Hard Disk Partition Letter Missing In Windows 7 - Fix

Feb 28, 2011

How to Fix Missing Vista Hard Disk Partition Letter in Windows 7 ?


Icons Missing After Hard Drive Letter Changes

Oct 9, 2011

In order to download the Diablo 3 Beta to my hard drive, I had to change its letter from B to E (D3 doesn't allow hard drives named A or B... sigh). When I finished downloading D3, I switched the name back to B, and now all of my desktop and start menu icons have been replaced with the white icon you get when the path is unknown (yet all of the shortcuts still work when clicked on). When I would go into the properties menu, I tried to "change" the icons back to their normal ones, but it wouldn't work (changing them to any of the standard Windows icons worked, but trying to change them back to their default ones wouldn't go). Any thoughts? It's really frustrating.

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Unable To Assign Drive Letter To Sata Dynamic Hard Disk?

May 26, 2012

I formatted and installed windows 7 64 bit in a pc which previously had windows 7 32 bit. When i booted my 1tb dynamic disk was not detected. So I went into disk management and it had listed my disk as "Foreign Disk". So i imported the foreign disk.

The drive was detected and opened. So i rebooted the pc but now the drive is still not appearing in my computer. When i go to disk management the 1tb appears but there is no drive letter assigned. When i try to assign drive letter it statest that "Specified File cannot be found"

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Can't Change Hard Drive Letter To Needed Letter

Nov 16, 2009

I lost my Event Viewer, and had to do a repair installation to fix it. Unfortunately, during the repair install, Windows decided to rename my second HD as the D: drive... it was K: before that. Now I cannot access any of my docs, pictures, music, or videos through the normal means... they don't show up in libraries or explorer, and apps like Restorator and Sure Thing (CD labeler) cannot find them. I think that means the paths are broken..?

It won't allow me to rename the HD back into K: (it's not listed as available). I can access the data by clicking Computer > D, and I can see the data is there, but its unusable as of now. Any ideas?

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Partition (E Drive) Missing - Does Not Appear In Windows Disk Management Tool

May 26, 2012

In my Sister's laptop, running Windows 7 Ultimate x86, all of a sudden, while she was working on the computer, the "E drive" went missing which was a partition on the hard disk (I don't remember if it was a logical or primary partition). She tried restarting the system but to no avail. So, I told her to open the "Disk management" tool in Windows 7 to see if the partition is visible in there. I did this because sometimes, in my computer, my expansion drive wouldn't show but it would be visible in the disk management tool and all I had to do was to re-assign it a drive letter. But, in this case, it wasn't visible over there.

So, now I told her to download "Mini-Tool Partition manager Home edition" and install it on her laptop. On running it, it wouldn't show the partition either. It would just show "C:", "D", "System Reserved" and unallocated space. However, when I added up the size displayed by C:, D:, System Reserved and Unallocated, it doesn't add up to the actual hard disk size. It means the partition is somewhere there but not visible. Is it possible that the partition would show up correctly if the laptop is booted into the bootable image of Mini-Tool Partition Manager?

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Windows 7 Could Not Format A Partition On Disk 0.Missing Operating Syste?

Dec 25, 2012

Yesterday evening I was having computer problems so I decided to do a clean reinstall of WIndows 7. I cleaned out some partitions and then tried to put WIndows 7 on the fresh partition. The process began and then I got a mesage saying that Windows cold not format a partition on disk 0. This error occured while preparing the partition selected for installtin. Error code 0x80070057I also get a message when I restart the computer saying ¨Missing Operaing system¨ I´m guessing that that means I cant log in to fix this problem

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Windows 7 - Partition Hard Disk Without Formatting Drive C

Aug 6, 2011

I bought new hp laptop.. it came with 500 GB harddisk, windows 7 home basic, I didn't get any windows cd apart from recovery in hard disk. My windows is installed in c: and that is the only drive that it have... now the situation..

1) I want to partition my harddisk without losing windows means I don't want to format C: drive
2) I also want to install linux in dual mode with windows..

Second question is related to first one because I don't need any method that may lead to situation like I can't install any other operating system.

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Deleting A Hard Disk Partition On Windows 7 Installation Secure?

Sep 11, 2011

I am preparing a laptop for sale, and have carried out a fresh install of Windows (booting from recovery CD). During this process, I selected 'Custom installation'followed by the hard disk partition containing my personal data and 'Drive options (advanced)', followed by 'Delete'. Is this a secure method of erasure or should I take additional precautionary steps before selling?

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Hard Drive Partition Missing?

May 7, 2012

I have windows 7 and have 2 internal hard drives, the main hard drive is C, the second hard drive for storage was partioned into 2 drives, letters D and G, drive G is not visible anymore and when i go to disk management on drive D is visible how do i get drive G back as i had data on that drive

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Windows 7 Ultimate X64 Will Not Mount Guid Partition Table Hard Disk

Sep 4, 2011

I have an external 3TB hard drive, USB. I used a mac to partition it, 2.25TB is HFS+ (Mac OS extended - journaled) and the other is 490gb NTFS (to use on windows). It would not give me the option to use MBR (master boot record) so i used the GUID table. It works fine on macs, but windows tells me i need to reformat it. It is my understanding that most all 64bit versions of windows can read/write a GUID disk. I do not need to boot off of the drive. this is another addition to the list of "why i hate windows"

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Windows 7 On Startup After Trying To Partition Hard Disk With Spotmau 2009 Show?

Sep 8, 2011

i have brand a new Gateway NV50A with Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. I tried to partition the C Drive with 450GB to make another partition using Spotmau 2009. It displayed a window --that the system needs to restart for partioning. So I clicked on yes. After that it tried to restart and just stops on a blank Spotmau screen doing nothing(Spotmau Powersuite 2009 --Is a computer software used for partitioning and cloning). I tried to restart and bypass this window and start windows. But it doesn't work. I don't want to lose any data. I don't have a Windows 7 Installation CD.

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What Is Best Hard Disk Partition

Aug 31, 2012

I am confused about how much I should keep the partition in my new laptop, the reason is, I feel that disk partition do affects the system speed, I do not know whether I am correct or not. I have a 700 GB hard disk presently with Win-7 Installed, I do not know how to do the partition when windows is installed, during installation I was unable to do the partition because 'new' button was disable.I hope there is some way to do the partition after installing win-7. Please help tell the way to do the partition, also tell how many partition is optimum with what size.

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Cant Partition Hard Disk?

Dec 5, 2012

i have 5 partitions in my 500 gb hard disk. i just deleted two of the partitions which are seen nearby in disk manager in windows 7..After that i got a 242 gb free space with green color..after that i try to make a simple volume..but it end up with an error as follows..there is not enough space available on the disks to complete this operation

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Partition Missing From Computer - Space Not Noted In Disk Management

Feb 2, 2012

I have a 1TB hard drive partitions into a C drive and D drive. The operating system is Windows 7 64 bit. The C drive is my every day stuff, and I use D to store media, music, video etc. Today I wanted to access the D drive and it was not there. The C drive is listed as usual. I went to Disk Management and the missing D drive was not there as well. I don't know if this explains things, but I ran a partition analysis program and it showed 500 gigs as unallocated. But that space is also not noted in disk management. Right now I am running partition recovery software to see if the files are somewhere, but it will take a few hours.

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Error In Partition Of Hard Disk

Apr 30, 2011

i am installed using Windows 7 ultimate 32bit now. i tried to partition the extended hard disk in my new pc but it shows the error as " no available memory to partition on your computer" so what i do, still there is 215GB of free space with good health.

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How To Partition Hard Disk 500gb

Jun 20, 2012

How to partition hard disk 500gb

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Hard Disk Partition Not Detected

Jan 21, 2013

I have a format activity on my laptop. Before formatting, I had two partitions. Now after formatting I am able to locate the other partition via disk management service. but it is not showing under my computer. What should I do?

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Drive E (Hard Disk's Second Partition) Is Lost?

Aug 14, 2010

My Drive E just lost from my computer! I don't know how did it happen. I try to search through google but I can't find a solution.

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Merging Partition Or Hard Disk Drives

Jun 4, 2009

i installed windows 7 and i don't know what i did wrong, but this is what i end up with

C: 1.66 GB free of 9.44 , where as i have total of 80 GB hard drive. and then i have drive "E" which has 64 GB hard drive.

so how can i merge this two drive?

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Partition Disk Cant Talk To Hard Drive?

Aug 10, 2011

want to just re partition the computer but the computer keeps saying unable to talk to hard drive due to me getting rid of a certin partition

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Migrate Primary Partition To Another Hard Disk?

Aug 25, 2012

Its possible to move my Primary partition to another Hard disk? I have 160GB seagate and i want to buy 80GB hard disk to move my Primary partition(160GB seagate) in 80GB hardisk?

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Free Space Partition On Hard Disk

Feb 19, 2013

there is a free space partition on the hard disk got created which i am not able to use it can't be located on the drive also please provide any suggestion

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How To Partition Hard Drive Disk Without Wiping All Data

Oct 16, 2011

How I could partition my internal hdd without wiping all data from it, and then sharing the partitioned drive within my home network. Also, I was wondering how I could tell what drive letters are already assigned to my laptop's usb ports.

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2tb Hard Disk - Partition With Data Disappeared From Computer

Jan 11, 2012

I have a 2TB hard drive which i have partitioned into 3 partitions, (249GB for C:, 1000GB for D: data, 613GB for E: data). Now the 1000GB partition which is filled with data has disappeared from My computer. It happened after installing a dual boot with linux and using the 613GB as unallocated space for the linux partitions, (I have since removed the linux and partitions on the E: 613GB and created a ntfs primary partition again).

I have uploaded a screenshot that you can see that partition is not in my computer and in Disk management it only shows by "Disk 0" and not under volumes. I have tried using 'Diskpart' To assign a drive letter but under 'list volume' nothing appears. I have also done a a partition details which shows no volume, dont know if I am able to merge the partition in anyway or if the partition table that needs to be fixed

Attached Files:
Partitions.jpg 467.78K

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How To Create Another Bootable Partition From Hard Disk Drive

Feb 10, 2012

i want to create another partition, which can be bootable. so that i will be able to boot from ubuntu as well as windows 7....

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External Hard Disk Is Shown On The Computer, But A Specific Partition On It

Oct 30, 2012

My ATA external hard disk shows up on my computer, but some partitions on it aren't working. Says I need to format them before I could use them.

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Cannot Assign Drive Letter In Windows 7 Disk Manager

Jun 14, 2012

I was asked by a client to get data off a circa 2004 PC that has a blown Power Supply. I removed the HDD and proceeded with my usual recovery procedure using a drive adapter cable and power supply. The problem is that I can see the drive in the Win7 Disk Manager, but I can't mount the partition. Most of the time I've not had problems with Win7. It usually just recognizes the drive and assigns a letter to the active primary partition. In this case, I can see the partition, it's active and healthy, but I can't assign it a letter. In fact, all options are "greyed out" except "Delete Partition."I've also used MiniTool Partition Wizard, but without success. Partition Wizard can assign a letter to the partition, which then shows up in Windows Explorer. If you click on the drive letter, you get the "J:\ refers to a location that is unavailable ...." I can explore the partition with Partition Wizard, but I'm unable to access the files.

Here are the Hardware particulars:Old HDD: 80GB Maxtor HDD ATA, formatted with 76GB primary partition, Active, NTFS, This was the boot drive for a PC I'm using Win7 x64. The drive is connected to my machine using a SATA/IDE Combo Drive adapter connected to a USB port on my machine. It uses the standard USB to SATA Serial Bridge Driver.

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Can't Assign Drive Letter For Partition?

May 10, 2009

My C: and a couple of other partitions come up fine, but some are missing.I go into Disk Management to assign a drive letter to these parititions but I get an error."The operation failed to complete because the Disk Management console view is not up to date. Refresh the view using the Refresh Task. If the problem persists close the Disk Management console, then restart Disk Management, or restart the computer."I've tried refreshing and restarting with no luck.I went into Vista and it shows the same thing, unassigned drives and no luck assigning a letter.

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System Partition Letter Change

Jun 2, 2009

The system:

Drive 1: vista boot loader, vista32, two partitions (vista on C, some stuff on D), both NTFS

drive 2: broken grub loader (never mind actually), one ntfs partition with some porn, games, and other usual stuff . named E.

so then, i copy the 7100 x64 distr into my flash drive, boot it, and install our beloved 7even into the drive 2. it does not ask me anything, write its boot loader to drive 1, lets me choose which OS to boot into each time... perfect. BUT(T):

7even named her own partition C, while drive 1 partitions became D and E. i swapped last two easily, using 7even's disk management utility. that's 1 of 3 and that's not enough. i really want 7even's partition to have the same letter as in vista. i even googled it, and didn't find any answers.

7even is still unconfigured, so it would not be a problem to reinstall it. even more, if it's really necesarry, i can move all of drive 1's data somewhere else, so i can format it.

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User Name Is Missing A Letter?

Aug 30, 2011

i have read a lot of posts and i seem to have a problem with my user name is missing a letter in it, is there any way i can rectify this cause i can't sign in. it's saying my password or username is incorrect

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Search Through USB Storage Device Without Knowing The Partition Letter?

Jan 21, 2013

The title might be a bit weird, but i wasn't sure how to phrase it. I'll try and describe our problem:Basically what we want to do is to use the windows 7 search function, without knowing what letter our USB device has been given (i.e. D:, F: etc). Say I've named my storage device "Hello", now i'd like to search for "Hello" and the content should be popping up (like when i write D: and i see all the content in D: without going there manually). Is this possible, or are we simply wasting our time?

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Lost Drive Letter On Healthy (Active, Recovery Partition)?

Oct 19, 2012

I am running Windows Ultimate 32 bit. I have 2 SATA Hard Drives (one with OS), 2 SATA DVD and Blu-Ray Drives and 1 IDE Hard Drive which is configured as a slave.Second - I needed to do some hard drive trouble shooting for another computer that had a (possibly) dead IDE Hard Drive. To do this I shut down my computer, and attached the (supposedly) dead IDE Hard Drive in its place.Now - all the trouble began.After booting into the Bios, I noticed the supposedly dead hard drive did not register even though it was spinning. I kept booting into the OS to see if it would be recognized in any case - it was not.I put my working IDE Hard Drive back in - after shutting down and removing the dead IDE Hard Drive.I booted back into the BIOS and noticed my good IDE Hard Drive wasn't being recognized either. I then went into advanced Bios settings and walla - it saw my hard drive but said I needed to reboot.After rebooting I noticed the same thing with the Bios, but this time proceeded to boot into the OS.After signing on, I noticed my Good Hard Drive was no longer recognized in Explorer. I went into Administrator and Computer Management and then into Disk Management.

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Show The Missing Letter In Keyboard For Vaio Vgn-nw11s?

Mar 4, 2012

how to show the missing letter in keyboard for vaio vgn-nw11s...

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Disk Letter Change Makes OS Unusable?

Jun 13, 2012

I have an OCZ vertex 3 as my boot drive and a 2TB Hitachi drive as my storage drive. When I installed the system, I changed the 2TB drive letter name to G. Recently, I installed a card reader into my system, which somehow made one of the card slots G and the 2TB D. Now I can't run any of my programs installed on the mechanical drive. I can't even open diskpart

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Slave Hard Drive Letter

Dec 5, 2009

I have a second internal hard drive with data. Currently it is the slave. I have tried cable select with the same result. Disk management sees the drive but I cant assign it a letter. All options under Task -> All options are greyed out except delete volume. How do I give it a letter so I can access the data?.

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How To Map An *.iso File On Hard Disc To A Drive Letter M:

Jan 26, 2011

I have an *.iso file on my hard disc.What is the easiest was to map this ďż˝.iso file to a (free) driver letter (e.g. M ?I don't want to burn it on a DVD and access it in my DVD drive? Is there a Win7 built-in way?

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Change Letter Designating Hard Drive (V:)?

Dec 28, 2012

I have built a computer for video editing and named the hard drives (C for the main drive, (M for the drive holding my music, (P for the drive for photos, and I named the drive to store my videos (V. However when I tried to write path to the V: drive I was told V: is an invalid path, I suppose because of the confusion with a followed by a / which would give you a / which can be confused with V but is not exactly the same. I went to My Computer and right clicked on the V: drive and clicked on "rename" in the drop down menu and changed the name to "Storage" but the (V persisted. Then I renamed again and named the drive "Storage (S" and now in "My Computer" the drive is shown as "Storage (S (V" When writing a path to put videos on this drive can I use either S:/ or V:/ to get videos into this drive? Is there some way to remove the (V

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External HDD Not Appearing In Disk Management - Drive Letter Not Assigned

May 11, 2012

I have an external HDD that works on any other machine I test it on, except mine. It was working and for some reason I recently needed to use it and it didn't work. It appears in device manager but not in disk management. A drive letter might not be assigned to it, I can't see it in disk management to assign a drive letter to it.

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Change Drive Letter For Presumable Needed Boot Disk

Dec 5, 2009

Windows 7, 32 bit, 12 partitions on 3 hdd's, Windows 7 on C:

When migrating to Windows 7 I first tried to update my Vista which I had used happily for 2 years. Installation went fine, but there were too many problems after.

So I bought a new 1 GB hdd and installed Windows 7 there from scratch. It is on a partition with drive letter C. I copied most of my old partitions to the new hdd, went fine.

When trying to delete one of the old hdd's with EASEUS Partition Master Home 4.1.1 manager software, there is one partition on it (which once before was called C, then successfully renamed to Z ) which I can't delete. I has on it the following folders:



System Volume Information (locked)

-->and files:



They are only 30,5 MB in size. So I resized the partition to 1 GB.

EASEUS characterizes it as Status = System, Pri/Log = Primary. Windows Disc manager characterizes it as System, Active, Primary Partition.

My question is: Can I change the drive letter from Z to B without risking the whole system to be unbootable? (and maybe never be bootable again?) When trying I just get the usual Windows warning.
I would be most grateful for an answer explaning what and why or why not.

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Hard Link Issues Related To Drive Letter

Dec 25, 2009

Yesterday night I finally got the time around to finish the fresh installation of Windows 7, and I created a hard link for both my "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)" using the command prompt in the Windows 7 installation disk.

The hard link points to another partition(E:) which I use to store Program Files purely. However, at the time of creating the hard link using the Windows 7 Installation disc, the volume letters were different than what it was in Windows. Now when I tried to access my files from Windows, it would give me an error. To better illustrate the problem,

The image above shows the hard link in (C:) and the volume which I link to (E:)

The image above shows the hard link and the directory it links to in E:. Notice that the Internet Explorer 8 on taskbar is no longer available. On the other hand, when I tried to install Firefox on "C:Program Files (x86)", it would be put in "C:ProgramData" which appears to be a new backup system that Microsoft used in case "Program Files" folder was deleted.

I know I'm in for another re-install, but what should I do to make the hard links work properly?

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Virtual Disk Manager - Cannot Change Drive Letter / Parameter Incorrect

Oct 17, 2012

So I can't change the drive letter. Do I need to use Partition Magic again? The more I keep hearing/reading "do you have a backup?" - makes me believe the tool (OS) isn't capable of handling/accessing the data properly.

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Change Dynamic Hard-disk To Basic Hard-disk?

Nov 26, 2012

i can not install dual-both window7 and window8 on my computer.i think that may be my hard is dynamite.not basic.

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Missing Partition And Unallocated Space (Can't Create New Partition)?

Jul 1, 2010

I'm using Compaq Presario CQ40-627TUMy Laptop SpecIntel Dual Core Processor T4400 (2.2GHz, 80Mhz FSB,1 MB L2 Cache)- 2048MB 800MHz DDR2 Memory- 320GB 7200rpm Hard Disk Drive- 14.1' TFT WXGA High-Definition widescreen LCD panel with brightviewtechnologynd i'm using windows 7 Ultimate on boot system partition C, dual boot with linux mint. which mean i got four partition. one for linux mint. one for its swap space. one for windows 7. one for my data storage(movies,drivers,mp3,picture and etc).last few days i try to resize my C partition (120gb) to make it smaller to gain some unallocated spaces and resize the D partition because my D (almost 100gb) (ntfs/primary/data storage) almost full. i use easeus partition master v5.01.

After done resizing and restart i can't see any D partition. so i was worried that my data will disappeared. i try to look for it but there is no Drive D even on the easeus or diskpart. the only drive appears was C Drive.i remove my Linux Mint and its swap (60gb) and thinking that i could get some more free space and do some cmd prompt windows 7 repair fixmbr thing to remove the grub. then i use partition recovery to transfer those missing data from partition D to C Drive. (appears as unformatted)i try to use partition wizard home to resize it back to 300gb. and it works. but i cant make a partition. it will disappear just like that.i also try to use diskpart,command prompt diskpard, and paragon. but also not working. the C drive was shrink but theres no unallocated space and no D drive (the new create partition). i try logical partition,primary,ntfs and fat but also not working. even the unallocated space also gone. i use almost 4 3rd party partitioning software but still got no luck with it.example:i divide 300gb into 2 partition which exist the C partition 150Gb but the other one gone. i wish theres other way than format. i also done many time. doing check disk, partition table doctor, searching for bad sector. but no errors with my hdd.

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Disk Converted To Simple Partition While Making New Partition, Now OS Won't Load

Jul 10, 2011

I wanted to create a new partition to try out linux. So I decided to shrink E: by 20 GB. I then formatted the free space into a new drive by right clicking and creating new simple volume. I was warned that the drive would be made "simple", but not knowing the implications, I went ahead with the procedure. Now on rebooting, windows won't load. I had made a repair disc, so was able to use it to check for any start up errors. It reported none. Moreover I used "diskpart" through cmd to find volume c: is dynamic.

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Optical Disk Installation Of Windows 8 After A Hard Disk Crash?

Oct 22, 2012

I purchased a new PC with Windows 7 in June 2012. It came with a Samsung optical disk containing Windows 7. I am eligible for the $14.99 USD upgrade to Windows 8.Will there be an installation disk for Windows 8 available at this price and if not, then how much more will it cost?If not, then how should I ensure that I can easily install Windows 8 after a hard disk crash? Do I have to keep my Samsung optical disk of Windows 7?

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