Outlook 2010 - Sending Email With Attachment Remains In Outbox

Jul 12, 2011

I have a problem with Outlook 2010 that is driving me nuts. Whenever I send an email with an attachment upwards of 4Mb it goes through the sending process then comes up with a send error. The attachment has in fact been sent but remains in the out box as though it hasn't and then it keeps sending it over and over until I catch it and delete it. I have Windows 7 home Premium on a Toshiba Satellite 5000 with 4Gb RAM.

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When Sending Email The Message Goes Into The Outbox

Oct 11, 2012

When sending email the message goes into the outbox. Why?

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Outlook 2010 Won't Send - Emails Go Straight To Outbox Folder

Feb 23, 2012

When I'm at work outlook 2010 will send e-mails without any problems. When I go home after work and try to send an e-mail, they go straight to the outbox folder. They won't send until I'm back at work the following day.

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Outlook 2010 Attachment Security Warning?

Sep 13, 2012

Ok I have a problem thats starting to affect more users every few days.Outlook 2010 has started blocking all attachments ie xls xlsx doc docx pdf and more.I have added the file extensions to the level 1 and level 2 remove string in the registry but then when a user goes to open the attachment the Outlook Attachment security warning will appear prompting the user to save the file to a location. but the save wont complete

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Outlook Add Vcard Attachment To Every New Email

Apr 13, 2011

I am trying to add my vcard to every email i send out, however i do not want it to appear in my signature. Does any know how to do this?

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Outlook 2010 Sending Emails But Not Receiving Them

Sep 10, 2011

I have installed MS Office 2010 on a new windows 7 laptop and set up outlook using the same info as on my old xp pc, I seem to be able to send emails but am not receiving them. I have also set up outlook connector for my hotmail account and this is working fine.

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Outlook 2010 Sending Messaged To Inbox

Feb 25, 2012

I have Outlook 2010 and when sending some messages, it will go directly to my inbox. Also, the recipient doesn't get the message. I am using outlook with my Gmail POP3 account.

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Outlook 2010 Stopped Sending Group Emails

Nov 5, 2012

I was able to send a group list emails a week ago but now it only sits in the outbox and never sends. I have 68 people in the list and as stated was able to send this a week ago but not able to no matter what i do. I am running windows 7 64 bit. I am using Go Daddy and I have called them and they tell me it is in the outlook but I have someone else send the email from their outlook with the same setting and it goes fine.

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Sending Photo As An Attachment Via Live Mail?

Jan 7, 2011

Is there a way to send a photo (Jpg) as an attachment using Windows Live Mail the same way as Outlook Express would do? When I try to send a photo as an attachment it is sent in an album using SkyDrive (What ever that is). I can sent word files OK, but not photos.

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How To Set Default Email In Outlook 2010

Dec 25, 2012

I have 3 accounts setup in my outlook 2010. Usually when i open my program it would open the dafault email adress first. Now it just loads a random one that i do not want to see first. I've tried removing the account but that does not work because it still appears in the sidebar without the mail getting sync and i can not deleted it. How can i change what email adress is open by default, also how can i delete that account that no longer sync, there is no delete button when right clicking

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Outlook 2010 Search For Email In Just One Account?

May 14, 2011

Under Win 7, I have Outlook 2010 installed with 3 email accounts. When I open Outlook it searches each account for new messages. I would like it to search only one of them.

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Email Folder In Outlook 2010 Disappeared

Oct 13, 2012

A subsidiary folder of my Inbox folder has disappeared. How do I find it?

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Outlook 2010 Whenever Sends An Email Its Not Delivered

Jun 24, 2011

Every time I send an email it I get this and the mail is not delivered, however if I forward the original mail to the same person it gets sent.

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Cannot Print Email From Microsoft Outlook 2010?

Sep 30, 2011

Am trying to printout an email from Outlook 2010. When I go to print the print preview shows a small dash in upper left corner and the number of pages to be printed ranges from 32 to 112, depending on the email. It prints the dash mark and continues to spit out paper. It's not a printer issue, as I've tried 2 different ones.

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Outlook 2010 Won't Accept A Specific Email Address

Jan 9, 2013

I have a specific email contact who can be reached directly through my Gmail on Google but every time I send directly from Outlook 2010 the email dies as "Invalid Recipient". This applies even if I am replying to a received email from that person so it is not a typo or similar personal error and it is the only contact which behaves like this.

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Outlook 2010: Protect Folders Or Email From Deleting?

Jun 15, 2011

I am wondering if we can protect a given folder (sent, inbox,..customized folder) in outlook 2010 to avoid an accidental deleting?

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How To Email Account To Gmail From Eclipse In Outlook 2010

Sep 29, 2012

I have recently changed my ISP to BT from Eclipse. Previously Outlook 2010 was configured to allow emails to be downloaded from the Eclipse servers and to enable me to send emails using Outlook 2010 using my Eclipse email address. I also have Outlook configured using IMAP to enable me to download emails from Gmail. I can no longer send emails using my eclipse email account.How to reconfigure Outlook so that I can send and receive emails using the Gmail servers from Outlook 2010 as my primary email source.

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Outlook 2010 - Merge Personal Folders To An Email Account?

Sep 10, 2011

I've just upgraded to Windows 7 and have installed Office 2010 which I also had on Vista, in Vista however my email [URL]was part of personal folders, but now they are separate, I'd like not to see a separate menu for [URL] but instead have all my emails under the Personal Folders menu

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Outlook 2010 Email Accounts Disappear Or Don't Send Receive

Oct 23, 2012

I use Outlook 2010 to process several email accounts. I noticed a few days ago that a couple of the email accounts had vanished from the list. I also noticed that one still present was not sending or receiving. I tried re-entering the password and when that didn't work I deleted and re-entered the account. It tests fine but the test message never shows up in my Outlook inbox. It does show up immediately on my phone when I check my mail there.

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Outlook 2010 Only To Show Address Book From One Email Account?

Nov 12, 2012

When multiple accounts are added on Outlook 2010 and you create a new email, autocomplete in the 'to' field shows suggestions from every account. Is it possible to only show suggestions relevant to the account the email is being sent from.For example, if I had my personal account and a customer services account, when I go to send an email from my personal account, every email address who has ever communicated with the customer services account shows which is quite risky.

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Cannot Find A Word Document Opened As An Email Attachment?

Mar 11, 2012

I opened a word 2010 document from an email in windows live mail desktop version and made some lengthy changes. Now I cannot find the document on my windows 7 system anywhere.

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Cannot Send Email With Attachment Using Windows Live Mail

Apr 23, 2011

Cannot send an email with an attachment in Windows Live Mail.

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Empty Email Attachment At The Top Of Outgoing And Incoming Emails?

Nov 12, 2012

In my Windows Live Email account, I have been noticing an attachment box at the top of the incoming and out going emails. It has ATTOOO, then a number and underneath that it has a number then a dot htm. When I click on it, it reveals the sameinformation that is in the accompanying email.

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Windows 7 Forcing To Save An Email Attachment Or Internet File Instead Of Just Opening It

May 18, 2012

I recently upgraded from XP to Win7. Now, when I have a file download or attachment, either in Outlook or any browser, it takes me to the File Save window. Before I could simply click on the attachment and it would open (unless it couldn't figure out what kind of file it was). This is a real pain when viewing pictures attached to an email. I've looked everywhere and can't find this issue addressed in any documentation. I've had Win 7 in the past and this didn't happen.

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No Sending In Outlook?

Apr 26, 2011

I am VERY new to the site and I have a strange problem. The computer is new HP dv6-6012TU with windows 7 and Office. I can receive emails, but NOT send them through outlook or windows mail, but I can through my ISP site. I tried creating a new account,deleting all stuck messages in the outbox, searching online for solutions, but nothing works.

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Email Sending Problem

Apr 2, 2009

When i want to send an email (click on email address on a page) i get Windows Internet Explorer error: "Could not perform this operation because the default client is not properly installed" after this IE starts. This is strange because i got Mozilla Thunderbird as def. email client. anyone got ideas how to fix that?

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Sending Email In Windows 7

May 18, 2011

i want to send mail by window 7

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Sending An Email With 195 Recipients?

Jan 9, 2012

I can not send a email to 195 recipients - problem with my account is the reason given and I am instructed to contact help.

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Email Server Is Sending Spam

Oct 26, 2011

We are a small company with 15 users and we have been blacklisted in several sites for sending spam, everytime we ask for removal, they do, but after few days, we are there again. Cash flow in the company is really tight, we can not afford to pay a tech guy!

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Email Sending Many Copies Of Mail?

Mar 8, 2012

I use Windows Live Mail 2011 essentials. I really like the plain Jane Windows Live mail but got ropped into this type in auto windows update. Originaly i just removed it thinking that the Plain Jane mail program would be re-instated but it was not, could not find just windows live mail so had to put it back if I wanted to use email not web mail.Above tells you where I am at as far as email is concerned.Now my problem.I have setup several groups of email messages that I send messages to, as well as to just one person. Suddenly in the last month or so I have been getting reports of some addressees are getting as many as 50 of the same message, orther not. Sometimes they are sent to one of the groups some are not, some are forwards. I have communicated with Cox, my high speed interent access, they tell me use only web mail not Windows Live Mail. I really do not like web mail, but will start using it if I have to. I ALLWAYS send BCC for a message with more than 3 addresses because of emails containing lots of addresses for capturing the addresses for spam.

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WLM Sending Email From Default Account

Nov 2, 2012

I have three accounts in WLM. One of them is not working properly.FYI I had this same problem when backing up my system last year. I never resolved it and just lived with it. Now I am setting up a new computer and the problem is still here.When I reply to a message in this account it reverts to sending it with the default email. So it does not include the signiture and does not send from the correct account. The trick is it only does this with the transfered/backed up emails. Since I've setup my new computer and configured the three accounts in WLM I have two new emails in that account. I can send from those just fine and windows recognizes the account I'm sending from and puts in the proper signiture. So it only does it to the "old" emails that I backed up. For some reason WLM is not properly reading those "old" emails and recognizing the account they are from.Again this happened a year ago but I just lived with it. As after a few days I would be replying to new emails and it would work fine. If I went back and tried to reply to an email that was "old" or "backed up" it would revert to sending with my default email just as my new computer is doing now.

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