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USB External Hard Drive Installation - Auto Find Drivers

I plugged in my WD passport external hard drive into my USB port on my pc that has a newly installed copy of windows xp professional. The new hardware installer pops up, I chose the auto find drivers. Then it copied over called Initio. After that I got another little window asking to give the location of this missing file ivusbWxp86.sys.

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External USB Does Not Install Hard-Drive
I have a Sony VAIO desktop running Windows XP. I purchased a Comstar 160MB External USB2 Hard-Drive and installed it. Since Windows XP is supposed to have the drivers that are necessary, no driver disk was included, and none was needed.The problem developed when my Windows XP began to give me problems later. I had to re-install Windows XP. I did that, and I downloaded all Windows XP up dates (including Service Pack 2). Now, this Windows installation does not install the external hard-drive. Windows recognizes that there is "a USB2 device," but Windows states that there are no drivers and asks me to furnish them.

Posted: May 5, 2006

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Usb External Hard Drive Not Able To Resist
I got a usb external hard drive 650gb where in it couldn't resist in the docs as it says it should be powered down unless in use. In this case how can i get back to the service pack.

Posted: Dec 26, 2008

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Backup Data To An External USB Hard Drive
I am backing up data to an external USB hard drive. What should I backup? I don't have enough room to backup my whole hard drive onto the external. I'm looking for suggestions of specific folders ie. Documents and Settings, etc. as opposed to advice like "whatever can't be downloaded or replaced easily".

Posted: Jan 5, 2008

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Booting A Windows Installation From An External Hard Drive
I have an external hard drive (150GB) which is partitioned into two parts. One partition , about 145gb, is data and files of my own. Then there is an extended partition at 5gb in size, which contains windows xp installation files. What I did was take my windows xp cd, make an ISO, and then extracted the iso and put the files into the extended partition of my external usb hard drive.The computer I want to install to has a cd drive that is not working and thus i cannot install windows xp from a cd. The BIOS of the computer DOES support booting from a USB device.I have partition magic software and have used it to create the 5gb extended partition on the usb external drive. However, I don't know how to configure anything so that it will acutally know to boot from this partition and what files to use to start the installation.

Posted: Jun 9, 2008

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External USB Hard Drive Wont Recognized By System?
My USB External Hard Drive suddenly decided to stop working monday before last, it is weird, like it will turn on and all, but it doesnt get recognized and while its on none of my programs will load like Ventrilo and games(ventrillo will half load but not all the way) and the computer wont shutdown while its on. but the moment i turn it off they all start running smoothly agian and the computer will shutdown immediatly (if i am at the shutdown screen). Any idea why/how this happened and how to fix it?

Posted: May 11, 2007

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Remove/resize Partitions On External USB Hard Drive?
I have had a 60G external hard drive that has worked flawlessly for 2 years with both my desktop computer running Win98SE, and my newer laptop with Windows XP. This external drive was formatted with FAT 32 and NO PARTITIONS for all 60G. Because I have a Lot of music files and digital pictures, I have filled up the 60G drive, so bought an IOGear 160G external drive. This drive arrived partitioned into 6 partitions, of 20-32G sizes. This is completely wrong for how I want to use the drive. All my mp3 programs requires the library to be all in one volume, so I need 60-80G all in one volume just for music. IOGear support says that Windows XP does not allow volumes any larger than 60G in FAT 32. (This seems crazy since my older drive is all one volume and is FAT 32.

Posted: Nov 8, 2004

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Laptop USB Ports Stopped Working - External Hard Drive
I have a Sony VGN-T1XP Vaio laptop with an Intel Pentium M Processor running XP Pro SP2. For some reason the two USB ports have stopped working and no USB devices are recognised. I have looked at the device manager under USB controllers and there are four USB controllers listed which are as follows: Intel 82801DB/DBM USB 2.0 enhanced host controller 24CDIntel 82801DB/DBM USB universal host controller 24C2Intel 82801DB/DBM USB universal host controller 24C4Intel 82801DB/DBM USB universal host controller 24C7 Underneath those are four USB root hubs.
I have previously used a USB card reader and external hard drive on both ports without any problems but now when I connect any device nothing at all happens.

Posted: Jan 1, 2006

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Can't Get Installation To Find Sata Hard Drive
I'm can't get WinXP installation to find my Sata Hard-drive. I'm running Suse Linux on my IDE-HD and I could also had no problems getting my Suse 10.1 installation to install on the SATA-HD. I've booted up with winxp media install disk and tried to use the F6 key at the right time but nothing happens so it keeps going until I get to the point where I can press the S key to install SATA RAID driver from disk that came with my motherboard. The drivers install but then windows install still says no disk to install windows... I don't get it.

I've checked my bios and SATA in there, in fact the first thing I see when I boot up in the boot sequence is the SATA drive. Linux knows it's there but windows install doesn't. I installed XP on a WD SATA drive before and all I had to do was press F6 to install the controller from the XP disk but that doesn't work now.

Posted: Oct 8, 2006

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Not Auto Installing Drivers - USB Devices
my friend give me his Gateway 610XL all in one PC to fix a few problems. one of them was internet explorer not showing up when called for, that was an easy fix; however, this next problem has to do with USB devices and it's giving me a bit of trouble. basically, any USB devices i connect to it, windows doesn't auto install or even try to auto install the drivers. no matter what i connect to it (mouse, keyboard, thumb drive). i can go into device manager and install the drivers manually just fine but i would like to fix the auto install feature for my friend cuz he's not that good with computers. i checked and made sure the following services are enabled:

plug and play
user mode driver framework
shell hardware detection

the problem persist even in safe mode. one thing i noticed is when i go to control panel and then hit add hardware, i get a message that says this: "you can only install one device at a time. when the other device installation is complete, try this wizard again" (some where along those lines). i get that message even with nothing connected to the USB ports. i'm guessing what ever this "other device" is, it hanging up pnp so how do i go about aborting that installation? i don't really see anything in the task bar that even suggest a driver installation is on the way. this is running Windows XP Media Center Edition SP3 by that way.

Posted: Apr 18, 2010

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How To Stop From Auto Install Drivers When USB Plugged In For NEW Device
i want to instal a sound card (USB) and when i plug it in XP installs drivers on its own i want to use the CD drivers. there was an option "have disk" cant find it

Posted: Sep 26, 2008

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Auto Shutdown When Insert A USB Thumb Drive Into A USB Port?
everytime I insert a USB thumb drive into one of the two USB ports, the computer automatically shuts down.I have tried inserting another USB device into the port, and it works.Therefore I was leaning towards the driver being the problem. In device manager,it says that the device is working properly.The USB thumb drive came with a CD-ROM, but it only has the drivers for Windows 98 on it, as they are not needed for XP.I have since cleaned and re-formatted the computer, taking every back to its orginal state, as it came out of the box.

Posted: Jul 28, 2005

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Install Over Vista With SATA - Drivers On External USB HD?
I want to replace Vista with XP however my laptop has a SATA HD. I know that I can create a boot disk on either a floppy or a CD however I think it should be possible for me to install the drivers on an external USB HD? Before I format my drive I just wanted to confirm that this is possible?

Posted: Mar 9, 2008

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External HD Won't Recognize - Corrupted Usb Drivers?
Earlier I formatted a PC with windows XP on it, the minute I plugged it up, a notification came up and said "This device can perform faster on a high speed 2.0 USB port". It says that when I plug them up into any USB port on the computer itself. The thing is, it will pretty much hang the system until I disconnect the external HD. It won't freeze 100%. It's responsive but no applications will open while it's trying to recognize the external.

It sounds to me like a USB driver problem or something because I'd assume it'd still recognize the drive even if it wasn't performing in a high speed 2.0 USB port... Any way to reinstall USB drivers? Never done that before. I have to use Hiren's Boot CD if I want to transfer files, simply because Windows XP won't recognize it and keeps popping up the notification.

Posted: Apr 10, 2010

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USB Device Installation - Drivers
what i'm trying to do is install a SAMSUNG SGH-D600 mobile phone under WinXP via USB cable (original Samsung cable from the box). For this post the results are for the new drivers from the "Samsung PC Studio 311 FKB" package.But, i've been getting the same thing with the earlier versions of Samsung SGH-D600 Drivers, as well as Mobile Action drivers for D600.

Posted: Jan 26, 2007

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AcomData External Hard Drive Vs Seagate External HD
quality of AcomData External HD? Also, is this a well established company? Any info as to how this brand compares to a Seagate External HD?

Posted: Jan 7, 2007

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System Wont Find Any Default Drivers After OS Installation?
I've got three exactly the same computers (HP and also all the components are identical). They came with new, unformatted, HD's. When I got them I formatted the HD's and installed Windows XP Professional (no SP) and everything worked fine.I now wanted to make a fresh start, so I formatted the HD's once again and installed Windows XP Professional (SP3). After this install I noticed that a number of devices weren't working. I checked the device manager and saw the audio device, ethernet port and video controller in the list, but with a yellow exclamation mark. It saw the devices, but it didn't install the drivers.

Posted: Feb 2, 2010

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WIndows USB Installation - After Loading Drivers System Stops
I have successfully created a USB installation routine for Windows XP using Multiboot.cmd. The problem i am having is that the installation works perfectly on evry machine i have tried it on apart from Dell machines.

It gets as far as Setup is Starting Windows (after loading in all the background drivers) and then Blue Screens with error 0x0000007b. I have scoured the internet and found nothing of any use on this error code.

It does state that when installing from USB to ensure that no other USB devices are plugged in but the mouse and keyboard themselves are USB devices.

Posted: Jan 27, 2010

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USB Removable Storage Locking Up: Unable To Find Drivers?
We use a USB device which allows us to plug in IDE and SATA hard drives to test and read data. We use one computer for this testing and we test a lot of drives. Well recently the device started locking up the computer just as the computer finishes loading the drivers. I first thought it was the USB in the machine, but mice and keyboard both work in all the ports. I then thought it was the device but I tried it in another machine and it worked as it should. I tired plugging in a flash drive into the machine and it does the same thing.

Posted: Jul 26, 2007

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Cant Copy Files From Internal Hard Drive To External Hard Drive Using Linux
I have a Dell computer where one of the loading .dll files came up 'missing' one day, so it won't boot. I want to get all the photos and other docs off the hard drive. I had downloaded one version of linux and was able to see the files on the internal hard drive, but was unable to copy them to a memory stick or external hard drive. Now I've downloaded ubuntu and booted off a memory stick... this time, it's telling me that the internal hard drive has all kinds of bad sectors and won't let me access any of the files on there.

Posted: Mar 5, 2010

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2.5 Toshiba Notebook Drive / USB External Drive Not Recognized?
I installed an a 2.5 Toshiba notebook drive in a external enclosure and I can't get XP to recognize it. The drive spins up and the light comes on to indicate it is running but nothing is shown in device manager or My computer. It also is not shown in disk management.I have uninstalled the the USB drivers through the device manager with no change after rebooting. The USB ports work fine with my other external drive.The drive was working fine in a notebook that had a
cracked screen. It is formated in NTFS. What else should I be looking at to solve this problem?

Posted: Mar 16, 2005

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Plug In A Usb/external Hard Drives Not Recognized By Computer?
everytime i plug in a usb/external hardrive, it isnt recognized in my computer, its not too do with any hardware, im 100% its a software issue, and i was running a program and it seemed to do something nothing comes up in my computer but you hear the connected sound, ive tried assignign a manual drive letter but it comes up with an error. and seeing as i cant back anything up because nothings regonized

Posted: Jul 25, 2009

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NTFS And External USB Hard Disk - Store Virtual Pc Files
I have Win XP Pro SP2 I also have an external Lacie 250GB hard disk I want to store my Virtual PC files on. But, it is formatted at FAT32 and I can't put a file on there that is over 4GB. So, I tried to convert the drive to NTFS, but Windows won't let me do this. It keeps telling me the disk is dirty and to run chkdsk / f. Which I have done and completes fine finding no problems on the drive. Yet convert e: /fs:NTFS still does not convert the drive reporting it is dirty. What is causing this and how do I fix it? I have tons of data on the drive so I can't re-partition it as I don't want to loose that data. I need to convert it to NTFS.

Posted: Feb 25, 2005

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Usb External Hard Driver - File / Folder Corrupt Unreadable
I have a usb external enclosure which holds a 120 gig hard drive that I use for storage. I shut it off when I am done to save power, and just the other day I notice a file on it that is quite large isn't allowing me to open it any longer. It keeps saying that the 'file or folder is corrupt and unreadable'...Weird. I was just looking at the folder yesterday. Is there absolutely anything I can do to get that data back?? All the other files on that hard drive are fine. Why did it target out that file?

Posted: Oct 12, 2008

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Wants To Run A Checkdisk On My External USB Drive
I am running XP sp1 Recently windows wants to run a checkdisk on my external USB drive.
This is done every time I start windows.Even though the checkdisk result shows no errors it wants do do it every time on boot up.I did a manual checkdisk ( full check) and it seemed to clear it up for a couple of days but now it had returned to the same situation.The disk is fairly new so I do not think there are any problems with it and
it runs fine.

Posted: Aug 28, 2005

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Cloning Hard Drive: Transferring Cloned Data From External Hard Disk?
I am cloning my existing hard drive in my laptop (sata) to an external hard drive (pata) in preparation for installing a new larger hard drive (sata)in the laptop. Can I, or how do I transfer the cloned data from the external (pata) to the new internal hard drive (sata)? Thanks in advance and I apoligize if this is a rudimentary question as this is my first time attempting something like this.

Posted: Jan 8, 2009

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Copying C Drive To External USB Flash For Later Boot?
Can I copy my C drive to an external usb drive and then later boot from the usb drive if my C drive fails without having to go through the complete installation of the WinXP-pro on the usb drive? If so, what program(s) can I use to do the copy?

Posted: Apr 17, 2006

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Recyle Bin - Shows Up In External USB Drive
I just bought and connected a WD 160gb Passport External USB Drive. I check the Drive's directory. All's normal. I then installed Portable Apps Suite onto the USB Drive. Now when I check the directory of the USB Drive, I see the files/folders that are supposed to be there, which fine and dandy. But I also see two extra things:

1. Recyle Bin (contents exactly as the one on my desktop. If i empty it, the bin on the USB drive gets emptied. If I delete something on the desktop. The recycle bin on the USB drive shows that too!)

2. System Volume Information
AA: How did these two files get there?
BB: How do I get them off the USB Drive?

Posted: Oct 9, 2007

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Cant Open Hard Drive Et Mp3 Usb Player - Usb Peripherial
if i click(double click ) on my hard drive (for open it )i receive an error cause by removing of trojan fun.xls.exe the error is this how can i fix the error plz help me

Posted: Aug 2, 2007

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Unable To Copy Large Files From External USB Drive?
I have an IDE drive housed in an external USB enclosure. When I connect it to my XP Pro (SP2) desktop it is recognised, and I can browse the folders and files. However when I try to copy a large number of files from the drive to a local hard drive on the desktop I get a "resource no longer available" error, and the external drive is no longer visible to the PC. I can then disconnect and reconnect the drive but only get back into the same loop.

Posted: Feb 13, 2007

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