Page Load Error Every Single Time W/ Error

Oct 22, 2009

get error everytime I open this site.

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Computer Slow Loading - Take Long Time To Load A Page

Dec 8, 2007

My computer is very very slow, I don'i think is the dsl but the os because it take long time to load a page for example when Ill click on firefox it take 20 to 30 second to load the page than when the page is loaded and i switche web page it load very quickly, same think when i'm tryng to upload the outlook express more than 40 second to upload the program, and when performing multitask everything it slow doan even more, even opening tha my computer file it take 5/10 second.

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Kernel Stack In Page Error And STOP Error C0000218

Jan 22, 2009

laptop was infected with the Antivirus 2009 after surfing the web and I removed it using malwarebytes program. Then shortly after the laptop would show a blue screen, displaying "KERNEL STACK INPAGE ERROR" and then reboot. After the reboot, my laptop seemed to run fine, I downloaded AVG antivirus software to check if there was a boot sector virus (?) and after running the laptop for about 30 minutes, it showed the blue screen again and reboots. This kept on occuring.

Then I tried to reformat the laptop. The first time I tried to format it as FAT32, it got to about 60% before rebooting. The second time I managed to get past the formatting (FAT32 [quick])and I got onto the part of installing windows. About 20 minutes into the installation. A stop error appeared "STOP C0000218 Unknown Hard Error". Could the hard disk be corrupt

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Error This Page Cannot Be Displayed - Send Greeting Card Or Access Web Page

Sep 5, 2006

I continuously get 'ERROR this page cannot be displayed' when I try to send a greeting card or access another web page. What is going on? I tried to fix and enabled all that I thought was necessary on settings.

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Time Synchronization Error W/microsoft Error Codes

May 4, 2007

when i go to the time settings and click on "Update Now" on the "Internet Time" tab, i get an error message saying that Windows can not synchronize the time. I checked the even viewer and found the following related error messages.

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Load Dll Error - Can't Load Res_dll

Mar 14, 2010

My computer randomly started displaying this error upon start up a week ago and I have no clue what is causing it. I googled it and seen that it could be caused by a linksys wireless router, one was installed on the system before, but has been uninstalled for quite some time now. Can anyone help me correct this or at least help me figure out what is causing it?

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Restoring Get An Error 404 Page

Jan 26, 2007

I had to restore Windows XP home editon. I installed all the cds and restarted the computer. When I click next on the page where I put all my personal information (name, address etc) I get an error 404 page. How can I get pass this page so I complete the set up?

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Lop Virus And Error Log Page

Aug 29, 2005

My personal computer has lop virus and on the error log page it says: shellbrowser then a big long number search bar and use custom search url these are the 3 places where is it.what I do not understand is why it is always there?After errors have been fixed should it not be scan same thing?I also have seen a file with a big long number which is puzzling me the number is bb443b11-7d12-450c-9f85-2d32804655f9.I would really like to delete this file but I am a bit scared in case it is something important.

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Single User Multiple Logins At Time

Apr 22, 2010

will it creat any problem if logon to more then 50 client with single user account

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Update - Error 0x800c008 - MSN Page

Aug 22, 2005

When I turn on computer it takes quite a while for MSN page to load and then allot of the times it times out, I refresh and it still wont download. I then power off and try again. Am also having problems downloading my updates, I got error 0x800c008 today

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Constant Page Cannot Be Displayed Error

Jun 13, 2006

I have been getting many errors saying that this page cannot be displayed. I did do a Google search, a search of this forum, and I read the lengthy Microsoft article, which is way over my head. I am getting the impression that there can be many reasons for this happening. I do get a message that says Javascript DoNet Detect. I did do a Windows update right before this started happening.

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Can Change The Select Time In Single Click Mode?

Mar 10, 2005

I need to know if you can change the select time in single-click mode? Because as soon as my pointer moves over a file, it selects it. This is extremely irritating, when you only want to select certain files and then try to drag them to another window. Because as you move across the other files, they become selected also!! So, is there anyway to increase the amount of time that it takes for your pointer to select a file, because I hate double-click mode!

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Internet Explorer Cannot Open Page / Error

Dec 2, 2006

i recently installed the lastet mcafee antivirus on my system became slow and it said virtual memory too i immediately Uninstalled Mac after this i am unable to use the internet.any site i try to open msg displays as internet explorer cannot open this page..what do i do?

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Open Recycle Bin Error - Freezes On That Page

Sep 27, 2005

I have a normal windows XP computer, The problem is whenever i try to open the recycle bin, there is an error message saying: Windows has encountered a problem and needs to close. It than freezes on that page. I than have to press Alt, Control and Delete to close it and carry on.

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Explorer.exe Won't Load: Comes Up With Wallpaper & Error?

May 18, 2005

Ok, so, I wake up one day, turn my computer on, log on to my profile, takes a little longer than usual, but, nothing suss. Comes up with my wallpaper and then gives me an error. Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you were in the middle of something it might be lost. Tell MS about this problem. <Send error report> <don't send error report>

I've tried to run system restore, but it won't let me go back a month on the calendar or change system restore settings so I can't restore any point that isn't the restore point made today, after the errors started happening. Also, every time I run an app, it says "ctf loader can't run" and comes up with the error report screen, I click don't send, it goes away and the app works fine. So I ran adaware, deleted everything it found, ran HJT

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New OS Install Will Load And Stop Error Win/32 Dll?

Oct 14, 2006

I have installed a new h/d which my bios has reconized and went to install a new''? windows xp pro. 2 build 2000. xp2. cd loads and installs drivers, but stops and gives stop win 32 /dll. now i have no way of installing xp. the xp disc is a genuine one from m/soft .i have checked bios (asus motherboard) seems ok.Ihave an old ibm computer which I am now using to connect to the internet. to contact yourselves.

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BSOD: Page Fault In Nonpaged Area Error

Mar 31, 2008

Today when I tried to start my computer (with Win XP) it gave a BSOD at the startup just after showing welcome screen
I got page_fault_in_nonpaged_area error with following tech info:
0x00000050 (0xF80F6660,0x00000000,0xF7BD971E,0x00000000)

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Lan Video Card Show Error Page When Connected

Jun 29, 2010

Computer is connected on a router, internet work fine. i just got a second computer today i formated it and installed windows XP pro on it all went fine, i installed lan video card, but when i try to connect its show an error page, the connection say i am connected and all.

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Load Error! Acer Laptop Will Not Boot

Oct 2, 2006

I'm not sure if this counts as a hardware or software problem, sorry if I've posted it in the wrong forum.

My parents have an acer laptop, it is about 3 years old, it has a centrino 1.6, 256mb ram, 40GB HD, CDRW and windows XP.

it was working perfectly, and when last used it shut down normally. However on trying to boot it up today it gets to a screen that says �load error! "Press any key to reboot"however when pressing a key it just displays the load error message again and seems stuck in a loop.

This happens only a couple of seconds into the boot sequence, the screen immediately before the error screen gives the following information:

Base Memory xxxxx
Extended memory xxxxx
Total memory xxxxxx

Auto detecting IDE device
Primary master xxxxxx
Secondary master

Insyde ACPI bios initialised

At the bottom of the screen it says � Press F2 to enter system configuration�

If I press F2 at that point I get into the BIOS.

I did not know what to do, I wondered whether Windows had been corrupted so decided to wipe the hard drive and reinstall windows using the recovery CD�s supplied with Acer.

After going into the BIOS to change to boot device to the CD drive, the clean reinstall seemed to go well, everything progressed, as normal and every thing seemed to being reinstalled. I was optimistic that all would be well.

However, on rebooting after the reinstall I got the same error message as I had done before. (I had changed the boot device to drive C)

I tried doing a full reinstall again, though of coarse it did not help, and right now I don�t have a clue how to progess in trying to solve the problem.

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Trying To Load Internet Explorer I Get An Error Message

Nov 3, 2006

when i load internet explorer i get an error message saying internet explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. i have windows xp.

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Wont Load Without Cd: Getting Error Saying Non System Disk?

Dec 10, 2006

windows wont load without the cd, get an error message saying non system disk or disk error. please insert and strike any key!

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Load Up Error - How Can Find Out Which Program Causing?

Jul 21, 2007

I get a serious error report everytime I load up XP. Caused by an error when I close down. Is there any way I can find out which programme is causing the error so I can delete it / reinstall? I suspect an update to Norton Antivirus or Internet Security was the culprit.

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Unable To Load OS With Error Saying Autochk Not Found

Aug 22, 2008

My daughter thought she try to install Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS Desktop Edition as a second OS (She received this CD in the mail) ... But after installing Ubunta she get the choices to either choice WinXP Home Edition or Ubuntu, now here is the problem. Picking WinXP Home Edition she gets the error "autochk not found - SKIPPING AUTOCHK" then a quick blue screen with a bunch of letter and numbers and then it goes back to choices of booting to WinXP Home Edition or Ununtu.

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System Information Error / Wont Load

Feb 10, 2007

I have tried to get into system information via Programmes, Accessories, System Tools and it won't load. I get an error message saying Microsoft Help and Support has encountered a problem and needs to close. I was trying to see what was going on with a usb/sony camera problem and only just noticed that I didnt have system information to refer to.

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Internet Explorer - Search In Address Bar - Error Page - Not Working

Dec 23, 2005

Hello. I have recently been unable to search via my Internet Explorer address bar. I've went into the "autosearch settings" of IE, and tried three different serach sites and I still get the "page not found' error.

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Internet Explorer Acting Wired / Page Cannot Be Displayed Error

Jul 2, 2005

On some pages I get a "Page Cannot be Displayed" error that usually covers up ads on the page, and its rather annoying. Also, on most webisites, I now need to press the back button 3 times in order for it to go back just one page. Im not sure what is causing this but it really isnt fun.And I cant seem to find where I can redownload ther complete version of IE 6.0 SP2, and I know, but I cant find it under downloads.

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Video Device Is Corrupted: Error Occurred In Script Page?

Apr 12, 2007

I have had few troubles with my laptop + 2PCs in belkin network. The last problem to resolve on my PC: Window has recovered from a serious error, send message etc.Problem caused by Device Driver Active desctop Recovery Click :Restor My Desktop Click An error has occured in the script page

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Error On Boot Up Computer - Unable To Load BXXS5.dll

Jan 14, 2005

I keep getting an error when I start up my computer. It say:( Unable to load BXXS5.dll )I have use the Hi jackthis 1.98.2 and below is the log files It came up with.Which file do I remove and which file so I keep .Can someone help me and tell me all the unsafe or unnecessary files I should remove.

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Error Has Been Created Every Time

Jun 24, 2006

I am running Windows XP home edition, and I haven't added any new RAM for, well, probably just under a year now. I haven't made any changes to my machine for a good while either (apart from the usual microsoft updates anyway, I turned my machine on this morning, and it booted up as it normally does, but one other box popped up on my screen: The system has recovered from a serious error. A log of this error has been created.

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Stop C0000269 Error, Wont Load Operating System?

Sep 17, 2005

When i turn on my pc i get this message.Stop c0000269 {Illegal System DLL relocation}The system DLL Kernel32.dll was relocated in memory .application not run properly relocation occurred becuase DLL c:windowssystem32GDI32.dll ocuppied address range reserved for windows system DLL's. The vendor suppling the DLL

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Security Certificate Error Comes Up Every Time

May 7, 2007

When I try to access my google mail acount, I get:"There is a problem with this website's security certificate," and if I click continue to the website, the program hangs...and it won't let me in to my gmail account.

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