Replacing I8042prt.sys And Kbdclass.sys Drivers

Dec 24, 2009

I upgraded my dell studio 1535 from Vista 64 bit to 7 professional 64-bit and now have problems with the keyboard (It's usually recognized, but keystrokes are often not recorded. Sometimes it doesn't work at all). USB devices work fine. I have my Vista OS under c:Windows.old so I would like to replace the 7 keyboard drivers (i8042prt.sys and kbdclass.sys) with the Vista drivers of the same names that are in c:window.oldwindowssystem32drivers Will this cause any problems? If not, how would I go about doing this?


Replacing SCSI Storage Drivers With IDE Or SATA Drivers?

May 18, 2012

Having issues with RAID0 array being detected by Windows7 Ultimate x64 as SCSI. Apparently these drivers are the 'default' drivers that install when the RAID array is initialized. There is no option at this point to install other drivers instead.Using DeviceManager, there is an option to 'update drivers', and regardless of the method chosen, even selecting the file for a previously-downloaded set of drivers, Windows7 always comes back with a message of "Windows has determined that the best drivers for your system are already installed". Considering that SCSI drivers are the OLDEST ones out there, and actual SCSI devices are becoming rarer and rarer, how is it that these drivers cannot be replaced with more current and more applicable drivers?

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Replacing Vista - Drivers And System Programs

Dec 5, 2009

I have a brand new Toshiba laptop with Vista. It arrived just a few days before the Windows 7 release so I put the Toshiba aside and waited for the free Windows 7 upgrade disk, which just arrived.

Since I havenít used the Toshiba yet, thereís no data or personal programs to protect. I donít want to keep Vista, and of course I donít want to keep all the bloatware. Currently, Vista is on the C disk; there is a recovery or backup partition (D); and E is free for data. The Toshiba did not come with a Vista restore disk so I will burn recovery disks with Vista before I install Windows 7.

Like everyone, I want a fresh, clean sparkling brand-new install of Windows 7. I can follow the tutorials to boot from the Windows 7 upgrade disk, go to advanced tools and re-format the partition with Vista (i.e. C) and then install Windows 7. I should have no problem with registration or activation since Windows 7 will see Vista before itís deleted. Iím not 100% clear whether the recovery partition (D) will be maintained but it shouldnít matter much because Iíve got recovery disks Ö right?

My two questions:

1) Do I need to worry about losing my drivers in this scenario? Should I be taking a copy of all drivers ahead of time, and if so, is there somewhere (on the Toshiba) I can easily find them all? Or will they all be on the recovery disks I burn, should I need them?

2) What about the one or two Toshiba-specific programs I might want to keep, like Config-free and facial recognition software? Are they gone with the clean install, or can I also get them off the recovery disks (or recovery partition, if it still exists post-clean install)?

Is there anything else I need to know before I get started?? Iíd like to make this as painless as possible ..

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BSOD's Even After Replacing SSD

Nov 27, 2011

I thought my problem was a bad SSD, and so did Crucial, but after having it replaced under warranty, I am still having the same BSOD's.

I tried to follow instructions and have attached a zip file with the minidump files analyzed. I have a Sony VAIO VGN-Z570N laptop with a clean install of Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

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BSOD When Replacing A New RAM?

Dec 21, 2011

yesterday i was just replacing a new RAM into my pc, bcoz there was something wrong w/ it. (BSOD happen lots of time). Im using a 2x2Gb of DDR3 RAM.

But recently, BSOD keep happening again, so i switch the slot of the DDR ( from slot 1 to slot 2, and slot 2 to slot 1), and everything seems fine until now. I had run the furmark, and the test completed without any interruption.

The question is why is this BSOD still occured while i'd replaced the RAM?

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Replacing HP Laptop Cpu

Jul 9, 2012

I have an HP g42-415dx laptop with Windows 7 64 bit and AMD Dual-Core Athlon II P340 which I would like to replace for a faster AMD Quad-Core Phenom II P960 from e-Bay.

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Replacing An Overclocked CPU?

May 22, 2011

I have an overclocked Athlon II X4 and I wondered if I needed to do anything before I replace the CPU? Should I remove the overclock?

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Adding SSD And Replacing MB?

Aug 24, 2011

I am replacing my motherboard with a Asus P8Z68 Pro and adding a Patriot Wildfire 120GB SSD. I will install Windows 7 Pro 64bit SP1 on the SSD. Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit is currently installed on my WD 300GB drive and configured as my C: drive. Can I leave the WD HDD unconnected, connect my SSD and install the new Windows 7 Pro then connect the WD HDD and maintain a dual boot system for a while while making sure everything is working properly?Will the SSD automatically configure as C:After things are working can I just wipe the boot sector on the old HDD and leave the data intact?

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Replacing A Re-spawned Oem Partition?

Jan 20, 2013

I've bought a second-handed NP-RC530-S06 with a dual boot (win7 and Hackintosh). As I wanted to restore the notebook to factory status, I inserted the DVD (attached to the package) and installed win7. In fact the recovery solution was not accessible by pushing F4; probably the previous owner deleted the OEM partition... By the way, after the OS installation, the PC was (obviously) missing the drivers and the samsung software. I know I could download the samsung stuff from the support page but my idea was to get back the OEM partition.Thus, using testdisk, I re-spawned the OEM partition getting the following:

- hard disk letter: D.
- partition type: Primary

is it possible to restore the link between the F4 and the OEM partition? What would be the procedure?

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Replacing Radeon HD 5770?

Jul 3, 2011 - XFX HD-577A-ZNFC Radeon HD 5770 (Juniper XT) 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Cardis my current and old card, I'm trying to find something under the $200 price range again with better performance... also, the card should preferably be the same size lengthwise...8.5") I can probably jam in a 9.2" card..

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Replacing An Internal HD In A Desktop?

May 30, 2012

I have a three yr old hp Pavillion desktop. HD has totally conked out. Was going to just get a new one, but was wondering about the feasibility, and ease, of just replacing the HD. What am I letting myself In for ?

It looks like it will cost me around $ 100 to buy a new drive, so it will be a pricey experiment if it does not work out. Lost a lot of the paperwork, so am not fully sure as to what,is in it now. I looked inside, and apparently it is a Seagate 1 TB drive. 7200 rpm. SATA, 3 GB/sec

Has the dimensions of approx. width of 4 inches and depth of 6 inches. Is this what is called a 3-1/2 inch drive ? So, what do you think ? Worth a try ?

Will the electronics in this 3 yr old pc support a new hd with its built in new electronics O.K. ?

If I decide to try just replacing the drive, what should I buy ? What should I be aware of In regards to buying a hd for my old pc ? And, do they come pre-formatted ? If not how is this handled ?

Are there still master-slave jumpers that need to be set on the new hd ? After installation, do,I just run the "Restore" disk set of 3 disks to get Windows 7 on it again ? Do these restore disks that I created when I first got the pc have Windows 7 already on it ?

Not all that sharp with this stuff, but am a retired Engr., so reasonably comfortable with this kind of thing. Still, I would not really want to dump $100 if there are lots of potential pitfalls and caveats I am not considering.

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Replacing All Components Apart From HDDs?

Jan 16, 2012

I've found this guide Windows 7 Installation - Transfer to a New Computer for changing all my components except HDD.My question is, I currently use my install as an HTPC. If I use the sysprep method, will the codecs (ffdshow etc) work correctly afterwards, or will I have to go through installing them all again?I understand graphics drivers will need re-installing.

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Replacing Windows 7 Starter?

Nov 24, 2011

I have a sony vaio netbook with W7 starter but it is in Spanish! I have W7 ultimate on my external HD and want to replace the W7 starter on the sony with the full ultimate version.

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Will I Need A New OS When Replacing A Hard Drive?

Dec 31, 2011

My hard drive died a couple of days ago and I was wondering if the only way to get the operating system back onto a new one is to purchase a new copy? Kinda new to this so am unsure what to do since it didn't come with any sort of OS recovery cd when I bought it.

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Will It Need New OS When Replacing A Hard Drive

Mar 2, 2012


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Replacing Windows 7 With XP On New Laptop

Mar 9, 2012

What critical issues should I be aware of in the event I would like to REPLACE W7 os with XP3 os on a new laptop with 64-bit / 2GB ram

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Consider Replacing Your Battery Acer

Jul 25, 2012

im just wondering if there's something wrong with mylaptop's battery as its showing this"consider replacing your battery" message on the lower right hand corner.

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How To Transfer Old OS After Replacing Motherboard

Feb 9, 2013

My motherboard failed. I can't boot into my existing win7 OS anymore. I will have to install a new board, which usually means, complete new installation and loss of all settings and updates (2 years) Is there any way or tool to transfer my existing OS, with all settings and programs intact into the new hardware environment?

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Re-validate Windows 7 After Replacing Motherboard?

Oct 23, 2011

I have just replaced my motherboard after the original was fried by a lightning strike. I'm thrilled that the computer now is working (I'm not a computer geek so replacing the motherboard successfully was a major triumph for me). However, now I am getting messages that I cannot use Windows update since my Windows 7 does not pass the validation test. I went to the Microsoft site and downloaded software to test the validity of my operating system and (hopefully) reregister it, but was unable to. I have the product key for the software but the Microsoft program doesn't even ask for me to reenter it. How do I re-validate my operating system without having to purchase or reinstall the software?

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Windows 7 Error: ''consider Replacing Your Battery''

Nov 30, 2011

So yesterday, i opened my laptop to change the keyboard. But when i turned the laptop again, everything worked except that at the batttery icon there is an X. And if you click it it sais ''consider replacing your battery''What to do ?

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Computer Crashed After Replacing Authui.dll

Jul 31, 2012

i was on [URL] and found win8 login for 7 i replace authui.dll in system32 and sysWOW64 also replased basebrd.dll

then tried it out by switching user i got black screen then rebooted and i still got a black screen

then i booted into startup repair and then it gave me an error now i have startup repair infinite loop

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Windows 7 - Keep Getting A Message Saying 'Consider Replacing Battery'

Jul 24, 2010

I keep getting a message saying 'Consider Replacing Battery'. I'm running Windows 7 on a Toshiba A300. I've read that this is a problem with Windows 7. I'm wondering if Toshiba has a fix for this such as a fix for the BIOS.etc or maybe a driver? It looks like I should downgrade to XP..

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New PC Build-replacing Boot Partition

Jan 8, 2011

I'm replacing my mobo/cpu with Sandy Bridge parts when they become available tomorrow, and I'm hoping to be able to move my data partition over without wiping it. I've currently got my drive partitioned up such that C is Windows 7 and basic programs, and the D drive includes my Steam games and other data. I know that a new mobo means reinstalling Windows, so will I be able to just wipe the C partition, keep the D partition intact, and then reinstall Windows 7 over the C partition on the new computer without issue, or will all the programs on D fail to recognize and function with the new Windows 7 install?

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Reinstalling Windows 7 After Replacing Motherboard?

Jul 21, 2011

I will be replacing my PC's MoBo soon. My PC came with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-BitI want to upgrade the motherboard, but I heard that I will lose my OS. Is that true?If so, can I reinstall my OS (I have the product key, but no installation disk)? Will I lose my data as well?

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Hard Drive Crashed And Replacing It With A New One?

Sep 12, 2012

My hard drive crashed and I am replacing it with a new one. Can I just install a fresh copy of windows 7 on acer aspire 4810t without having to do any upgrades? I cannot upgrade until windows 7 is installed first. Is that possible?

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Upgrading Notebook - Adding New CPU Without Replacing Motherboard?

Jan 5, 2013

I've had my notebook for about two and a half years now and its starting to run slow and lag often. I noticed that the cpu usage when just browsing the internet is around 50%, when watching a movie around 70%, and when playing a video game or using a big program around 90%. The notebook has a relatively slow cpu speed (1.2GHz). Is it possible to put a new cpu in my notebook without replacing the motherboard as well? It also has 4gb of RAM which I am going to upgrade to 8gb soon. I was just looking for ways to upgrade my current pc.

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Proper Sequence For Replacing A Video Card?

Mar 11, 2012

Is there a preferred sequence that one should use (and one should avoid) in replacing a video card... to avoid being left in the dark?On my Dell Dimension 9200 (now on Win 7 Home Edition, 64 bit), I will be replacing its x16 256mb OEM NVidia GeForce 8600GT with a freed up card from another machine (x16 OEM 1GB ATI RADEON HD 5670).Will this sequence work?:remove all Nvidia software via control panel power down and remove the card insert the replacment ATI card and power up pray it will work with native windows drivers install ATI The AMD CatalystÔŅĹ Control center run "auto-detect" the card follow prompts to install the proper drivers. or is there a safer sequence of steps?

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Replacing Motherboard In Laptop / Does It Have To Be Exact Model #?

Mar 25, 2012

I have a burnt up motherboard in my laptop. My question is do I have to match the exact model to the one that is in there already inside? Or can I get one alittle cheaper? The one that is inside is around $200, and I was hoping to spend a bit less.Me and hubby can replace and change out anything on a desktop, and even build one from scratch.But laptops aren't our thing.This one is an ASUS K52F REV 2.0. Any suggestions, or do I have to match it up with what is factory?

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Replacing PCIe Laptop Wireless Card

Jul 7, 2012

I need to replace my wireless adapter in my laptop. My current card is an Intel Wifi link 5100 agn, which is a PCI express half mini card.How can I tell which replacement card will be compatible? My computer is: Dell Studio 1555 Windows 7 Home Premium x64

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Replacing HDD With SDD - Image Versus Clean Install

Oct 22, 2012

I am replacing an HDD with an SDD in my laptop.I have it partitioned the same way as the HDD except that D: is smaller.

system reserved, C:=system, D:=data-profiles-programs, E: =HP_TOOLS (fat32)

My plan was to image the system reserved, C: and E: partitions.The HDD is running in ACHI mode.What I want to know - When installing Windows 7, does it do something different on a SSD than a HDD such that imaging the HDD to the SDD will make a performance difference?

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Asus Laptop Cosider Replacing Batttery

Aug 18, 2011

I am using a asus laptop and have recently installed the Windows 7 . I was using the Windows xp before, and did not have any issues with the battery, but now the battery symbol in the notification bar is crossed out and the exact error message is that "[t]here is a problem with your battery, so your computer might shut down suddenly". The battery I am using is quite old, so it may in fact need to be replaced, but as far as I can tell it is functioning properly..

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Replacing Hard Drive - Factory Image Recovery?

Dec 10, 2011

I have a Gateway computer that came preloaded with Windows 7.

I am replacing the internal hard drive and I am attempting to install the factory system recovery image from the system recovery disc that I made when I bought the computer. After installing the drive and booting up from the recovery disc, I go into full factory recovery but when I go in to the option to "restore to factory default" the option is grayed out. Do I need to format the drive first? How do I do this outside of windows?

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Replacing Sata Laptop Hard Drives From Vista To 7

Feb 9, 2010

I want to put my old hard drive that has files and was used with windows vista and put it into a new windows 7 laptop. Is there any overlap or any config problems I can run into doing this? Or do I just put it in and the old files should work and all i have to do is update some drivers from vista to 7?

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Integrated Webcam Not Working After Replacing Screen (Samsung Laptop NP 300E5C)?

Nov 20, 2012

I recently got my laptop screen replaced. Although the integrated webcam is connected as the light comes on and there is an image, it is not clearAs soon as I realised the webcam was not working I took it back to the repair shop and they checked the connections and said everything is fine.The tech support of the company that sold me the screen said to reinstall the screen as maybe the wires are not connected properly. However, the repair shop guy said everything is connected and the webcam itself is connected. He said they can reinstall the screen but if there is nothing wrong on their part (i.e. they have connected it properly) I will have to pay.The repair shop guy said he thinks that the webcam captor got damaged when I broke the screen (sorry if captor is the wrong word, I am currently abroad and the repair shop guy speaks French).Do you have any advice? I do not want to get it reinstalled only to find everything is connected and have to pay again

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Install Windows 7 Enterprise On Netbook Replacing Windows 7 Starter?

Oct 5, 2011

I had been reading Sevenforums before i actually join it. Eversince then i got most of my doubt solve.I just bought a Sony Vaio Y series come with Windows 7 Starter.I got a bad deal form Malaysia giving windows 7 stater and 320gb hd, whereas S'pore giving Windows 7 home premiun and 500hd. Anyway i like the design and portability of this model.I got a Year Warranty, But i'm wanted to upgrade it to Windows 7 Ent. and also wanted to upgrade my ram to 4GB max. my existing one is 2GB. but i afraid this would void the warranty.Let get my question i wanted to update to Windows 7 Ent with out and not keeping my starter. but i afraid of driver issue, i plan to boot by USB setup.

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Replacing Windows 7 Desktop Search With The Old Search Companion?

Dec 15, 2009

Is there any way to replace the Desktop Search with the 'Ole Dog ( Search Companion) You can not find all the related files with Desktop search like you could with Search Companion.

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Replacing Ultrabook Hard Drive / How To Get Windows On New Drive

Sep 8, 2012

I'm planning on buying an Asus Zenbook UX32VD soon and it comes with a standard 7200 rpm drive instead of an SSD. So because of that i want to upgrade it to an SSD drive.But I also want to have the same windows thats installed moved over to the new drive. The drives i've looked at all have data migration tools and one comes with norton ghost but i've never had to do something like this before where i didn't have an optical drive and a windows disk for a reinstall so i'm looking for some help here before i order everything and then do something stupid.i don't mind if i have to lose whatever settings and data i might have setup already, but i just want to make sure i have the same windows and the additions it comes with moved over to the new SSD drive.

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Bios Clock Time Changes After Every Restart Even After Replacing Bios

Aug 23, 2011

I've got an Acer Model As5742 Laptop with an i5 480M processor and 8 GB of good Ram. I'm running Win 7 Pro 64 Bit. It's only about 5 months old and this started about a month ago. I have no other problems. IE: Blue Screens or Lockups or anything, just the Bios clock changes to a random date and time after every restart. I replaced the Bios battery twice and it only effects the chore of having to reset the time in Windows every time I boot.

I'm going to send it to Acer to be repaired within a week or two, but maybe it's not a bad timing mechanism in the motherboard and one of you people have a correct solution to it. Which will save me the trouble of sending it in for a motherboard replacement.

I do have all the drivers and bios updates installed. Oh yes I've ran about 15 different virus Etc. Malware scans with several different products and they all come back clean. I ran System File Checker SFC /scannow from the command prompt several times that also comes back OK.

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Replacing Invalid Security Id With Default Security Id - Message

Apr 17, 2012

I am sure this has been answered in the past butI cannot find any links when I search!

I left my pc to boot up and it started into a check disc mode and all I get is the above message. I cannot reboot in safemode to restore, what can I do?

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Windows Xp Pro Replacing Windows 7?

May 1, 2011

have new dell inspiron 14r, 64-bit, win 7 home premium, with l Core i3-380M processor (2.53GHz); 4gb memory, 500gb hard drive i would like to install win xp pro and delete win 7. i have a dell reinstallation disk for win xp pro, w/service pack 2 [which was installed on older dell machine]. i also have win 7 saved on cd.

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