Windows 7 Installer Service Hijacked (Log Included)?

Aug 6, 2012

Every time I try to use a .exe file, such as downloading or Adobe, I get the "WIS cannot be accessed, not installed properly mesage". I know it's hijacked, so I want to see if you guys know how to fix it. Enclosed is my "HijackThis log"[CODE]

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Windows Installer Service Not Available?

Apr 5, 2012

have been having problems installing programs in my computer.the error messages i get include "the windows installer service not available". i have tried to activate it at the services.msc and its not even there.

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Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed

Dec 25, 2011

Message: Windows installer service could not be accessed

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Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accesed

Jun 5, 2011

I have been getting this error. This is quite a pain when it comes to installing some things, like the newest version of iTunes, some games bought through Steam, etc. I also think it may be the reason why some updates aren't installing right away anymore. I also can't access things like Add And Remove programs, and I believe this is it (as another question, is it potentially? If not, then what is?). Because of it, thins like Adobe Flash Player also won't update. I've been trying to find a way to fix it, but none work. When I try to Google how to reinstall it, I usually get old XP help, or Vista- and I'm not sure that works. This is a problem that's really annoying me, and I will take my laptop to Geek Squad if I can't figure this out. To clarify, this is a Windows 7, Acer, 64 bit

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Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed?

Apr 15, 2012

This happened the last time I reformated and I don't really understand what's going on. I have 4 harddrives. 1 SSD and the rest are standard 7200RPM drives. This is the error I get when I try to install something.

Weird thing is I can't even play games cause I get this error too.

I did unplug the harddrives from the motherboard when I cleaned it, don't know if that could cause a problem, I don't believe they we're put in the same spots.

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Damaged Windows Installer Service

Jul 31, 2012

probably my Windows installation service is broken or otherwise nonfunctional. Although the windows installer doesnot report anything wrong, I'm having many bluescreens in last days, mostly just when installing or uninstalling something via Windows Installer. No crash dumps.

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Windows 7 Installer Service Not Access?

Jun 16, 2012

i have problems with my ASUSchemeleon engine out of service and window installer service not accessed

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Cannot Use Windows Installer Service - Error Code 641

Aug 27, 2012

I had meant to say that all of a sudden I can't use windows installer service I get error code 8007641 or error code 641. I'm unsure why I'm not able to use windows installer anymore and I'm not able to get valuable updates from windows without it.

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Windows Installer Service Has Stopped Running

Nov 4, 2011

My Windows Installer service has stopped running and it wont run again

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Installer Service Error

Jun 3, 2009

I can't install or uninstall anything more. It has been running just fine, but suddently I get this error when trying to install or uninstall:

The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running Windows in safe mode, or if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed.

How can I correct this?

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Error 1719 The Window Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed

Mar 22, 2012

new computer.. windows 7..dont know which bit..tried to install ms 2007 and i keep getting error 1719 the window installer service could not be accessed

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Windows 7 Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed On Windows 7?

Jul 8, 2011

I am getting the "Windows Installer Service Could not be accessed" error. Every time I try to install a new program I get this message. I am running Windows 7 64 bit. I purchased my computer about a year ago from best buy and they didn't give me a Windows 7 installation disc, so I can't do a clean install if I wanted to (though I prefer not to, of course).I have tried:1) re-registering Windows Installer with the msiexec /regserver2) running sfc /scannw3) running a system restore (though I can only restore to about 5 days ago to before(?) I did a system update) and it says it could not complete the restore (I think because of a corrupted file?)4) chkdsk5) scan with AVG & Trendmicro housecallI have been working on this for about 10 hours now..very frustrating! I feel like I am out of luck.

Most of the fixes I find online seem not to work for Windows 7I am also experiencing other problems now as well: Windows Media Player is saying "the file wmploc.dll has a version number 12.0.7601.17514 where 12.0.7600.16667 was expected"It seems like a new thing is breaking every second! When I go to services.msc it says it can't run the activex controls to show me the properties.

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Itunes Hijacked My Computer

Dec 30, 2011

itunes somehow changed the icon of all of the apps on my computer to an itunes icon and they all go to itunes now. The control panel isn't even accessible, it opens itunes instead, it looks like that has been hijacked also. There is a PC cleaner that looks like it was recommended for a similar problem:url,Will this cleaner fix this problem? Does anyone know if this is even safe to try? Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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Malware Hijacked System Restore

Jul 15, 2011

The malware took most of my programs out and put it in the waste bin, I tried an undelete program, but it only goes so far and freezes. I can't use system restore. I can't even get to my control panel

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Windows 7 Freezes On Start (photos Included)?

Dec 21, 2011

It's a fake computer analysis and optimization program that displays fake information in order to scare you into believing that there is an issue with your computer so you buy some program. My computer recovered back to normal, except it ran slower than usual and sounded like it was constantly loading/thinking.Within 30 minutes, my computer restarted without being prompted to do so and now it freezes every time it tries to load. I've tried all the safe modes and it freezes before loading windows.I've included two screen shots, where it freezes every time

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Softwer Not Included In Soud Card For Windows 7

Aug 11, 2011

i buy a sound card but that not support on my pc .no softwer on windows7..what i will do please give me replay

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Windows Stuck In Boot Loop / Safemode Included

Oct 11, 2011

i installed LibUSB-Win32- drivers so i could use iRecovery on my iPhone,on completion of installation of LibUSB my keyboard and mouse turned off, well all of my USB was disabled. so i was forced to restart, sadly same thing, login screen no keyboard or mouse, i tried in safemode, same thing. however my keyboard works in CMOS and BIOS so i know its a OS issue. and this only happened when i installled LIBUSB, i looked it up and tried manually removing LibUSB using the Win7 setup disks command prompt. i deleted LibUSB0.sys out of Windows/Systen32/Drivers so that LibUSB wont be called upon during start up, however doing this has now meant my PC will reboot after loading Windows even in safemode, the Starting Windows screen appears. fades and riight before it goes to the login screen it restarts, Safemode too. i have no Restore points and i cannot and i mean Cannot Format this harddisk, its not backed up and i have over 400GB of data i absolutely NEED.Im so stuck its not funny i have no idea what to do to get windows booting again and without this silly LibUSB stuff! i dont have aany PS./2 Ports on my mobo either!, what can i do >? Please ive asked everywhere and no one knows what i can do except reformat.

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Windows Not Genuine Message / MGADiag Report Included

Jan 15, 2013

I've been getting the "Windows not genuine" message popping up for several months on a 2 -year old home built system (I bought & activated a genuine copy of Windows 7). I've included the MGADiag report below. I've recently reactivated Windows using the Microsoft phone number but that didn't help. The lack of windows updates is now becoming a major problem!.I see in the report below there are several "tampered files".A Kaspersky virus/malware scan reports no problems. [code]

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Drivers Included?

Dec 24, 2009

I want to do a clean install from Vista home premium to 7 ultimate 32 bit.

If I boot from the CD is everything there I need to do the install into my HP laptop?

I tried an upgrade and it said it failed?? so I will attempt a clean install and then reload all my software/applications etc after.

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SATA Drivers Included ?

Oct 21, 2009

Am expecting to receive my copy of Win 7 tomorrow, have got my drivers ready but am wondering whether there is an issue with installing Win 7 onto a SATA drive.

Had issues when installing XP as it wouldn't recognise the SATA drive and wouldn't load the drivers either. Ended up making a slipstream disk with the drivers on which took a while to get right.

Does Win 7 install onto a SATA drive straight out of the box or will I have the same problems as I had with XP?

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Multiple Emails Sent If Graphics Are Included?

Feb 6, 2011

Win 7 Live Mail: Sending HTML text works okay but when I try to send a new mail or forward mail with graphics the recipient gets multiple copies of the e-mail. One is usually okay but the rest are gibberish. To work around this glitch I have registered with Gmail to use when I want to e-mail with graphics. All Windows Updates have been entered. I changed mail options to plain text with similar results. My winter snowbird ISP is Bright House Tampa Bay Road Runner, and the computer is Dell Inspiron 15 laptop.

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Numbers Included In Song Title

May 6, 2011

I have numbers in front of some my music files. Not tracknumbers. The numbers are included in the file name. (03 Sunflower or 01 - Beyond The Sea) etc. My question is, is there anyway to remove the numbers. I can do by renaming each file. Is there any to do this other than renaming one file at a time.

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Latest Version Of DirectX Already Included In SP1?

Oct 4, 2012

I was wondering whether it was necessary to "update" DirectX after a fresh install of Windows 7 with SP1 included, or is the latest already in SP1?

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Library - Remove A Included Folder

Jun 13, 2009

How to Remove a Included Folder from a Library in Windows 7 ?

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Way To Designate What File Types Are Able To Be Included In A Folder?

Nov 13, 2012

Is there a way to designate what file types are able to be included in a folder? For example, I would like to create a folder that will ONLY accept Excel files.

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Device Drivers Included On The Win7 Disc ?

Oct 23, 2009

One question I have is are the device drivers included on the windows 7 disc? I'm not sure I have a device driver disc let alone knowing what drivers I need.

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Hard Drive Included In Safely Remove Hardware?

Jan 14, 2011

I have a new PC running W7 64bit.When I click the safely remove hardware button to remove a USB flashdrive, listed as well is the option to remove my hard drive. Is this normal? The shop that built the PC for me says it is because my hard drive is SATA, but it is still a bit disconcerting.

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BSOD, Random, Sometimes Right When Load A Webpage (Minidmp Included)

Mar 20, 2012

It would be much appreciated. Also, Im new here, So if you could tell me if Im doing something wrong it would be helpful. Heres the error report upon reboot -

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name:BlueScreen
OS Version:6.1.7601.
Locale ID:1033
Additional information about the problem:


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When I Start The Computer Up It Says "the User Profile Service Service Failed The Login?

Oct 6, 2011

I have a Dell XPS M1730 with Windows 7 Ultimate and it was doing an iTunes update and the lid got closed during the update process. Now when I start the computer up it says "the user profile service service failed the login, user profile cannot be loaded". The computer starts up in safe mode and won't let me do a system restore because it says it is shut off.When I look at User Profiles in Windows 7, it states that the users profile is as backup and the default profile is the local profile. How can I fix my computer to get my user profile back up and working?

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User Profile Service Service Failed Login

Feb 10, 2011

When you boot you get the login screen, click login, then instantly displayed with this message:"User Profile Service service failed the login.User Profile cannot be located."You cannot log into windows normally or in safe mode, I don't use the PC as its someone else's so I don't have any other information as they don't know either they just turned it off and this is what happened when they turned it on.

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User Profile Service Service Failed Logon

Sep 27, 2012

I've tried going into regedit and changing the RefCount to 0 and restarting but it keeps going back to 2 - it was at 3 originally but keeps reverting to 2 when I restart.

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