Computer Won't Finish Loading At Startup

Feb 2, 2006

When I start my computer it usually takes a minute or two to load everything, but then when I try to click on any icon nothing happens. If I run the mouse over the toolbar at the bottom of the screen I see the hourglass instead of the arrow which I am used to seeing. I have to shut it down cold since nothing will work and I usually do this 2-3 times and then it finally loads completely. I can use the cont/alt/del feature and nothing is showing any action except for "system idle process" which is at 98%. I have tried running all the usual virus scans/adaware/spybot. Everything looks fine. The computer runs just fine after it finally loads. And I have waiting a half hour or so before trying to click on anything and some days it is still not fully loaded yet. It seems like it is just getting hung up somewhere just when its almost finished loading.


Computer Cannot Finish The Startup Process

May 17, 2008

My computer will not finish the start up process. Once it gets to the "Windows is starting up" screen, it stops. Normally after it finishes this, it goes to "Applying your personal settings", but it does not get that far.My system's information:Gateway 420GR.Purchased on January 16, 2005.Background on my issue:This issue started yesterday. I left my computer running through the night, and while I was at work. I have it scheduled to shut down every week day at noon, so that it has had a few hours to rest before I get home.I first discovered the issue when I started up my computer earlier today.

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Computer Loading Slow Upon Startup

Jan 30, 2009

My computer takes about 8 minutes to load up upon startup. I've ran my anti-virus programs and nothing comes up. Also, while online it comes up with a lot of broken links. So, I don't know what to do about it. Is there a real good free troubleshooting program that might be able to see what's wrong? Does anyone have any good ideas as to what is going on?

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Computer Startup And Loading Slow

Dec 25, 2009

My Dell Dimension 2400 computer has slowed greatly in the startup (especially) and loading processes. I would appreciate guidance on what to check as most likely cause.

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My Computer Can't Finish Starting Up.

Apr 26, 2006

my computer is not starting up.It seems that when my computer "loads up," it quickly flashes some blue screen uber language and reboots. The only options I have are to start windows up normally, start up with last working settings, or safe mode. None of these work, and always lead to the same result: a reboot.

Does this sound like a virus problem or a broken hardware problem or what? I use XP, btw.

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Keeps Loading At Startup

Sep 19, 2005

Hi, i'm having an issue where even when i close it then reboot normally,a window opens up on my desktop pointing to a certain folder i had open a while back ie. c est everytime i boot up and log into my account.

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Explorer.exe Not Loading At Startup

Jul 24, 2005

I've been smacking my head against this problem for about a week now. No one I know seems to have the answer either. I was asked to clean up a computer for a friend of my mother's. It had over 3,000 virus, ad, spy, etc. (I have it repeatedly testing clean now). When the system came to me it took well over 10 minutes to boot into Windows (Win XP Home, SP1) but once Ad-aware and Spybot started removing things it no longer boots all the way into windows. After selecting a user (any user) it loads the wallpaper but not the desktop icons or taskbar. CTRL + ALT + DEL shows that nothing is frozen and if I click "New task" then type "explorer" everything loads up just fine. I've tried a system repair, restore, and upgrade. I think it's definitely time for a fresh install but I'd like to know how to fix this without a reinstall if that is possible (especially in case I ever come across this again.)

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Slow Startup And Svchost.exe Loading

Apr 20, 2007

My startup is very slow...intrnet explorer 7 opens very slowly...everything is very slow. the Welcome startup screen stay for atleast 30 seconds tats very long.svchost.exe keeps loading all the time.

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Loading Screen Freezes At A Certain Point On Startup?

Sep 2, 2006

It seems like ever since the first xp pro installation i made on this computer i have had nothing but problems. every time i turn on my computer, i see normal computer information before the windows screen, when the windows screen comes, the loading bar freezes at a certain point. It will sit at that point until i restart the computer by the button on the tower. Once it happens once, it will continue to happen until i reinstall windows using the cd. After i reinstall, it will boot up fine, but next time i restart my computer it starts all over.

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Slow Startup Track Loading Times For Processes?

Apr 13, 2007

I recently bought an ASUS A8JP Notebook PC (WinXp MCE, 1Gig RAM, 2.0Ghz Core 2 Duo) and I guess it ran well the first day, but as soon as I installed all the needed software (and cleared out some factory installed bloatware), I noticed that the time for my Desktop to load after logon takes up to 2 minutes.Here's what I've done to try fix this

1. Defragmented HD
2. Turned off unwanted startup items and about 1/3 of the services at startup.
3. Tweaked and cleaned up the registry.
4. Flashed my BIOS to the latest Revision.

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Freezes On Startup, Loading Bar Below Logo Stops Moving?

Sep 1, 2009

The past few days I've been having issues with my desktop where when I turn it on, it runs through BIOS, and then begins to boot windows xp, but after maybe 10-15 seconds of loading windows xp, the loading bar beneath the Windows XP logo (it has three little blue boxes that move from left to right) will just stop moving. If I reset the computer it then asks to go into normal booting, or safe mode, safe mode booting always works but even when I system restore it doesnt seem to work. Out of maybe 50 times where the loading bar has crashed, its only properly loaded about two or three times.

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Sound Icon Not Loading In System Tray At Startup?

May 25, 2007

I recently installed (on my P4 3GHz machine running WinXP SP2) a LogiTech wireless keyboard and mouse combo (MX3200). It seems to be working fine, but I've noticed that ever since I installed the additional software that came with it (for the enhanced features), I've had problems with the speaker icon not loading in the sys tray at startup.

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Slow Loading & Disabled Norton On Startup : Random Desktop

Oct 11, 2006

I just cleaned out a slightly infection of spyware and viruses on this computer and everything looks nice a clean but unfortunately there seems to be some residual problems.My startup is much slower, the 'loading your personal settings' can take upwards of 2 minutes. But, it can by by-passed by hitting ctrl-alt-del. Once I get to the desktop I notice that Norton Anti-Virus is disabled and it stays disabled until the icons load which ALSO takes another 2-3 minutes. I can open programs and they run fine but I am unable select anything on the desktop or right click on it.

I've never had slowdown like this on here before. It also only seems to be happening on this one windows account, the other ones load up much faster. I've cleaned it the best I can running all the normal apps and some other cleaners. Even tried restoring the desktop back to the windows xp default appearance.

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Extremely Slow Startup - Boot Up - Directly Loading Files

Jun 28, 2005

I am using Windows XP Home Edition. When booting up, Windows goes directely
to loading files and takes at least 20 minutes before the sign in screen
appears. Do you have a answer to solve this problem?

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Xp Oem Won't Finish Install

Jul 12, 2010

Installing on a rather old, but still well functioning machine with a Gigabyte RZ series MB, a 3DForce4 video card, 1G RAM, Intel P4, one cd connected, a floppy for no use tho I suppose, usb connected mouse and keyboard. It starts like it's working fine, it formats the drive, it copies files, then it says it needs to reboot to continue set up and then when it turns back on, it just starts the same process all over again, it doesn't move to the next step. The OEM disk was sealed and all so I don't know why it would be the disk, I did buy it off ebay I think, but then again maybe it was newegg. I mean the min requirements for xp are still below what this machine has and the machine itself works because I was just using it myself up til about couple weeks go when I put my new computer together. This is for my Dad and I need to get it working, his old computer, my old old computer is really on the fritz now. Win 7 loaded on mine in a jiffy and now 3 and half hours later I can't make headways getting xp onto his.

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I Have On Setup File That Will Not Finish The Install:

Jan 22, 2005

I am using Windows XP Professional, service pack 1 is installed. A few days ago the PC would not boot up. I had to reinstall Win XP Pro. All my programs had to be reinstalled because Windows did not acknowledge they were there. All 23 of them work fine. Here's where I ran into a problem. I use a Matrox G200 Quad card with TV Tuner. I downloaded and installed the software for the card and that too is fine. When I download the software for the TV part of the card to work, I double click on the unzipped set up file and it starts working, that gets to the part where it says "Preparing to Install" then it just disappears. It worked before the reinstall of windows.How can i figure it out.

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Omputer Does Not Finish Shutting Down Process

Oct 20, 2007

I have Windows xp and when I turn off the session, the computer does not finish the shutting down process. How can I correct this problem? I have to turn always off the electricity source.

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Cannot Finish Install Sp2 Operating System

Jul 12, 2010

can't finish install sp2 operating system.

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Repair Did Not Finish Installing, Interrupted By Blue Screen?

Jun 8, 2010

pop up saying that avg needed to update, it gave me the option to postpone it so i did; it told me it would be done when the computer was shut down.
today monday, i turned the computer on and all i had was a blue screen...the only way to access the computer was through the debugger mode, after several things I decided to repair my windows xp... and foolishly did not make backups of my data. During the XP repair the intallation was not completed when a new blue screened popped up saying a different message.BAD POOL CALLER and STOP: 0x000000c2 (0x00000007, 0x00000cd4,0x00340045,0xe1d4de7c)

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Runtime Error - Terminates Program - Not Able To Finish Document

May 27, 2010

While using word a message pops up: Runtime Error: it terminates the program and I am then not able to finish my document

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Microsoft Virtual Machine Wont Allow To Finish Updates?

Aug 16, 2006

I have windows xp and it's set on automatic windows update and i'm trying to finish the downloads but i get an error saying "This setup will only upgrade over an existing version of Microsoft VM WTF Does THat mean

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Computer Slow On Startup - Particularly At Startup

Apr 27, 2006

My sister's computer is running very slowly, particularly at startup (which seems to take forever). I've got Panda antivirus software running and do reasonably regular spyware scans with AdAware, but am not sure if the problem is just that the computer is old with too little memory / overheating because it's on almost all the time / something else I haven't thought of. To help me determine what's going on, could someone much smarter than myself take a look at this HJT log and see if you see anything of concern?

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Loading Settings Saving Settings Startup

Sep 11, 2004

I'm having a major problem with XP Home Edition. When I start my computer, I get the Loading Settings screen, which automatically switches to the Saving Settings screen and then goes back to Loading Settings, Saving Settings, etc, etc, (the "Windows XP Startup" and "Windows XP Shutdown" sounds repeat themselves one right after the other). By the way, I have the XP tweak that skips the Welcome and log on screens at startup since I'm the only person that uses the computer. I've tried Debugging, Safe Mode with Command Prompt, Restore To Last Working Settings and a few others, but nothing is working. I ran Spybot just before shutting down the computer the last time it worked and got the "Congratulations! Your system contains no spyware" message. When I restarted the computer, I started having this problem. I also have Norton Anti Virus 2004 and did a Live Update (manually) a few hours before this started happening.

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Slow Loading Of My Computer

Oct 4, 2008

When I start my laptop,it starts normally,desktop icons are shown.However, I cannot access My Computer icon until the icon of my computer is shown in the task bar.

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Computer Turns Off When Is Loading

Aug 28, 2008

Every time i start windows it turns off no error messages or anything like that it just turns off anyone have any ideas on how to fix it ?

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Computer Starts But Not Loading Bios

Mar 31, 2010

In short, I screwed up the c:/windows folder, computer starts but screen stays black, bios screen doesn't show up. Everything is connected.

Using xp home. Computer was purchased in 2004. Fairly nice computer for it's age, would like to restore it back to working condition. For a detailed description of the events leading to what happened read below. Any questions, post and I'll answer, I'll be checking back every 10-30 min. I figure it is the hard drive but who knows.

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Computer Is Slow On Loading Sites

Apr 15, 2005

I have an HP pavilion 530 with Windows XP and about a week ago it started running very slow at loading internet sites and I need help. It was running fine but then my antivirus started warning me about intrusion attempts to my port, They were blocked of course but the computer is really slow hanging up alot

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Computer Turns Off While At Loading Screen

Aug 10, 2007

i dont kno why but my computer just doesnt work anymore, everytime i turn it on and it gets to the windows xp loading screen the computer restarts just as its about to continue on to the log in screen. i think it maybe my hard drive failed on me,

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Computer Freezes BEFORE Loading Screen?

Jan 4, 2009

I had a similar problem not too long ago where my PC would not load and I had to re-install windows. But now, If I try to press F8 it just ignores it and carrys on into loading windows normally, which causes the PC to freeze. This also happens when I try and boot from my windows setup disk. I have checked all the lights on my keyboard and they are all on and working whenever I press Caps Lock etc.As for Viruses etc. I had not downloaded anything new onto the PC since this last hapened and I have been running regular Anti-Virus scans every 2-3 days.

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Computer Restarts While Loading Game

May 24, 2010

I am experiencing a major problem.I have installed Rome Total War in my computer but every time I'm trying to load it my computer shows a blue screen with stop message 0x50 or fault_in_nonpaged_area . The message appears only when I'm trying to load that game.It is the only game installed in my comptuter at the momment.It doesn't happen with any other program.

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Computer Restarts After Loading Screen

Jan 18, 2006

I have never had this kind of problem before. The other day i was playin on online then i stopped and went to be, with the computer on. I also know i have some virus called trojan GE . and its in the systeme 32 file and is called ridirv , i think that is how it is spelled .. anyways. i woke up and moved the mouse and the computer was showing the screen to pick between safe mode or last known ... start windows you know. anyways i click last know configuration and it doesnt get past the windows loading screen and just restarts over and over. I tried to take out some memory and use one stick. I dont know what else to try.

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Computer Stuck In Loading Screen

Sep 14, 2006

I recently got a new PC that I built up myself, and I could run it perfectly until I was going to start XP for the first time. After that it was finished installing Windows XP Professional, it rebooted and I got this XP loading screen. Now is the problem, it's stuck there forever with this loading thing moving and moving in an endless loop. What could be the problem? I hope it's nothing hardware related as they are all new.

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Computer Stuck At Loading Screen

Aug 15, 2008

Today I turned on my computer and Windows won't load. It just stops at the loading screen (the one with the Windows logo and blue loading bar). The bar just stops moving.I can load Windows in Safe Mode, and I tried scanning for viruses (0) and spyware (5) - but it didn't help.I didn't install anything new and haven't changed any setting. The only thing is that I turned my computer on while there was a CD in the drive. I took it out but it didn't help.

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Computer Stuck At Loading Screen

Jan 31, 2010

I had a power supply die out of nowhere on me about a month ago. Last night I replaced it, and when starting up my computer I was given the option to boot windows normally, in safe mode, or in my last known configuration. Any of these options take me to the black screen with the windows logo and the blue loading bar, as usual. However, I am stuck at this screen. I've never encountered this, what do you think could be the problem?

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Computer Loading And Running Very Slow

Jul 15, 2005

Have windows xp professional, and all of a sudden it is loading and running very slow, takes 15 minutes just to get allof desktop up. have norton anti virus and outpost firewall and i have a microsoft spyware program all installed on it.

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Computer Has Finished Loading Software

Jun 23, 2005

When I start up, it isn't always clear when the computer has finished loading all the software. The egg timer appears and dissapears, I click on Mailwasher and nothing happens. I cick again and I get a message: Mailwasher is already running.

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Computer Is Loading Kinda Loud

Dec 30, 2005

when this computer is loading, it's kinda loud, i dont know if this is surposed to be like this or not but wold appreciate.

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Computer Closes Any Program Before Fully Loading

Feb 4, 2008

1. I have two versions of 'Hijack This' on my computer, though every time I click either one of them, its like my computer closes them before they fully load. It happens in both safe mode and regular mode. It's as if the computer knows that Im about to take care of what is wrong and closes them.

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Computer Unable To Boot Past Loading Bar?

May 2, 2005

My friend has a XP Home OS. When he fires up his computer, that sucker wont boot past the little loading bar. It just stays there indefinently. I had him boot off the 6 XP boot discs and run "FIXBOOT" to re-write the boot sector, still nothing. We booted up off the XP-CD and ran the setup so we could run the repair (R), files loaded and the computer restarted. Still nothing happened.The files that remain on his computer are so fragile that doing a fresh install of his OS would be a disaster. Any thoughts as to restoring the computer?

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Computer Now Keeps Freezing Up On The Loading Screen - Formatted The PC

Oct 13, 2007

My girlfriend formatted her PC. She went into bios and and put CD-ROM as #1 boot device, and put in the windows XP cd to reinstall. However, her computer now keeps freezing up on the loading screen, can't get into safe mode or anything.

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Computer Restarts After Window Loading Screen

Sep 23, 2007

I'm currently having problem with my other computer. Today when i start my computer, it goes through the normal things the hard drives and stuff except for one thing different, it shows me 5 options on how to boot: start normally, safe and etc. I choose normal thinking that theres no problem with my computer. Once it goes to the window loading screen, after 5 seconds it restarts. Then it goes through the same thing over and over. I don't know what to do to fix this problem.

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Computer Starts, Gets To Loading Screen Then Restarts, And Does

Dec 13, 2007

Computer starts, Gets to Windows XP loading screen then restarts, and does this forever.I tried booting in every mode, Safe mode with networking with bios?Last known settings None boot Windows, all do the same thing.I reset bios battery, didn't help.I'm hoping I don't have to reformat as my 27 page coursework is on there and if i lose that im gonna cry.

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Can't Install Pro On Computer - Stops Loading / Freezes

Oct 3, 2008

my names Neil and I'm from Washington state, Ive had problems trying to install xp pro on my computer. Let's see so far ive tried everything from different hard drives to taking out all hardware not needed. I've even went online and downloaded killdisk to reformat my drives so that they are completely reformatted. Let's see...every time I try to install xp pro this is what i do. First I go into the bios and redirect the the cd to main boot then my hard drive then my floppy, in that order. I reboot my computer with the xp disc in the drive. Following that I create a new partition and begin the install, it installs all of the files it needs to run xp setup, then it comes to the screen that says it has to reboot, it does and then it comes to "hit any button to boot from cd" I dont hit anything. It continues to the next screen, the loading xp screen, and it always stops loading there and freezes. If someone can help that would be great! Itz driving me crazy, and I really really want to fix this pc myself, instead of bringing it to a comp shop.

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Hard-drives Not Loading / Pc Extremely Slow Not Loading Properly

Jul 16, 2008

I got a new motherboard installed because my old one fried itself and the pc was reformatted and windows was reinstalled. Since then, it was working fine. The start-up time had also lowered considerably and it was working perfectly for once.One thing that's been happening for a while, my computer started taking longer to start-up. I figured it was just all the programs etc I have installed. Then, I have this one external drive that I got connected internally. There were times where it wouldn't recognize this drive; it wouldn't show up on My Computer. Otherwise, it was perfectly fine. one of my most important drives (E) has been missing for the last 2 days. it hasn't shown up even once and i'm really worried i've lost data and need to recover it.

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My Computer Is Slow Loading / Reading Programs / Files Lately

Jul 9, 2006

Constantly reads the HD when loading programs. This behavoir wasn't present 7+ months ago I have WXPH.

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