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Computer Won't Finish Loading At Startup

When I start my computer it usually takes a minute or two to load everything, but then when I try to click on any icon nothing happens. If I run the mouse over the toolbar at the bottom of the screen I see the hourglass instead of the arrow which I am used to seeing. I have to shut it down cold since nothing will work and I usually do this 2-3 times and then it finally loads completely. I can use the cont/alt/del feature and nothing is showing any action except for "system idle process" which is at 98%. I have tried running all the usual virus scans/adaware/spybot. Everything looks fine. The computer runs just fine after it finally loads. And I have waiting a half hour or so before trying to click on anything and some days it is still not fully loaded yet. It seems like it is just getting hung up somewhere just when its almost finished loading.

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Computer Cannot Finish The Startup Process
My computer will not finish the start up process. Once it gets to the "Windows is starting up" screen, it stops. Normally after it finishes this, it goes to "Applying your personal settings", but it does not get that far.My system's information:Gateway 420GR.Purchased on January 16, 2005.Background on my issue:This issue started yesterday. I left my computer running through the night, and while I was at work. I have it scheduled to shut down every week day at noon, so that it has had a few hours to rest before I get home.I first discovered the issue when I started up my computer earlier today.

Posted: May 17, 2008

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Xp Oem Won't Finish Install
Installing on a rather old, but still well functioning machine with a Gigabyte RZ series MB, a 3DForce4 video card, 1G RAM, Intel P4, one cd connected, a floppy for no use tho I suppose, usb connected mouse and keyboard. It starts like it's working fine, it formats the drive, it copies files, then it says it needs to reboot to continue set up and then when it turns back on, it just starts the same process all over again, it doesn't move to the next step. The OEM disk was sealed and all so I don't know why it would be the disk, I did buy it off ebay I think, but then again maybe it was newegg. I mean the min requirements for xp are still below what this machine has and the machine itself works because I was just using it myself up til about couple weeks go when I put my new computer together. This is for my Dad and I need to get it working, his old computer, my old old computer is really on the fritz now. Win 7 loaded on mine in a jiffy and now 3 and half hours later I can't make headways getting xp onto his.

Posted: Jul 12, 2010

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My Computer Can't Finish Starting Up.
my computer is not starting up.It seems that when my computer "loads up," it quickly flashes some blue screen uber language and reboots. The only options I have are to start windows up normally, start up with last working settings, or safe mode. None of these work, and always lead to the same result: a reboot.

Does this sound like a virus problem or a broken hardware problem or what? I use XP, btw.

Posted: Apr 26, 2006

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Computer Won't Startup After Updating Video Driver
I was updating a video driver, then restarted my computer. It takes a LONG time to boot up, then flashes an error message on the screen for a second, then restarts. I've tried holding down F8 to startup in safe mode, but it doesn't respond. Also, even when I have the win xp CD in while rebooting to try to repair the OS (yes, the CD drive is the 1st boot device), it won't recognize the CD either. I'm in a heap of trouble without my computer;

Posted: Feb 8, 2005

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Computer Facing Blue Screen At Startup / CD-ROM Won't Work?
I'm trying to help a friend with a Dell Dimension 4700 desktop with XP home. It suddenly started getting a BSOD with some error messages. Now here's the big problem. The computer doesn't recognize the disk. I've gone into setup and changed it to boot from the DVD-ROM. It still doesn't recognize the CD-ROM. Actually, it has a CD-ROM and a DVD-ROM. BIOS only see's one of them but I've changed the plugs to both of them to eliminate the bad one and still nothing. It's set to boot to the DVD.

Posted: Jul 17, 2009

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Computer Loading Slow Upon Startup
My computer takes about 8 minutes to load up upon startup. I've ran my anti-virus programs and nothing comes up. Also, while online it comes up with a lot of broken links. So, I don't know what to do about it. Is there a real good free troubleshooting program that might be able to see what's wrong? Does anyone have any good ideas as to what is going on?

Posted: Jan 30, 2009

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Computer Startup And Loading Slow
My Dell Dimension 2400 computer has slowed greatly in the startup (especially) and loading processes. I would appreciate guidance on what to check as most likely cause.

Posted: Dec 25, 2009

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Not Loading - Won't Install On Other HD
I have a problem...... My desktop pc running widows xp pro sp2 stoped loading recently. It would get to the loading screen with the blue bar and then hangs. i had been having a little trouble with the system recently and thought it was the hd. I have a new hd waiting for another machine so thought to install on that for the meantime. Unfortuantly xp will not install on this machine even with a different hd (loads all drivers, but stalls on the "setup is starting windows" portion), which makes me think it is a hardware problem. I have 2 sticks of corsair 512mb and have tried to boot and install with all possible combinations of 1 or 2 sticks but always the same. Before i go and spend money on replacing various bits of my system till I nail it, i was hoping someone on here could point me in the right direction. Seems to point to a ram problem but would both sticks go at the same time? If not would the MB be the prob, but everything else seems to woking fine......

Posted: Aug 9, 2005

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Won't Boot Past Loading Screen
After a visit to the wonderful land of pornography, my dell (about 5 years old) has decided that it doesn't want to boot past the loading screen. Just before this happened, I booted up and the screen froze on the desktop, flashing some distorted lines across the center of the screen. I have tried rebooting multiple times and running diagnostics, but nothing appeared wrong. I'm going to assume its virus related.

Posted: Feb 19, 2009

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Won't Boot Hangs At Loading Screen
booting my cpu because it hangs at the loading screen. I have read a lot of posts but none of them help because I can't get the cpu in safe mode. I have tried all the options and all kinds of boot disks.It won't let me use my keyboard to highlight any of the options where it says windows had problems loading and gives several options like safe mode or last good config. The keyboard will let me into the bios but after that it won't work. f8 won't take me to safe mode and it won't boot to the cd either. I had this problem once a few weeks back but I created a boot disk and after I booted from that for several times it started booting on it's own. I got the boot disk from a web site but it wasn't an xp boot disk.(i think it was an 98se or me disk) Well of course now either I have lost the disk or it just won't work anymore. I need to find a way to at least boot it long enough to get the data off. the file system is ntfs and I am using windows xp pro.

Posted: Feb 12, 2006

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Won't Install - Stuck When Loading Files
I made a computer from my brother, with parts from other computers. But windows won't install. When I put the CD in the drive, I will start the computer using the CD. It check my Hardware configuration and asks me to install a non-windows SCSI/RAID driver, I will not install this driver and I'm continueing as normal. This is when it goes wrong: when loading 'Windows Executive' (The first file it loads) the computer gets stuck.

Posted: Sep 21, 2010

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Loading Normally Option - Up And Down Arrows Won't Work
Computer has been acting up for a few days, programs not responding, clicking links to internet web page searchs can't find page but copying and pasting address opens page. Downloaded and installed windows update and restarted computer. Now it continues to restart. Screen comes up with options for starting in safe mode etc., but the "start normally" option is highlighted and the up and down arrows won't work, nor with the function buttons.

Posted: Nov 24, 2007

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Computer Won't Boot: Bad Pool Call Error, Ps2 Keyboard Won't Work
When I try to boot my computer reaches the windows screen then restarts, and keeps repeating this. Sometimes it throws up a bad pool caller error and a bsod. It gives me a Stop code: 0xc2 (0x43, 0xc3af4000, 0x0, 0x0) Additionally my keyboard no longer works, at least during startup which is all I can access. True for both USB and ps2 keyboard. The numlock light can be turned on but that's about it. So I know the connection is working but the boards still don't work, which means I've been unable to get to safe mode or into bios settings.

Posted: Mar 3, 2008

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Won't Go Past Loading Screen - Harddrive Activity
My computer starts up normally until it gets to the part where "Windows XP" shows up with the blue loading bar. When it gets to that screen, there is a few secs of harddrive activity and then it suddently just stops. THe screen stays the same wit the blue thing moving. I am getting no errors or anything. I am able to boot up into safe mode just fine. I can still get my files and everything. Is there anything that can be done to fix this? Could it be that a file just went corrupt? Manybe a way to reload a fresh version of the file? There is nothing I can think of that made this happen. The only thing done was creat a new account and then after creating the account is when the problem happened. I even tried a system restore to about 2 weeks ago and nothing. The same thing happens

THis has happened to me before. I was able to fix it for a few more boot ups by doing a system restore but then the same thing would happened. The only way i was able to fix it was by reinstalling windows again and i do not want to do that unless if it is my last option.

Posted: Aug 27, 2006

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Won't Get Past Loading Screen - Registry Corrupted
whenn i start my computer i come to the windows loading screen, and stays there. i have tryed start in safe mode, but explore won't open, and when i open via task manager it just open and closes again in seconds. i have also tryed chkdsk in console, no luck.. i have tryed start virus scanner in task manager, but when it comes to a certain registry file it stops, so i have an idea that the registry is corupted... i have no win XP cd available for about 3 weeks,

Posted: Mar 21, 2007

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Won't Get Past Loading Screen Or Go Into Safe Mode
I'm using windows xp home sp2 and when ever I try to turn on the computer normally it comes up with a blue screen saying something about

system32/config/default or log or replacement
It is corrupt

then resets the computer (the message is something along those lines) When I try booting into safe mode or safe mode with networking it scrolls txt down the screen then resets the computer. The only way I've got into it so far is with knoppix to backup what will fit of my gbs of files on to my laptop via a pen drive.

Posted: Mar 24, 2007

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PC Won't Go Past Loading - Blue Screen Of Death
I turned on my PC this morning to find it would restart after the Windows Loading screen and give me the list of safe mode, etc. I went into safe mode but it done the same. This is also the case for all of the other options, including last configuration. The previous night I received a BSOD (Blue screen of death) and there was a count up showing memory dump to hard drive. I read the instructions and as it said it was my first event and so I restart. However, I did restart when the counter was at around 34. Im guessing thats really a % and I should have waited until 100%?

Posted: Apr 1, 2006

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DELL XPS400 System Loading But Won't Boot Up
My son recently used our computer one evening and logged off without a hitch. The very next day, when I went to use it, all I got was the WindowsXP splash screen indicating that the system was loading. However, that's as far as the operating system would go. I can only use the computer in Safe mode. I have all the backup & resource CDs. Is there anything I can do besides a full restore. What do I do first? This is a WindowsXP Pro MCE2005 operating system.

Posted: Sep 26, 2007

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Install Updates And Shut Down - Won't Get Past Loading Screen
About a week ago I reformatted my computer. Everything worked wonderfully and my computer ran great. Then 3 days ago at the end of the night I went to shut it down and it said "install updates and shut down." So, I told it to install and shut down. The next day when I went to turn it on, for the first time since that shutdown, it froze on the XP loading screen. I manually turned it off, then tried again and selected to start windows normally. It came up fine, and ran just great since then, with a couple of different shutdown and restarts in between. Last night, it again said "install updates and shut down." I clicked for it to install and shut down. Now this morning I can't get past the XP loading screen. I have tried 4 different times. I don't know what to try. I also, don't know if the "install and shut down" is part of the problem or just a coincidence.

Posted: Jul 16, 2009

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SP2 Won't Install: The Loading/installing Windows Bar And Stays There?
Everything installed fine except Win XP Pro starts to install, i insert the RAID driver disk it continues to install, then it gets to the loading/installing windows bar and stays there

Posted: May 29, 2006

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Won't Load Past - Black Screen With Loading Scroll Bar
Turned the computer on today and Windows will not load, gets as far as the black Windows XP page with the loading scroll bar. Nothing happens beyond that. Everything was working fine yesterday and nothing was downloaded or installed to indicate where to start looking. Tried installing 1GB RAM last month to no avail and took it out. Things have been okay since. Have read some posts that suggest using the Windows install CD to repair whatever but I didn't get one with the computer only have the Windows recovery disk.

Posted: Jun 6, 2010

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Msconfig Won't Run- Trying Clean Startup
I am trying to clean up some startup items and when i go to run msconfig the hour glass comes up for a second and then it goes away but nothing happens

Posted: Jun 12, 2005

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Laptop Won't Startup Past Blue Screen
I've got a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop that won't get past the blue screen of death. If i choose to start up on last know good config this is the blue screen i get:If i choose to start up in safe mode i get this screen first.

Posted: Nov 13, 2009

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Won't Loading Screen - Screen Blanks / Restarts
When I load windows, it gets up to the loading screen, stays on for a second, or less, and then just the screen blanks out and restarts again...This is after my first PC build. THe Harddrive is detected fine...(its also the one i used from the old computer I had...) What can i do for this?

Posted: Dec 31, 2005

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Can't Install Pro On Computer - Stops Loading / Freezes
my names Neil and I'm from Washington state, Ive had problems trying to install xp pro on my computer. Let's see so far ive tried everything from different hard drives to taking out all hardware not needed. I've even went online and downloaded killdisk to reformat my drives so that they are completely reformatted. Let's see...every time I try to install xp pro this is what i do. First I go into the bios and redirect the the cd to main boot then my hard drive then my floppy, in that order. I reboot my computer with the xp disc in the drive. Following that I create a new partition and begin the install, it installs all of the files it needs to run xp setup, then it comes to the screen that says it has to reboot, it does and then it comes to "hit any button to boot from cd" I dont hit anything. It continues to the next screen, the loading xp screen, and it always stops loading there and freezes. If someone can help that would be great! Itz driving me crazy, and I really really want to fix this pc myself, instead of bringing it to a comp shop.

Posted: Oct 3, 2008

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Computer's Acting Wrong / Actual Site Won't Load At All
Most sites I go to that have anything to do with google whether it be ads or the actual site won't load at all. I've used ad-awareSE/SS&D, but it didn't seem to help very much.

Posted: Jan 9, 2005

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Computer Won't Boot And Doesnt' Work
My computer has several problems. The most serious is not being able to get Windows XP to load.I have tried booting in safe mode (F8) but I keep getting an error screen. I installed a game on the computer today that apparent has caused this problem. Any advice on how I can boot to safe mode to remove the program and do a system restore would be appreciated.

Posted: Jul 9, 2005

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New Computer Won't Play / Write DVD's
I recently bought a refurbished Dell OptiPlex GX620 computer that came supplied with XP Pro S2 and S3 installed, a DVD/CD RW device and a floppy drive installed. I installed a Nero 6 program that I used with my old Win 98SE system and was able to copy files and folders from my old computer to be transferred to the new one. Yesterday (4/2/10) I tried to play a DVD and nothing happened. I chose to run E: and saw the various chapters available on the DVD but when I went into Media Player 11, it told me that it could not play the DVD. I tried another DVD but got the same notice. The notice window suggested that I move my video resolution down to 640Xxxx and lower my colors down to 16 bit from 32 bit. I also tried that but no joy. Can anyone suggest what might be happening here? I have a 3.6 Gig processor in this rig so I don't think it's a speed problem.

Posted: Apr 3, 2010

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Keeps Loading At Startup
Hi, i'm having an issue where even when i close it then reboot normally,a window opens up on my desktop pointing to a certain folder i had open a while back ie. c est everytime i boot up and log into my account.

Posted: Sep 19, 2005

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