Remove Bing As The Default Search Engine When Using IE Explorer 6?

Sep 1, 2009

Has anyone figured out a way to remove bing as the default search engine when using IE Explorer 6? I know MS fixed this problem with IE Explorer 7 & 8 but I can't find anything on the removal in IE 6?

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Live Search - Ie8 - Corrupted Default Engine

Apr 23, 2010

Since moving to IE8 I have regularly been haunted by a large box appearing whenever I open it - even during a session if I leave it temporarily and reopen - telling me that a program has corrupted my default search engine which is live search and I am given the choice of enabling it or seeking out another search engine. I have done so in variations, such as disabling it, enabling it, redownloading it from the MS site, deleting all add-ons and then some. But whatever I do the same (double) box keeps appearing. Should I uninstall IE8 and then reinstall it as a last resort, or is there an easier way to get rid of the pest?

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Missing Search Engine - Search Companion

Mar 23, 2007

i have just gone to a search in the search link in the start menu and got a file missing message saying a file that is required to run search companian could not be found you may need to run set up

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Deleting Internet Websites From Search Engine

Mar 25, 2006

hi there: my sister called me the other day, apparently someone sent her a link, to view, and she viewed the link is in her search engine, and she cant get rid of it the website is from some porn of course she doesnt want anyone to see it especially the kids that use the can she get rid of the history.we have tried, the internet options and deleting history but that doesnt work.any suggestions? could the porn site have hacked her computer , so she cant get rid of this website from history.

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Select Magnify Button Search Engine

Apr 12, 2008

My search engine on win xp not working.After I select magnify button search engine only blue column and dog animation appear in the left of my screen. without text entry.

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Want To Block Particular Words Like Games / Porn In Any Search Engine

Apr 10, 2007

Don't know where to post it so i will post it here anyways. I want to block particular words like games, porn etc in any search engine so people don't mess around with my pc. Is this possible if so how?

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MS/explorer Search Is Hyjacked Porno Search Window

Dec 21, 2006

my computer was infected. I used to able to do a search from the address bar, but now I'm hyjacked to some sort of porno search engine.I use spybot,zone alarm,AVG, webroot. I've tryied using Hyjack this program in atempt to find problem.Still suffering!!! Any suggestions ?

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Case Sensitive Search In Explorer Search

Jul 14, 2005

What are the rules for a case sensitive search when searching for all files and folders in XP. I have set the option, and have tried searching in both upper and lower case options, and still get the same results.

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Default Double-click Is Search Instead Of Open.

Jul 23, 2005

For some reason, the default choice for when I double-click any of my drives (C:, A:, D:, E:, F: ) (hard drives and removable) is search instead of openNote: This isn't the case if I am trying to Open... or Save as... in any executable.I only want to change the default option to Open again (or Explore if I am using Windows Explorer), but I have tried many things with no results (From folder options to drive properties to many things in the Control Panel

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Default Double-click Actions - Goes To Search

May 18, 2006

I was recently in "folder options" and then "file types", just going through and changing icons for disk drives and folders, JPG's and whatnot. Anyway, after doing that, I noticed that if I try to double-click on a disk drive it'll go to Search. And if I double-click on a folder it'll go to Clear Read Only Attributes. I've obviously changed the default action associated with a double-click on folders and disk drives, and I know how to change the default actions undertaken by disc drives and folders and everything else when double-clicked. The thing is, when I go into folder options, file types, advanced (after selecting say, disk drive) the option to change the default action to "open" isn't there, for either folders or disk drives. Other options such as Find are present, but nothing else

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Default Action Is Search The Drive Instead Exploring

Mar 29, 2005

I am running Windows XP Professional, and after deleting some software from my hard drive, I have been having a very strange problem:When I open My Computer and click on a drive letter, the default action is to search the drive, instead of exploring it.

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Default Double-click Action Changed To Search ?

Mar 6, 2005

My default (bolded) action when I right-click on a folder was recently changed to "Search...," and I can't seem to figure out how to change it back to "Open." I've tried folder options, and I haven't found a solution there

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Annot Sign In With Bing

Jul 5, 2010

I cannot sign in with this bing, so I want my opemmmning page like I had it before with windows internet exployer, withm my Oregon City info on it

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Add Or Remove Components - Default In C:windowsServicePackFiles

Jul 26, 2005

Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 Computer Company: Hewlett-Packard In the process of removing a trojan some of the windows components were removed including outlook express, games, and windows messenger... All of these have been successfully restored. However, I am unable to restore MSN Explorer, when i try i get a popup that says Quote: The file 'auupdate.exe' on (unknown) is needed i do not know where to find this, it is set to find it as default in c:windowsServicePackFiles but when i select ok then it says file is not located here. where do i locate this file

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Remove Search Dog

Aug 12, 2002

To remove the dog that appears in the search window open the search window, select change preferences, and select the animated screen character option to remove it.

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How To Remove Aze Search

Aug 23, 2005

can somebody tell me how to remove aze search toolbar it suddenly appeared in my computer and i can not remove or find in my files i heard it was spyware.

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Add Or Remove Programs My Web Search

Feb 10, 2006

My friend remove mywebsearch fold from the hard drive C:. So, when I tried to remove the mywebsearch program from the Add or Program, a message said that mwsbar.dll is missing. It will not let me remove the program. Is thier anyway to remove program from the Add or remove Programs.

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Remove History From Search Bars

Jul 26, 2005

There is a saved history for when I type things in searches, like Google or eBay. So every time I type something new it brings up a drop down menu of past things I have typed that start with the same letters. I want to remove this or shut off this feature.

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Search Option Opens Up By Default Instead Of The Open Option

Aug 10, 2006

I use Windows XP SP2. Recently noticed that when I left-click on any of the icons of the Hard-disk drives and/or Devices with Removable Storage within 'My Computer', the 'Search' Option opens up by default instead of the 'Open' option, like in other folders. Likewise, when I right-click on the said icons, the 'Search' option is topmost & the 'Open' option has been relegated to second position. I would like the Search option to come first. Can't remember whether this was so from before or changed recently.
I have used Norton Partition Magic 8 recently to resize my partitions.

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Can't Get The Add/remove - Cant Search For Files And Folders To Open

Aug 22, 2006

I can't get the add/remove nor the search for files and folders to open. Are there other ways to remove programs.

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After Uninstalling KAV From Add / Remove Programs Search Is Missing

Mar 23, 2007

I uninstalled the KAV trial because I had a lot of problems with it locking up. I used both add/remove/uninstall as well as the kaspersky removal tool (provided by KAV). I just noticed the xp search screen is completely missing. start-search. any suggestions on getting it back.

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Explorer Default Display

Aug 4, 2005

Windows Explorer used to open with the C: drive expanded and the display positioned roughly halfway down the list. Now it's opening with My Documents expanded. Is it possible to change the default display? I prefer the C drive display.(WinXP Home SP2)

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Explorer Right Click Default.change It?

Apr 8, 2006

If I double-click a file (or folder) in Windows Explorer, by default the computer opens the file or folder in another program (Virus Scan) and begins to scan it. Obviously, I don't want this. Normally, I should be able to hit ENTER, double-click, or right-click and select the first option, which should be open the folder or file in Explorer. However, this is not so, and I can't figure out what Default setting I changed in order to change the Default operation for any files or folders I select. I've poked around in the File Types tab of Folder Options (for Explorer) but this doesn't work

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Changing Explorer Default Folder

Oct 3, 2008

When I right click on Start and choose Explore, the default folder is C:..bla blaStart Menu.I want to change that so the default folder that opens is my network drive. I have found how to change the target folder when I go to Programs>Accessories>Windows Explorer (change the Target in Properties), but that change did not affect the window that opens up when I right click on the Start menu and choose Explore.

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How To Get Folders Explorer Default Details Listing

Aug 11, 2008

How do you get folders in windows explorer to default to details? It usually defaults to listing

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Internet Explorer Saves Images As Default BMP Only

Mar 27, 2003

When you try to save an image in Microsoft Internet Explorer, the image will only save by the default bmp only. For example, when you right-click an image on a Web page, and then click Save Picture As, the file name that appears is Untitled, and the file type that appears is .bmp, instead of the right file name and type.This behavior occurs when a Damaged or Unknown program file (active or java) is downloaded to the downloaded program files folder. To troubleshoot and resolve this, empty the contents of the Temporary Internet Files folder, and then delete any files in the Downloaded Program Files folder that are listed as either Unknown or Damaged.

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Reset Explorer File Folder To Default

Mar 7, 2008

First things first: WinXP Pro, SP2 fully up to date but system restore is turned off.Trying to get Windows Explorer to export a directory tree to a text file the other day instead of doing it via command line, I messed something up and can't get it back. In Explorer, this is where I was: Tools >> Folder Options >> File Types >> File Folder >>I managed to insert the script that I wanted, but somewhere along the way I made a mistake and set it to Default. Now, whenever I click on an folder in Explorer it runs whatever is set as default. I can "Default" a lot of things (enqueue in Winamp, play in VLC Media Player, Find, etc) but none of them is the simple "Open" command. I looked around at a couple other things (namely "Folder" and Firefox) in the File Types box, and while they both have Open commands included, I can't "Edit" them to see what kind of command they are running.

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How To Permanently Disable / Remove Explorer Bar Pane In XP Explorer?

Nov 7, 2007

Anyone know how to permanently disable/remove the explorer bar pane in windows XP explorer. I have been searching for 2 hours and can not find a answer. If i press the x it goes but next time i open a window it is back.

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Win Explorer Search Function

Sep 9, 2005

Since moving to Win XP I have found that Win Explorer Search Files & Folders function does not work properly (as Win 98 did).I need to search a subset of the files (for example *.pas) to find a file containing a string (for example TLargeInteger). Win 98 would have found this but Win XP returns with no item found when there is definitely a file(s) with that string in it in plain text (ie not unicode). Is there some subtle selection I am not making or is the Win XP Search function broken.

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Internet Explorer 8 Start Menu Icon - Get Default

Nov 7, 2009

My internet explorer Pined icon under my name is white with colors in it (default icon) could u help me do it the ie8 icon

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Change Internet Explorer Default Pages For Events

Sep 2, 2004

Internet explorer default pages for events such as navigation canceled, navigation failed, offline information, and blank page are stored in the registry. You can replace these pages with your own if you would like to customize Internet Explorer. Start regedit, if you are unfamiliar with regedit please see our FAQ. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftInternet ExplorerAboutURLs Modify the key values to the full path on the hard drive. C:page.htm

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