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Windows 7 Won't Reboot And Cannot Reboot From DVD?

My computer hard drive crashed a week ago and most of my back-ups went with the system. So, I got a new 500 GB drive and have been re-installing everything from scratch. I started with a clean install of Windows XP (service pack 2), which took forever to get all the up-dates done. Then I upgraded to Windows 7 and did the up-dates for that. I didn't make a recovery disk at this point because I wanted to get everything installed first.Unfortunately, the last time I went to reboot it failed. When I power-up the computer it stalls out on the Dell BIOS screen. I can't get into Safe Mode, Setup, or the Boot Menu because my keyboard and mouses are not working. They are both USB and none of my USB ports are working. (Also, I have not PS/2 ports on my machine.).

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Installation Won't Reboot
I've been trying to install Windows 7 on a brand new computer. It's running RAID 0, and I'm using the latest drivers from my motherboard manufacturer.

Starting up the installation seems to work fine. It goes through the first phase of installation where I choose which partition I want to use, and it starts to copy files from the dvd, yada yada yada. After the "installing updates" section, a window pops up with the following message:

"Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation. To install Windows, restart the installation."

It then kicks me back to the start of installation. If I start the install again, it does the same thing. If I reboot and restart installation, also the same.

If I try a startup repair, I get a message saying that Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically.

I've tried this on two builds--7000 and 7077. Both have the same result.

Posted: Apr 18, 2009

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Wallpaper Won't Stick After Reboot
I've been running Windows7x64 RTM for about 3 months now. For a couple of days now, whenever i reboot my system it reverts to an old wallpaper i set some time ago. I tried changing the theme & aero border color to see whether it sticks after a reboot & it does!

I checked the group policy settings for any change & didn't find any. I use up2date AV & I'm fairly certain that my system hasn't been compromised. I'm a fairly sophisticated user & find this very annoying.

Posted: Nov 21, 2009

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Laptop Won't Reboot In Windows 7?
how do I sort my laptop out, it wont reboot its showing 0x0 samsung windows 7

Posted: Dec 24, 2012

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Computer Randomly Shut Off, Won't Reboot
last night i was just minding my own business watching Internet videos, until my computer just randomly restart. the tower was still fully powered but the operating system restart, and now i can't boot up windows! every time i try to boot it up i get a black screen with a flashing _ at the top and it just stays there, i've tried booting up in safe mode but that doesn't work! i put good money into this computer and there's allot of important files on it for my school work on it, i'm using a friend's laptop until then.

Posted: Oct 15, 2011

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Windows 7 Won't Start - Continuous Reboot Cycle
Here's the visual procedure my PC goes through after pressing the power button:

- POST screen
- Checking-for-bootable-drives screen
- Windows logo screen
- White text reading 'autochk not found - skipping autocheck' on an otherwise blank, black screen
- VERY brief flash of what looks like the same blue as a BSOD with very few words right at the top
- Automatic restart
- Back to the POST screen, etc, etc, etc...

I can still happily boot into the Windows 7 CD and GParted (they're the only bootable discs I have).If you will, please take the time to read my final post (the other posts may be useful aswell) on this thread, as it contains useful information on what caused the cycle (and what I have already tried) and has some screenshots (this thread is more of a continuation of the aformentioned one).

Posted: Dec 10, 2011

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Outlook 2010 Won't Open Links Until After Reboot?
I'm running Windows 7 Home 64-bit with Office & Outlook 2010. I have automatic updates activated and am using the Windows firewall. AV products are McAfee, Spyware Doctor, and MS Security Essentials.The problem is that, when I click on a link in Outlook, the link doesn't open the browser. There is no error message, just the scrolling color bar that is supposed to indicate something is happening.I've tried waiting several minutes to see if an error message would come up, but haven't seen one yet. Eventually, I shut down Outlook and reboot the system.Upon reboot, when I go back into Outlook and click on the same link, it works every time. Once the computer has been up and running for a while, the problem reappears

Posted: May 25, 2012

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Screen Won't Wakeup On Reboot But Computer Boots Without It?
If I reboot my desktop goes thru the procedure but the monitor stays black - nothing, not even the safety screen and no cursor. There is an amber light on the monitor which goes green when it receives its wake up call but it remains amber. I have to switch the power off entirely before switching it on again, and rebooting and this time the screen works. I've run scandisk, I've gone thru scannow, I've installed the latest graphics card drivers. I've tried changing the power settings. Bear in mind that this set up and computer has worked perfectly for 2 years and as all the hardware is working I believe it to be a software issue.

Posted: Sep 16, 2012

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Windows Won't Reboot After Moving To Hybrid HDD
I've been trying to migrate Windows 7 to a new 250G Seagate Hybrid SSD.I used Clonezilla to clone the three parititions (the main C: drive with Windows, the 100M hinden drive and the recovery drive - don't know if this is HP specific?). The cloning worked fine. I then disconnect the original HDD and restarted. When the PC boots from the new hybrid drive - it just has the flashing cursor in the top left hand corner of the screen? I've tried running the Windows repair disk several times - it did some work but to no effect. It did though recognise the partition where Windows was and labled it C:.Every time I boot from the disk it just gives me the flashing cursor in the top corner of the screen.

Posted: Sep 25, 2012

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Won't Connect To Wireless Network After Reboot Or Wake Up
Windows tells me that I am connected to the network but I do not get internet access after turning the pc on, waking it from sleep or restart. However, if I disconnect from the network and reconnect I have internet access immediately.

Posted: Aug 3, 2012

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Keyboard Will Stop Working In Applications And Won't Work Again Until A Reboot
Recently my wife's HP G62 laptop running Home Pro 7 has started having am intermittent keyboard. At first I thought it was the wireless USB keyboard/mouse she had plugged into the machine, but the same happens with just the built in keyboard (the mouse seems to function fine). The problem is that randomly the keyboard will stop working in applications and won't work again until a reboot. The keyboard seems to work fine in safe mode and actually works fine for typing in things like the run box in the start menu, but it will cause firefox and microsoft office to hang. I cannot seem to find what is triggering this condition (coming out of sleep mode, etc.), but it sometimes can be fast, other times it can take a day until it happens again.

Posted: Aug 7, 2011

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PC Won't Get Past Windows 7 Loading Screen Stuck In Reboot Loop
So I booted up my PC today and every single time it would get past the windows loading screen, a BSOD would flash on the screen for a split second and reboot. I tried booting into safe mode and that would not work either. The next step I figured would be to format and do a clean install, but here's the thing... Windows didn't even recognize my partition! It has my other 2 HDDs but not my Windows 7 partition. The HDD in question shows up in BIOS, but not in Windows. So, should I just get a new HDD? Startup Repair didn't work either, as it just hung/froze.

Posted: Sep 7, 2010

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Cannot Use DVD RW Drive E For Another Disc Until Reboot
When I first use my Drive E and insert a disc it works fine. When insert a second disc later I keep getting the information from the first disc and cannot use Drive E for another disc until I reboot. I do have another drive (F) but would really like to resolve this problem.

Posted: Oct 12, 2011

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DVD Drive Disappears While Using It, Reappears After Reboot
Whether it's watching a movie or playing a game, it often stops and I can't see my drive in the system. After I restart the computer, it's back.

I don't know if it has anything to do with it, but it first happened while I was playing TES III: Morrowind (vanilla), when it tried to load a cutscene. I heard that earlier versions have some Safedisc protection which can mess with your system (it was 1.2 btw). I don't use that anymore, now I have Steam GOTY version, but it happens anytime

Posted: Jan 29, 2012

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"Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device" Windows 7 Won't Install On SSD
I'm trying to install win7 on my SSD, but when i try, i get "Reboot and select proper boot device " message.

Posted: May 24, 2012

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"Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device" Windows 7 Won't Install On SSD
I;m trying to install Windows 7, but instead of loading the windows disk it just says "reboot and select proper boot device"I already told the BIOS to boot from disk.

Posted: May 24, 2012

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SATA DVD RW Drive Disappear Occasionally Until Reboot?
I have a SATA DVD RW Drive. The drive would appear when I boot my computer and I can use it with no problem.

Occasionally...,especially when I leave my computer overnight, my DVD RW would disappear. I couldn't locate it from "My Computer" or "Device Manager". However when I reboot my computer the drive would appear again.

Posted: Feb 25, 2012

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Loaded Windows 7 And Now Can't Get It To Reboot
I removed Win8andreplaced it with win7.Once the install of win7is done i can make changes to my desktop but once i restartmy computer it doesn'treboot at all. It just continues as a cycle of endless rebooting. I also went into the Bios to make it boot from HD but nothing.

the computer is a Samsung np300e5c. Bios is Phoenix SecureCore Tiano Setup

Posted: Feb 9, 2013

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Windows 7 Can't Reboot Laptop?
i want to reboot my laptop but i have to type in administrator password

Posted: Dec 9, 2012

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Black Screen 'reboot And Select Proper Boot Device'
I recently ordered a desktop online with win 7-asus m5a88-m mb, amd fx 4100 bulldozer quad core processor with a wd 1 terabyte hd. I put in my own radeon r6750 core edition grphix card. This pc ran amazingly for approx. 2 months. Then all of the sudden upon cold start only, makes a loud humming, it goes to black screen with the words "REBOOT AND SELECT PROPER BOOT DEVICE OR INSERT BOOT MEDIA IN SELECTED BOOT DEVICE PRESS ANY KEY." Then the humming subsides,i turn it off and right back on and runs fantastic. It does this everyday. Things i have tried: got to bios and change priority order to hd first, replace hd, sent back to company and it was fixed for 2 days and doing it again. I should also mention that they completely reloaded windows and replaced the ram.

Posted: Aug 17, 2012

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Just Upgraded Psu And Gpu Stuck On 'reboot And Select Proper Boot'
Just purchased and put in a new psu and gpu into my system, but when I boot up my computer I get a black screen saying "reboot and select proper boot device or insert." Etc.I use windows 7 but it came installed on my premade futureshop computer and I don't seem to have the cd.

Posted: Oct 2, 2012

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Can't Reset Size Of Window After Reboot
I tried to download but received a message if I did it would harm my computer. My problem happened when I had a freeze and had to force shut down. When I rebooted my screen came back up about 4 times larger and I can not get it back to normal size. I have tried to reboot, set it back to yesterday. I have checked all the drivers and they are up to date. What do I do now?

Posted: Dec 29, 2011

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How To Enable 'task Manager' To Be Turned On At Reboot
how i could make task manager turn on every time i restart windows? i tried in 'msconfig' but didn't see how.

Posted: Jan 20, 2012

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Reboot Versus Restart To 'activate' Updates?
A friend (yeah, right) has a new laptop & tech support said that rebooting/power cycle (turn machine "off", wait & power on) after updating "activates" the updates; while restarting only installs updates.

Posted: May 11, 2012

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'Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device'
I'm trying to install Windows 7 to a rebuilt machine but it won't run from the SATA CD drive.Message is' Reboot and select proper boot device 'The CD drive is first boot priority and the HDD is blank.The CD drive appears in the BIOS boot list.

Posted: Feb 16, 2013

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TV Shows 1080i Instead Of 720p, Until A 'reboot'
I've been using 7MC for a few months at least without many problems, but just after upgrading to 7600 the resolution has started acting up.

Say for instance - I come home from work and turn on the TV (the HTPC is always on) and the resolution will be stretched strangely. The TV will show 1080i as the input (it's a 720p TV).

If I then turn off the TV then turn it back on 30 seconds later it will revert back to 720p and the aspect ratio will be normal.

The TV is connected via HDMI to an nVidia card. I have rebooted the PC a couple of times but that hasn't helped. Windows Update is not showing any updates to the display hardware.

Any ideas?

Posted: Jul 21, 2009

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Can't Get Windows 7 To Reboot After Full Recovery Of The System
my issue is with windows 7 giving me an error message on boot up. I started having a google redirect issue on my dell laptop the other day. I though I had taken care of it with malwarebites, but suddenly while I am surfing the net the screen goes completley black and I am faced with a blue screen of death. Can't start anything. Safe mode, system repair, and system restore either freeze or get the same blue screen of death.I finally end up using the Dell system local backup that is a preloaded recovery tool on their computers, and the two burned recovery discs I made with it when I first got the pc. Using this I restore the PC to its factory setting wiping out my old files and partitions. It works! and I go through setting up windows like the first time. It loads up and is working fine. I load on some anti spyware programs scan my computer, set up the internet, and start updating windows.Once I dowload my updates and restart my computer the computer will not boot windows. I get a error that goes something like this Windows failed to start. A Recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

1. Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer.

2. Choose your langugae settings, and then click next

3. Click "repair your computer."

Status: 0xc000000e Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible.I cant get safe mode to work. Basically my only option is to stick my recovery disk back in and repeat a factory fresh recovery and that gets my computer back working, but every time I turn it off I get the boot error. It is frustrating because I can get it to work fine otherwise. Right now I am just putting my laptop to sleep mode but I would like to be able to turn it it off without recovering windows each time!If you have any ideas that could help me that would be great. I am thinking there is some sort of lingering software/hardware incompatibility or the virus/malware altered something to make the boot up process change. I feel like there is something I could probably do or run in windows to fix this. For awhile I was thinking my hard drive was messed up, but if that was the case I would assume I would not be able to recover windows and load anti virus software on it and have everything be normal, only to not have windows restart.

Posted: Feb 10, 2012

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Infinite Reboot System Repair Can't Fix
I personally still use xp pro x32 so I'm not fully up to speed with win 7.The beast, hereinafter called 'it' has started going into infinite boot ups and trying various fixes (including restoring the hives) have been unsuccessful and the original hives put back. It was originally a Vista OS and was upgraded to Windows 7. Before it went sick, AVG10 reported trojan.Redbrowser. Despite providing instructions to remove, my friend reported that the trojan had stopped doing whatever it was it did. (Hmm, I don't think so) Anyway a few days later AVG10 apparently disappeared and stopped scanning. The infinite reboot started and 'it' is now in my hands.

Won't boot 'Last known good ...'
Won't boot in safe mode
Won't boot to safe mode command prompt

Tried system repair (auto) - both from it and from Windows 7 cd - same result 2-iterations get me to login screen, leaving alone or logging in. Same result - reboot Using recovery options - system restore - attempting repairs gives unknown Bugcheck f4 params 0x3, 0x84c81c48, 0x84c81db4, 0x8201bd60 clicking finish gives a reboot but cancel gets me to 'choose a recovery tool'Using system restore gives unsuccessful - failed to extract file C:windows$Nt..from restore point.There are 3-other System Image restore points in Backups , but get message 'selected backup not found'. The backup sets are on another partition on same disk and can be seen from command prompt provided in the recovery options but I can't find a way to tell 'it' to look there.I've tried both rstrui and wbadmin from the command prompt but still can't get them to see the backups - just 'not found' errors.

Posted: Sep 18, 2011

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Can't Get Rid Of Xp Temporary Copied Files After Reboot
I have windows 7 on my HP desktop and i needed windows xp for a certain program for school so i created a partition of 40 GB and formatted it as NTFS... I booted the installation disk and it was loading setup and it said the thier is no disk drive or partitions so i booted 7 back up and Googled it and it said something about raid drivers and SCSI or something needing to be updated... so i booted into setup and noticed that my SAta controler or waterva it is was set to raid so i set it to IDE and booted it this time after loading setup fles my partitions were there so i selected the 40 gb partition and pressed install it copied seup files for Windows xp and said rebooting... it rebooted and all i see is ( _ ) <-- that thing blinking forever so what do i do i've been googling it for ever and cant find what i want so either what do i do to fix it and install windows xp so it's working or just get rid of xp and it temporary copied install files

Posted: May 20, 2011

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MCE Remote Doesn't Work After Reboot
My MCE remote has been working perfectly since the instllation of Windows 7 RC1, howeer recently it has stopped responding after reboots forcing me to uninstall the "Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver" driver from the device manager and walla, it works again. My infrared receiver is built into my machine. This behavior started about a week ago. Has anyone experienced this issue and if so have you found a solution?

Posted: Oct 18, 2009

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