Home Boot - Pop Up Logo With The Moving Blue Bar Disappears

Dec 30, 2007

I'm removing spy & adware from a friend's PC, using spybot, adaware, and Norton AV. It seems to have worked, but one odd little problem exists. During the boot process, when the "Windows XP" logo with the moving blue bar disappears, the screen goes black, then the blue background loads for the "Windows is starting" screen - this is all normal. Before that screen appears, though, a large popup window appears, with just a few "boxes" for letters (bad font?), a red X to close it out and an "Ok" button. Clicking the red X does nothing except make the background go black. Clicking Ok is the only way to move past it, then the boot continues as normal. This does not happen in safe mode. I've gone through msconfig and disabled the startup programs, can't see anything in either win or system ini files.

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Home Edition Freezes At Start-up / Blue Screen With Xp Logo?

Jul 30, 2005

the computer freezes at start-up on the blue screen that shows the Windows XP logo, and the words "Windows is starting up". I found that I can navigate
through this at startup by tapping the F8 key rapidly before that screen appears. I tried the System Restore to a date earlier than the administrator's work, but no help. Is their a repair or restore procedure that will cure this problem?

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System Boot Time Slow - Logo With Blue Bar

Nov 15, 2006

I use my comp alot and installinguninstalling all sorts of stuff.. requiring reboots blah blah blah.. Checking out some other boot times my system seems abit slow.. or it's me being impatiant. My Boot Time is 38 seconds. I've tried every trick on the web i can find.. Programs, Reg edits, MSConfig etc.. and nothing seems to be saving me anytime at all.the only thing that saved me time was uninstalling Zone Alarm saving me 8 seconds, going from 46secs to 38secs.

System timings:
12 secs - BIOSRAID ControllersSystem list
3 secs - Blank
7 secs - Windows Logo with blue bar
7 secs - Blank
9 secs - Windows loadingDesktop loaded with all icons....

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Logo Bar Moving Forty Time Before Startup?

Oct 26, 2009

When I open Windows XP, the Windows Icon page comes up with a traveling bar on the bottom of the screen. This bar runs forty or fifty times before the computer actually brings up my desk screen. This seems to be an inordinate amount of time.

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Freezes On Startup, Loading Bar Below Logo Stops Moving?

Sep 1, 2009

The past few days I've been having issues with my desktop where when I turn it on, it runs through BIOS, and then begins to boot windows xp, but after maybe 10-15 seconds of loading windows xp, the loading bar beneath the Windows XP logo (it has three little blue boxes that move from left to right) will just stop moving. If I reset the computer it then asks to go into normal booting, or safe mode, safe mode booting always works but even when I system restore it doesnt seem to work. Out of maybe 50 times where the loading bar has crashed, its only properly loaded about two or three times.

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Home Blue Screen / Unmountable Boot Volume

May 24, 2008

After a current power outage, my screen came up blue with the following information: unmountable_boot_volume..blue screen reads:if problems continue, disable or remove any newly installed hardware or software(nothing new or added). disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing. If you need to use Safe Mode to remove or disale compnents, restart you computer, press F8 to select advanced Startup Options, and then select Safe Mode.All this has been tried and the blue screen continues to come up.

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Getting Blue Screen At Every Startup After Getting OS Logo?

Jan 9, 2009

Hello there, i turn the pc on, i log on and when windows loads up it just goes to a blue screen and then shuts down.

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Blue Screen With Windows Logo

Mar 18, 2006

I can't get pass the windows logo. I can't boot into safe mode, can't boot into last knowm configuration or boot to a crompt. I don't have a recovery disc. Can anybody help?

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Boot Sequence Hangs At Logo Boot Screen With Progress Bar

Oct 26, 2007

On boot sequence, PC hangs on Windows boot screen - with the good old progress bar churning along for eternity. It just stays there. It is possible to boot into safe mode, safe mode with networking, etc. but never boots up normally. 'Last Known Good..." does not help at all.

I have tried 'repairing' XP using the recovery console (deleting the boot.ini file, then BOOTCFG /REBUILD and then FIXBOOT) to no avail. Do not know where in the boot process it is getting hung up and not totally sure how to determine that.Using Windows XP Media Center Edition with SP2. Plenty of RAM and disk space.

Had this problem once in the past and it seemed to self correct after about 50 reboots.

Does this sound like a re-install of XP is required or are there any other options that might work?

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Stops Loading On Blue Screen With Xp Logo

Mar 18, 2006

The other night I was on my computer when some strange things began to happen. Any program I tried to open would not open, and then the shortcuts on my desktop changed icons to the folder icon and the text dissapeared. I couldn't do anything, so I just figured it was some freak bug or something. I couldn't run any spyware or virus programs because it wouldn't let me open any programs. So I try to shut it down, and no matter how many times I clicked on shut down I still had to hold the button in to shut it off. Now, when I restart my computer, it seems to load just fine but when it gets to the blue screen with the windows xp logo on it, it just stops. The mouse cursor is there and I can move it but it never gets past the blue screen. I tired loading it in safe mode and it loads all the files up through mup.sys, which I have learned is the last file that loads so it is something after that. I have tried to start it using the last good configuration and still no luck. Any ideas? Do you think it is spyware/virus or just a corrupt system file?

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Open Check Disk And Click Both Options - Blue Page Comes Up And Quickly Disappears

Feb 23, 2006

For the past two weeks, when I start or restart my Dell Dimension 8250 running Windows XP Home Edition, it passes through a blue page with a Windows label that says: "Checking the file system on C; The type of file is NTFS; Cannot open volume for direct access; Windows has finished checking the disk." Otherwise the computer seems to start up normally and operate as usual. Something has changed and I don't know what the problem may be.

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Loads Up Until Logo - Screen Goes Blue - F2 Run Setup Utility

Sep 20, 2008

My XP computer (Dell dimension 5000) has been playing up alot recently and now after going to blue screen once more i can no longer boot up at all, Now everytime i boot up, my computer loads up untill the windows logo (splash?) screen and then goes to blue screen almost instantly. Now i would try and reinstall XP using the CD but i cant find it ANYWHERE, i do however have a vista startup disc. Ive tried booting the computer with the vista CD then pressing F12 to go to the boot up menu. However when i select "onboard USB or CD_ROM drive" e message appears below, "fress f1 to continue or f2 to run setup utility" then when i press f1 to continue another message appears below saying press f1 to reboot and f2 to run setup utility. pressing F1 gives the same message and f2 takes me to this blue screen with setup information and other options. Basically i cant get my computer to load up at all, and seeing as ive lost the XP disc (careless i know) is it possible to install vista on it rather than reinstalling XP? If not does anyone have any suggestions as to how i can fix my computer, or at least get it to boot? I have tried running it in safe mode nd last known good configuration and all that but still no success, i ran a few diagnostics which said the hard drive is fine. I'm totally clueless in this department so a step by step.

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Logo Loading After A Short Time The Blue Screen Appears

Jun 13, 2008

When i turn it on I get the 'Windows did not restart properly screen'and no matter which of the options I choose, i see the windows logo loading after a short time the blue screen apears for a split second and then its back to the first screen all over again.

iv gone into BIOS, i ran the HD self test, and both the short and long test fail before really even doing anything.

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PC Won't Boot Past Logo

May 8, 2008

My ACER Aspire pc won't boot past the Windows Logo. I tried to boot in safe mode but had the same problem. I am running XP home addition. It just keeps going round in circles, I get the Acer logo, then Windows and keeps repeating itself. I tried all the f8 options ie safe mode and starting from last known config but to no avail.

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Nothing After Boot Logo Screen

May 21, 2005

On a HP Pavillion with Win XP Home the display goes blank after the Boot UP logo with the sliding progress graphic.I've tried all the safe modes and the last driver it shows loading is agp440.sys and then nothing else ever happens.I tried installing another video card and had the same symptoms.Knoppix boots with just a passed mode error but continues and appears to work OK.I belive that HP's restore image on the HD will wipe out the primary partion so I am hoping that someone can point out another way to fix this.

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Disable Boot Logo

Aug 12, 2002

It is possible to disable XP splash screen, which will slightly speed up the overall boot process. Be aware that removing the splash screen will also cause you not to see any boot-up messages that might come up (chkdsk, convert ), but if your system runs without any problems then it should not matter.1. Edit boot.ini2. Add " /noguiboot" right after "/fastdetect".(or check the /noguiboot switch in msconfig on the boot.ini tab)Upon restarting, the splash screen will be gone. It can be re-enabled by removing the new switch.

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Screen Goes Blank After Boot Up Logo

Aug 23, 2005

I have windows xp prof running and now when i turn on the computer it boots up, goes to the logo, and then the screen goes blank. The hard drive is still working, and i can go into safemode (f8) but every time i try to startup normally the screen just goes blank, the monitor says there is no signal. I have no clue how to go about resolving this.

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Boot - SAFE MODE Computer Goes To Win 98 Startup - Logo Screen And Enters DOS Again

Dec 26, 2004

I had been away from my computer for about an hour and when i returned the screen was black and nothing would change it so hit the restart button. When the computer started up, I first saw the usual blue dell logo-screen, however, the next screen was the windows 98 startup logo-screen. The computer then entered DOS mode and at the top of the screen it says Microsoft Windows 98. This problem persists every time i start the computer. I only have 1 primary partion and i installed XP on it from a clean install by using a win98 bootdisk to format and running winnt from the i386 folder of the xp cd. When i try to enter SAFE MODE the computer goes to the Win 98 start-up logo screen again and enters DOS again. I know that all my files are still on the HDD because i can navigate through them. All i really want to do is somehow save some files that are on te HDD so i can just format and reinstall XP.

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Blue Screen - Hangs On Xp Logo Screen - No Safe Mode

Jan 8, 2006

I Installed A New Programme Which Was Downloaded From Bit Torrent
Blue Screen - Memory Dump
Rebooted And Now It Just Hangs On Windows Xp Logo Screen.

Tried To Boot Using Safe Mode But No Joy.

Also Tried To Use The Restore Disks And The Xp Disk Itself But It Would Not Boot From Those.

What Do I Do Now? I Dont Want To Format The Drive And Loose All My Files.

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Hangs Between The Black Logo Screen And The First Blue Screen

Feb 21, 2007

when I first start the computer, windows hangs between the black windows logo screen and the first blue screen that says "windows is starting". I have to hit the reset button, it goes to the dos screen with the safe mode, etc. choices. I choose "start using last known good configuration" and I'm good to go. If I turn the computer off during the day and turn it back on, It works fine. It only hangs on the first start of the day.

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Normal Boot Screen Will Come Up With The "compaq" Logo

Dec 26, 2004

I originally had XP Pro when the problem first started. When booting, the normal boot screen will come up with the "compaq" logo and F1 for setup f10 for restore, and then normally proceeds to the windows xp pro screen with the scrolling bar at the bottom. Now on boot, this bar will stay scrolling acting like it is trying to boot and it takes literally anywhere from 6 hours to 3 days to start up. I used restore points and the same thing happened. When I start in safe mode, the normal safe mode multidisk prompt comes up and even that will stay on winsys32driversagp330.sys for the same amount of hours before it finally boots up. I also reinstalled my windows xp.

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Won't Boot. Black Screen With No Cursor After The Logo Screen

Aug 9, 2010

it all started when I ran Nod32 antivirus. I ran it because I had some viruses on my computer that I wanted to get rid of. After the scan there were 180 some detected objects that were quarantined or deleted. So then I restart my computer and after the windows xp logo there is just a black screen with no cursor. And after awhile the computer will just restart and try booting up again. I tried going into safe mode and safe mode with command prompt but I still get a black screen with no cursor. The last known good configuration doesn't work either. I'm pretty frustrated because I did nothing wrong. I am also having a feeling that nod32 might have quarantined some infected files that are essential for Windows Xp to boot. I also do not have any windows xp disks with me how to fix this?

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Home Blue Screen After Sp3

Aug 14, 2010

I installed XP home from an AMD image to an Intell system. It seemed to go fine,windows was activated and I finished installing drivers and programs.I installed SP3 and started to have problems with an occasional blue screen and reboot. I searched online for " XP Home reboot" and found referance to the same problem but in reverse. INTEL TO AMD in sp3 when intelppm.sys tries to load and the AMD system doesnt recognize it.I managed to get the computer to load windows and removed sp3. Now I dont get a blue screen but it continualy reboots. I cant even get into safe mode. I dont want to use the restoration program because I am afraid it wont recognize the new mother board and CPU.

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Home Ed Not Loading Blue Screen Errors

Jun 30, 2005

When booting PC up, there is a problem with URLMON.DLL, i took the harddrive out and copied over the file, and was given information that some other DLL files were damaged also, i painstakingly copied the files over, untill it booted up, ran all the scans I could - MS AntiSpy, Adaware, Norton AV, and Norton WinDoctor, Spy Subtract. Rebooted the computer and the First URLMON.DLL error message came up and would not allow me back into windows.

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Tried To Upgrade From Home To Pro Blue Screen Of Death

Mar 31, 2007

Today I tried to update a notebook (Gateway W3223-Ul1) from Xp Home To Xp Pro. Now the computer wont even start I get this blue Screen (look at photo).I can only get the system to start in safe mode, trying to start it normally puts me in an endless look of blue screens.

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Home Edition / Blue Screen Error

Mar 7, 2005

I've recently been getting this weird error when i perform a full scan on my computer, using ANY anti virus scanning program(TrendMicro,OnlinePanda,AVG). It leads into a blue screen saying / A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL
If this is the first time you've seen this stop screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps: Check to make sure any new hardware or software is properly installed. If this is a new installation, ask your hardware or software manufacturer for any windows updates you might need.If problems continue, disable or remove any newly installed hardware or software. Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing. If you need to use safe mode to remove or disable components, restart your computer, press F8 to select advanced startup options, and then select safe mode.

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Updating From Home To Pro / Blue Screen Error

Aug 15, 2007

anyone that knows what I can do to fix this problem would help me out alot. I am trying to upgrade my dads computer from XP Home which he has to XP Pro which I brought for him. I go thru all the options to upgrade and the computer restarts and goes to bluescreen and gives me this message."Setup cannot find a cd-rom drive. make sure your cd-rom is on and properly connected to your computer. if it is a SCSI cd-rom drive make sure your SCSI devices are properly terminated. see your computer or SCSI adapter documentation for more info. setup cannot continue, to quit setup press F3"..I tried setting the DVD Drives to Boot first in BIOS and that did not work, I even tried removing the BIOS Battery for a little to reset BIOS and that just made my speakers work bad for some reason, now they are raspy. I just cant figure this one out, luckaly there are people out there that can teach me,

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Blue Screen Of Death After Re-install Home

Nov 8, 2009

Decided to do the semi annual reinstall of XP after boot time got up to 9 mins and shutdown got to 5 mins.So nothing was really broken.Its a no-brand desktop machine based on GA-M55Plus motherboard. Have a main disk SATA II and two more in a Raid-0 array.Prior to starting had reassembled the latest drivers for motherboard, video card, printers, mouse etc and put on a USB stick..Disconnected the Raid array, blew away the partition on the main disk and installed XP from original media (which has SP2 included)

All went pretty smoothly but after about 6 hours started getting BSOD - its still too quick to read KERNEL something.along with the advice to uninstall recent additions / drivers etc.This happens after a few minutes or a few hours.Well the last thing it did was 71 updates from Microsoft!! (Including the cursed IE-8 which had previously caused grief on this machine)I can think of two things that have changed since before.

1. the 'latest' drivers
2. the order things were applied

Can you help with any advice as to the order things should be installed.
Whilst waiting for MS to get around to delivering updates I was installing the drivers etc. Starting with the chipset and video drivers.So is it best to wait hours to days for MS to deliver all the junk? (without the mobo drivers its a bit average)Can you get an image of XP with SP3 included - better yet all the 71 other vitally important updates? Do you think it would help to wind back the auto installed updates and try and get them in small chunks?(and why cant you download once and use many times!)

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NTFS Sys Have Caused An Error / Blue Screen In Home

Jan 19, 2006

I installed windows XP on a system that I am servicing.The floppy drive wasnt installed correctly in the first place, and windows XP kept crashing to a blue screen, then restarting.I unchecked the Reboot automatically after system failure checkbox and recorded the error.Its written below..It doesnt happen at any specific time, or when a specific application is open..It did it after the first fresh install, so i did ANOTHER fresh Install, and its doing it again.

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Running Windows XP Home Edition Having Crash: Blue Screen

Mar 15, 2010

I am running Windows XP Home Edition, and I have recently been having frequent crash errors. Everything seems to be running fine and suddenly the screen goes blue and a long message shows that said that the computer is shutting down to prevent a crash.

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System Wont Boot: Blue Screen, "boot Device Inaccesible"?

May 15, 2006

My pc was running fine when it just started beeping like a warning klaxon. Rebooting didn't help, but rebooting into safe mode then normal mode did. Then 1 hour later while running spysweeper, I stopped the scan early because it was taking too long. It detected 1 adware and 1 trojan, but the log said the trojan (ruin) could not be quarantined and some threat was still in memory, despite a problem free pc except for the beeping which I thot was resolved. After exiting spysweeper

my pc locked up and could not be turned off manually, so I unplugged the cord in back. Then I got a blue screen after it tried rebooting. The bootup started normally, but then a blue screen read as follows, more or less-If this is the first time you are seeing this message reboot your pc. Otherwise check for viruses, remove any new hard drives or hard drive controllers. or refer to your startup manual. I can't even boot in safe mode.

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