How To Make More Space In Computer

Apr 14, 2012

I was loading a new software for web camera when it stopped halfway because my computer did not have enough space for the software.

way I can make space on my computer?

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Make Space Button Act As A Shift

Sep 14, 2012

The reason: I write a lot of code with use of such symbols as (){}",#$%$^$&<> and i have to use shift all the time.

The problem: After a while my hands feel some discomfort especially my tiny finger which i use to press shift.

So i was thinking if i can remap shift to space it could be a lot better. I know there is a lot of software that can do simple remap but then i have to press shift when i need to put a space. Doesn't make any sense.

What i am looking: I way to make work space button like this: If i just press down then immediately release space button it acts as usual space (ie. reacts on key up event)but if i hold it and press another keys it acts as a shift button.

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Make Not Visible Files That Occupies Space Be Shown?

Jan 26, 2012

i have managed my partitions but i did not made any back ups and when my i explore my new partition, i have three same folders which look like a directory but they are all folders, the files are already absent but the disk's space is occupied by my recent files what will i do?

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Make A Recovery Section By Splitting Some Of The Drive Space And Backing Up On That?

Sep 27, 2012

Can you make a recovery section by splitting some of the drive space and backing up on that? or is a backup image different to a system recovery?

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Setup A Computer On Vmware And Then Make An Image Of The Vm And Put It On A Physical Computer?

Aug 26, 2011

Is there any way to setup a computer on vmware and then make an image of the vm and put it on a physical computer (multiple computers if possible)?

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Computer Low On Space - How To Get Rid Of 16.4GB Of Webfiles

Apr 21, 2012

My computer keeps telling me I am low on disk space. I ran the Drive space manager. It says I have 16.4 gb of webfiles on my computer. How do I get rid of these?

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Computer Out Of Space But Have 57gb Free

Feb 11, 2011

I am running Windows 7, and for some reason my computer says I have no disk space free when I have recently deleted items freeing up about 40 more GB.For example, if I try to create a new folder, it says "There is not enough space on SW_Preload (C:). 0 bytes is needed to copy this item. Delete or move files so you have enough space." The reason I started deleting files is because my disk defragmenter wasn't working. I thought if I deleted some files then it would be able to move them around better? Well, all it seemed to have accomplished is making my disk think it's fuller...

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Need To Allocate More Space To C Drive On Windows 7 Computer

Jan 15, 2012

My girlfriend came to me saying she was trying to do something on her windows 7 computer and it said she had no space to complete or something. I have never owned a windows computer so I am a little rusty on the subject. Looking at her computer she has 58 GB on her C drive and a little under 400 GB on her D drive. She had ~175 GB free on her D drive and almost none on her C drive. Is there any way to take space from the D drive and add it to the C drive? Also, I think its odd that her C:/users folder is only 25 GB. My assumption is most everything she installs and adds to her computer will go into the users folder. If she has a 500 GB HDD, why would 60%+ of the HDD be in use? is windows 7 just that big?

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Partition Missing From Computer - Space Not Noted In Disk Management

Feb 2, 2012

I have a 1TB hard drive partitions into a C drive and D drive. The operating system is Windows 7 64 bit. The C drive is my every day stuff, and I use D to store media, music, video etc. Today I wanted to access the D drive and it was not there. The C drive is listed as usual. I went to Disk Management and the missing D drive was not there as well. I don't know if this explains things, but I ran a partition analysis program and it showed 500 gigs as unallocated. But that space is also not noted in disk management. Right now I am running partition recovery software to see if the files are somewhere, but it will take a few hours.

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Trying To Make Computer Run Smoother

Dec 18, 2011

About 2 years ago I have bought SONY VGN-P788K/W, it's a 8" laptop with 2GB memory and 1.6 GHz processor.It's one of those looks cool useless things, it gets choked up very easily it's running windows 7 and about 70 processes in the background.I'd like you guys to help me get rid of the useless stuff, so that the laptop can perform better. I just want to use is for basic stuff like surfing web and talking on skype. [code]

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How To Make A File On An Hp Computer

Apr 2, 2012

I need to learn how to make a file...I'm new to computers & really have no idea.

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Make Computer Remember The Path?

Jan 30, 2012

I am scanning docs to my inbox. I then open, rename and save to a specific folder. My old computer used to remember the path I chose after the 1st time. Now I have to select the directory, then go through several folders & subfolders to get to the correct folder every time . This is very time consuming. Can I set it so that the path is remembered and takes me directly to the folder?

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Computer Doesn't Make It To Desktop?

Jan 2, 2012

When I try to start my toshiba satellite L455D-S5976, it gives me the option between "start normally" or "system repair." When I chose "start normally," it shows the windows boot screen for a while, then restarts to the toshiba start screen, and the same menu again. If I chose "system repair," it shows an older type of windows boot screen, says something to the effect of "loading files" the the screen goes black, and the cursor comes up, and can be moved. I have left it on this blank screen for hours, and nothing has happened.

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Make A Game Compatible For A 64-bit Computer?

Oct 21, 2011

I downloaded Call of Duty 2, and it is not compatible with my 64-bit computer.

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Make Computer And The Internet Faster?

Jul 16, 2012

How can I make my laptop and the Internet is working with the best performance? How do I get rid of temporary files and unwanted files? Could I make a batch file or any other file which execute automatically weekly or daily.

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Make Your Computer Speakers Really Loud?

Dec 19, 2010

I was watching a movie on my computer and I couldn't hear the voices but the music was loud and the volume was all the way up. Do you know how to make it louder so I can hear the voices?

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How To Make Work The Sound Of My Computer?

Jun 13, 2011

My computer has no sound at all and the thing is that nothing is muted

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Make A Router For Desktop Computer?

Nov 2, 2011

How can i make a router for desktop computer...?? it is the desktop computer can make a router??

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Make Computer Speakers Really Loud?

Jan 24, 2012

As of just lately my volume on speakers,[ free standing ] has diminished by about 65%. How do I make them louder as the volume knob is as high as it will go.

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How To Make Computer Speakers Really Loud

Jun 4, 2012

volume on speakers are very low on pc, how can I make them louder? all volume settings are at maximum settings.

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How To Make C Drive Password In Computer

Jul 8, 2012

how to make password c drive?

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Free Partition Manager For Make Partition From Free Space Of Existing Partition?

Jan 23, 2013

I install Windows 7 64 bit in a 60 gb partition of my HDD (C drive). I have about 200 GB free space in D drive. Now I want to make a 60 GB partition from the free space of D drive.

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How To Make Computer Show WiFi Password

Mar 18, 2012

Our computer has wireless internet connection. Network type: Access Point Security Type: No authentication (Open) Encryption Type: WEP. "Show characters checkbox" is greyed out (There definitely is a password.) How can we show the Wifi password?

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How To Make A Automatic Restore Point On Computer

Dec 8, 2011

I have learnt how to make a automatic restore point (once a week ) on my computer.Every week a little pop-up appears saying that the restore point has successfully been created, but it does not show up on the list.Where the hell are they, and how do I get them to show up on the list..( there should be about three of them since I set the auto thing )..

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Possible To Make Windows 7 Lean Enough For Computer To Run Decent

Sep 7, 2011

Reformatting my friends old laptop (which originally had Vista).Has:

- Celeron (Single core) processor
- 2 Gigs of RAM

She said she wanted Windows 7 on it. My question is:Is it possible to make Windows 7 lean enough for this computer to run decent, or should I just put Windows XP on it.I'm quite computer savy, especially tweaking the OS (following forum tips and tricks) to get it as speedy as possible.

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Make The Computer Automatically Sign Into Windows 7?

Jun 23, 2012

How do I make the computer automatically sign into windows 7? I don't want to have to keep choosing what OS for it to go into (in this case vaio recovery ems). If in Bios I don't know what to choose to change it.

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Make A Printer On Computer The Default On When Using Windows 7?

Dec 5, 2012

Hello,I have a computer using windows 7. How do I make a specific computer the default?

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Make A System Repair Disk For Another Computer

Dec 21, 2012

make a system repair disk for another computer

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Can't Make The Remote Computer To Join The Home Group

Nov 16, 2009

I just spent an entire day figuring this issue out.

Nothing solved it for me.

I have a dual LAN on my computer and two computers with Windows 7.

One Lan card is for internet and the other is for connecting via ethernet cable with the second computer. I can share internet and files with the two but I can't make the remote computer to join the Home group since it is connected to the unidentified network LAN card on my host computer.

How can I change the unidentified network to Home? sine it is actually home!

I configured static IP in order to share the internet and enabled the ICS.

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Can Make Computer Automatically Login And Then Lock The Account

Jul 17, 2011

Is there a way I can make my computer automatically login and then lock my account so that it does my startup programs automatically? (on Windows 7 x64)

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How To Make Domain User As Local Computer Admin

Apr 19, 2011

I want to make domain user as local admin on his system which he logged in on windows 7. How can I perform this?

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