Why Is Computer Screen Only Showing White And Black And No Color Graphics

Jun 22, 2012

My Compaq laptop no longer has color graphics. When I go to a website it just shows black letters...I just bought a new battery from HP and can't figure out what is wrong..

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Conversion From True-color Graphic To Black And White?

Jan 15, 2013

1) Say Computer A has a 1GHz processor and 16-but word size. Computer B has a 2GHz processor and 32-bit word size. Compare the processing speeds of these computers quantitatively. Show calculations.2) Conversion from true-color graphic to black and white. Explain what the conversion did in terms of pixel bytes or bits3) If you run the CPU simulator program, you will find that it uses the system bus 12 times. Explain how this number comes about. (You must explain why based on how cpu operates. This will involve a little arithmetic. Show all)

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Computer Stuck At Black Screen With Flashing White Underscore?

Oct 21, 2012

Today I started up my pc and after the BIOS screen (the place where you can press f8-f11 for various options) it went to a black screen with a blinking underscore in the upper left corner and stayed there indefinitely. It did this even after reboot.

I tried using the diagnostic tool and everything it tested passed (including HDD). I did this test twice and the same results were produced.

I also googled for similar problems (one topic mentioned that the op disassembling his computer and physically tapping a chip on the motherboard caused it to work) but I have no experience with taking apart my computer and i do not want to break it accidentally. I did however chance upon a topic advising him to do a CMOS reset which apparently helped that op, so i looked through the various options on the BIOS page. There was one option (f10 I think) mentioning CMOS on its fourth sub-window, so i pressed the reset option but I'm mot entirely sure if I used the right function.

I uninstalled kaspersky pure and replaced kaspersky pure for kaspersky anti-virus yesterday, dont know if this was the cause. I am using windows 7 64 bit.

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How To Change Default Screen Color From White To Grey

Mar 26, 2011

my sister has macular degeneration and has trouble with the glare of her monitor. i want to be able to make the default screen color grey instead of white in all programs. is that possible? For example, i was able to make the screen color grey in Word and the font black so that it opens that way everytime. but that is only one program. i would like to be able to do this so that everything works that way.

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Download Showing White Screen

Nov 30, 2009

The digital river download manager shows as a white screen. While the top Title bar shows that a download is in progress and I have downloaded it 100%, I cannot continue or get passed this part because I cant see anything!

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Black Screen With White Unblinking Underscore?

Aug 4, 2011

A few days ago I made a clean wipe on my Toshiba laptop, and installed Windows 7 Home Premium x86 as my OS. After installing the OS on my laptop, I proceeded to let windows update check for automatic updates and install them. After installing some updates, I clicked to have my computer reboot. After rebooting it showed the Toshiba screen with the F2, F12 options but after that it goes straight to a black screen with a white underscore. I pressed the power button to turn off then back on my computer and proceeded to press first F2 but it went back to the black screen with a white underscore, then restarted again pressing F12 went to the black screen again, restarted one more time pressing F8 for safe mode but nothing works.

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Can't Get Into Desktop Get A Black Screen With A White Moving Arrow?

Mar 12, 2012

I am stuck at a black screen with a white arrow you can move with your mouse. right click does nothing. heres what i tried so far just linking to another forum so its easier to see where i am at. really want to avoid having to reinstall windows.

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Black Screen With White Cursor, Even With Recovery Disc

Feb 4, 2012

My Windows 7 machine is refusing to boot.

If I try to start it normally, it resets after the starting windows screen. If I try to use the other boot options (safe mode, etc), I get 'Windows is loading files' and then a black screen with a movable white cursor. The repair options all end up at the same black screen with cursor.

If I boot from the Windows 7 disc, after the 'press any key to boot from the DVD' screen, I don't get any options to install Windows, or select a language, I just get either the same starting windows > black screen with cursor, or the same list of repair safe mode options, all of which end up at the black screen with cursor.

If I boot from the Windows 7 recovery disc, after 'press any key to boot from the dvd' I get 'Windows is loading files', and then... the black screen with white cursor.

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When Boot Up Windows 7 / Only Get A Black Screen With White Cursor

Jan 28, 2013

I turn on my computer to eventually get a black screen with white cursor that will move around. The Toshiba insignia comes up beforehand as well as the windows four square icon then it is to this black screen and white cursor. I cant seem to get the computer to boot up from Windows 7 installation disc. Sometimes I also get a BOOTMGR image is corrupt. The system cannot boot. message as well. I imagine there is a solution of sorts as it seems many people have had a similar problem. I have a freind who maybe able to fix it seeing he is a computer programmer but that is not until the end of the week.

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Is Screen Flickers And Then Either Goes Black Or Becomes A Certain Color

Feb 4, 2013

I'm not quite sure how to describe the issue(hence the title) but through several diagnosis I think the Graphics on the motherboard is failing. There is no add-on graphics, the system is a HP Pavilion P6310Y, AMD Athlon 2, 6GB of RAM, 1 TB of HDD Space. The onboard Graphics is NVidia GeForce 9100. The PC is about 3-4 years old.What is happening is the screen flickers and then either goes black or becomes a certain color. This happens whenever the PC is doing something involving alot of data(Scan Disk, Virus Scan, Email, Remote Desktop). The harder part is being able to tell whether the computer is crashing or after the graphics fails that the computer is still processing. I'm going go with a no because I have a feeling this could be an overheating issue as well.I have is if it is only the Graphics, would installing a Graphics Card solve the problem? Or will the rest of the motherboard eventually fail also?

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Clean Install Last Reboot Goes Into Black Screen / White Blinking

Dec 7, 2011

So, Im doing a clean windows 7 install. Here are the facts: [code] After the final stage of the setup where you enter PC name, set the password, enter time settings etc, the setup restarts the computer for the 'final' time, final indeed.What happens is that after the Bios / device scan, Windows won't boot and it won't continue past the black screen with the white blinking _ showing in the top left.Could this be because C: has been 'occupied' (or set as master partition) by the 1480GB partition and won't boot from the 105GB partition where Windows was installed?It's so weird because the first two reboots go without problem, no need to F8 and manually select the disk rather than the USB pen or anything.. But on the final reboot, nothing.

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BSOD + Black Screen White Cursor + Can't Go To System Repair

Nov 11, 2012

first I was facing BSOD. So I tried going in by every type of safe mode, But it doesn't work, I just go to a black screen with moving cursor and I can't Open the Task Manager.So I tried system restore, failed with the CD. Then I tried the Grub4dos thing It failed as well. It just brings me to the black screen with white cursor.Also when I start in safe mode, it stucks at classpnp.sys and after awhile It goes to BSOD and reboots. By the way this all started when I installed a game, Dishonored.

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Windows 7 Won't Boot - Black Screen, White Blinking Border

Jun 14, 2010

I tried Linux yesterday, and wrote over my previous Windows bootloader files with GRUB.

I later that day (as I could not boot into Windows 7), I deleted the Linux partitions with Windows 7 DVD. Now, after BIOS I just get a white blinking border on a black screen.

I tried

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /rebuildbdc
bootrec /scanos (Total identified Windows-installs: 0)

I also tried the "automatic" systemrepair (1st choice in the DVD menu, with no luck)

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Black Screen Followed By Multi-color Lines?

Jun 19, 2011

ok almost 2 months ago my computer blinked came back on and said a display driver had crashed ans was succsesfully recovered,well from then on out my screen was weird looking with lines ,text would dissapear ,and it was like this for a long time,so the other day my screen blinked and when it came back on my whole screen was multi colored and i could not see my desktop at all, now i read that it was probably just my video card going out so i uninstalled it thinking that .and it did,,for about 10 minutes and it did it again..i know i dont want to hear windows registery error cause i have alot on my comp that i would have to have saved and i shiver at the thought of the price of that...i mean i cannot see anything at all just alot of colors in small thin lines,.this is a home built comp, but it was made by someone who has been makeing comps for years so he knows what he is doing...

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Restarts With Black Screen/white Cursor (non-blinking), Safe Mode Works?

Jun 21, 2012

I have a Dell Inspiron, not always but sometimes on start up it restarts to a black screen with a white cursor. Safe mode does work.I don't know why it sometimes does this or what makes it stop. I have tried just letting it try to load up for as long as an hour with no change, sometimes restarting has fixed it but sometimes (like now, it has done nothing no matter how many times I've tried).

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Black Screen On Startup / Showing Cursor / Doesn't Go To Log In Screen

Dec 5, 2011

I'm using I have a DELL4500S desktop, on startup it will not go to the login screen, the screen is just black with the cursor showing. I've tried restarting the computer, unplugging everything and restarting it. Nothing is working. When it first starts a pop up shows and says "This Application has failed to start because SAMLIB.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem."I'm not sure what it's talking about and what to re install and I can't reinstall whatever it is because I can't get to the start menu.

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Computer Often Crash Into A White Screen?

Sep 13, 2012

my computer will only let me go so far on a subject and a white frozen screen apears.

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Sony Vaio Stopped Working & Flipped Over To Black & White Vaio Screen

Oct 29, 2012

I was working on an email Saturday when my Sony Vaio stopped working & flipped over to the black & white Vaio screen. Since then, I've been able to reboot it once, but it flips right back over to the Vaio screen. At one point, I was able to get to the Advanced Boot Options menu by hitting F8. I tried to restore to the last known good configuration. It got to the Windows logo screen, then went back to the Vaio screen, then went to the "Operating System could not be found" screen.The computer has a One Touch Web Access Without Booting Up feature.

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Black Screen/Status 0xc000000f Showing?

Oct 29, 2011

I am new to this but hopefully somebody out there can offer some pearls of wisdom? My Packard Bell laptop (I think it is called an "Easy note TJ71) model will not work. When I turn on the power a black screen telling me to "insert my Windows installation disc" choose my language and then click "repair your computer" appears.I copied recovery discs and driver discs etc when I bought it (about a year ago) but no "Windows installation disc".The system running on it is the Windows 7 one.Is there anything to be done (other than trying to contact Windows for a copy of the install disc).

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Windows 7 Showing Black Screen With The Cursor?

Nov 6, 2012

windows 7 showing black screen with the cursor

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Having These Miscoloring, At White Spots And Black Spots On Screen There Is Cyan And Red Instead?

Nov 15, 2011

I've had this issue before, but this time i want to know how to fix it... without using Acer eRecovery. Im having these miscoloring, at white spots and black spots on my screen there is cyan and red instead. Ive tryed to scan a couple of times. With my normal AntiVirus = Kaspersky Pure and with Avast Free antivirus. which i unistalled

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Black Screen After Updating Graphics Driver?

Aug 28, 2012

I've been updating my graphics driver (Nvidia GeForce 9300M GS) and it's the correct version and after a while of the installation my screen turns black.

My Computer:
Windows 7 Professional x32
Nvidia GeForce 9300M GS
Processor: Intel(R) Core (TM)2 Duo CPU P7450 @ 2.13GHz 2.13GHz
Ram: 3.00 GB

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Windows 7 System Showing Black Screen After Login?

Jan 6, 2011

Once in a while my system. 64bit-Home-Premium, shows a black screen after the password has been entered to log on. I have not found any way out, except hard reboot.

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Black Screen - Radeon 3650 Graphics Card

Sep 9, 2009

I've recently upgraded to windows 7 x86, and it works great. The only problem I have is that my ati mobility radeon 3650 graphics card doesn't seem to want to work.

I've tried reinstalling the drivers several times using several different versions of the driver (win7beta, vista32, mobilitymodded, unmobilitymodded).

Whenever I try starting up with the card enabled, the screen goes blank. After reinstalling the driver, everything but the wallpaper goes away. Can anyone help?

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Black Screen Death-Linked To Graphics Card?

Aug 26, 2012

I recently turned on my laptop for it to constantly arrive to a black screen just before I select the user login. I read some instructions on a different forum stating that I need to log in to the computer via the safe mode and un install my display driver which is Intel(R) HD Graphics, I did this which enabled me to get back onto my original login but at a price.My driver now says that it's VGA, My screen resolution has changed, every app I use crashes constantly as well as any videos/films I play they crash, skip every minute or so.Yet if I update the driver I end up back at square one, the black screen.My laptop is an Acer Aspire 5742 with Windows 7.I've also tried the windows recovery which crashes.

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Laptop - Black Screen - Graphics Driver Radeon MV350

Jun 29, 2009

- Win 7 RC 7100 32 bit does not load the correct graphics card driver and even the boot menu is not displayed correctly (fuzzy black screen, issue known from Ubuntu installations where it was solved by adapting boot loader specifications…) I do know however, that the boot menu is loaded correctly as “arrow down” + “enter” starts XP without any issues.

Win 7 is somewhat loaded, when hitting “enter” only in what I think must be the boot menue. Harddrive gets active and for 5 secons I even get a “black screen in normal resolution” with the arrow displayed correctly. Then unfortunately returning to fuzzy mode.


- How to boot Win 7 in vga or graphics modus being blinded? When hitting F8 hard drive reacts differently, but how then to select the right boot option without seeing anything?
- Is there an option to install a different graphics card driver into win 7 via the working XP?
- Is there an option to modify the boot menu’s options via working XP, e.g., setting to vga modus (that did the trick for Ubuntu).
- Any experience with Radeon Mobility 9600 (MV350) under Win 7?

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Icons Showing As White Pages?

Nov 9, 2011

I recently patched 3 dlls (themeui.dll, uxtheme.dll and themeservice.dll) to use 3rd party themes using Universal Theme Patcher and now alot of my icons show up as white pages... My .exe files now show up blank, and most of my shortcuts do too. Does anyone know how to fix it? I've also restored the original dlls and it still won't work for some reason...

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Drive C Showing Red Color?

Jun 24, 2011

In My computer C Drive is showing red color. But there is enough free space. find the attachment.

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Computer Turned On Nothing Showing Up On Screen

Nov 29, 2011

Since my new comp has been built, about a month ago, every now and then when I power up the computer it fails to display anything on my monitor. I look into the case and see that the red VGA LED is lit up on the motherboard. Whenever this happens, I take my GPU out and reinsert it, close up the case, power up and it works again.

Motherboard is Asus P8P67 Pro B3 Rev
GPU is Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 SO

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Default Print To Black & White?

Sep 28, 2010

We are running Windows 7 on a Dell Latitude Notebook. We are trying to set the printer to default to always print in black & white. We have been unsucessful. Even trying to change to black & white within a particular word document still prints in color.

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Monitor Makes High Pitched Noise When Showing White

Sep 18, 2011

Right, when the monitor (rather old 16" Sharp LCD monitor) is showing the colour white (such as a Google search results page, GMail inbox etc.) I can hear a rather audible high pitched buzzing sound, no matter what brightness the screen is on. Any ideas as to why? I'm sure there is a scientific/electronic reason as to why, it's just I'm not sure what that reason is

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