Cannot Use Search Function - File Required To Run Search Companion Cannot Be Found

Mar 27, 2005

Whenever I try to use the Start|Search|For Files or Folders function of Windows XP, I get the following Error message box stating, "A file required to run Search Companion cannot be found. You may need to run Setup". (1) Does anyone have any idea what caused this problem? (2) What file is missing? (3) Can I fix it without having to run Setup?

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SEARCH Won't Work File Missing / File Required To Run Search Companion Cannot Be Found

May 5, 2005

I'm battling spyware removal at the moment (aurora) and somehow my win xp sp2 search function no longer works. i get an error "A File That Is Required to Run Search Companion Cannot Be Found" you may need to run setup I went to the microsoft website and downloaded the hotfix, however it doesn't work with sp2! anybody know how to fix this? I checked and i do have the srchasst folder in windows.

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Saving A "Search Companion" Search List As A Text File?

Sep 4, 2006

I have WinXP Home - SP2. When i do a search in "Search Companion" and a list is shown in 'search results' is there then a way to save that list to a text file that can subsequently be printed out?

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Yahoo Search Has Replaced IE6 Search Companion

May 7, 2009

I am running Windows XP SP2 with Internet Explorer 6. Yahoo Search has replaced Search Companion and there is no preference button. There is a Customize button but it only brings up a pop-up page that says Ops wrong page. Try again Later. how I can Get the MSN Search Companion back.

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Search Companion Has Reverted To Old Search Results

Sep 3, 2005

My Search Companion now calls itself Search Results and does not offer to find Pictures, music, or video, Documents, etc. Also the animated assistant is not available nor is the change preferences option. I had a nasty virus attack and had to repair XP Pro. All else is repaired as far as I can tell, but this version of Search is not nearly as handy.

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Missing Search Engine - Search Companion

Mar 23, 2007

i have just gone to a search in the search link in the start menu and got a file missing message saying a file that is required to run search companian could not be found you may need to run set up

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File Search Function Is Knocked Out

Apr 6, 2008

I seem to have done something that has knocked out my Start Search (or was it start find) function. when I click on start search, I get a kind of disabled Internet Explorer box instead of the familiar search options with the usual buttons for location, file name, etc. This seems to have happened shortly after I got rid of the animated character and did a lot of other XP performance tweaks. I did turn the indexing service off but turned it back on and that did not help

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MS Search Companion

May 19, 2005

After doing an update on wxp he, we all of sudden have search companion of which for 3 yrs we didn't have! The update had nothing to do with it. My wife doesn't like it and wants it removed. I've gone thru the computer but can't find anyway to remove it as it doesn't appear to exist. I googled it and found this=• {Disable the Search companion to go back to the traditional search view: Start regedit, expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER and in Software – Microsoft – Windows – CurrentVersion – Explorer – CabinetState, set the value of Use Search Asst to "no"} but it's for wxp pro and isn't applicable for Home. I found an overview for it but nothing on how to uninstall it. It's called ms search companion. What it's doing is when we double click on a folder to open it, it brings up a search menue instead,whereas prior the folder would just open.

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Search Companion Does Not Work

Jul 7, 2005

I have a user with the default settings for Search Companion. Last week, she noticed that it all of a sudden stopped working. Whenever she types in something to search and clicks on the Search button, IE sits there for a minute, and then comes back with the following error message: "Unable to connect The Web site is currently unavailable or the connection to the Internet has been lost. Make sure you are connected to the Internet and try again." The Search Companion doesn't work either if I run IE as the Administrator. For now, I have her using the Classic search, but she would like to use the Search Companion.

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Search Companion Crashes Every Time

Aug 16, 2005

I am having an issue with the search companion crashing every time in XP w/sp2. I have re-installed the search driver and ran SFC /scannow but the search companion continues to crash. There is no adware/spyware on the machine any Ideas of a file that may have been damaged?

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Search Companion Doesnot Finds Anything

Sep 5, 2008

I've long made good use of the ability to search for files in my computer running Windows XP Professional by providing the Search Companion with "All or part of the file" or "A word or phrase in the file," but the Search Companion has suddenly begun behaving strangely. Sometimes when I run a search now it claims it found no files at all matching my criteria even though I know such files exist, and other times it lists some or all of the files it found multiple times (yes, with multiple listings of a single file within a single folder). And when it says it found results now, too, some of the files it lists appear in blue rather than the customary black.

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Search Companion Characters - Microsoft

Jan 6, 2005

how to add or delete msagent characters in the Window Search Companion feature? I presently have Merlin, Robby, Rover and Genie. I would like to delete a couple of them and add a couple of other msagent characters - Peedy and Oscar. I haven't found anywhere in the knowledge base of MS -

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Search Function Not Working - "Search Not Responding".

Mar 8, 2005

My "Search" fonction does not start. I used it without problems for months but when asked I get now only the first window with the dog and nothing else.When I click ctrl + Alt + Suppr I get: "Search not responding".
I tried to set the system to several previous restore points: No result

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Search Companion Hangs Then 'program Is Not Responding' Me

Jun 28, 2005

I am running XP SP2 with all current updates installed. Sometime after Windows Update performed an update, I noticed that when I try to run Search (Start, Search), the search app freezes after I type in the file search criteria and click the "search" button". Attempting to close the application results in "this program not responding." and ultimately "You chose to end the nonreponsive program, Windows Explorer." Please Tell Microsoft about this problem. We have created an error report... [Send Error Report] [Don't Send] This is identical to a problem reported on 3/1/2005 but doesn't appear to have a resolution.

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Search Function Won't Search

Jul 27, 2005

every time I entered a file name or search name in the box, the result came up instantly: "Searched, nothing found."

Actually, there was no time to conduct a search, the result showed up within a half second.

Meanwhile, I've tested by entering names of files that appear multiple times and I still get the same result instantly, "nothing found."

What can I do to correct or repair?

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Lost Search Function On Pc

Sep 28, 2008

would any one know how i can restore the SEARCH function on my pc? i think my problem started when i uninstalled software, even though the uninstall went smoothly and without any obvious problems. whenever i click on START/SEARCH i get a message stating: "a file required to run SEARCH COMPANION cannot be found. you may need to run setup". i get the same error message when trying to search inside a folder.i'm running XP, and only have a recovery cd for WINDOWS, so if part of the remedy requires the full WINDOWS OS software, i'm out of luck.

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Lost Search Function On XP

Jul 16, 2008

It has been some time now the find button on the start list has disappeared...The search option in the folder view of the windows explorer disappeared too and the F3 key has no effect whatsoever (except when I use it inside Firefox.then it starts the firefox page search feature).This "may" have happened some time ago when I tried the "Windows desktop search" program that I didn't like and uninstalled later?)Anyway here I am using Google desktop which is too memory hungry (its database occupies 4GB on my C drive).I tried googling the internet and found 2 or 3 solutions that failed with me .Is there a solution?

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Win Explorer Search Function

Sep 9, 2005

Since moving to Win XP I have found that Win Explorer Search Files & Folders function does not work properly (as Win 98 did).I need to search a subset of the files (for example *.pas) to find a file containing a string (for example TLargeInteger). Win 98 would have found this but Win XP returns with no item found when there is definitely a file(s) with that string in it in plain text (ie not unicode). Is there some subtle selection I am not making or is the Win XP Search function broken.

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Searching For My Search Function

Jan 1, 2006

At the end of November, the folks over in the Security forum were kind enough to walk me through a huge problem I was having. My computer has never been better except for one small thing. my "search" function doesn't work. The little doggy is there and if I enter something and then ask it to search files and folders (or anything for that matter), it goes off to search and then nothing happens. Eventually I get the "Program not Responding" window and when I close it, my desktop blinks off for a second and then my Norton systray button is missing.It's weird and I'm sure I deleted something inadvertently while I was getting rid of that terrible trojan. I was just wondering if someone had a suggestion so that I could restore that function. If not, I'll leave it alone because I'm just happy to have my computer back to normal almost. I thought I was going to have to throw it away until those guys saved it for me.

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Search Function Goes Away - Not Able To Connect

Sep 11, 2007

It seems that this problem surfaces every once in awhile. I have not been able to connect it to any actions done previous to its occurrence. The problem is that when I attempt to search in windows I get a "Unknown error" message. In the past I have gone to reinstalling Windows but that is rather tedious. So if there is any other way to get the Search function back I would like to know what it is.

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Search Function Is Broken

Jul 6, 2005

WinXP Home with SP2, after removing a bunch of spyware the search feature in Windows no longer works. It says the files are missing or something along those lines.

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Search Function Not Working At All

Dec 7, 2006

For some time now I have not been able to use my Windows XP Search function. It doesn't even start up, from either of the two spots I use it. The first is by clicking the Start Menu, and clicking Search; the second is by right clicking My Computer and clicking Search. Both do nothing when clicked (at all, not even an hour glass or anything). It's almost as if teh executable for the function has disappeared. I have been pulling my hair out for a couple months now. I have searched many forums and have tried the fixes such as registry keys; running (regsvr32 C:WINDOWSsrchasstsrchui.dll); running sfc /scannow; kellys-korner help pages;

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Search Function Is Abysmally Slow

Jul 9, 2005

The search function of Win XP Pro is abysmally slow. Is there any way
to speed it up?

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Search Function - Files Not Displayed

Aug 6, 2006

Occasionally when I search for a file or folder using Start>Search I get a report that one or more files were found but they don't get displayed in the display box. Sometimes, when I redo the search the results will get displayed. Does anyone have any idea how I might correct this problem? I have XP Home Edition.

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Search Function Appears To Be Disabled

Apr 22, 2007

The search function in windows xp appears to be disabled. Clicking on the Search button in any window has no effect. This might or might not be related to a second problem I'm experiencing. System Restore has been mysteriously turned off and I cannot turn it back on. Checking off the 'Turn off System Restore' checkbox and clicking on 'Apply' results in the following message: "System Restore encountered an error trying to enable one or more drives. Please restart your maching and try again." Restarting, of course, has no effect. Btw, the 'Status' section of the System Restore window indicates the following: "(C) Turned off. Not sure what that means.

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Search Function Is Somewhere Between Arcane And Useless

Jan 26, 2010

The search utility on Windows XP is somewhere between arcane and useless. Where is there the old field for seeking text strings?

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Search Function For Certain Files Is Not Working

Jun 30, 2005

When I use Windows XP search to search within files for certain text it is not working. I know what I am searching for is there, but it cannot find it.I found an article from MS which advised me to turn indexing off, which I did and it does still not work.

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Explorer.exe Mystery - Search Function

Dec 21, 2007

I tried to change the start button text just now (following the instructions here: but I ended up not liking it because the search function was rendered unusable. Anyway, I read that there was another way to do it by just renaming the original explorer.exe (to something like ORIGINALexplorer.exe) and replacing it with the modified version (now named, explorer.exe) and putting that in C:/Windows. This way, there's no need to go into the registry and the search function is still usable.

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Hidden Folder / Search Function Aimed

Oct 23, 2006

Apparently there are folders that I just can't see In searching for where my captured video files were, my search function aimed me at c:documents and settingsall users documentsmy videos. When I looked in c:documents and settingsall users, there is no 'documents' folder I went through the process of changing my folder options I had already checked 'show hidden folders', but unchecked 'hide extentions for known file types' and clicked 'apply to all folders', but it still doesn't appear

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Search Function - Returns No Results In A Fraction Of A Second

Dec 6, 2007

What ever happened to the nice Windows Search function? All of a sudden I have something called Desktop Search. My Windows used to find anything on my entire HDD. Now it returns no results in a fraction of a second if what I'm looking for is not actually on the desktop. What's going on here?

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Unable To Use Search Function - Files Crash

Mar 10, 2008

For some time now I have been unable to use the windows xp search function. It starts out all right but always crashes before it completes anything. Sometimes it actually manages to find some files before it crashes.I cannot see any pattern as to a specific location causing it to crash. Originally I thought it was doing it cuz I had WordPerfect open whenever I started the search, but recent attempts to run a search with NO programs open give me the same crashes.

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