Search Companion Hangs Then 'program Is Not Responding' Me

Jun 28, 2005

I am running XP SP2 with all current updates installed. Sometime after Windows Update performed an update, I noticed that when I try to run Search (Start, Search), the search app freezes after I type in the file search criteria and click the "search" button". Attempting to close the application results in "this program not responding." and ultimately "You chose to end the nonreponsive program, Windows Explorer." Please Tell Microsoft about this problem. We have created an error report... [Send Error Report] [Don't Send] This is identical to a problem reported on 3/1/2005 but doesn't appear to have a resolution.

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Program Not Responding / Hangs Up

Mar 15, 2007

I have a three month old HP Pavilion a1624 , 250GB HD and 1GB memory, with WinXP Media Center Edition 2005, with ZAPro, NAV 2007 and use Firefox 2.0 (I get the same problem using Firefox and IE6). I connect to the internet through a wireless network to cable modem. When surfing internet sites things go good for a while then it hangs up. When I click a shortcut or type in a url it starts to go then stops. The active browser icon turns back to just a pointer and when I do the ALT-CTRL-DEL, the task manager indicates, in two separate lines entries, that the program is not responding. I select End Task and at that point I can't connect to any site. I reboot and everything goes normal for a while then, boom, the same thing happens. This happens about every hour or so of use. I have tried running an ethernet cable directly from my PC to the router, but still have the problem. Other PCs on the wireless network have no problem.

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Program Not Responding And Hangs Until I Click End Now

Mar 10, 2005

When i close a program in xp 9 times out of 10 i get the message "the program is not responding" and just hangs untill i click end now .

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Cannot Use Search Function - File Required To Run Search Companion Cannot Be Found

Mar 27, 2005

Whenever I try to use the Start|Search|For Files or Folders function of Windows XP, I get the following Error message box stating, "A file required to run Search Companion cannot be found. You may need to run Setup". (1) Does anyone have any idea what caused this problem? (2) What file is missing? (3) Can I fix it without having to run Setup?

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Yahoo Search Has Replaced IE6 Search Companion

May 7, 2009

I am running Windows XP SP2 with Internet Explorer 6. Yahoo Search has replaced Search Companion and there is no preference button. There is a Customize button but it only brings up a pop-up page that says Ops wrong page. Try again Later. how I can Get the MSN Search Companion back.

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Search Companion Has Reverted To Old Search Results

Sep 3, 2005

My Search Companion now calls itself Search Results and does not offer to find Pictures, music, or video, Documents, etc. Also the animated assistant is not available nor is the change preferences option. I had a nasty virus attack and had to repair XP Pro. All else is repaired as far as I can tell, but this version of Search is not nearly as handy.

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Missing Search Engine - Search Companion

Mar 23, 2007

i have just gone to a search in the search link in the start menu and got a file missing message saying a file that is required to run search companian could not be found you may need to run set up

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SEARCH Won't Work File Missing / File Required To Run Search Companion Cannot Be Found

May 5, 2005

I'm battling spyware removal at the moment (aurora) and somehow my win xp sp2 search function no longer works. i get an error "A File That Is Required to Run Search Companion Cannot Be Found" you may need to run setup I went to the microsoft website and downloaded the hotfix, however it doesn't work with sp2! anybody know how to fix this? I checked and i do have the srchasst folder in windows.

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Saving A "Search Companion" Search List As A Text File?

Sep 4, 2006

I have WinXP Home - SP2. When i do a search in "Search Companion" and a list is shown in 'search results' is there then a way to save that list to a text file that can subsequently be printed out?

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MS Search Companion

May 19, 2005

After doing an update on wxp he, we all of sudden have search companion of which for 3 yrs we didn't have! The update had nothing to do with it. My wife doesn't like it and wants it removed. I've gone thru the computer but can't find anyway to remove it as it doesn't appear to exist. I googled it and found this=• {Disable the Search companion to go back to the traditional search view: Start regedit, expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER and in Software – Microsoft – Windows – CurrentVersion – Explorer – CabinetState, set the value of Use Search Asst to "no"} but it's for wxp pro and isn't applicable for Home. I found an overview for it but nothing on how to uninstall it. It's called ms search companion. What it's doing is when we double click on a folder to open it, it brings up a search menue instead,whereas prior the folder would just open.

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Search Companion Does Not Work

Jul 7, 2005

I have a user with the default settings for Search Companion. Last week, she noticed that it all of a sudden stopped working. Whenever she types in something to search and clicks on the Search button, IE sits there for a minute, and then comes back with the following error message: "Unable to connect The Web site is currently unavailable or the connection to the Internet has been lost. Make sure you are connected to the Internet and try again." The Search Companion doesn't work either if I run IE as the Administrator. For now, I have her using the Classic search, but she would like to use the Search Companion.

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Search Companion Crashes Every Time

Aug 16, 2005

I am having an issue with the search companion crashing every time in XP w/sp2. I have re-installed the search driver and ran SFC /scannow but the search companion continues to crash. There is no adware/spyware on the machine any Ideas of a file that may have been damaged?

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Search Companion Doesnot Finds Anything

Sep 5, 2008

I've long made good use of the ability to search for files in my computer running Windows XP Professional by providing the Search Companion with "All or part of the file" or "A word or phrase in the file," but the Search Companion has suddenly begun behaving strangely. Sometimes when I run a search now it claims it found no files at all matching my criteria even though I know such files exist, and other times it lists some or all of the files it found multiple times (yes, with multiple listings of a single file within a single folder). And when it says it found results now, too, some of the files it lists appear in blue rather than the customary black.

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Search Companion Characters - Microsoft

Jan 6, 2005

how to add or delete msagent characters in the Window Search Companion feature? I presently have Merlin, Robby, Rover and Genie. I would like to delete a couple of them and add a couple of other msagent characters - Peedy and Oscar. I haven't found anywhere in the knowledge base of MS -

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Search Function Not Working - "Search Not Responding".

Mar 8, 2005

My "Search" fonction does not start. I used it without problems for months but when asked I get now only the first window with the dog and nothing else.When I click ctrl + Alt + Suppr I get: "Search not responding".
I tried to set the system to several previous restore points: No result

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Mouse Hangs, Stops Responding

Jan 30, 2005

No one, even Compaq, can figure this problem out. Most times this happens when I am opening IEXPLORER or sometimes it just seems to happen after it's open. I will attempt to open IEXPLORER and my mouse will hang (stop responding) for about a second, then jump back into action. Say like opening up the web browser, and moving your mouse around in a circle, it stops even though you are still moving it. It also does this just when NOTHING is open on the desktop. Just stops for about a second, then springs back.

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Home Search Option Freezes / CTL/ALT/DEL Shows Not Responding?

Jan 14, 2007

Using the "Search" option on the Start menu freezes the screen. Checking CTL/ALT/DEL shows Not Responding.

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Numerous Errors / End Program / Program Not Responding

Aug 22, 2005

Have had a problem for some time now. Program keep looking up and then get this error report. Have done a registry clean,

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Program Not Responding At All

Jan 6, 2005

Several times a day when trying to open certain sites I get a pop-up telling me "This program is not responding" - I have no idea why this happens, it isn't just one program - it could be anything. Does anyone know why this is happening and what can be done about it.

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End Program - Hung Up And Not Responding

Dec 12, 2004

I need to use the "control-alt-delete" to end a program that is hung-up and not responding and I then get the dialog box asking me if I want to send a message to Microsoft telling them about the problem. First of all, is there really any reason to send this message, and if not, how can I prevent this dialog box from showing up again?

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Open More Than 1 Program - End Up Not Responding

Nov 11, 2008

I used the windows xp home edition disk to reformat my computer. i also installed the chipsets and drivers for the motherboard (hoping its done right) and i had a couple of other cds, one being 'ATI CATALYST driver suite' which i dont really know what to do with and another for a pci modem. They came with the computer but i think you need to know about how the computer works to know what to do with them. Well anyway my programs such as windows media player, outlook express, search.... etc.

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Get A Box That Pops Up And Says Program Not Responding

Dec 8, 2004

When shutting down my computer, I get a box that pops up and says program not responding C:documents/settings (that's the most I can see.. I can't see the whole path name). When I click on the end now, the error goes away and the computer shuts down properly. I looked in the task manager to see if anything was running and I didn't see anything and all programs look to be shut down before I tried to shut the computer down. I have Windows XP and I don't understand why something in C:documents/setting would be doing this.

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Program Not Responding Message

Feb 27, 2010

I have windows xp and use explorer I am constantly plaged with the program not responding message.

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Error - This Program Is Not Responding

Apr 17, 2006

I have recently had Explorer ,Mozilla thunderbird,Hijack this etc not opening and the error message "This program is not responding ......"Click end now to end program .There is alot of hang time and then sometimes it all works like it should.To get Hijack to do log below I had to try 8 times before error message did not appear.I have run up to date Adaware pro , Norton Anti virus , Moosft The Cleaner and all clear(did have trojan Lodear but removed all threats.Pepper mill sometimes hangs on middle of screen for 5 mins before I can do anything.Have done a restore point but has not helped.Feel something in background clashing but not sure how to find it ??? Although I leave on most of the time computer takes an age to re boot ...dont feel like doing format but wonder if that is solution.

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Log Off Error, Program Not Responding

Jun 13, 2008

When I log off, a window appears called "Device10 Notification Window", or maybe "Device IO Notification Window". After this window runs for a while, a Program Not Responding error occurs. This started last night, after uninstalling Yahoo Widgets.

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Program Not Responding Message

Dec 1, 2006

I have Internet Explorer 7 for browser use outlook express for mail and XP is my Operating System. My daughter has XP and uses Sea Monkey for browser and mail program. I, my daughter and other people have commented that at different times their computers and mine all freeze and you get a program not responding message. In a matter of seconds or maybe a minute it clears and everything resumes as before slow down. All different computers, XP for Oerating System etc. and we all experience the slow down. Any comments on this. Could it be XP.I had some problems with Internet Explorer 7 at first but after some experience with it I'm satisfied with it.

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Runnning Windows Xp Pro / Select Search To Look For Files And Folders It Hangs / Doesn't Work

Jul 20, 2005

I need some help. I'm running windows xp pro w/SP2. Everytime I select search to look for files/folders it hangs. It doesn't work. Is there a fix for this?

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Program Named Sample Is Not Responding

Dec 9, 2004

I am having a problem with my computer. Recently, a friend went on my computer and installed some games. He might have done some other things cause ever since that day, any time I try to shut down windows, a message comes up telling me a program named "Sample" is not responding. I have to click the "End Now" box at the bottom and another identical message pops up. I click the button again and then everything shuts down normally. Does anyone have any clues on how to fix this problem?

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Program Not Responding Press End Now Or Cancel

Oct 8, 2005

I have had several customers who have had shutdown problems. The error message offers 2 choices: "End Now" and "Cancel." I think this is caused by part of the program being stuck in memory, but I'm not sure memory leak? more RAM, adjust VM or disk cache, ...??

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Program Not Responding Apparently Frozen

Dec 16, 2005

I recently used CDBurnerXP Pro 3 to write an iso image on the HDD. The progress bar jumped to something like 27% and was apparently frozen.Thinking something was wrong, I tried to terminate the program by ctrl+alt+del and the window opened up with the status message "not responding". But the "end task" refused to terminate the CDBurnerXP...The HDD lamp was glowing. The final observation was that the iso image was successfully written.I have repeated the process and my observation on 2 different computers is the same - the progress window jumps to some %age completed and freezes, CDBurnerXP is writing the image to the HDD, but the status window shows the program "not responding".

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Kill A Not Responding Program / Can't Even Re-start

Jul 25, 2005

Sometimes when a program is not responding, I try to close it, but it just can't. I hit ctrl-alt-del and try to close it using the task manager, wait for a long time, and I see it is still there. I can't even re-start the windows because it is stop at the freezed program. I need to hard start the computer in order to get away of it.Sometimes even a program can be killed, some of the icons in the system tray is gone. Is it something wrong with the Windows XP? or is it normal?

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