Windows 7 Will Not Boot Up, Flashing Blue Screen?

Oct 6, 2012

my dell computer xp windows 7 when i try to boot up it will just get to blue screen but does not bring up accounts or allow to boot up any further then blinks or flashes blue to black screen and back. I can boot in safe mode and i have scanned computer with mal-ware, mcafee, and eset scanner . have not found a virus. I did lose the ability to watch you-tube videos, and the last error i got was adobe crashed. i don't know what to do from here. I have windows disk and thought about booting from it and doing a system repair but when i put that disk in i do not have the system repair option just an installation option.

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Acer Aspire V5431, It Won't Power Up Little Blue Light Flashing, Screen Stays Black

Dec 18, 2012

it won't power up little blue light flashing, screen stays black.

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Flashing Splash Screen - Windows 7 Machine Won't Boot

Nov 19, 2012

When I get to the splash screen it just blinks. It won't boot. I've tried going into the safe mode by pressing F8 at the previous screen. I've tried booting from a start disk. It won't go into the advanced boot options, and booting from a disk made no difference. This has happened before but I was able to get in through safe mode. Once I get in I can do a system restore and it will work for a while. How can I get in to my machine?

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Black Screen With Flashing Cursor On Boot Up?

Oct 5, 2011

First off I have a Dell Inspiron n7010 system running Windows 7 Home 64bit

OK the other night I shut down my system and all seemed fine until next day. I went to reboot and got the normal Dell splash screen with both the Set Up (F2) and Boot (F12) options. After the Dell screen finished it then went to load Windows, but instead I got a Black Screen with Flashing Cursor. Can't move cursor at all.

On the Dell screen I can access the Set Up (F2) bios pages. I can also access the Boot Options (F12) Page. What I can not gain access to is the Restore (F8) menus.

I did not know to make any sort of boot disk or boot repair disk so I do not have either of these and I do not know of anyone who is using windos 7 that could make me one to use. Also Dell puts the rstore on the hard drive so onlyhave a MS Works CD and a Drivers & Utilities CD l ran the diagnostics utility but forgot to plug in my computer so when it was almost done the battery must have died so will redo the test later as tired tonight as been up half the night with this issue. But for memory the first 6 of the 8 memories areas it was scanning tested fine. Will post an update later today when Iget chance to run the whole thing again!!

I know others have had this screen. Is there a solution as have spent the last day or so googling it and seems very mixed results depending on the user and their own case with this black screen w/cursor.Some have said bad hard drive (I HOPE NOT THE CASE FOR ME AT LEAST!!!) Some have said bad mother board. Some have said virus or malware Some have referenced a software update both Microsofts and also specific computer companies. So what can I do to get to my files at least to back them up that is providing the drive is OK! I do know from the boot menu my hard drive is showing in the boot menus. Does this mean that the drives OK but maybe a corrupted boot area or something?

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Windows 7 Won't Boot,flashing "_" Black Screen?

Dec 11, 2011

Attempted to run chkdsk after Windows Update failed. When I restarted computer to run chkdsk, I got the black screen with the flashing "_". No pointer, if I push crtl, alt, delete, it just attempts to reboot. No other key does anything. I have removed the battery, unplugged the computer, but still get the same results. I am unable to get any boot options when pressing F8. Unable to boot from Repair disk, either. Ran diagnostics in F12, which showed all fine

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Windows 7 Will Not Boot After Blue Screen?

Apr 18, 2012

I was playing a video game earlier today and received a blue screen. When the computer restarted it got stuck on the windows splash screen. I have tried just about everything I can think of to try to fix the computer. I changed out graphic card, ram, power supply for different ones but no luck. Also tried booting to last known working setup. Even restored factory image and still no luck. The computer will not boot to any form of safe mode. I also have ran start up repair numerous times but comes up empty handed.

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CD Windows 7 Boot Up - Nothing But Mouse And Blue Screen

Jan 10, 2010

I have an HDD hooked up to an MSI MOBO using a sata cable, I am trying to upgrade vista 32 bit to a windows 7 64 bit because I have 8 gigs of ocz ddr2 ram and other upgrade I have done over the years, plus I am game hard. I turn on the comp, boot from cd/dvd. the windows 7 thing boots up and then it goes to a blue screen with flowers and stuff on it. And all I see is my mouse and that it.

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Windows 7 Unmountable Boot Volume Blue Screen

Jun 29, 2011

When I start the laptop (toshiba satellite) it runs and boot logo comes up, after that a black screen with a cursor.Using one of the option that stop windows from restarting during crash I seen that the blue screen says "unmountable boot volume".I have windows 7 dvd which I used, it says to press any key to contnue, once done nothing happens, a boot logo comes again and the black screen with the cursor.

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Dual Boot Installation With Windows 7 And XP - Blue Screen Stop

Jan 23, 2011

I have a new Windows 7 laptop. I want to have the dual boot with XP. I'm using the following link to set dual boot: Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP. I have XP CD & I'm now trying to install XP first, to be able to use Method-1 (When XP is Installed First)

But once it reaches installing XP, I get the Blue Screen:
STOP 0000007B
0xF78D2524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000

I never installed or used Win-7. I scanned with KIS2011 & it reported no infections. [URL]. There is only 1 HDD with C: having factory default Windows 7 installed. There are no other partitions.

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Won't Boot Blue Screen?

May 10, 2012

BSOD 0x6b - Process1 initialization etc 64 bit machine Tried to repair it countless times I used this in rec consol bcdedit /export c:cd_backup ren c:ootcd.old bootrec /rebuildbcd I also tried it with D instead of C I see that there are 4 partitions to this drive system ?system reserved which is C OS which is D Data which is E The first time I tried it, it worked !Then on reboot - it went back to bsod getting fed up with it - am i doing something wrong, or is there another way

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Blue Screen Of Death (0X00000F4) When Boot

Aug 1, 2009

Blue Screen Of Death (0X00000F4) when i try to boot or format my pc

Blue screen occurs whenever i try to boot my PC or try to format and install the OS.

i tried to recover the pc using system restore or the system restore drive in the PC but the same blue screen error occurs and my system crashes.

1. I was trying to defragment my registry (need to restart)

2. When the pc restarted the blure screen error poped when the starting windows logo was gone.

3. The blue screen error occurs only after the windows is loading logo or windows is starting logo is disappeared.

How do i format the hardrive and install the windows again.

i cant restore i cant format i can do nothing.

I am using windows 7 Ultimate RC official version.

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Flashing Screen After Windows 7 Load Screen?

Sep 15, 2012

I don't know too much about computers and I just got a hand-me-down Dell Precision 320 PC from my dad just last weekend and it just crashed. I got a message saying something crashed and if this was the first time I saw it I just needed to reboot my computer. I proceeded to do so and then I got the mysterious black screen with movable cursor hanging scenario. I booted up the advanced boot menu and went to repair computer to "Last Known Good Configuration" and since then it boots up to passed the windows loading screen to a stock windows 7 screen and it flashes about every seven seconds with the cursor blinking to loading something back to idle. It hangs here until I turn it off. I am not sure if this has anything to do with the situation but there have been a couple of blackouts in my house due to heat that caused my computer to shut off a couple times.Safe mode gets the same resultsSFC found no errorsSystem:Windows 7 Ultimate 32bitIntel Core2 x6800 @ 2.93ghz8GB RamIf there's any other info I can provide without being able to boot my PC, I'd be happy to comply.

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Boot Mount Volume Blue Screen With Other Errors?

Jun 12, 2012

I have these problems with my dell xps m1330 and I also can't boot into safe mode, what do I do? Also when I try to reinstall windows from USB it loads a black screen with movable mouse.

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Blue Screen Of Death Followed By Missing SSD Boot Drive

Apr 17, 2012

I recently purchased an Asus U36SD laptop and replaced the hard drive with a Samsung 830 SSD. I built recovery DVDs and installed Windows 7 on the SSD using these discs. Everything had been working fine for almost two weeks, but last night I got a blue screen of death after sleeping my computer for the weekend. I have seen the BSOD after booting from sleep before on another laptop so this wasn't too alarming to me especially after ~72 hrs of sleeping. However, this morning when I woke my laptop from sleep, I got the blue screen and my computer hung on restart until it entered the BIOS settings after some period of time. In the BIOS my SSD was missing. I turned off my computer and took out the battery for a minute, and retried and was able to boot into Windows. Within a minute I got another BSOD and my SSD disappeared again.

whether this is likely an SSD issue or some other hardware issue? This laptop is a PAIN to swap the SSD in and out because you have to unplug fragile keyboard and touchpad cables to access it, so I am weary of opening up the laptop if I don't have to, but I do suspect it could be an SSD issue.

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Windows 7 Screen Flashing

Oct 6, 2009

I've been using Windows 7 build 7100 happily for the past 6 months. But recently it develops a weird problem: The application window (like IE, firefox, outlook, explorer) flash quickly. I can see "Not responding" displayed in the title in between the each flash. I have Quad proc + 6GB memory, so the system slowness should not be a problem. The flash happens quite often, when I scroll down the screen, or typing, or have some user interaction with the application. I've disabled Aero interface, no help. I did Windows update, no help. Someone recommends removing nVidia driver, I did not try, as I have been using the same driver for the past 6 months without problem. I've installed Windows Security Essentials recently. But disabling it does not work either. Why do the flash start to happen recently?

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Windows Screen Flashing After Update?

Feb 23, 2011

This morning one of our computers started acting strangely. Any window screens we have open, whether an Internet Explorer window, My Computer screen, etc, the top bars are flashing in and out. It is similar to the flashing like when it is trying to alert you of an error message / box you have to click through to do something else. The home screen is fine, and shows no signs of flashing or flickering, it only shows on any window screens you have open. It will interrupt you when you are trying to open drop down menus etc as well. I have gone into screen resolution, but as soon as I open a drop down box, it will close as soon as the screen flashes again. However I was able to change the resolution to a lower setting, but it still flashed. I also tried to change the screen refresh rate, but there was only one option to choose, 60 hertz. The computer is an Acer Laptop, running Windows 7 and AVG Antivirus, but I dont have any other exact specs on it right now as im working from a different computer. My mother said it had updated last night with a possible new Windows update? Again the back / desktop screen appears fine, it just seems to affect any windows you have open.

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Windows 7 Flashing At Logon Screen?

Sep 14, 2012

I am working on a Dell Inspiron laptop (model 1750) that boots fine to safe mode however, when i boot to regular mode the screen starts to flicker at the logon screen. No visible buttons are available to select the user. I have tried startup repair, uninstalled video drivers and scanned for and removed malware. The machine is running Win 7 SP 1(64 bit).

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Windows 7 64 Bit Black Screen With Flashing Cursor?

Aug 15, 2012

I have an Acer aspire 5733-6607 with Intel Core i3 CPU 2.40GHz.

My mom was on it playing a game on the internet and stepped away to wash dishes when she came back it was on the black screen with the blinking cursor in the top left corner. I tried system repair disc, the recovery disc that it had me make when I first got the laptop and windows defeender offline nothing worked. I tried F8 and it goes to the black screen with acer and where I can press F2 or F12 and then back to screen with blinking cursor. I tried restoring default settings in the F2 menu also.

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Windows Will Not Boot Up / Stuck At Flashing Cursor

Nov 5, 2012

I was watching a football game on and my computer (a hp pavilion desktop) just shut down uncommanded. I waited for it to restart, and after the BIOS screen, it just had a flashing cursor. I used the disc version of PartedMagic to get into my computer and ran the fdisk-l command. [code]

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Windows Login Screen Flashing Showing No Users?

Jul 3, 2012

I have an odd problem I've not been able to fix. I have a laptop from a friend of a friend, so I don't know much of the history of it.Essentially, when started normally the laptop hits the windows 7 welcome screen, but instead of displaying a list of users, it flashes again and again. The cursor shows the busy circle next to it for a split second, then the screen goes black, then the screen comes back with the busy cursor.The system starts normally in safe mode.I've tried to disable all of the services and startup items with MSConfig, but that's made no difference. I've also run sfc /scannow which on it's first pass detected and fixed an item, but on subsequent passes sees no problems.After that was a bust I decided to try to revert to a system restore point. There are several the choose from, but once selected the restore doesn't actually take place. The system simply shuts down after preparing to restore, and when restarted in safe mode states that it was unable to start the shadow copy service (which to the best of my understanding can't be started in safe mode)

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White Line Flashing In The Topleft Corner Of Windows 7 Boot?

Jul 4, 2012

I have just bought a new ssd for my desktop and have winodws running on my old 500GB hard disk.I installed windws 7 home 64 bit on my new ssd and have winodws ultimate on my old HDD.I the booted it from my ssd and it ran fine then I formatted my HDD with the old winodws using mini-tool Partion and had to restart to format. The HDD did have a system restore Partion but my ssd did not, now when I boot from my ssd a white line just shows up In the top left corner.I have Tryed windows startuP repair but no luck.

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Graphics Card / Windows 7 - Screen Flashing When Playing Simple Games

Sep 27, 2012

I have a problem with screen flashing or jerking only when playing a card game or other simple type games, also when that program is open the icon in the lower tray jumps back and forth. All other programs run fine.

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Screen Flashing

Oct 15, 2009

I'm currently running a GeForce 7900 GT/GTO card that I've never had problems with. I updated the drivers for Windows 7 from NVIDIA's site.

However, whenever I go to switch display settings, open a video, open a picture, or just about anything else graphically intense (including start-up) my screen freaks out. The screen will go a solid color (of whatever the background is), get lines through it, and then start flashing. Then after 10-20 seconds (or whenever the program I was trying to run is finished) it will revert back to normal.

I can run Aero just fine. I can run normal programs such as the internet browser, control panel, etc. fine as well. It's just whenever I try changing my display settings or running a video, opening a picture, etc.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be the problem? I've run GPU-Z and my card isn't overheating either I don't believe.

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Flashing BIOS Firmware Update Has Lost Windows 7 Boot Record?

Nov 30, 2012

I wanted to install more RAM, but Supermicro support told me I needed to update BIOS (flash it) to enable it to accept higher RAM.After I did this, the BIOS seems to have lost the record that boots my Windows 7 installation. After going through the checks, it just comes up with "Operating System not found."So I thought that, since I have two SATA drives, I could try installing Windows on my redundant disk to see if that might generate a dual boot menu.I was able to successfully install a fresh copy of Windows on the 2nd disk, but it will only boot into that one. It seems my system has completely forgotten about my other, working, installation.Is there a process for recovering the boot information and setting it up such that I can go back to using my other installation?

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Screen Flashing On Certain Sites?

Jan 31, 2012

on a few certain site, like facebook, twitter, classic yahoo mail the screen erratically flashes

i keep my PC switched on for days on end, i'm also logged onto these sites, but sometimes i get the screen flashing, nothing i can do to stop it unless i restart my PC and it's fine until it starts again, it can be a day, to a few days

i think it may be facebook, as when i'm not on this site, it seems to be fine.

do you think it's a flash problem or something else i've just uninstalled flash & reinstalled to see if it's going to help

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Screen Flashing And Freezing

Aug 23, 2012

i recently had to reinstall 7, because the computer kept crashing in the middle of the simplest things. say, i'd be reading a wikipedia article, or watching a Internet video, or playing a game, and the screen would all of the sudden start flashing for a few seconds, then it would just go black (70% of the time.) on occasion, it wouldn't go black, but instead becomes the color of the most prevalent color on the screen. ex: i was playing a game, and took a look at the map, which was mostly yellow. at that moment the screen would become yellow and freeze, not letting me move my mouse or ctrl+alt+del. sometimes a blue crash screen would appear, sometimes it would just restart on its, anyway, i realize reinstalling windows has little to do with the above problem, but i was hoping it would fix it, and also i needed a new start, since my organizational skills were pretty bad before. once reinstalled, i had updated almost everything possible, via windows update, or first, i thought my wishes were fulfilled, because my pc was running faster and more smoothly than ever before. (i did have a little hiccup with sound card, but that's behind me now.) but, no. the black screen happened again today. that was such a low blow i wanted to jump off the balcony... i decided that the only thing i haven't updated was the bios, and, true, it was last updated in august 2010, 3 months before i got this pc. that hasn't helped one bit - screen's still flashing and freezing.

also, i've just noticed that after a few flashes the computer doesn't freeze at first, but the mouse pointer either disappears altogether or becomes thin vertical dotted line. but it still freezes after a few minutes. that's something new, but not an improvement. hopefully that helps you.[code] a quick flash or two, mouse pointer becomes a dotted line, and screen goes white (doesn't happen a lot, but has before) after 1-2 minutes. i was running 16-bit true color this time, but apparently that makes no difference.

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Flashing Cursor On Boot?

Nov 9, 2012

Wonder if anyone could help or provide some ideas.I'm trying to get my spare laptop to work.Every time I turn it on it just boots to a flashing cursor on a black screen.The hard drive in it is new - without windows 7 installed yet.I've tried booting from my windows 7 disk. Set optical drive to first in boot order. Just goes to flashing cursor, does not say "press any key to boot from cd" Tried booting from usb. Set usb hard drive to first in boot order. same as above.Mem test says ram is ok, reports cpu and ram amount in bios ok Laptop is hp compaq nc6320

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Flashing Underscore On Boot?

Jul 15, 2012

Recently I got this problem on my Acer Aspire 5742G where my laptop gets stuck on black screen with a flashing underscore at the top left corner right after the Acer splash screen. I can get into Bios but I can't get into safe mode (normally I could press F8 to get into Advanced Boot Options but this no longer works).

The problem started when I decided to try out Windows 8 Preview a few days ago. I managed to set up dual boot windows 7 home premium/windows 8 preview and it worked fine. But I only gave 20GB to the windows 8 partition and I decided I needed more. I thought it's a simple matter to transfer space by shrinking the volume of the win7 partition, format the new unallocated space and extend the volume of the win8 partition. But after I did this, all the partitions apart from the recovery one became "simple partitions" instead of "primary partitions". I don't know the difference between the two terms and I didn't think it was a problem so I just turned off the laptop once I finished with it. The next time I turned it on the problem started. Could this have caused problems with the hard drive? It's the only thing I can think of that caused the problem.

Unfortunately I can't find my recovery disc either.

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Blank Screen And Flashing Cursor?

Aug 11, 2011

my son has a toashiba satellite pro L450D-12x it goes past set up screen then to a blank screen (in black ) with a flashing line in the left corner how can i get it to load properley? before it did this it said media cable fail or something like that and i restored bios back to restore settings and it was also turning itsself off now and again.

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Black Screen With Flashing Underscore?

Jul 22, 2012

I encountered this problem two days ago while using my computer (hp pavilion elite) and it sht off on it's own. I tried to restart and it won't boot windows. Just a black screen with a flashing cursor at the top. I searched all over these forums and haven't found a solution that works. So far I have done a restore point, tried to reinstall windows from a recovery disk, I've used command prompt to Fix the boot record. Diagnostics says my hard drive is fine and I can see the newly installed windows 7 on my hard drive via the recovery disk boot. But when I try to boot from hard drive it still goes black.

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Black Screen Flashing While Using Aero

Jan 20, 2010

when my windows 7 ultimate computer starts up, the screen flashes black, just for a second which is ok. But if i enable aero and use the aero effects then the computer screen flashes black for a second again, everytime i use any aero effect! e.g minimize, thumbnails, show desktop, open files.

I upgraded from windows vista.

my cousins also have windows 7 ultimate and they use the aero effects without any problems.
their computer has A NVIDA G-Force, but not sure about the model, although it will be quite new because they bought their computer a week ago.

is it because of my graphics card? i checked the windows 7 upgrade advisor and it said my graphics card is compatible.

my graphics card is :

VIA Chrome9 HC IGP Family WDDM, and i have a Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 @ 1.8Ghz(i've been meaning to overclock but my mobo's rubbish :$)

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