Desktop Colour Scheme Keeps Reverting To Default At Startup

May 6, 2010

At startup 2 days ago my desktop colour scheme was reset to classic with grey taskbar etc. When I tried to change it back to silver I found that the windows xp style in display properties appearance windows and buttons, was gone and only windows classic style was present. Confused I though maybe I needed to do a windows update. I proceeded to do so and while I was at it updated to SP3. After doing this I could successfully change my colour scheme back to silver and change the size of my active title bar and menu font etc back to the way they were. But now whenever I restart my PC the colour scheme has reverted back to the default blue xp theme and the size changes back to default as well.I'm at a aloss because I have windows auto updates turned off and had installed no new software the night before this happened.I should also add that I have already done a virus scan, Malwarebytes Anti-malware scan and a Spybot search and destroy scan but found nothing.

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Changed Default Xp Scheme: System Keep On Changing Scheme?

Aug 12, 2005

I run windows xp and use the silver color scheme instead of the default (blue) color scheme. i started up my pc and windows had returned to the default color scheme so i restarted my pc and it was back to the silver scheme.All was well for a few weeks when it did the same thing agin.After restarting this time and i was back to the silver color scheme,all was well until this morning when i started my pc and it was back to the default blue so i restarted and it was still at the default blue.

I went to my display properties and manually set it back to the silver scheme,clicked on apply then ok and restarted my pc.Now it was back to the silver scheme.What could be the reason for this.I run spybot,ad-aware,spyblaster and microsoft anti-spyware and i also run ez-armor antivirus.I scan my pc everyday for spyware before i shutdown and i do regular virus scans and nothing is very often found as far as spyware except a tracking cookie once in awhile and never any viruses

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Desktop Background Keeps Reverting To Red Screen

Sep 4, 2007

i was working on a computer the other day helping someone "clean it up" and make it run faster. i did all the normal "clean up" stuff, got her back online, pc running much faster, everyone's happy.except for one thing: one of her original complaints was that her desktop background had recently reverted to all RED with this image in the middle that looks something like a biohazard logo. i tried changing the desktop background via the control panel, and it changed momentarily and then reverted back only moments later. I ran avg anti-virus and spybot to sweep her machine of any bugs/viruses (and found quite a few). when i left the red desktop was gone.

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Why Taskbar Reverts To Grey Colour At Every Startup?

May 27, 2010

These past couple of days I have noticed that my PC has slow down considerably and everytime my PC is turned on or rebooted, the taskbar would change to a dull boxy grey colour. When I look into the display properties and all the themes have disappeared! I have googled and tried all avenue on the internet to fix this but with no luck. Can someone please help me? Do I have some virus on my PC or something? I have Windows XP on my desktop.

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Changing Font Colour On The Desktop?

Oct 15, 2005

Yes I realize this is a very dumb question XDD. I still need an answer.I've went to -->Properties-->Display and still can't find where you specifically change the font colour on the desktop.

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Background Colour On All Folders On Desktop

Dec 17, 2006

I haven't a clue what happened but basically today when i turned on the pc i noticed theres like a background color on all the folders on the desktop.Any way to turn this off and make it transparent again?

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Unable To Change Font Colour On Desktop?

Jul 15, 2005

I have got this request from one of our Senior Group Members: I am desperately trying to change the font colour on my desktop from white to a colour that is more easily read. I have Windows XP and am now wondering if white printing on the desktop is not "set in concrete".

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Way To Change The Text Colour Of Desktop Icons

Aug 26, 2005

Let's say, for example, I had an icon on my desktop for My Documents. Is there any way to make the text "My Documents" black instead of white, because I cant see the white text on my white desktop picture.

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Choosing A Default OS On Startup

Mar 7, 2008

Recently I have had to use the Recovery Disc to fix my Broken Boot.ini file. (with help from this forum, thank god)But now when I turn on my computer it requests that I choose out of Three Operating Systems.Is there any way that I can make it so that it by default chooses the correct operating system so I can skip that screen.I have a little brother and sister that use the computer, so when they see that screen they panic.

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Default Desktop Colours

Jun 6, 2005

could someone please tell me the exact balance figures for the default XP desktop background colour which is blue - the hue, sat, lum etc.

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Programs Reverting To Background

Oct 26, 2007

Whenever I have any programs or apps running they are forced into the background.

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Reverting Xp To Factory Setting

May 29, 2007

I need to revert/reformat (not sure of the correct terminology)my windows xp laptop to the factory settings. I do not want to use the CD's.There is a way to do it by pressing "f" something, or control something while the computer is starting up. But I can't find the correct combination of keys to press.I've been searching for the answer to my question for the past half-hour to no avail.

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Desktop Without Logging In - Password Doesn't Default Setting

Dec 17, 2004

Since I installed XP I've only had my profile and it's always taken me straight into my desktop without logging in. However now it's asking for a password and it doesn't seem to be the one I'd use for it. Is there a default password because I don't recall actually setting one up for it :s Or do I have to reinstall XP?

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USB2 Host Controllers/reverting MS Drivers

Oct 1, 2008

I've recently reinstalled XP on my PC using the recovery CD that came with it but I've noticed that the USB Host Controllers seem to indicate I only have USB1 and not USB2 like I had pre-reinstall. I've tried my hardest to locate them to no avail but stumbled across this which is for my particular PC but I am having a dumb moment and don't know how to revert to MS drivers. It's XP Home with SP3 installed.

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Prevent Windows From Reverting To Logon Screen

Oct 8, 2005

How can I prevent windows from reverting to the logon screen after a period of inactivity? I am using Windows XP Professional SP-2 in a Work group. After logging in with a password, the screen comes up again after a few minutes of inactivity and I have to provide the password again. This happens continuously throughout the day.

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Restore Desktop Icons To Default Every Time At Reboot Restart Computer

Jan 13, 2007

I'm running Windows XP professional and when I change my desktop icons (my computer, my documents, my network places, recycle bin full and & empty) they revert back to the default settings when I restart my system. This doesn't effect my wallpaper, start menu settings or personalized colors, only the icons. The file that I'm using is an *.ico file which I know works fine. (I've used this file when I was still using windows 98.) I've also tried making a "theme" with the saved settings and that doesn't seem to work either. I'm wondering if it's some simple setting that I'm over looking. Something stupid like "Restore default icons on restart"...I'd rather not edit my registry if I don't have to.

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Scheme Is Set On Energy Star

Mar 14, 2005

I have a Pavilion 4 computer. I just changed my Standby Time to 3 hours. the Scheme is set on Energy Star. There is a Scheme for Home/Office Desk. Should I change to that or is it OK to just stay on Energy Star? My first experiece with doing this. I have XP. Would like to know the reason to change or not change

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Can't Change Sound Scheme In XP

Dec 2, 2009

I want to set the sound scheme to 'no sounds'. I go to 'sounds and audio device properties' and the sounds tab and select no sounds, apply, ok. However, the sounds continue. When i go back to the properties box it is still on 'no sounds' setting, but when i scroll down the list of events, there is the speaker symbol by every event below netmeeting. I have tried to change these each to no sound, but they reset. I am running XPSP3. I just reinstalled XP and there are these problems. What's going on? Seeing as I don't want sounds at all, would deleting the sound files from the system be a solution? (Where are they located?)

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Changed Scheme - Typing Now

Jun 3, 2006

Recently, I changed the Windows Scheme and since then,the cursor does not show in the window as I am typing now.

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Sharing Sound Scheme?

Jul 5, 2010

This Is my second post and I'm new here so.... go easy on me............. I have windows xp media 2004 edition computer. I want to know how to move the sound schemes from one computer to another.... I've spent a lot of time on finding free sounds on the internet and customizing them to make sound schemes. I know where the sound files are but I just don't know where the system saves those sound scheme extentions or whatever they are.

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Unknown Program Changes Color Scheme

Jun 13, 2005

Some unknown application is running which causes the Taskbar and window buttons to appear with a mottled green and gray pattern. Changing Windows desktop themes and colors can reset the colors, but then when I start a new application, the screen goes black (indicating the display settings are changing), then comes back with the mottled pattern. I have used various tools to try diagnose what the culprit application
is to no avail. I'm sure its some dumb thing my daughter downloaded knowingly or knowingly. I've used msconfig to stop some programs from loading that I thought would be the cause, but that didn't work.

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Selected Color Scheme Of Rainy Day

Sep 7, 2005

I have just started using XP pro. On previous Windows machines I have selected the color scheme of Rainy Day. I can not find this with XP. Can someone tell me where to find this as a download?

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Default Values In .Default User Shell Folders

Jul 19, 2005

In an XP-Home, one user system, what shoul be the defautl values found in the following registry entry: HKU.DEFAULTSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerShell Folders ??To make a long story short, there are entries pointing to a non existing user's folder (eg: C:Documents and SettingsTEMP....) and I want to get rid of this TEMP user and folder.This is the only section of the registry where this folder is referenced.

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Screen Keeps Flashing And Changing Colour?

Oct 13, 2005

My screen keeps flashing and changing colour to a dark horrible colour, It's been doing this for a while but lately seems to be doing it more often and wont change back to what it should be like. Any idea's what the problem could be?

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Changing Colour Of Taskbar: Uses More CPU Time?

May 29, 2007

I've been using the same old grey colour since Win95 and would like a different colour. What's the best way of going about it? I've just installed the XP Zune theme from Microsoft from here: and it looks pretty good but does it use up more memory or CPU time than the classic theme?

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Wallpaper Being Covered By Background Colour?

Feb 1, 2008

when i switched it on, i couldn't see my wallpaper, but just a black screen. I tried changing it back to the wallpaper, but even though the wallpaper seemed to change, i still could only see a black screen. The wallpaper is there, because when i close a game it appears for a second, then gets back to the black screen. It's like it is being covered by the background colour. Everything is still working fine, and i can use all the icons on my desktop, however a black desktop is very annoying

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Highlight Colour In Explorer No Focus?

Jun 24, 2005

What is the name of the display element for a highlighted item in Windows Explorer for when Explorer does NOT have the focus? In the standard XP them(blue) the highlight colour is a strong blue while Explorer has the focus. When it loses the focus it becomes a very pale mushroom that is almost impossible for me to see.I would like to change that but cannot find the correct display element in Display properties/appearance/advanced.

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Window Explorer Keeps Reverting Back To ICON View Instead Of DETAIL View?

Apr 3, 2008

Ever since I did a factory reinstall 3 months ago, every time I close my machine down and restart, my Windows Explorer settings keep getting reverted back to ICON view instead of my saved DETAIL view.I'm using the button under tools and folder options, View Tab, and Apply to all Folders.Is there something else I'm missing?

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Installed New Updates: Screen Colour Changed?

Aug 17, 2007

Returning to my PC after a holiday of 8 days, there were several updates to be loaded, which were executed before the final switch off. After reopening My screen had gone to some weird colours which made text look all shadowed and hard to read. I managed to change both colour and contrast to make it readable, but it still has grey lines across the screen. I changed the monitor but it made no difference.

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Changing Screen Resolution And Colour Depth?

Aug 14, 2005

Anyone know how to change these?

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Serious Graphical Glitch - Single Screen Of Colour

Mar 26, 2008

Sometimes when the computer has been running for a while, and especially when I am running a program which switches the screen resolution (so it would seem), the screen will suddenly go blank. Not just black blank either - the colour varies from a sludgy green to a sludgy red, but I've also seen white and black variations of the problem. I've also noticed that just before the login screen appears when I boot into XP, the screen goes to the sludgy red colour for about a second before it seems to recover. The computer does not freeze or become unresponsive - I can still shut down or restart manually using keyboard hotkeys - I just can't see anything other than a single screen of colour.

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