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System BIOS Shadowed / Video BIOS Shadowed

i have a problem with my Acer Aspire 4732z. Press <F2> to enter SETUP).i must press anykey twice to load the window(i'm using window xp pro).i think it cause by System BIOS shadowed, i want to disable it..but there is no option.

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System BIOS And Video BIOS Shadowed
I have ibm thinkpad R51 2887 nq2 series .My system has been crashed as it is not starting.The whole system gets hang after showing the first ibm screen. The bios utility setup is not getting opened through access ibm button . In safe mode it shows that system BIOS and video BIOS is not working and it has been shadowed.sometimes the system gets started ,but after one minute ,it stucks and the whole system paused and nothing happens.It may be the virus attack on BIOS and it also changes the time and date configuration of BIOS. so what should i do .And how i can install BIOS driver to the system.

Posted: Aug 18, 2008

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Black Screen On Boot Up (CMOS SHADOWED)
When i go to boot a pc(my friends), it come up and shows the emachines logo screen then it shows the windows xp loading screen but then the screen goes black and nothing i restart it and a screen comes up that says the CMOS and Video BIOS are shadowed.i treid removing the battery from the motherboard for 5 mins and still same problem.

Posted: Oct 22, 2005

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System Failing Before Bios / Occasionally Freezes In Bios
Got a bit of a problem with my housemates pc.A friend gave him some extra RAM, i checked it out and it was crucial 512mb pc2100 CL2.5, and although it didn't match his exsisting RAM it seemed to me that his mobo would only run the FSB at 200mhz anyway so i went ahead and fitted it.It worked fine I then noticed his system temp was running a little high (60-65 degrees), so i took his heatsink off and cleaned the dust and refitted it with some new thermal compound.I added too much and the temp went up. To nearly 90 degrees.I shut it dwon as i didn't want the cpu to pop, cleaned it off, reapplied less compound and figured this would work fine.Now we have the problem. Most of the time: Power on and nothing happens. No bios, no beeps. Occasionally: Power on, i jump into the bios, the temp looks fine (30-40 degrees) and then it freezes right there in the bios after about 30 seconds to a minute.This sounds like a heat issue, but the last temp reading before freeze is 33 degrees.?I've double and triple checked that the heatsink is on properly and thats fine. I followed the official guide on how much compound to use (a blob the size of an uncooked short grain of rice).

Posted: Aug 10, 2006

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Changed BIOS Password: PC Shut Downs & Reboot BIOS Keep Coming?
once the on button was pushed, it came up with the BIOS screen asking for the password.I removed the CMOS battery, which allowed me to change the Password so I can get onto BIOS now. However, when I boot now it just comes up with the BIOS screen.I set HD to boot first, aswell as setting the clock and date. I then ask it to save and quit, after which it shut's down, and reboots, only, BIOS keeps coming up. And I need to get this sorted asap

Posted: Aug 14, 2008

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Repair Bios Installation / Hanging On Parts Of The Bios POST Screen
I have had windows XP Pro installed, updated and running fine until about a week ago. I was away from home for about a week and left the machine plugged into the mains but powered down. When I returned home to boot up, it kept doing things like constantly hanging on parts of the bios POST screen, eventually booting up after thirty or so complete restarts. It finally booted into windows but after the last shutting down, it will now not boot up at all. I have replaced the bios battery and reset the bios several times.

Posted: Oct 21, 2009

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Computer Starts To Bios Screen - Checked BIOS Settings
When I turn on my computer, it does the bios check, then goes into the bios screen on its own. I have checked all of the bios settings, and see nothing set wrong. The only way I can get itno my xp pro system, is to use "F8" during the bios check, the select my hd from there, then it seems only half of my programs work, and it also seems to be randomly changing the programs that do not work, when I do this.

Posted: Apr 7, 2007

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Upgrading BIOS On Award Modular BIOS
Im new to PCs and since my motherboard is three years old is it a good idea to upgrade? I contacted the maker of my motherboard and they say an upgrade is available and sent it to me for { DON'T CRACKUP} $49.00. I already read that you can really mess up your PC if you do one thing wrong when upgrading. Am I a fool for buying the upgrade? Please let me know as I can send the Floppy discs back.

Posted: Sep 10, 2005

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MBR2 After Flashing BIOS - Upgrade BIOS
I just flashed/upgraded my BIOS for my motherboard, and now XP doesn't even boot up.
After the BIOS load, I get a "MBR error 2" message and it just stays there.
My board is an Asus P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe. I used the Asus Update Utility to flash my BIOS.

Posted: Jan 23, 2007

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Nvidia Video Card Bios Upgrade
Not sure if this is the right group for this question - so apologies if anyone feels aggrieved.I have been told that it might be a good idea to update my nvidia geforce2 mx/mx400 bios (not driver) as it is 3 years old. I'm a bitconfused because the bios doesn't seem to be available on the nvidiasite but I have to get it from my motherboard site, Jetway. Am I goingnuts here? Can anyone reassure me of the best way of updating the biosin this video card?

Posted: Aug 1, 2005

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Getting Out Of BIOS System Restarts
Brief explanation. I purchased a generic brand laptop and loading xp myself. I had no problems whatsoever until I bought the game Medival II. While I was playing the game, as I had before, it suddenly froze my laptop. I was forced to turn off the power and restart. When I did that, I was able to see the bios screen and enter bios which still seems to recognize everything correctly in the laptop. But when getting out of BIOS system restarts. Just a black screen. I finally got to the point that I decided just to reinstall. Upon attempting to do so, I get the following error message after it attempts to load

Posted: Jul 6, 2007

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Can't Get Into System Setup (BIOS)
Running a Dell XPS710. Was on the phone with tech support and had to go into setup to check on something. after I got off the phone, I rebooted and tried to access setup and can not. I don't know if I accidentally checked off something that won't allow me to use the keyboard until the machine boots into windows because pressing F2 (Setup) or F12 (Boot Options) when the Dell splash screen appears won't work. It just goes into Windows.

Posted: Apr 4, 2007

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Setting System Clock In Bios
I've recently installed WinXP on an older Compaq (P2, 350mhz, 256mb ram). Yes I know its supposedly under the minimum requirements. But believe it or not it runs pretty good. My problem is that I want to change the system clock but cant find the system clock setting in the Bios. how to change the system clock on an older Compaq like this?

Posted: Mar 30, 2006

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Cannot Access System Settings In BIOS
While in XP I deleted a partiain that had Fedora on it. I was using GRUB to do multi-boot. When I rebooted XP it booted to the GRUB command line. I rebooted and hit F12 to try to get to system settings and after I chose system settings it went right back to the GRUB command line. I rebooted again and hit F2 to get to system settings and it went straight to the GRUB command line again.I'm pretty sure I need to fix my MBR but, I can't change my settings to boot from my CD and I don't have a floppy drive.

Posted: Aug 13, 2005

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System's Bios To Read The CD First - RAID HDD
I am trying to install winXP Pro I set the system's bios to read the CD first.
Now the system can not see any of the RAID HDD's? Help I have been pulling my hair out over this thing?

Posted: Oct 4, 2008

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Microsoft System Management Bios Driver
I had to reinstall XP and computer runs very slow on boot.
Under device manager, there was an exclamation beside "Microsoft System Management Bios Driver". Iwent to a help site and it said to just unistall it.

Posted: Nov 30, 2005

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Changed Clock Settings In BIOS : System Re-boots By Itself?
This all started when my computer was shutting down at random times when I was in first I thought it was my CPU because it was just shutting down when I was playing games... but I no longer think this because it started shutting down when I was just in windows.Anyway so my friend and I started working on it...we thought it was the mild overclock we put on a few weeks earlier. However, my temps were normal and it passed the stress tests we did on it through the BIOS...So we changed the settings back to stock. No luck.Problem not solved. In fact, now we can't stay in windows for more than a couple seconds before it re-boots.

Posted: Sep 14, 2005

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Downloaded BIOS Updates For System / Unable To Install?
I found a BIOS update for my system, but I don't know how to install it. It is a .bin file (ak31s20p.bin to be exact). I was told to make a bootable floppy and do it that way, but the instructions that were given, are for .exe and .rom files. Does anyone have any idea on how I can install this file?

Posted: Jul 22, 2005

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Unplug System From Wall Socket Reset The Bios
I have an XP Machine at home with an ASUS motherboard, XP Athlone +2000 Cpu and 512mb Ram. The problem is everytime I unplug my pc from the wall socket it resets the BIOS and when I plug it back in I first need to setup the BIOS. I have replaced the CMOS battery but it still does the same thing.

Posted: Oct 23, 2006

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Accidentally Uninstalled Microsoft System Management BIOS Driver
It had the yellow exclamation point next to it, with an error 39 I believe.

Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

Posted: Dec 27, 2005

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Updating Bios: System Continues To Fail Reading The Drive?
updating the bios settings I recieved from HP concerning my second PC. I have had numerous problems after a repair, and as is the system continues to fail reading the drive. I have tried copying .ini and other files from CD but the boot config is stil off.I have put the HD into my other PC and the data is fine but just unable to get the #2 back up and running. without having to execute it. In other words I cant run it on my #1 PC since it's a different motherboard etc,

Posted: Jun 25, 2005

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I Can Not Get To Anything But The BIOS
My Sony Vaio laptop running XP Professional suddenly one morning wouldn't boot up. Ctrl-Alt-Del will restart but goes no further. I can enter BIOS during this process, but nothing else responds. Can I get to a command prompt through bios in order to attempt a restore?

Posted: Feb 26, 2007

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Error In The Bios
My problem is my OS, which is XP home is seeing my master HD as a 20gb drive when it is actually a 40gb drive my slave is a 20gb drive and it sees it as 20gb. The BIOS sees the master as a 40gb drive and the slave as 20 gb.

Posted: Jun 20, 2005

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No BIOS Access
I keep trying to access BIOS by tapping F2 or DELETE or F10 but the boot continues like no keys were tapped. Except for that, the computer functioning normally. Can someone tell me how to change it back to normal.

Posted: Mar 1, 2008

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Can Not Access Hd Even When Bios See It
I have a dell workst precision 470 dual xeon, 3gb , 160gb maxtor hd sata 150 with win xp pro.created the floppy with PROBABLY THE RIGHT CONTROLER driver and pressed F6, then it was only one option in the list so i did that then, CONTINUW with an oem cd win xp pro spk 2, then at the WELCOME TO SETUP screen, i selected the "TO SETUP WINDOWS XP now press enter" then i got on the screen this Message: "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your comp. make sure any hard disk drives are powered and properly connected to your computer and that any disk-related hardware configuration is correct this may involve running a manufacturer-supplied diag or setup program.set p cannot continue to quit setyp press F3".I have tested the hd with dell diag. tool and al test pass, i believe has to be that the mate boot record has been corrupted or a virus, the thing is i can not even run R console or the Repair/install cause of the above message, is there any suggestion to add this hd to another computer and be able to check the boot.ini and see what is wrong, this is a hd with only one partition, but the problem i have or the one that was created is cause i had a laptop hd that i could not make boot in the laptop so i took it and added to this comp. to the ide 1 controller and then i ran defrag on it, this one has two part c and d so c was the os and d was for other applications, i ran the defrag on it , then i did not remove from the device manager i just simply turn of the dell machine and Physicly remove the laptop hd, then when i was trying to boot the dell 470, i got the the stop error:"STOP: 0X0000007B(0XBA4EB524,0XC0000034, 0X00000000, 0X00000000)", so i think the Boot.ini file is corrupted, the machine is confused or the sata controller driver got corrupted, i am wondering of any sugestion about modifiying the boot.ini file or FIXMBR how in my case, i don't want to reformat the hd .

Posted: Apr 9, 2009

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Can Only Access BIOS
I dug around some before posting, but I couldn't find anyone having the same problem as me, and I'm hoping this is the most appropriate forum. I apologize for the length, but I wanted to post everything I thought might be pertinent. I was playing Guild Wars when my GeForce 4 Ti4400 died. I got a working Radeon 9700 from a friend (he was using it up until the moment I got it, and I ran AquaMark 3D on it) and ran into only a billion problems. When I performed certain actions involving the online video game Guild Wars, my computer would suddenly reboot with no warning. I adjusted "reboot on error" in the system properties. It no longer rebooted, but instead, I got a solid blue screen (no words, just a blue screen), and I had to hold the power switch down to turn off the system. I suspect that troubleshooting this BSoD problem and putting my system through that repeatedly probably messed up some settings or something. The last thing I did to my computer was install the ATI Catalyst 7.8 display driver only (I was testing out the various driver releases one-by-one to see if any of them fixed my BSoD problem). It installed, asked me if I wanted to restart, I clicked yes, it began restarting, froze at a black screen (not the first time I had that problem since all my video card/Guild Wars problems), I once again held the power switch down to turn it off, waited a few seconds to turn it back on, and since then I have had the error described under the "Current Problem" heading above.

Posted: Oct 18, 2007

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Can't Access BIOS
Hewlett Packard PC. Hangs on start up at HP Logo window so I planned to reformat/reinstall XP Home Edition.
Pressed F1 to get into BIOS and it displays the words..."entering Setup." but it just hangs there never lets me into the BIOS.

Posted: Mar 2, 2005

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BIOS Is Not Installed
Since I have had my comp (going on 4 months), when I boot i get a message saying BIOS is not installed, which i find very hard to believe, but this never affects anything. today when i boot my comp, it starts loading and its:scaning IDE drives then it says something about BIOS not being installed (but it was a slightly different message, i didnt have enough time to record it). then i get some weird screen, it gave me the option of entering setup by pressing F1 or loading default settings by pressing F2. i rebooted, again the same message, so i just chose to load default settings, and everything loaded, but when i got to loading windows, i loaded it and then it crashed, the comp just rebooted. then i followed the steps again and loaded default settings and it loaded fine. i know i cant give details about the error screens as i didnt have time to record them, but what should i do if this happens again?

Posted: Dec 3, 2004

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NO Bios Found
i bought a ASUS motherboard about 8 months ago its a A8V Deluxe i believe and when it boots it says detecting BIOS then a bunch of. then it says BIOS NOT FOUND!

Posted: Apr 15, 2006

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Bios Seems To Be Messed
Brand new intel p4 has issues. Please help. it shows the intel p4 screen, start bios then gets a few 95,BA, 94, E9. Then gets a long consistent beeping noise. It sounds like the bios is messed up.Under system summary,says sys manufacturer intel system model D945gtp system type x86-based pc

Posted: May 13, 2006

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