Loads Up Until Logo - Screen Goes Blue - F2 Run Setup Utility

Sep 20, 2008

My XP computer (Dell dimension 5000) has been playing up alot recently and now after going to blue screen once more i can no longer boot up at all, Now everytime i boot up, my computer loads up untill the windows logo (splash?) screen and then goes to blue screen almost instantly. Now i would try and reinstall XP using the CD but i cant find it ANYWHERE, i do however have a vista startup disc. Ive tried booting the computer with the vista CD then pressing F12 to go to the boot up menu. However when i select "onboard USB or CD_ROM drive" e message appears below, "fress f1 to continue or f2 to run setup utility" then when i press f1 to continue another message appears below saying press f1 to reboot and f2 to run setup utility. pressing F1 gives the same message and f2 takes me to this blue screen with setup information and other options. Basically i cant get my computer to load up at all, and seeing as ive lost the XP disc (careless i know) is it possible to install vista on it rather than reinstalling XP? If not does anyone have any suggestions as to how i can fix my computer, or at least get it to boot? I have tried running it in safe mode nd last known good configuration and all that but still no success, i ran a few diagnostics which said the hard drive is fine. I'm totally clueless in this department so a step by step.

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Blue Screen - Hangs On Xp Logo Screen - No Safe Mode

Jan 8, 2006

I Installed A New Programme Which Was Downloaded From Bit Torrent
Blue Screen - Memory Dump
Rebooted And Now It Just Hangs On Windows Xp Logo Screen.

Tried To Boot Using Safe Mode But No Joy.

Also Tried To Use The Restore Disks And The Xp Disk Itself But It Would Not Boot From Those.

What Do I Do Now? I Dont Want To Format The Drive And Loose All My Files.

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Getting Blue Screen At Every Startup After Getting OS Logo?

Jan 9, 2009

Hello there, i turn the pc on, i log on and when windows loads up it just goes to a blue screen and then shuts down.

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Blue Screen With Windows Logo

Mar 18, 2006

I can't get pass the windows logo. I can't boot into safe mode, can't boot into last knowm configuration or boot to a crompt. I don't have a recovery disc. Can anybody help?

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Hangs Between The Black Logo Screen And The First Blue Screen

Feb 21, 2007

when I first start the computer, windows hangs between the black windows logo screen and the first blue screen that says "windows is starting". I have to hit the reset button, it goes to the dos screen with the safe mode, etc. choices. I choose "start using last known good configuration" and I'm good to go. If I turn the computer off during the day and turn it back on, It works fine. It only hangs on the first start of the day.

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Computer Loads Blue Screen And Restarts

Nov 9, 2008

My computer started to do this wierd thing where it would load at the windows screen, then go to a blue screen, then restart.It tells me its shutting down to prevent memory loss, also tells me these numbers: 0x0000007E (0xC0000006, 0x806A276D, 0xF789E6E8, 0xF789E3E4)Before this started Windows prompted me to download a service pack, It worked fine ulti about two days later.So I start the computer in safe mode and do system restore, that doesent work. I started again and did a virus scan and it wouldent let me. So after trying and trying I finally gave up, I had nothing i wanted on that hard drive, so I decided just to reinstall windows. I pop the CD in there, and it asks me if I want to repair, I tried that. Now it wont even let me run safe mode.I do boot from cd, but when it loads the CD i cant see anything but a blue screen, like it froze or my screen doesent load it.

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Stops Loading On Blue Screen With Xp Logo

Mar 18, 2006

The other night I was on my computer when some strange things began to happen. Any program I tried to open would not open, and then the shortcuts on my desktop changed icons to the folder icon and the text dissapeared. I couldn't do anything, so I just figured it was some freak bug or something. I couldn't run any spyware or virus programs because it wouldn't let me open any programs. So I try to shut it down, and no matter how many times I clicked on shut down I still had to hold the button in to shut it off. Now, when I restart my computer, it seems to load just fine but when it gets to the blue screen with the windows xp logo on it, it just stops. The mouse cursor is there and I can move it but it never gets past the blue screen. I tired loading it in safe mode and it loads all the files up through mup.sys, which I have learned is the last file that loads so it is something after that. I have tried to start it using the last good configuration and still no luck. Any ideas? Do you think it is spyware/virus or just a corrupt system file?

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Home Edition Freezes At Start-up / Blue Screen With Xp Logo?

Jul 30, 2005

the computer freezes at start-up on the blue screen that shows the Windows XP logo, and the words "Windows is starting up". I found that I can navigate
through this at startup by tapping the F8 key rapidly before that screen appears. I tried the System Restore to a date earlier than the administrator's work, but no help. Is their a repair or restore procedure that will cure this problem?

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Logo Loading After A Short Time The Blue Screen Appears

Jun 13, 2008

When i turn it on I get the 'Windows did not restart properly screen'and no matter which of the options I choose, i see the windows logo loading after a short time the blue screen apears for a split second and then its back to the first screen all over again.

iv gone into BIOS, i ran the HD self test, and both the short and long test fail before really even doing anything.

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Setup Freeze At Blue Screen

Aug 1, 2006

I'm trying to install windows, i have installed it before with no problems. I'm trying to install windows on the second partition. Setup always freezes at the blue screen where all of xp's new features are being listed. Sometimes it freezes at 33, 25, and sometimes 13. I have tried several times.I am doing a clean install on the second partition, formating the drive.

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Computer Boots Up To Blue Windows Setup Screen

Sep 16, 2005

A while back I tried to reload the entire WinXP and start from scratch due to some viruses and what not. Before I could complete the process, I decided to try to fix the problems one last time. It Worked. Now when I turn the computer on It automatically directs me to a blue windows setup screen. In order to start WinXP I must manually select windows in the three second time limit.How do I get my computer to automatically start windows at start up?

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Blue Screen Of Death Stop - Microsoft.com's Fix Using Setup Disk

Apr 28, 2005

I recently have built a new PC using parts i ordered and parts from my old system which desperately needed to be replaced. After my new system was created it ran well for about a month. When i came to turn on my PC one day i was greeted by a blue screen telling me that my windows registry files became corrupt. I used Microsoft.com's fix using the setup disk and had my PC working again. About a week later i was surfing the net and soon every program i accessed started to become corrupt. Knowing i didn't wanna mess with any log Microsoft fix i simply formatted and reinstalled windows XP on my system.

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System Configuration Utility Telling To Setup Normally ?

Jun 27, 2005

I recently had to use system config. to find a problem. I checked normal startup and restarted my computer.Now when I start my computer I get the System Config. Utility Screen telling me I have to set it for normal setup. How do I resolve this problem. I'm using XP Pro.

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Reformat Stuck At "setup" Screen / Getting Blue Screen?

May 27, 2006

I tried to reformat from the XP CD and from a boot disc floppy. Each time the process gets stuck at: Windows Setup.There is nothing else on the blue screen. It won't go past there to the agreement section...or anything else This system was a custom built computer, given to my mother-in-law about 3 years ago. The company has since gone out of business. It was built w/ XP Professional SP1 and has since been upgraded w/ SP2.Outlook express stopped working properly and would shut itself down as soon as it was opened. Then the dial-up connection would connect but no internet explorer pages would load.

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System Configuration Utility In Normal Setup Giving Message?

Jan 9, 2007

I have an annoying problem that involves the System Configuration Utility message coming up everytime I start up my computer. I have checked Msconfig and my startup programs are all checked and it says that it is in Normal Startup.

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Primary Hard Disk Drive 1 Not Found - Changed Setup Utility

May 16, 2006

I changed something in setup utility, but not shur what it is that I changed. now I get this, and Secondary hard disk drive 1 not found.

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Home Boot - Pop Up Logo With The Moving Blue Bar Disappears

Dec 30, 2007

I'm removing spy & adware from a friend's PC, using spybot, adaware, and Norton AV. It seems to have worked, but one odd little problem exists. During the boot process, when the "Windows XP" logo with the moving blue bar disappears, the screen goes black, then the blue background loads for the "Windows is starting" screen - this is all normal. Before that screen appears, though, a large popup window appears, with just a few "boxes" for letters (bad font?), a red X to close it out and an "Ok" button. Clicking the red X does nothing except make the background go black. Clicking Ok is the only way to move past it, then the boot continues as normal. This does not happen in safe mode. I've gone through msconfig and disabled the startup programs, can't see anything in either win or system ini files.

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System Boot Time Slow - Logo With Blue Bar

Nov 15, 2006

I use my comp alot and installinguninstalling all sorts of stuff.. requiring reboots blah blah blah.. Checking out some other boot times my system seems abit slow.. or it's me being impatiant. My Boot Time is 38 seconds. I've tried every trick on the web i can find.. Programs, Reg edits, MSConfig etc.. and nothing seems to be saving me anytime at all.the only thing that saved me time was uninstalling Zone Alarm saving me 8 seconds, going from 46secs to 38secs.

System timings:
12 secs - BIOSRAID ControllersSystem list
3 secs - Blank
7 secs - Windows Logo with blue bar
7 secs - Blank
9 secs - Windows loadingDesktop loaded with all icons....

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Black Screen Loads Before The Windows Load Screen

Oct 29, 2010

whenever i start my dell laptop inspiron 6000 after the dell load a black screen appears with a white loading bar appears which loads for about 10 minutes and then the windows xp proffesional sp2 loads i had recently reinstalled windows from a cd can you please tell me how to get rid of this black loading screen

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Won't Boot. Black Screen With No Cursor After The Logo Screen

Aug 9, 2010

it all started when I ran Nod32 antivirus. I ran it because I had some viruses on my computer that I wanted to get rid of. After the scan there were 180 some detected objects that were quarantined or deleted. So then I restart my computer and after the windows xp logo there is just a black screen with no cursor. And after awhile the computer will just restart and try booting up again. I tried going into safe mode and safe mode with command prompt but I still get a black screen with no cursor. The last known good configuration doesn't work either. I'm pretty frustrated because I did nothing wrong. I am also having a feeling that nod32 might have quarantined some infected files that are essential for Windows Xp to boot. I also do not have any windows xp disks with me how to fix this?

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Can't Boot To Windows / Strike F1 To Retry Boot / F2 For Setup Utility

Aug 10, 2009

During System startup, the system always halts at "Strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility". The only way I can manage to boot to Windows is by selecting "Boot to utility partition" from the Boot Device Menu or if there is a Windows XP installation CD in the cd-rom drive. When I boot this way, everything works fine .This behavior started when I performed a fresh install of XP Professional (XP Home came with the system). The problem did not start immediately after the installation; I was able to install some drivers and reboot a couple times (maybe twice) before it happened. When I installed the display driver (from Dell) and rebooted, it went to the "Strike F1. " screen. I have since tried another fresh installation of XP Home (the original OS) and the problem is still occuring. This time it occurs immediately after the installation; No drivers have been installed at this point.

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Start-up Screen Never Loads

Sep 15, 2005

At start-up, the windowsXP screen comes up showing that it is loading! It never loads, I usually have to start up in safe mode, and restore to an earlier date, which fixes the problem, until I have to restart! An error report is sent, it says a DLL Driver is not working properly or having problems, but can't specify which one! How do I locate and solve this problem?

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PC Hangs After Xp Logo Screen

Jun 15, 2006

my PC, after the xp logo, it hangs, i have to restart about 3 times to fix it, i have ran anti virus, and spyware scan, i think its a software/driver issue, any ideas how i can figure out what it is?

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Hangs Up On Logo Screen

Jul 11, 2005

When I try normal boot, windows hangs up on XP logo screen. The hdd indicator tells me there is no more hdd access.When using save mode, windows starts until black screen with note "save mode" in the edges appears, then hangs up, also no more hdd access.Booting with options "last known working config" and other options does not work, too. (always the same result - hang up with no more hdd action).In my last working session i did not change any config, installed programs or so. Just using office package, acrobat, photoshop, icq and skype.Shutdown without any problems.

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Stuck On Logo Screen

Aug 15, 2009

Got an HP Pavilion 563w with Pentiun 2.4, and 512 MB of ram, running an oem XP. One day, I tried to start it up, and it booted to the Windows logo screen with the black bar. The bar went across twice, then froze. Nothing else happens after that. Tried Known Good Configuration, same thing. Tried safe mode, stops at mup.sys. I tried to get into Recovery console, but doesnt seem to recognize my hard drive, as my only choices are off of the CD (Drive letter e). Tried to repair system files with an XP upgrade cd, and it tells me there's no operating system installed, and that I need to verify my install by loading the installation cd, which I dont have. So I tried to use the HP system restore feature on my computer, but it only gives me the option to reformat, and not repair. I am the fool who did not regularly back up files, so I still have some on there I would like to have. I thought I could install this drive as a slave in my newer computer, but the hard drive setup in that computer is SATA, and my problem child is an IDE drive. I did not install anything new (hardware or software) that I can remember in the days before it went south.

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Logo Comes Up Then A Blank Screen

Sep 16, 2009

When starting the computer the windows logo comes up then a blank screen. Can't do anything. Tried to boot in safe mode...doesn't work.

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Nothing After Boot Logo Screen

May 21, 2005

On a HP Pavillion with Win XP Home the display goes blank after the Boot UP logo with the sliding progress graphic.I've tried all the safe modes and the last driver it shows loading is agp440.sys and then nothing else ever happens.I tried installing another video card and had the same symptoms.Knoppix boots with just a passed mode error but continues and appears to work OK.I belive that HP's restore image on the HD will wipe out the primary partion so I am hoping that someone can point out another way to fix this.

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Pro Keeps Rebooting At Logo Screen?

Jul 7, 2005

I have been running a P4 3.2ghz computer that I have built for some time now. The problem is that my son kept pushing the power button when I was at work. Now the computer reboots when it hits the windows logo screen. I've tried to boot in safe mode but it stops loading files then reboots. I've also tried last good know configuration. I can't even get into safe mode command prompt. I've tried using the recovery console and typing in chkdsk and fixboot but that does not help. I also don't see an option for the repair xp.

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Screen Just Goes Black - Doesnot Loads

Mar 9, 2008

Yesterday I de-dusted my PC using one of those air-spray devices. Just got all the dust out and gave it a general clean. I didnt stick the duster anywhere that I should'nt have....

Anyway, I go to turn my PC on and it gives me the "Loading Windows XP" screen but then just goes black, and Windows doesnt load...So I turn off and then on again. I load it up in safe mode, then restart again - without changing anything. The computer then restarts as normal - As if nothing had happened. Which is good - but whenever I turn it off i seemingly have to go through this entire procedure again

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Delay Before XP Loads To Login Screen

Mar 6, 2005

bios runs good, then i get huge delay before xp loads to login screen.

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Laptop Will Not Turn On Goes Hp Logo Screen

Oct 2, 2009

My Laptop is an HP Pavilion ze2000, and I when I turn it on, it goes to the HP logo screen, then the Windows XP screen, then restarts and does that same process. I do not have my startup disk, and also, it won't let me boot the computer in safe mode, last known configuration or anything.

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