How To Make Backup Of Hard Drive

Oct 6, 2006

I recently got a new computer with windows XP and I want to make a backup copy of my hard drive. I've been using win 98se in the past and always backed up my drive using the "Drive Copy" software and that always worked just fine. I tried using it to copy my new Win XP drive and found that it has a different format called NTFS. My Drive Copy doesn't seem to work with the new drive. Any suggestions? Do I need to reformat the new blank drive I want to copy to?

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How Can Make Complete Backup Of Hard Drive?

Mar 7, 2005

My hard rive at the moment it making random sounds sometimes and is poretty much faulty so I am getting it replaced. What I was qondering is that is there any program that will backup my whole hard drive onto another hard drive I have and then when I get my new one all my settings will be the same. by the way I am aware I can just use my other hard drive as mine but I need that for anyther computer later

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Make A Copy Of My Drivers Onto A Slave Drive, When Upgrading Hard Drive?

Apr 1, 2010

When installing a larger main drive, how do I get the drivers copied onto the slave before I take out the main one I wonder is there a simple way of doing this, I am using Windows XP home edition, the PC is an oldish one and isn't any specific make, so I can't get any clever programs from the manufacturers site

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Make Recovery CDs From USB Hard Drive

Oct 29, 2007

I bought a laptop and burned 4 recovery CDs for recovery purpose. Instead of burning as disc images, I just copied and pasted these 4 CDs to my USB HDD as 4 folders called "RecoveryCD 1", "RecoveryCD 2", "RecoveryCD 3" and "RecoveryCD 4". Now my laptop got problem and I lost my 4 recovery CDs. All I have now is 4 recovery folders in my USB HDD. I burned another 4 CDs as data disc from my USB HDD, but it didn't work out (it didn't boot because they are just data discs). I again burned my first recovery CD as a bootable CD, and it booted but didn't automatically install XP, drivers and other softwares. It just appeared some sentences on a black screen and cursor is waiting for me to type after the text, "A:>".

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How To Make Bootable CD Of Hard Drive Copy

Jan 14, 2007

EASY way to copy my hard drive to a bootable CD? I think the HDD I have now is dying, and I would like to have a hard drive I can just pop in which has all the information I have now. I have heard horror stories about Norton Ghost, so I'm hesitant there. I also bought a product called Drivecopy...BEFORE I learned that it is not compatible with XP Pro. Ghost and Drivecopy are both PowerQuest products. I have been told that if you simply copy one drive to another it will not be bootable because of some hidden/missing files that Windows uses. I have also heard that most products which are SUPPOSED to do what I want will only work on drives the exact same size and will duplicate my smaller partition if I go to a larger drive. There MUST be an easy way, but I'm stumped.

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Will Second Hard Drive Make Computer Faster?

Dec 31, 2009

will a second hard drive make my computer faster

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Formating Hard Drive - Make Partition

Jun 5, 2010

I'm having a hard time formating my system. I recently got virus that was so bad i couldn't access my desktop, so i am now formating my hard drive. I go through the process of a clean install and i make the partition I hit quick ntfs and it goes on fine until it restarts the computer. All it does is it either loads up on the cd or it hangs on a - mark on a black background, and later tells me non system disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready. I'm wondering if jumper settings may have something to do with this or if the hard drive is screwed up.

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Added Second Hard Drive - Make Partitions

Jul 30, 2005

When I bought my new pc with XP SP2 I added a second hard drive(FAT 32) that I'd already used for a while in my old pc, and that contains all my data, photo's, music etc. Everything worked fine, but over the past month something strange is happening. From one moment to the other Windows loses sight of that second drive. Sometimes restarting (in every possible way) helps, sometimes not. Sometimes the drive disappears when I'm saving omething to it, sometimes I can save.

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How To Put Password To Hard Drive - Make Private

Sep 29, 2005

I recently added a new hard drive to my family computer. It was supposed to be my own personal drive for my documents. but now I am having Security problems with siblings getting in to my personal info and putting there own documents in there. I was wondering if there was any way to put a password on this drive or make it private?

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Backup Data To An External USB Hard Drive

Jan 5, 2008

I am backing up data to an external USB hard drive. What should I backup? I don't have enough room to backup my whole hard drive onto the external. I'm looking for suggestions of specific folders ie. Documents and Settings, etc. as opposed to advice like "whatever can't be downloaded or replaced easily".

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Backup To Extra Internal Hard Drive

Nov 8, 2007

i recently added an extra hard drive(40gb)internal to my e-machine running wxp-sp2.the new hd came with files i'd like to clear first.then,i want to copy my entire c (os) to the new d there a way to do so for free?

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How To Make Hard Disk Drive As My My Music Folder?

Sep 22, 2007

I have this idea however I don't know if you can do it. What i want to do is to make my Hard Disk Drive as my My Music folder: Whenever you click or go into My Music, it will act as a shortcut and head straight to the Hard Disk Drive. The reason for this is so I have a Hard Disk Drive full of music while my original HDD has all the other stuff. Also My Music is a special windows folder so I would like to keep that if possible when doing this.

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Backup - Copy Files To The Portable Hard Drive

Sep 27, 2007

Recommend me a free program to basically copy files from windows to the portable hard drive? I don't need compression, and I don't want the entire backup in one file, like .zip or .bkf. Normally I would just copy the files over, but I would lose the timestamps and all the attributes.

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Software That Backup Files And Folders To Another Hard Drive

Jun 23, 2005

I am looking for some backup software that can backup files and folders to another HDD and verify all files are not corrupted, then email me on completion of the backup outcome. Does anyone know of a good backup program that can do this?

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NTDLR Disaster - Could Make Corrupted Hard Drive As Slave

Mar 9, 2005

I had an NTDLR error, so I thought I could make my corrupted hard drive a slave on another computer so I could just get my stuff that way. Unfortunately when Windows XP started, it started checking the newly added slave and it took forever and started doing all this stuff, all I remember seeing is...deleting index entry yatta yatta. I don't know what it did!! But when I got into windows, all that was there what was originally on the root drive (c:/) like unzipped, My Shared Folder, and WINDOWS. NO MY DOCUMENTS, way to even get to my user files with my favorites, documents etc. Yet, in the disk information when I right click it says the drive is occupied with the same amount as before - 80 gigs. I tried to defrag too and the files that I can't find otherwise were being defragmented! So how can I access these files? Windows xp recovery said it could not be fixed. I need this stuff, is there any other way to get it!? It's NTFS file format.

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Make Hard Drive Dock - Supports Both Side - Sata

Sep 10, 2009

Does anyone make a USB dock that you can use with both IDE and SATA drives?

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Back Up My Files To An External Hard Drive Using Windows Backup

Mar 11, 2006

I want to back up my files to an external hard drive using Windows Backup, but it is not shown as an option. The only options shown are the floppy and f: drives. Can you use this program to back up to an external drive? If so, how do you tell it where to send the data?

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Ntldr Missing / Hard Drive Corrupt And Need To Backup Bookmarks

Nov 19, 2008

PC (XP) wont boot, says NTLDR missing.I wonder if anyone could give me any advice about how to salvage my firefox bookmarks from my system which wont even boot. (the bookmarks are all i need to salvage from the c drive as my downloads files and documents are safely stored on my 2nd hard drive) My home PC (windows XP) died a death the other day playing up, wont boot now, says ntldr is missing, wont even boot up in safe mode, it doesnt get as far as giving me an option. (tried swopping cables around and stripped bare to the basics needed to boot but no such luck there either). Boots up with a unix live disc but i noticed it cant detect the c drive on the system, altho it does in bios.

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Blue Screen Stop Code - Copy Casper To Backup Hard Drive To External

Jul 30, 2005

My computer seems to work fine except when I try to do a copy in Casper XP to backup my hard drive to external HD. I also got this stop code last night when trying to do a disk check to correct errors. Stop 0X0000000A (0X00000188, 0X000000FF, 0X00000000, 0X804E35E9). I have located online page for stop 0X0000000A codes which states could be driver problem... that last one parimeter 4 -- 804E35E9 how/where would I
find out which/if this is associated to a particular driver so I can possibly correct it?

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How To Make A Backup Of My OS To A CD Disc?

Jun 28, 2006

Can someone tell me how to make a backup of my OS to a CD disc? My new computer came with Windows Media Center installed but with no reinstallation disk should I need it.

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How To Make Bootable Self Installing Backup Image?

Mar 11, 2009

I have been searching the internet for an answer to my question and unable to do so. What I want to do is make a bootable backup image that will self install without windows in case of an operating system failure where windows is unavailable. I want to image my C drive and make it so I can boot from CDR or DVDR and have it format the drive and reinstall my backup identical to the original. A long time ago I saw this done with Symantec Ghost on a job I was on but have no idea how to accomplish the task myself. I was wondering if there is perhaps a better software out there now for making a total self restoring image of your haed drive such as this.

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Make Backup Copy Of Operating System

Aug 26, 2006

I bought my mom a used computer with Windows XP. If it ever gets messed up I won't be able to reinstall Windows since the computer didn't come with any disks. Is there any way to make a backup copy of Windows XP in the event that I ever need to reinstall it for her? Also, we don't have the administrator password for the computer that was set by the previous owner.

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Backup FOLDER On Drive D / Changed To Backup FILE?

May 28, 2006

I have two IDE hard disks one 40GB=C and the secondary 200GB=D,I have made a copy of documents and setting from C to a new folder backup in drive D.After that this operating finished I preformed format of C and installed from on drive C the MS WIN XP operating system.After the installation the backup FOLDER on drive D, changed to backup FILE without extension.How can I restore my DATA? anyone familiar with this phenomenon

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Cant Copy Files From Internal Hard Drive To External Hard Drive Using Linux

Mar 5, 2010

I have a Dell computer where one of the loading .dll files came up 'missing' one day, so it won't boot. I want to get all the photos and other docs off the hard drive. I had downloaded one version of linux and was able to see the files on the internal hard drive, but was unable to copy them to a memory stick or external hard drive. Now I've downloaded ubuntu and booted off a memory stick... this time, it's telling me that the internal hard drive has all kinds of bad sectors and won't let me access any of the files on there.

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Backup Hard Drvie File Appear

Jul 18, 2005

When I right click any file or folder and select send to, my f drive, which is my backup Hard Disk, does not appear.

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Backup Drive - Video Scratch Drive

Aug 18, 2007

My Windows XP Pro is starting to run slow as all Windows installations
do after time. I BackUp and format once a year to keep everything running
nice and fast. Here is my issue. Since my Last Format I have added two
more drives to my system. I use one as a Backup Drive and the other
as a Video Scratch drive. On the BackUp drive I have set Administrator "Write
Permissions only" on the whole drive because I don't want anything
to happen to it. ( I run myself as a Limited User for safety ).... Now Users can
read and Execute but just can't write to the drive.

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Transfer Files From Removed Laptop Hard Drive Into New Hard Drive

Aug 5, 2010

My laptop died and I removed the hard drive.i hooked the hard drive up to my new laptop via a SATA/IDE cable.

I can see the old hard drive in the E drive and it appears that all the contents are there by the size of the hard drive (same as when I had it in the old laptop) but I can only see, actually view, a very small percentage of the drive.

My goal: I want to transfer all old music, word documents and photos from old laptop into new laptop.

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Backup Problems - Partition Hard Disk

Nov 13, 2006

my plan was to format & partition hard disk, re-install windows xp sp2.but needed to back-up my stuff, isn't working though, doesn't matter what software i try and back-up with, first disk burns ok but second disk always say's read error back-up failed. (sorry i cant remember the read error number) can anyone help?

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Sata Hard Disc - Make Floppy From The Drivers

Mar 17, 2007

i have a p5s800-vm mother board of asus and the setup of windows xp (pro-sp2) dont find my hard disc and i need to make a floopy from the drivers on the disc to help it found the hard disc. that what i do to make that floopy (as some nice guys here tell me to) i go to the drivers folder on the disc of the motherbord than chose "raid" folder in it i chose the floopyimage folder there i have 3 folders


the guys here tell me to put the files of the 965_965L on the floopy without the foler imself. so in the 965_965L folder i have two files "SISRAID and "TXTSETUP.OEM" and aonter folder calld "raid" and in it i have to folders "winxp" and "win2000" and each folder has its own file. so what i do was to put only the "TXTSETUP.OEM" file on the floopy without noting else cause someone here tell me it all i need to do......

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Convert Slave Hard Drive To Primary Hard Drive

Oct 13, 2009

current HD going bad, have second HD installed and using as back but now i need to make the second HD my primary, can i do this without having to reformat in order to add booting files.

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Hard Drive Space - Having Wild Swings In My Hard Drive

Dec 5, 2007

using XP. am having wild swings in my hard drive space go from 46.1 to 44.1 and sometimes in between. have not installed any new programs recently. what could be causing it and how do i correct also am noticing my laptop as slowed appreciablydo know whether the two problems are correlated

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