Windows 7 Won't Reboot And Cannot Reboot From DVD?

Apr 20, 2012

My computer hard drive crashed a week ago and most of my back-ups went with the system. So, I got a new 500 GB drive and have been re-installing everything from scratch. I started with a clean install of Windows XP (service pack 2), which took forever to get all the up-dates done. Then I upgraded to Windows 7 and did the up-dates for that. I didn't make a recovery disk at this point because I wanted to get everything installed first.Unfortunately, the last time I went to reboot it failed. When I power-up the computer it stalls out on the Dell BIOS screen. I can't get into Safe Mode, Setup, or the Boot Menu because my keyboard and mouses are not working. They are both USB and none of my USB ports are working. (Also, I have not PS/2 ports on my machine.).

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Loaded Windows 7 And Now Can't Get It To Reboot

Feb 9, 2013

I removed Win8 and replaced it with win7. Once the install of win7 is done i can make changes to my desktop but once i restart my computer it doesn't reboot at all. It just continues as a cycle of endless rebooting. I also went into the Bios to make it boot from HD but nothing.

the computer is a Samsung np300e5c. Bios is Phoenix SecureCore Tiano Setup

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Windows 7 Shutdown Causes Reboot.

Aug 6, 2010

I've got a problem with shutting down Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit version, I have read through all the posts about windows restarting when shutdown is pressed or the off button is pressed on the desktop PC. I have gone into BIOS and altered the restart in event of system failure, and also done the same on My Computer in advanced settings but none have worked.I have done a check on Microsoft's website to check all the hardware and software too, and the results were all clear. Apart from Adobe Photoshop 3, when I installed this program for some reason I was unable to get an internet connection. And I had to swap my Panda Internet Security for Windows Security Essentials, which I have found out since is better than most of the top brands that you pay for; and it is free to all those people who have got the genuine system from Microsoft.I have all the latest updates for the software and drivers too, also done a full scan of the PC including the two external hard drives that I have connected to the PC.

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Windows 7 Desktop Changes On Reboot

Mar 4, 2011

I create a folder on the desktop. I drag/drop all desktop icons/files into the folder. Reboot the machine. All icons are back on the desktop. The folder I created / filled is empty.

Windows 7
Dell Precision t7500
dual e5620
12 gb mem

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Reboot Windows 7 By Using Usb Flash?

Aug 30, 2010

i hv a problem which is im reboot my laptop by using usb flash, and for the begining its look well. but when the laptop restart for the 1st time after 'install updates', it return to the 1st step of win 7 installation and not proceed to the 'completing installation' part...

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Windows 7 After Installed, Always Reboot?

Mar 22, 2011

i got a big problem, my notebook is a ROG ASUS G53J(just used 2days), i format and installed windows 7, everything is ok, but after system "configuring for the first time use", he cant go to another step, always reboot, and reboo

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Windows 7 Asking To Be Activated Again After Each Reboot?

Apr 2, 2012

I wish some of you guys can help me here.Used genuine key to activate previously hacked Windows 7.System goes through authentication, "Genuine" logo. Everything fine until I reboot the system. The Product ID changes back to 00426-292-0000007-85528, and the system ask to be activated "today". I change the key again and everything is fine until next reboot.I've tried various methods including system restore, over the phone activation, etc. Same result. Just don't want to do the clean install again, too much stuff to re-install


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How To Reboot Windows 7 64-bit Manually

Jul 6, 2011

Performance-windows 7 64-bit booting time time 92 sec.[says it is to slow]

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Reboot After Shutdown / Only On Windows 7

Sep 30, 2012

I have a problem that has been driving me crazy for a while. After a power cut, my pc started booting itself back up again after completely shutting down (2-3 secs) from Windows 7. I'm also running Windows 8 and this shuts down no problem so after months of putting up with it I re-installed Window 7 and the problem disappeared - pc shut down fine and stayed shut down.This was about 2 weeks ago and everything had been fine until another power failure today which has seen the problem return, again only in Windows 7. I have tried everything I have found trawling the forums for others with a similar problem, including disabling wake-on LAN in bios, updating bios, unchecking 'automatic restart' under system failure in startup and recovery options and changing the value of PowerdownAfterShutdown from '0' to '1'/'1' to '0' in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon

The effects of the power cuts definitely seem to be causing these symptoms as both times now this problem has started immediately afterwards. I'm also thinking it's something that should be fixable within Windows 7 since Windows 8 still shuts down without any problems. I really don't want to have to do another re-install, especially since the problem is likely to come back the next time the power goes off.

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Windows 7 Can't Reboot Laptop?

Dec 9, 2012

i want to reboot my laptop but i have to type in administrator password

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Laptop Won't Reboot In Windows 7?

Dec 24, 2012

how do I sort my laptop out, it wont reboot its showing 0x0 samsung windows 7

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Windows 7 Crashes & Reboot On Startup

Jun 17, 2012

My wife's PC refused to reboot about a week ago and after many attempts we eventually gave up trying to recover it and reinstalled from scratch. The history of that is over here. WIN7 won't boot. What should I do before trying a clean install? The PC was rebuilt with Windows 7 64 OEM and because my system disk is only 80GB I followed the directions from this post to locate the user and user apps data folders on the other disk. User Profiles - Create and Move During Windows 7 Installation, Windows update has now installed over 150 updates including SP1 and rebooted successfully many times along the way. However this morning at powerup the PC crashed back to black and rebooted twice before successfully starting up. It has now run quite happily all day. What should I do to monitor what is happening and capture as much info as possible so that if this happens again I capture what is going wrong?

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Windows 7 Pro X64 Hangs On Reboot, But Not On Shutdown?

Dec 8, 2010

Windows 7 Professional x64 edition is installed on a computer. During the installation, every time it went to restart the system would hang immediately; I had to do a hard reboot to continue the installation.Now Windows 7 is installed, and still hangs on reboot. When I choose Restart, the system shows the shutdown screen, goes black, and hangs. After some time waiting it never reboots and I never see the BIOS screen. However, if I choose "shutdown", it works perfectly.Also, when I force it to reboot, the system does NOT give me the message that it wasn't shut down correctly. I've reinstalled the system twice. All drivers are installed correctly, and Windows is completely up to date. I even updated the BIOS to the current version.

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How To Do Fresh Reboot Of Windows 7 Without Having Any Backups

Apr 20, 2012

Got my computer a while ago and Never created a back up or recovery disc. By the time I did that my computer crashed hard. I believe I may have had a MBR ( thinking that now). after I got my computer back and running the first Time ,I then did a complete back -up and recovery discs, but now I believe all those are corrupted because the last 2 times I keep having the same problems. So in digging around and with better AV programs have found and destroyed the MBR (I hope). So I do not want to reuse those discs. I have gone to the computers manufacturers website and got all of the drivers and such, but I cannot find or get a fresh version of Windows 7 64-bit, I had upgraded to Ultimate from Home Premium. So How can I fix this without having to re-purchase Windows 7?

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Windows 7 Infinite Reboot Loop

Nov 6, 2012

Yesterday I was installing XP on one of partitions I made for it,because I had problems recording stereo tracks for studio on Windows 7( in my previous encounters like that,it worked on XP ).After installation of XP it would restart and just give Unable to load operating system and I couldn't boot in Windows 7 because as most of you probably know,XP overwrites boot section of Windows 7( but that's an easy fix with EasyBCD ).Now I tried fixing the problem with Windows 7 installation DVD and startup repair but no use,then I tried MBR tutorial and it got me to splash screen,but that's where my infinite loop started.Then I tried doing backup with command prompt as in one of tutorials here: Startup Repair Infinite Loop Recovery but no results unfortunately. Or am I going to be forced to do clean install? I temporarily installed Windows 8 Release Preview on XP partition just so I can do stuff until Windows 7 is fixed.

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Windows Does Not Reboot After Each Time Shutdown

Nov 7, 2012

It makes several months am using Windows 7 Professional on my Dell Studio XPS 1640 (it's a 64bit system). It was working fine and I was happy with it. It makes some weeks now that after each time I shut down, when I turn on again, it boots up to where the 4 coloured logo appears and then am left with a dark screen with only the cursor. I once waited for nearly 1 hour, nothing changed. The users screen never appeared.

I had to turn off manually, and when I turn it on again, it tell me that windows failed to restart.... and am left with these 2 options: >start Windows Normally(I went back to square 1 when I tried this) >Startup Repair.

The automatic system repair did not find any problem, I had to use the system recovery for which I had to choose a previous date in time to which I want the computer to reboot. Some times it works, sometimes I have to do it again and change the date.

When I hibernate the laptop, there is no problem when I turn it on again. But when I shut down or restart the laptop, it boots up to the "starting windows" screen with the windows logo and I have to turn it off manually.

It is causing me a lot of problem, I cannot install any program, each time I have to reinstall my printer.

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Windows Installation Starts All Over Again After Reboot

Aug 27, 2010

I formated all my particions of hdd, now i cant install Windows 7 or xp (by booting cd/dvd), because when system reboots it starts all over again. What should i do?

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Windows 7 X64 Crashes On Setup Reboot?

May 24, 2011

We have a new build for a friend's Media Center, and for the first time ever with Windows 7, I am having an issue with the installation that I can not isolate.

The System:

AMD Phenom II X4 955
Gigabyte 8900GPA-UD3H
2 x Kingston HyperX Blu 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3 1600 (KHX1600C9D3B1K2/4GX)
4x Seagate 1.5GB SATAII ST31500341AS (in RAID 5)
LITE-ON SATA CD/DVD Burner (iHAS124-04)
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 X64

We tried installing to multiple system drives, and they all end up completing the installation, rebooting, but reboot just as the flag starts to cycle in. no BSOD, no error messages, just reboots every time. Safe mode gets as far as achix64s.sys, (which leads us to think some kind of drive/er or controller issue) then reboots.

We have tried:

setting the BIOS to all available combinations of RAID, AHCI, and IDE modes

Updated drivers (even though Windows 7 has recognized all the drives right off)

isolated all the memory sticks 1 by 1

different cables, drives, and PSU

swapped the mouse pad, just in case...

We also each went over it separately to eliminate potential PEBKAC, but each got the same results.

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Windows 7 Setup Does Not Continue After First Reboot?

Jan 23, 2012

I have a 32bit XP installed in C: and I want to install 64bit Win 7 on D:. I have used the usb download tool to make a bootable usb drive and installed Windows 7 till the 1st reboot. However after the reboot, it just returns to page 1 of the installation (select language, drive to install into etc). If I change the boot priority to HDD first, then it just boots into XP as if nothing has ever happened.I have tried searching for the answer for more than 5 hours now and all the fixes dont seem to work. It is as though my computer cant detect that Win 7 is installed halfway.PC Specs: E6750 C2D , Gigabyte G41-MTS2PT, 4GB ram, Sapphire 5750 512mb. 2x 160gb hdd.

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Windows Won't Reboot After Moving To Hybrid HDD

Sep 25, 2012

I've been trying to migrate Windows 7 to a new 250G Seagate Hybrid SSD.I used Clonezilla to clone the three parititions (the main C: drive with Windows, the 100M hinden drive and the recovery drive - don't know if this is HP specific?). The cloning worked fine. I then disconnect the original HDD and restarted. When the PC boots from the new hybrid drive - it just has the flashing cursor in the top left hand corner of the screen? I've tried running the Windows repair disk several times - it did some work but to no effect. It did though recognise the partition where Windows was and labled it C:.Every time I boot from the disk it just gives me the flashing cursor in the top corner of the screen.

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Windows Doing Disk Check Every Reboot?

Jun 20, 2012

I bought another pc today to replace my current work pc, now here is what it does since i pulled it out the box I have a ASUS CM687 it runs checkdsk every restart on D, which i think is where the recovery is at for the PC, now it trys to do it and says it was unsuccessful, thing is brand new out the box i am trying to understand why is it doing that and then saying there has been a problem trying to scan it then boots right into windows?

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Screen Resolution Changes After Reboot Windows 7?

Jan 31, 2011

I have an HP Envy 14. It has been working fine, except for when I reboot. For some reason, when I reboot, my screen goes black. My homescreen inevitably pops up, and a popup says that it was a graphics card error. This is fine, because I still get my stuff back. However..Today, windows 7 (x64) said it had updates, so I update and reboot. After the reboot, my computer was in a completely different resolution (800x600).I tried right clicking and going to "screen resolution", but it wouldn't let me change back to my old resolution (1366x768 or something like that). It says that the only other setting is 1024x768. I have full administrative rights, I haven't installed or used any programs except the windows install. The last program I used was GIMP. Why won't it let me change back my resolution?

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Get A Reboot Disk Of Windows 7 For HP Laptop?

Jun 24, 2012

Windows 7 will not boot on my HP Laptop G56. The HP logo come on when powered on and then there is just a blank screen with the cursor. I did the diagnostics for the HP side at boot-up and it informs me everything is OK with the hardware. How do I get a reboot disk for Windows 7 since they are not given with computers like in the past.

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Windows 7 Will Not Reboot Due To Software Change

Sep 21, 2012

Windows will not reboot may be due to software change

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Windows 7 Cannot Reboot If Use The Option To Shutdown

Jan 29, 2013

ts a lenovo N585,I cannot shutdown my computer the only option is available is hibernation because when i shut it down and put it back on the only screen i get is a blank screen with my cursor showing nothing else and i have left it like that for hours at a time waiting for it to start back but it never did I took the battery out and put it back in and that was the only time it came back on full swing and i had to wait 3 hrs for it to repair itself because it couldnt start any other way..PLEASE HELP ME, I always have to find ways to speed up my computer because it slows down ever so often and now it cannot even run facebook without sticking?

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Find What Is The Process That Causes The Last Reboot On Windows 7?

Feb 8, 2013

how can I find what is the process that causes the last reboot on Windows 7.

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Download Windows 7 With Without Being Able To Get Laptop To Reboot Right?

Feb 10, 2013

i had to replace harddrive i went form 320gb to 400 gb had a friend downd load a copy of windows7 then i order windows 7 from gateway did what ins. said look like it done good download then it came up an said it had a error and can get it to reboot how can i fix this

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What Could Cause Windows 7 PC To Reboot 5 To 15 Minutes After It Starts

Feb 11, 2013

I have an ongoing problem with my Windows 7 PC. Originally I had a Dell precision workstation 490 with 16 gig of RAM. The hard drives were Western Digital one was a 1 TB the other was a 2 TB. The precision workstation started to have a reboot problem. After 5 to 15 minutes of use it would simply turn itself off. It's not actually restarting itself it just quits like you pulled the plug out of the wall with no warning.I have a background in computer repair and after thoroughly troubleshooting the hardware decided that the old precision workstation might have a power supply problem. That power supply is no longer made so you can only buy used ones mostly from eBay. I decided that I would buy a new computer and swap out the hard drives video card and other hardware. Before I switched out the hardware I may an image file and recovery disks so that I could reinstall Windows 7 back into the new computer. I thought this would cure the computer from turning off.

I bought a new motherboard, new power supply, new Pentium four Ivy Bridge processor. I swapped over the drives and video card then installed the drivers for the motherboard and reinstalled the hard drive from the image. Seemed to work well but my computer dropdead problem came with the old hardware.I performed a in-depth VirusScan using Microsoft security essentials software. I did the complete scan are the in-depth scan and did find two Trojan viruses that were really nasty on the hard drive. These viruses were quarantined and then removed from the hard drive. Also I removed several older programs that I either don't use anymore are don't like. I have searched through config MS for a potential problem. But I don't see any problems there. I've found a program on the Internet that monitors the boot up and shows you what services are devices or whatever has been loaded to your system. It seems that the operating system loads over 2 million services a lot to shift through. I have gone through a lot of this checking out what I do not understand with the Internet. I really don't see anything that could be causing this computer just to turn off after about 5 to 10 minutes sometimes 15. Once it does turn itself off and this is the tricky part I can restart it and it will run the rest of the day without fail are causing me problems just after you turn it owns when it falls down.

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Windows 7 Infinite Bluescreen Reboot Loop

Aug 16, 2011

My original os is windows 7. So today I connected a hard drive from a windows xp machine so I could transfer some files. When I powered the computer back on I got a blue screen right after the windows 7 loading screen and the computer rebooted. I then got the black screen asking if I want safe mode last known configuration or start windows normally. I chose start normally and i got bluescreen/rebooted back to this screen. I then chose last known good configuration and was bluescreen/rebooted back to the screen, this time I chose safe mode. Safe mode began to load files and then stopped at mup.sys bluescreened and rebooted. The system then tried to do the windows repair thing and I did the system restore option and rebooted, this didnt help and I put in my windows 7 installation cd hit repair and tried bootrec.exe, none of the options worked [fixmbr fixboot etc] and the system doesnt recognize that any OS are installed.

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Windows 7 + Config Service Pack On Every Reboot?

Nov 29, 2011

Every time I rebooted my laptop windows runs through preparing to configure windows, then configuring the service pack, starting at 35% and finishing on 37% and then boots windows normally. This is very annoying to go through everytime I reboot. I ran the portable fix it program from microsoft to fix windows update problem but it I booted into safe mode to try uninstall the service pack to reinstall but now when it reboots it says preparing to configure windows, then failure to configure service pack, reverting changes. Now it does this every time.I've tried running windows updates to try to reinstall but it just seems to go on forever. I have also run the System update readiness tool from microsoft but it does the same as the windows updates, runs continuously

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Windows 7 Won't Start - Continuous Reboot Cycle

Dec 10, 2011

Here's the visual procedure my PC goes through after pressing the power button:

- POST screen
- Checking-for-bootable-drives screen
- Windows logo screen
- White text reading 'autochk not found - skipping autocheck' on an otherwise blank, black screen
- VERY brief flash of what looks like the same blue as a BSOD with very few words right at the top
- Automatic restart
- Back to the POST screen, etc, etc, etc...

I can still happily boot into the Windows 7 CD and GParted (they're the only bootable discs I have).If you will, please take the time to read my final post (the other posts may be useful aswell) on this thread, as it contains useful information on what caused the cycle (and what I have already tried) and has some screenshots (this thread is more of a continuation of the aformentioned one).

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