Search Option Missing

Jul 23, 2005

when you hit start, there is the options on the right side (run, search, my comp, control panel, etc), and I seem to have lost the Search thing. I click on it and nothing happens...I click again nothing happens. I reboot, click again nothing happens Yet if I go into My Computer, I can search there but I want to search where it says Search. XP Home SP2 and I have tried "Right click on your start button choose properties then start menu customize.then advanced. Scroll down under the network settings and make sure the box for "Search" has a checkmark in it. Uncheck it reboot and then checkmark it again"

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Search Option Opens Up By Default Instead Of The Open Option

Aug 10, 2006

I use Windows XP SP2. Recently noticed that when I left-click on any of the icons of the Hard-disk drives and/or Devices with Removable Storage within 'My Computer', the 'Search' Option opens up by default instead of the 'Open' option, like in other folders. Likewise, when I right-click on the said icons, the 'Search' option is topmost & the 'Open' option has been relegated to second position. I would like the Search option to come first. Can't remember whether this was so from before or changed recently.
I have used Norton Partition Magic 8 recently to resize my partitions.

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Search Assistant Missing Components - Search Command

May 31, 2005

Not sure where to begin with this. I think I deleted a file I shouldn't have with the HJT log while I was cleaning up some spyware stuff. Anyone know how to help me get back my search command?

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Missing Search Engine - Search Companion

Mar 23, 2007

i have just gone to a search in the search link in the start menu and got a file missing message saying a file that is required to run search companian could not be found you may need to run set up

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Getting Unwanted Search Option After Virus Attack?

Oct 15, 2008

I recenlty got rid of a trojan virus; interestingly ESET didn't detect it at first; I got two aanti malware downolads from the forum that detected and got rid of them. One was super Malware and the other was MBAM< Both terrific.I am stil lleft with a pop up No Disk etc etc but will have to get you thta info later as now my search window is not functioning properly and I need to tade care of that.

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Home Search Option Freezes / CTL/ALT/DEL Shows Not Responding?

Jan 14, 2007

Using the "Search" option on the Start menu freezes the screen. Checking CTL/ALT/DEL shows Not Responding.

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Opening Files And Folders Results In Getting Search Option?

Jul 13, 2005

All the folders on my computer are now opening into a new window with the Search function. I have to right-click and choose open to get into my folders. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this?

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Right Click - Menu Option Open Changed To Search

Jan 7, 2006

i am using windows xp home edition, and for the past last 1 week, whenever i try to open any folder by double clicking a search page opens same as search in start menu, n when i right click the folder i found dat d first option dat should have been 'open' was now changed to search, n dis is d case with all d folders n my drive too.

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System Restore And Search Option On Start Menu Not Funtioning?

Dec 8, 2008

im having this two option in start menu is not functioning as well as my system restore.i wasnt able to fully explain in words so ive decided
to attach it.

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SEARCH Won't Work File Missing / File Required To Run Search Companion Cannot Be Found

May 5, 2005

I'm battling spyware removal at the moment (aurora) and somehow my win xp sp2 search function no longer works. i get an error "A File That Is Required to Run Search Companion Cannot Be Found" you may need to run setup I went to the microsoft website and downloaded the hotfix, however it doesn't work with sp2! anybody know how to fix this? I checked and i do have the srchasst folder in windows.

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Clicking On Hard Drive Icons Results In Opening Search Option?

Oct 9, 2005

Dont know why but when i click or double-click de hard-Drive (C:, D:,) the search open automatically.. the only way to enter is right-click and choose open.i notice when i right-click the drive , the menu has the search in black and not the open. how can i edit and set the open the default or reset it.

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Folder Option Missing In OS

Oct 31, 2007

I cant change Folder Options, cause I cant find it not in control panel not in Tools, on the the tab when any folder is opened! I'm using Xp Sp2.

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Search Tool Missing

Jul 27, 2008

I had a spyware/malware but its all gone now but now i no longer have a windows search tool and i cannot view my extended services.My spyware/malware was fixed through these forums i still had the spyware/malware i still could use the search tool and i could still look at my extended services. Here is a screen shot of what i get now for each of them

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Missing Shutdown Option In Start Menu?

Nov 7, 2007

A few days ago the Shutdown option at the bottom of the start menu has disappeared and from the Ctrl+Alt+Delete also.I have scanned the computer with Avira antivirus, free version, and super antispyware. Lots of things were deleted, but the shutdown option is still missing. I have not been able to shut my laptop down for two days.

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Run Command Option Missing In Start Menu?

Jul 6, 2010

I am using Windows xp. In 'Start' menu, the 'Run' and 'Search' options are not being shown. When I try keys 'Windows + R' it shows a message reading " This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your System Operator."

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Send Picture Via Email Option Missing

Feb 9, 2009

I used to be able to go into Start menu and My Pictures in XP and select a picture and click on "email this file" and it would give me an option to "make picture smaller" or leave it the same size, and having chosen to make it smaller it would attach the smaller picture into Outlook Express and voila!I have not got this option box anymore! Can anyone tell me why I have lost this facility? When I click email this picture, it does slightly reduce the size, but not enough - like previously small, medium or large.

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Unable To Get Into System: Missing Login Option At Startup?

Jan 17, 2005

I cannot get into my PC. All of a sudden I trun on my PC and the login icons is MISSING! There is no username icon to click at the welcome screen. I tried to boot in safe mode and it still requires I click a user. I hit CNTRL+DEL+ALT twice to log on but it wouldnt take my password so I have no way to get into my system. Its Windows XP pro and I am not sure if I have SP2 or not.

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After Uninstalling KAV From Add / Remove Programs Search Is Missing

Mar 23, 2007

I uninstalled the KAV trial because I had a lot of problems with it locking up. I used both add/remove/uninstall as well as the kaspersky removal tool (provided by KAV). I just noticed the xp search screen is completely missing. start-search. any suggestions on getting it back.

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Search Is Missing Form Start Menu

Sep 25, 2008

i have went to start properties and customize and advanced and it still dont show up. what does show up is a magnafiing glass that wasnt there b4. it dont let me look up files and folders.

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Run Command Missing: Right Clicking And Going To Properties, Search Appears?

Jul 6, 2009

Run Command has gone missing Please don't give me BS about right clicking and going to properties. When I do that Search appears, not Run

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Speaker Icon In System Tray Missing" Option Grayed Out?

Oct 3, 2005

For about 2 months now the speaker icon in the systray has been missing. I've been to control panel>sounds and multimedia and the area to checkmark to show it is grayed out. Tried the replace the sndvol thing from the cd, but didn't help. Also, reinstalled the software for my card.

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Speaker Icon Is Missing: Wont Give Option To Adjust Volume?

Jul 24, 2010

speaker icon is missing not giving me the option to adjust in volume control what to do cant hear any sound effects or music

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"Search" Option Set As Default / Only Happening To "My Computer"?

Aug 18, 2006

When I open "My Computer" and then click to open one of the local or mapped drives, instead of opening that drive I get a "Search" window launched. I can open the drives by right clicking and selecting "Open", but I'd much rather just be able to open them normally!The strange thing (to me, anyway) is that this only happens in "My Computer" - not in any other folder or window...

All thoughts and offers of help welcome!

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"Install" Option Missing For Inf File

Jul 31, 2007

"Install" option is missing from the context menu for *.inf files.
Google gives many results, but all considering the same problem for Win95/98/2000, and not for XP which is my OS.

It is probably a registry problem, since it is the same case on my both computers with same software, and different hardware.
I've tried everything I knew, but can't move a bit.

I have one more problem with context menu; WinRAR "extract" options are present, but not working for *.rar files. They do work for other archives though. This is not such a big problem, but I am mentioning it beacause there is a possibility that both are connected.

I desperatly need to install an *.inf driver. No way around. I NEED to get back "INstall" option in the context menu for *.inf file drivers.

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Run Option Missing From Startup Menu: Restoring It To My Startup?

Sep 3, 2005

The run link is missing from my startup menu...can anyone help me find it? I know this sounds dumb, but I really need to restore it to my startup so I
can take care of some other problems I'm having.

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Missing "search" Action While Right Clicking The Drive Icon?

Jan 27, 2009

when i tried to right click on my drives, i.e. c drive, removable disks, the option only includes open and explore. However, when i tried to right click on folders, the available option includes open, explore and search.. how do i include the "search" option?

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"Log On To" Option Missing After Pressing Ctl-Alt-Del

Jun 21, 2005

Recently I accidently changed the domain of a computer at work to "workgroup" and now I cannot log in at all because it says the user does not exist on the domain. But I cannot change the domain now because if you press the options button the "log on to:" is no longer an option.

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Get Rid Of Puppy Dog In Search, Bring Back 2000 Classic Search

May 2, 2004

Copy the information into the registry to get rid of the puppy dog in the search window.  Brings back the classisc Windows 2000 search box....

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Cannot Use Search Function - File Required To Run Search Companion Cannot Be Found

Mar 27, 2005

Whenever I try to use the Start|Search|For Files or Folders function of Windows XP, I get the following Error message box stating, "A file required to run Search Companion cannot be found. You may need to run Setup". (1) Does anyone have any idea what caused this problem? (2) What file is missing? (3) Can I fix it without having to run Setup?

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Search A Word In *.java Files With Windows Sp2 Search...

Jun 9, 2005

Search a word in *.java files with Windows XP sp2 Search... are not functionally.

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Search The Office 2007 Ribbon With Search Commands

Dec 10, 2009

The new interface in Office 2007 has a great new look but finding your favorite feature can be a little difficult at first. Microsoft Office Labs offers a helpful utility called Search Commands that brings search to the ribbon. Can’t find a specific feature? Just search for it!

 Just download and install the Search Commands utility and you will have a new search tab in Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Download Search Commands from Microsoft Office Labs

Visit Search Command homepage

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