Drivers And IRQ Assignment?
Tried Ulead to capture video, program get stuck only on capture - works otherwise. Ulead tech support blames it on my pc. On the same note, Windows Movie Maker does the same thing when trying to capture. The only one that works (captures) is the Vegas 9.0 (trial version). Downloaded all possible updates from WIndows live update. Still no positive result. Checked Device Manager, no conflicts but I noticed that the 1394 shares IRQ 20 with the 10/100 networking

Posted: Sep 23, 2008

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Getting Device Installation Error While Attempting To Connect To USB Cable ?
I am getting an error message when attempting to connect my USB cable to my scanner. The error message is Windows could not load the installer for Image. I believe the problem might be with a corrupt file setupapi.log or Windows Image Aquisition. I have two such files and I do not know whether I am supposed to have two or not. Also, I am not sure if I can delete these files and where to get one to replace the two I have deleted.

Posted: Sep 5, 2005

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Installation Can't Find IDE Harddrive
My computers motherboard got fried a while back so I got a new one installed from a pc shop. They also reinstalled xp for me. Been working fine up until recently when I had to update norton. Once I installed my new norton and tried updating its protection it completely collapsed my xp so I had to try and re install xp mysellf only to find the same symptoms that many other xp installers appear to be suffering from. On installation process my hard drive was not detected. I tried other routes such as changing the bios settings disable sata control in the peripheral settings and I also tried making my own xp install cd including the drivers needed for the xp installl to be able to detect the hard drive but was unsuccesssful.

Posted: Aug 18, 2010

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Reinstalled: No Audio Device Found / Driver Installation Failed?
I recently just re-installed windows xp on my hp pavilion laptop. When I attempted to install the sound driver off of hp site I receive an error message stating."Driver Installation Failed: Could not find the Media device for this driver."I have a basic understanding of operating systems. If you can please explain in detail. I don't know what other information to list. So if more is necessary I do my best to provide.

Posted: Mar 20, 2008

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Getting System32 Message / Virtual Device Driver Failed DLL Installation?
My son went to sign onto his computer and this is the message that came up Windows/system32/ C:/program~1/symantec/s32evnt1.dll. An installable Virtual Device Driver failed DLL installation. Choose close to terminate application

Posted: Jan 6, 2009

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Couldn't Drivers Keyboard - Not Find Hardware Device Code 41
I couldn't get drivers for my other keyboard so I bought a new one. The manual said to plug the keyboard then install drivers. I did that then restarted the computer. This is my keyboard: The error I got was: Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)

Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device.
Driver Provider: Micro Innovations
Driver Date: 3/15/2007
Driver Version:
Digital Signer: Not digitally signed

Posted: Jan 29, 2008

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Unable To Find Installation Files?
Where are the installation files located on the XP CD? So I can copy the files to the hard drive, and then install XP off the Hard Drive.

Posted: Apr 8, 2006

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:cannt Delete File: Cannot Find Source File Or Disk
I am running windows xp sp3. I tried to uninstall Frost Wire, via add or remove programs. I noticed that after it supposedly uninstalled from the a or r file the shortcut was still listed on my desktop. So I searched for F W and found a few references that popped up after my search. When I right clicked on them and tried to delete, that is when I received the above error message

Posted: Mar 20, 2010

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Missing Print To File (FILE) Port After Acrobat Installation
after installing acrobat on my machine, I realised that my FILE print port for postscript printing had been deleted. Need help to reinstall the print port.

Posted: Jul 6, 2007

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Can't Get Installation To Find Sata Hard Drive
I'm can't get WinXP installation to find my Sata Hard-drive. I'm running Suse Linux on my IDE-HD and I could also had no problems getting my Suse 10.1 installation to install on the SATA-HD. I've booted up with winxp media install disk and tried to use the F6 key at the right time but nothing happens so it keeps going until I get to the point where I can press the S key to install SATA RAID driver from disk that came with my motherboard. The drivers install but then windows install still says no disk to install windows... I don't get it.

I've checked my bios and SATA in there, in fact the first thing I see when I boot up in the boot sequence is the SATA drive. Linux knows it's there but windows install doesn't. I installed XP on a WD SATA drive before and all I had to do was press F6 to install the controller from the XP disk but that doesn't work now.

Posted: Oct 8, 2006

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Installation Did Not Find Harddrive - Desktop Can'tboot Up
My desktop cannot boot up. I tried to reinstall windows XP.My BIOS (setup) can recognize the hard drive. but when I use OS CD reinstall XP, after loading files, chose continue install XP, I got error message, cannot find hard drive. the only option is F3 to quit installation. and my hard drive had click sound now..I doubt hard drive had some problem. I had did chkdsk from recovery console, but only 52% complete, chkdsk utility exit with "some part cannot recovered" message. why BIOS can see hard drive, but installation software cannot
find hard drive...

Posted: Jul 26, 2005

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Double Clicking The Actual File - "windows Cannot Find File File Name.exe"
When double clicking the actual file, Windows reports "windows cannot find file ... <file name.exe>"

This is only SOME exe's. Particularly, older programs. Word, excel, WordPerfect all work. Older apps don't.

I've tried the exe fixes on site and kelly's corner XP fix.

Posted: Sep 19, 2005

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System Wont Find Any Default Drivers After OS Installation?
I've got three exactly the same computers (HP and also all the components are identical). They came with new, unformatted, HD's. When I got them I formatted the HD's and installed Windows XP Professional (no SP) and everything worked fine.I now wanted to make a fresh start, so I formatted the HD's once again and installed Windows XP Professional (SP3). After this install I noticed that a number of devices weren't working. I checked the device manager and saw the audio device, ethernet port and video controller in the list, but with a yellow exclamation mark. It saw the devices, but it didn't install the drivers.

Posted: Feb 2, 2010

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USB External Hard Drive Installation - Auto Find Drivers
I plugged in my WD passport external hard drive into my USB port on my pc that has a newly installed copy of windows xp professional. The new hardware installer pops up, I chose the auto find drivers. Then it copied over called Initio. After that I got another little window asking to give the location of this missing file ivusbWxp86.sys.

Posted: Aug 5, 2010

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Downloaded ISO File Using Firefox - Where Find ISO File?
I downloaded an ISO file using Firefox. While Firefox usualy downloads to the desktop - I cannot seem to find the ISO?

Posted: Oct 7, 2006

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Can't Access Specified Device Or File
I've got an HP Pavilion 540n that is riddled with viruses. HP doesn't ship with recovery discs. I was able to use the recovery tool but now when the machine boots I get the Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file error when trying to run anything. I can't boot to safe mode and have tried running fixmbr but it did not help. I tried running malwarebytes and combofix but I get the error above. I would wipe it and reload the OS but since HP doesn't ship with any CD's I don't have a disc to load.

Posted: Oct 6, 2010

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Video Drivers Messed Up - Device Manager Display Drivers Update Can't Find
video card on my laptop messed up somehow, i can see a exclamation mark on the device manager in the display drivers tab... now im searching to update my driver but cant find any sources that would suit xp windows now everything is very laggy cuz it shows im not using any video card or something like that anyway?

Posted: Aug 17, 2009

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Cannot Access The Specified Device/Path/ File
I get.....Windows cannot access the specified device, Path, or file. You may not have the appropiate permissions to access the item.......I'm try to install my printer drivers and such. What did "I" mess up this time?

Posted: Jan 12, 2007

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Cannot Open The Specified Device, Path Or File
I can't access Control Panel components anymore, such as Display, System, or User Accounts. Specifically, this error appears when attempting to open one of these: On some help forums rundll32 was pointed to as the cause of the problem, and I found entries in Comodo's Defense+ Log where various programs (mostly explorer.exe) were calling rundll32.exe, but it was being blocked everytime.I have tried disabling Comodo (and ending the proccess) but it doesn't make a difference.

Posted: Nov 16, 2008

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Try To Run Network Set Up Wizard / Wont Find Network Device
I try to run network set up wizard but it wont find my network device.It finds my network card but i installed a wireless card. It wont find that. Its a linksys and I am using the linksys software to run it.

Posted: Nov 7, 2006

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Device Manager / Selected File Cannot Be Found
When I click on device manager it says Microsoft Management Console.The selected file cannot be found.Anyone know what file loads the device manager so I can see where it went?

Posted: Mar 12, 2005

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Can't Access Specified Device Path / File - Permissions
Last night I downloaded some window updates because it said it was recommended. Today I have had trouble trying to open things. For instance windows messenger, most things on my control panel, yahoo messenger,spider solitaire are just a few. Every time I get a message saying "Windows cannot access the specified device,path or file. You do not have the appropriate permissions" I also cant delete my browsing history. I havent a clue what to do. Im not a beginner in these matters but Im not very technical so please keep it simple in any explanation or instructions

Posted: Aug 15, 2007

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