Partition Missing From Computer - Space Not Noted In Disk Management

Feb 2, 2012

I have a 1TB hard drive partitions into a C drive and D drive. The operating system is Windows 7 64 bit. The C drive is my every day stuff, and I use D to store media, music, video etc. Today I wanted to access the D drive and it was not there. The C drive is listed as usual. I went to Disk Management and the missing D drive was not there as well. I don't know if this explains things, but I ran a partition analysis program and it showed 500 gigs as unallocated. But that space is also not noted in disk management. Right now I am running partition recovery software to see if the files are somewhere, but it will take a few hours.

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Partition (E Drive) Missing - Does Not Appear In Windows Disk Management Tool

May 26, 2012

In my Sister's laptop, running Windows 7 Ultimate x86, all of a sudden, while she was working on the computer, the "E drive" went missing which was a partition on the hard disk (I don't remember if it was a logical or primary partition). She tried restarting the system but to no avail. So, I told her to open the "Disk management" tool in Windows 7 to see if the partition is visible in there. I did this because sometimes, in my computer, my expansion drive wouldn't show but it would be visible in the disk management tool and all I had to do was to re-assign it a drive letter. But, in this case, it wasn't visible over there.

So, now I told her to download "Mini-Tool Partition manager Home edition" and install it on her laptop. On running it, it wouldn't show the partition either. It would just show "C:", "D", "System Reserved" and unallocated space. However, when I added up the size displayed by C:, D:, System Reserved and Unallocated, it doesn't add up to the actual hard disk size. It means the partition is somewhere there but not visible. Is it possible that the partition would show up correctly if the laptop is booted into the bootable image of Mini-Tool Partition Manager?

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Disk Management Displays Unknown/unmanageable 1Mb Free Space?

Dec 26, 2012

This just popped up today and the only thing I can think that I had done since not seeing it was activated AHCI. As can be seen in the attached snip there is a very small partition to the left of the "SSD Common" logical partition. It is bounded by the same green box as the "SSD Common" partition. Hovering over it provides details of it being Free Space 1Mb in size. Right clicking on it provides a menu with everything greyed out except for HELP which simply opens the Disk Management user guide. Should add that both the "SSD General" & "SSD Trade" are Windows 7 bootable partitions with AHCI activated.

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Missing Partition And Unallocated Space (Can't Create New Partition)?

Jul 1, 2010

I'm using Compaq Presario CQ40-627TUMy Laptop SpecIntel Dual Core Processor T4400 (2.2GHz, 80Mhz FSB,1 MB L2 Cache)- 2048MB 800MHz DDR2 Memory- 320GB 7200rpm Hard Disk Drive- 14.1' TFT WXGA High-Definition widescreen LCD panel with brightviewtechnologynd i'm using windows 7 Ultimate on boot system partition C, dual boot with linux mint. which mean i got four partition. one for linux mint. one for its swap space. one for windows 7. one for my data storage(movies,drivers,mp3,picture and etc).last few days i try to resize my C partition (120gb) to make it smaller to gain some unallocated spaces and resize the D partition because my D (almost 100gb) (ntfs/primary/data storage) almost full. i use easeus partition master v5.01.

After done resizing and restart i can't see any D partition. so i was worried that my data will disappeared. i try to look for it but there is no Drive D even on the easeus or diskpart. the only drive appears was C Drive.i remove my Linux Mint and its swap (60gb) and thinking that i could get some more free space and do some cmd prompt windows 7 repair fixmbr thing to remove the grub. then i use partition recovery to transfer those missing data from partition D to C Drive. (appears as unformatted)i try to use partition wizard home to resize it back to 300gb. and it works. but i cant make a partition. it will disappear just like that.i also try to use diskpart,command prompt diskpard, and paragon. but also not working. the C drive was shrink but theres no unallocated space and no D drive (the new create partition). i try logical partition,primary,ntfs and fat but also not working. even the unallocated space also gone. i use almost 4 3rd party partitioning software but still got no luck with it.example:i divide 300gb into 2 partition which exist the C partition 150Gb but the other one gone. i wish theres other way than format. i also done many time. doing check disk, partition table doctor, searching for bad sector. but no errors with my hdd.

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0 MB GPT Protective Partition In Disk Management?

Jul 30, 2012

In the Disk Management, I have an extra 0 MB GPT Protective Partition. Is that normal?

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Make Partition In Windows 7 Other Than Using Disk Management?

Jan 19, 2013

Though there is 200 GB space available in my C drive I cannot create a disk partition using disk management , i am getting the available shrink space to be zero when I click the shrink volume.. but I do have free space..My system is Dell Vostro 1440.. How should I make the partition now?

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Data Not Showing In Explorer But Shows As Partition In Disk Management

Mar 17, 2011

I installed partition magic to format a external HDD with the FS FAT32 since ps3 supports only FAT32 but to my dismay D: where I have all my data does not show up on explorer it shows up in disk management with the size of the disk 115.7 GB unable to explore add or change drive letter PS help..I installed recover partition and all the files shows up but I dont have an option to recover...

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0MB Flash Drive - Partition Type RAW Showing In Disk Management

Jun 3, 2011

How to force format a flash drive? I have an 8gb flash drive and I plugged it in to a speaker that plays mp3 songs. But after unplugged it, my flash drive prompts "Please insert disk" and 0mb in my computer. I tried to view it with disk management and I saw its partition type was RAW.

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Deleted Ubuntu Partition Using Windows Disk Management - BootMGR Not Found

May 27, 2011

Recently I installed ubuntu 11.04. Now I have deleted the ubuntu partition using windows disk management. Now I can't boot the windows os! Even I tried the FIXMBR commands! Now it is showing 'BOOTMGR not found".

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Replace Disk 1 With Disk 0 In Computer Management?

May 18, 2010

Its a bit complicated to state my situation, anyways, I have 2 HDD, and the PC won't boot if I removed the old HDD even though I've formatted the old HDD and win7 is on the new HDD.I have 2 physical HDD in PC

(1) 80GB old hdd and noisy. (not SATA)
(2) 500GB SATA hdd and sexy.

My powersupply only supports 1 SATA connection, and I don't have a DVD-Rom.I've unpluged the (2) and replaced it with my dad's SATA DVD-Rom to clean install Win7 64bit on the old (1), after I've finished, I removed the SATA DVD-Rom, I plugged back the (2), installed Win7 64bit ISO again from the (1) on (2), then I organized everything and split the (2) to E: and F:.

Everything's fine until I wanted to remove the old noisy hdd. When I did that, the PC started to bitch on me and didn't want to boot from (2).I've tried to rename (2)'s letter to C:, but it gave me 'invalid parameter' error. I doubt that it'll work by itself since it'll need to rename all the softwares' locations and I went through another way, renaming (1) to a random letter like K: and wishing that'll work, I've restarted, shutdown'ed, and unplugged (1), didn't boot from (2).So it left me with only and only solution is by clean install, -but- I can't do it since I don't have an old dvd-rom nor do I have 2 SATA PSU cables... so I go back to the begging and...know that I have only 1 option by installing the win, is by the iso.

Now, what I'm thinking is that there's a possible way(maybe?) that I can replace Disk 0 box by Disk 1 box.Here's a picture to clarify it.So that's it, notice the 2 boxes down there? I'd like to switch Disk 0 by Disk 1 and then remove the old crappy 80gb hdd.

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Free Space Partition On Hard Disk

Feb 19, 2013

there is a free space partition on the hard disk got created which i am not able to use it can't be located on the drive also please provide any suggestion

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Running Computer Management As Administrator - Cannot Extend Partition

Jul 27, 2011

While running Computer Management as Administrator, I have a USB disk that is split into two partitions. One is healthy and active (NTFS) and the other is unallocated. When I right click on the active disk, I should be seeing an option to expand this drive to take over the unallocated space, should I not? It is a basic disk, not dynamic, but I thought that even basic disks have this ability. I am able to see this option when I right click on dynamic disks...

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Can't Extend Partition C Into Unallocated Space On Separate Internal Disk?

Jan 28, 2013

I read up a bit on this on other threads but none of them are exactly specific to my issue.I need to expand my C partition by utilizing the free unallocated space on disk D (a separate disk) that I just made by deleting the only partition on there.I guess this is not possible through windows disk management tools but I didn't want to start downloading any 3rd party software for this before I got some guidance from here. lease take a look at the following screen and let me know if using the 238.38GB of unused (unallocated space) I can extend the C partition without having to delete that partition, having to backup the files on it or making images. I already backed up everything I had on the D partition and then went ahead and deleted it through the computer management tool.

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Windows Search Service Missing From Computer Management?

Nov 24, 2011

I'm trying to re-enable the search indexing function on windows 7, however when I go to computer management the service windows search is not listed. What can I do to find it or reinstall it if need be?

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Can't Connect To Virtual Disk Service In Computer Management?

Jan 25, 2012

No error message, just endless stall. Virtual Disk Service is on. Have no idea what problem is or what to do.

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Computer Management Fails To Show Disk Usage

Jan 15, 2013

I have five Sata drives. Of these five, Windows 7 Pro 64 "Computer management" reports that two of them still are 100% free despite both having significant usage as reported in "Computer" and "Explorer"

F: Simple, Basic, NTFS, Healthy, Primary partition,
"Computer management" Capacity 92.21GB Free 92.21GB
"Computer" Capacity 92.2 GB Free 16.8GB
L: Simple, Basic, NTFS, Healthy, Primary partition,
"Computer management" Capacity 389.59GB Free 389.59GB
"Computer" Capacity 389GB Free 379GB

The L: drive is newly installed and only ebook files are on it. What might have caused this and can it be corrected?

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Hard Disk Partition Letter Missing In Windows 7 - Fix

Feb 28, 2011

How to Fix Missing Vista Hard Disk Partition Letter in Windows 7 ?

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Windows 7 Could Not Format A Partition On Disk 0.Missing Operating Syste?

Dec 25, 2012

Yesterday evening I was having computer problems so I decided to do a clean reinstall of WIndows 7. I cleaned out some partitions and then tried to put WIndows 7 on the fresh partition. The process began and then I got a mesage saying that Windows cold not format a partition on disk 0. This error occured while preparing the partition selected for installtin. Error code 0x80070057I also get a message when I restart the computer saying ¨Missing Operaing system¨ I´m guessing that that means I cant log in to fix this problem

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CD-ROM And Virtual Drives Not Shown In Computer But Is Shown In Disk Management?

Oct 4, 2011

I have searched google for ours trying to find a fix for this but to no avail.CD drive and virtual drives dont appear in my computer and whenever i put in a dvd nothing comes appears in device manager and disc management however so i know there is nothing physically wrong with the optical drive. Under disc manager i can see the details about the dvd such as dvd name, size etc.i tried changing drive letter and path but unfortunately that doesnt fix it. the letter "applies" for a second then disappears again.

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HDD In Disk Management But Not "my Computer"

Nov 29, 2011

Primary OS: windows 7
HDD: 600G

I have a 2nd HDD connected via USB and installed Ubuntu 11.10. The HDD with Ubuntu will be going into another laptop.Problem:Windows does not display the drive in "My Computer"Drive is showing up in disk management and BIOS. disk management will not allow me to assign a drive letter. Only option is "delete volume" Want to check the 2nd Ubuntu HDD with antivirus before I install it.

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Disk Numbers In Disk Management Matters?

Jun 26, 2010

After adding two new SATA hard drives in my computer, I noticed that Disk Management lists SATA Drive C (which contains Win 7) as Disk 2. The other two drives are listed as Disk 0 and Disk 1.Since I connected SATA Drive C in SATA port 1, I was expecting to see it listed as Disk 0. SATA drives D and E are connected to SATA port 2 and 3 but are listed before the one connected in SATA port 1. And since the computer seems to work fine, I'm wondering if the disk numbers listed in Disk Management matter at all?

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2tb Hard Disk - Partition With Data Disappeared From Computer

Jan 11, 2012

I have a 2TB hard drive which i have partitioned into 3 partitions, (249GB for C:, 1000GB for D: data, 613GB for E: data). Now the 1000GB partition which is filled with data has disappeared from My computer. It happened after installing a dual boot with linux and using the 613GB as unallocated space for the linux partitions, (I have since removed the linux and partitions on the E: 613GB and created a ntfs primary partition again).

I have uploaded a screenshot that you can see that partition is not in my computer and in Disk management it only shows by "Disk 0" and not under volumes. I have tried using 'Diskpart' To assign a drive letter but under 'list volume' nothing appears. I have also done a a partition details which shows no volume, dont know if I am able to merge the partition in anyway or if the partition table that needs to be fixed

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Partitions.jpg 467.78K

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Free Partition Manager For Make Partition From Free Space Of Existing Partition?

Jan 23, 2013

I install Windows 7 64 bit in a 60 gb partition of my HDD (C drive). I have about 200 GB free space in D drive. Now I want to make a 60 GB partition from the free space of D drive.

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External Hard Disk Is Shown On The Computer, But A Specific Partition On It

Oct 30, 2012

My ATA external hard disk shows up on my computer, but some partitions on it aren't working. Says I need to format them before I could use them.

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Disk Management Correct Layout

Jul 18, 2012

I had a problem with Win7 not starting and the local shop I bought my computer from performed a Win7 reinstallation. I've just noticed a change in Disk Managagment which I'd appreciate clarification on. I'm running Win 7 Home Premium (64-bit)/TWO hard drives each 500Gb/8Gb of RAM, I also have TWO DVD-Rewriters.

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Volume Shrink In Disk Management

Dec 10, 2012

I want to shrink my C drive. The volume shrink in disk management. It says that it is corrupt run chkdsk (something like that) SO I run the error checking and restart. Then it says error can fix error (some long thing with a billion numbers. Then it says run system recovery from control panel to back date the c drive to a before hand restore. So I go through that but right at then end the last button to push it says error on c drive first run error checking.

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Disk Management Bug With Ext3 Partitions?

Jun 25, 2011

I've just ran into what appears to be a bug with Disk Management under Windows 7. THe problem seems to go back all the way to OS reporting themselves as NT 5.2 or greater. XP x64 has the problem, Win2K3 server does and Windows 7 does. I don't have any version of Vista to check, so I don't know for sure but I'd bet its there as well. THe 32-bit version of XP which reports itself as NT 5.1 doesn't have the problem.

At any rate, the problem is Disk Management seems to count all Linux partitions as primary, even those which are logical volumes inside extended partitions on MBR drives. As such, if this erroneous count exceeds 4, it will refuse to create any more primary partitions, even though there are less than 4 actual partitions in the MBR table.

who dual boot with Linux could confirm this behavior. I've reported it on some of the MS forums, but no one seems to be interested.

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Disk Management Boot Drive?

Apr 7, 2012

I have a disk which is partitioned into 3 = 1 is just the mft files no drive allocated, c: is my operating system and d: was the operating system. I need to change C: to boot now rather than my d:. When i start up, I have to press f1 to get started and 2 win 7 shows up. I have to move the arrow down to select the second to boot up, how do I change it,

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Disk Management But Does Not Show In Windows Explorer

Nov 14, 2010

My data hard drive is seen in disk management but does not show in windows explorer.I am using windows seven 64 bits.In disk management the drive shows: Layout: simple, type: basic, file system: NTFS, status: healthy(system-active-primary partition) How can I retrieve my data?

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Change Of Physical HD Designations In Disk Management?

Jan 11, 2011

I have a Dell Studio XPS 9100 computer with Windows 7 Prof installed. The computer has two physical hard drives that came with the computer. The seccond physical hard drive was not partition or formatted when I received the computer. I divided the second physical HD into three partitions, Page File (D), Image Backup (E), and Data Backup (F). The first physical HD had the following volumes when it came from Dell: OEM partition (39 mb), Recovery partition (10.8 gb), and OS (C) (71 gb)When using Disk Management, normally I would see the HD designation of Disk 0 for the OEM partition, Recovery partition and OS (C) partitions This morning after booting up the computer and looking at Disk Management, I am now seeing the volumes for Disk 0, Page File (D), Image Backup (E), and Data Backup (F). For Disk 1, I am now seeing OEM partition, Recovery partition, and OS (C) partitions.Is it possible for physcial hard drive designations to change and still have the computer operate normally?

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Partitioning Hard Drive Using Disk Management

Sep 22, 2011

i bought a laptop and it had one drive C(OS) with 450 gb. i want the c - drive to be partitioned further 2 drives(D and E). will i able to do that ,if so please send me steps or screen shots. i followed the below steps, i partitoned using Shrink volume in Disk management and i aplit the drive as

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