Startup: Scrolling Bars Stop And Freezes Before Loads Desktop?

Nov 12, 2006

recently my computer takes ages to get passed the Windows XP load screen. Sometimes the scrolling bars stop and it freezes before i it loads the desktop. It works if i safe boot it, but often it doesn't pass the Windows XP startup screen, or it takes a long time (approx 100s) to get passed it. Before it only took at most 10 seconds. It don't know why it's doing it. I've tried running a registry mechanic, prefetch cleaner and all that jazz.But it's still taking awhile to get passed that XP screen.

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Startup: Freezes After Showing My Wallpaper Of Desktop Items?

Mar 27, 2005

My computer is really slow and it takes hours just to get to the screen where the User names are. Also when i enter my password and try to log in. The computer usually freezes after showing my wallpaper of desktop items. This is probably because I had installed a few programs.Is there a program or something to that I can use to boot my computer faster? I'm desperate also I really need to keep all the files on my computer on my computer. I have been having problems with my cpu being overheated. The CPU fan makes alot of noise.

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Comp Freezes, Sometimes BSOD When DVD Loads

Mar 12, 2007

When I am on the comp normally, on the internet, using Word, etc. it's all fine. The problem only starts when I try to play a dvd. Sometimes, it will play for a little while and then I hear a 'click' sound and the comp freezes. I would have to press the restart button for it to do anything.Other times, as soon as the DVD drive starts to load a dvd, a 'click' sound is heard, and it freezes.Sometimes, the same happens as above, and the BLUE SCREEN shows up- says something about memory dump..I don't know what to do! I've tried using a different programs to load the DVD, e.g. Power DVD, Windows Media Player, AVI... don't think it makes a difference now! (When I changed from Power DVD to WMP it worked for a week or so, then it started all over again! This problem started when I still had my old DVD drive, which was 8X and now I have a 16X. At first it was all fine, but a couple of weeks later it started again.

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Desktop PC Meltdown - Black Bars Covering Large Portions Of Screen

Feb 18, 2006

My desktop has decieded to add the 'menu' bar down trhe left had side of the screen. It is the same as the type which appears on the left hand side of open folders in XP. I created a new user account and it was OK until the screen went into screen saver and I needed to log back in and the problem was there again. This appears to have only started to happen when I added my XP laptop to the wired network.

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My Computer Opens / Loads During Startup

Nov 11, 2008

When ever I turn-on or reboot my computer, XP opens normally and then the "My Computer" window opens on top of my desktop.

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Diagnostic Startup - Loads Basic Stuff

Nov 24, 2007

i do start>run>MSCONFIG>startup and i see alot of programs starting up, i wanna know what programs i need and dont need when starting up. Theres also a option under general that says diagnostic startup, which loads baisc stuff

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Never Fully Loads The Desktop

Sep 1, 2009

My sister has given me her used laptop, telling me if I can make it work, it's all mine. The problem is, it never fully loads the desktop. You can't click anything or do anything else. She has lost her XP disk so I can't restore the system. I tried booting up in Safe Mode, but it still freezes on the desktop I am completely clueless on what to do. Is there any software available that could boot from a disk and do something?

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Program Loads At Every Startup: Wont Delete Start Menu?

Jul 21, 2006

I am running Win XP on a HP laptop. When I boot up a program always tries to load but it is one that I don't have or have tried to load. It always asks for the disk which I do not have. It is not located in the start folder, so I do not know where to go to delete it.

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My Computer Folder Loads At Startup And Sluggish Start Up / Shutdown

Mar 29, 2007

I noticed some irregular occurences on my system, starting off with “My Computer” opening the same folder at startup (C:program files ero I think) and taking a LOT longer to shutdown/restart than normal (anywhere between 5 & 15mins to shutdown). Occasionally ckdisk would run at boot and after analysing would go through the process of recovering orphaned files (on both C: and F:

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Strange Scrolling Or Wobbling Scrolling

Jan 16, 2005

When I operate the scroll bar, instead of a smooth scroll down or up the page, the scrolling occurs in jerks, making the page appear to "ripple". I am using windows XP. In addition, when I watch DVDs the crarity is not so good. It has only just started happening.

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PC Loads To Desktop / Explorer.exe Wont Run

Nov 17, 2008

Whenever I start my PC, 90 percent of the time it loads to the desktop but explorer.exe wont run. If I start Task Manager and run it from there, for the first few minutes an error pops up saying I don't have admin rights to access the file, but then later on it runs ok. But then, when it does load, only the volume control will load on the start bar, and if I try to access anything, (internet etc.) it doesnt work at all. Also my Folder Options in the Control Panel have disappeared, and Ive tried many ways to get it back, such as running gpedit, and it also wont let me access the registry, saying I dont have admin rights, even though I am the only user of the PC, and I have full admin rights. Sometimes it won't load at all, just booting to a black screen with the pointer stuck in the middle, and I have to restart it to get it to do anything.

If I run the computer in safe mode, the explorer bar has a 50/50 chance of loading on startup, and I still have the same problems. I ran Webroot Spy Sweeper, which picked a few spy cookies and whatnot, but nothing significant, but it seems to be getting progressively worse every time I restart the PC.The PC also refuses to boot the XP startup disk, cos I wanted to Repair Windows to see if that would fix the problem, and also trying to reset to default with BIOS and using MSCONFIG didnt work either. Im pretty sure Im forgetting something else that was quite important, but I cant remember what it is.... also System Restore has been wiped clean, so I cant restore my PC to an earlier time... I tried running a Virus scan using Virgin Media antivirus and Webroot Spy Sweeper Deep System Scan, but no luck, both just picked up minore spy cookie and stuff

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Msconfig Normal Startup, Stop Running At Startup, And Change Back

May 16, 2007

I want a program to run at startup and I want to be able to change what I have done at any time.

There are a number of unchecked entries in msconfig and I have to use Selective Startup all the time.

If I want to revert to Normal Startup under the General tab instead of Selective Startup, the program's box automatically rechecks itself in Startup.

The Startup tab gives me a handy record of what I did and allows for an easy change of mind so long as I continue to use Selective Startup.

If I edit the Registry to stop programs running at startup, they won't show in msconfig and I lose the handy record of how it was and I may have to reinstall the program to go back to it running at startup.

I would like to accomplish this:

1. Use Normal Startup instead of Selective Startup.

2. Have some programs not run at startup, but be able to easily change back to having them run at startup.

3. Have a readily accessible list of those programs and the details as shown under the Startup tab as a reminder of how it was without having to manually enter it all into a text file or keep a notebook or reinstall.

Is there some way to use Normal Startup, stop programs running at startup, but retain or find a list of those programs (including the details under the headings Startup Item, Command, Location) that is shown when using Selective Startup with unchecked boxes under the Startup tab?

To put it another way, use Normal Startup but somehow retain the convenient flexibility of Selective Startup.

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Often Freezes On Startup, And Always Freezes On Shutdown?

Aug 24, 2007

A while ago my pc started randomly freezing when i booted up, usually have to reboot three or four times before it works properly, i guess i must have a virus or something but no scans i run pick up anything obvious. Also when i try to shutdown, the screen freezes on the "Windows is preparing to shut down" screen.

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Missing Desktop And Start Menu - Explorer.exe Loads Only Via Taskmanager (RUN)?

Dec 9, 2008

i ran some pretty complicated malware-removal programs since my PC (on the office network) was showing loads of trojans and other malware. in the order of running, i ran Malwarebytes, MGTools, Combofix with the windows recovery option. Then, on not having found anything substantial, I uninstalled Combofix with the /u optiom and deleted C:Combofix and later, proceeded to delete C:MGTools.The PC allows me to do a Ctrl+Alt+Del log in, and once I hit Return after entering the password, it just shows me the blue background to the desktop - No items, no menus.Same thing happens in safe mode.

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Startup And Shutdown Slow - IE Loads Slow

Feb 16, 2005

startup and shutdownn is slow... IE loads slow...

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After Desktop Loads "Programs" File Opens Automatically

Apr 20, 2006

When I start Windows XP, after the desktop loads, the "Programs" file opens automatically. This just started happening out of the blue and happens with every start up.

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Professional Freezes At Startup - Need A Log

Mar 10, 2008

need a log of my computer to see wheret there could be a problems that is causing my computer to freeze at start up (but not always , but i have to start my system several times before it will stay normal)

i have used hi jack this,

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2

Scan saved at 20:12:50, on 08/02/2009

Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)

MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16762)

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Startup: Computer Freezes And Goes Blank?

Feb 15, 2007

I have recently installed windows on my computer which was fine. After some use the computer freezes and goes blank, this is normally an hour or so after I have been using it. I then have to manually restart the computer and it freezes just after the BIOS information comes up but just before the XP loading screens comes up. In BIOS I change some of the settings and it works again but then the same thing happens again. Now I cant even load from the hard drive because some of the windows files are corrupted.

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Home Freezes Constantly On Every Startup?

Jul 18, 2005

about an hour ago, i reformatted my computer and now it freezes constantly.It usually freezes on startup. I have Norotn Anti-Virus installed and all of the latest Windows updates.

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Stop The Programs That Run Automatically After Startup?

May 9, 2007

there are a few programs that automatically start when I start up my computer. Now ive run acrossed it before but now I can't find it and I was wondering how I get those things from automatically starting.

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Startup: Freezes And Wont Go For The Safe Mode?

Oct 12, 2006

I'm having a problem with my Laptop which has just started locking up seconds after switching on after crashing.I was chatting on MSN and sent a message, and at the moment i hit enter the thing froze and i had no choice but to pull the plug since it wasnt responding in any way. Then when i tried to start it up again, it wouldnt. It gets to the screen where it gives you the options (eg. DEL > Setup F8 > Boot Menu etc) and a few lines of text afterwards and then just stops.I've tried going on each of the options (setup. boot menu, boot network) but it just changes to GO > Setup or whatever, then gets the same line of text below and stops. I cant get to the safe mode screen, and i cant seem to Boot from any CD's either

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Loading Screen Freezes At A Certain Point On Startup?

Sep 2, 2006

It seems like ever since the first xp pro installation i made on this computer i have had nothing but problems. every time i turn on my computer, i see normal computer information before the windows screen, when the windows screen comes, the loading bar freezes at a certain point. It will sit at that point until i restart the computer by the button on the tower. Once it happens once, it will continue to happen until i reinstall windows using the cd. After i reinstall, it will boot up fine, but next time i restart my computer it starts all over.

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Login Screen Coming Up And Freezes The Startup?

Mar 7, 2006

Winxp media center edition.Something I did has caused a login screen to come up and freeze the startup until I close it. Asks for a password but a click will make it disappear. How do I get it off?

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Professional Operating System Freezes At Startup

Feb 8, 2009

im not too good with computers but have read the forum to realised ppl need a log of my computer to see wheret there could be a problems that is causing my computer to freeze at start up (but not always , but i have to start my system several times before it will stay normal)i have used hi jack this, please help me resolve the issue

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System23 Folder Opens On Startup - How To Stop

Sep 1, 2005

why my system32 folder opens when XP home starts up? and how to stop it doing it please

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Getting Stop Errors And Blue Screen At Startup?

Aug 21, 2007

My mom was on my computer this afternoon and there was a power surge. When the power came back on, the computer would not come back on. When I booted my computer up this evening, everything was fine until midway into the startup sequence and I closed Yahoo! Messenger. Right after I did that I got the BSOD (BAD_POOL_HEADER) and the Stop errors at 0x00000019, (0x00000020, 0xE2B9E8F0, 0xE2B9E918, 0x0C050801). After restart, I tried to load HJT and I got an Explorer.EXE Application Error: The instruction at 0x7c91142e referenced memory at 0x00650072. The memory could not be read.

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Stop An Update Program From Running At Startup

Jun 7, 2005

I recently installed and then uninstalled Symantec PC Anywhere. However, when I start windows now I get an error message from Symantec PCAnywhere Update utility telling me that the program is not installed locally so the updater won't run.How do I remove this updater and stop it from trying to run at Windows startup? I've heard of running MSCONFIG from Start -> Run... but that doesn't seem to work on XP.

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Getting Stop Error And Blue Screen At Startup?

Aug 2, 2006

I'm getting a BSOD with the following Stop Error DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OF_EQUAL *** STOP:0x000000D1(0x00000018,0x00000002,0x00000000, 0xF72BD25F) iastor.sys - Adress F72BD25F base at F72AE000 DateStamp 42b2df42 This happens every time I start up and also I am unable to boot into Safe Mode as it is getting hung on whatever file is after Mup.sys.My plan was to go into safe mode and update iastor.sys to a newer version but I cant. I also find it stange that this file is an issue as I only have a single hard drive and I was under the impression that this file had something to do with RAID.

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Getting Blue Screen And Stop Error Upon Every Startup?

Apr 12, 2007

2 months ago I ordered system from Cyberpower PC and it was shipped a week later.Set it all up,formatted Windows XP Home Edition and got it running. Shortly there after, I started blue screening and it seemed RAM related, so I swapped the sticks and it seemed I would only BSOD with one of the sticks, so I called the company, shipped it back, and got a new stick.

Then I started to BSOD again with the error message of IRQL_LESS_OR_NOT_EQUAL and then 0x0000000A (0x0000F78A, 0x0000002, 0x0000001, 0x806E4A8F), and this particular error would only occur while I was playing World of Warcraft. So first I pulled the new stick of RAM and tried playing... and everything went fine for a day, and then I BSOD'd again, same error

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Reinstalled Windows - Now Laptop Freezes At Startup After Reinstall?

Dec 11, 2007

I decided to "reinstall" Windows XP on my laptop. I stuck the reinstall disk into the computer and let it go. After about 1 hour of "reinstalling", the computer restarted, after that, the window was only one half the size and I couldn't change the monitor resolution size. (but, it showed the old desktop information so I knew right away that I hadn't actually reinstalled to the original state, but just reinstalled over the current desktop).

I restarted the computer to see if the window screen would enlarge to the full size. It did return to the full screen size, but Now, it freezes at the part of startup where the screen says "Windows is starting up". I left it on for 20 minutes and it was still frozen. SHould I insert the Windows XP disk again, to start over or what? Or click reboot after hitting the F2 button??

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Startup Screen Freezes: Unable To Turn Off Computer?

May 19, 2006

I have a dell dimension 8250 3 years old I just had a nvidia gforce 128 mb graphics card put in to replace a burned out 64 bit card,now I just noticed the next day that when I right click anywhere on the desktop screen except on a folder or program-the cursor become an hourglass and it freezes pemanantly I cant even turn the comp off to shut it down I have to use the on off button.Does anyone have an idea of what is wrong?

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