Extreamly Slow System After Power Outage

Sep 11, 2008

After a recent power outage in LA I switched of the power supply (P/S) switch and then the surge protector - no UPS. I came back two days later after a business trip and found the P/S was NFG. Enermax were nice enough to test while I waited and replaced it for me this on the spot, great customer service on 14 month old P/S. Now I can power up the machine but it's extremely slow and the desk top just hangs.

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PC Usage Slow After Power Outage?

Dec 11, 2004

Several weeks ago, we had a blackout. When I rebooted my PC, everything was slow. Programs, internet, everything. Looked all over the web for a solution but found nothing. Wound up reinstalling Windows, and the PC was running like new again. Two days after the reinstall, we had another blackout, and I'm right back to where I was before. I've scanned for spyware, defragged the drive. I'm a novice, so I'm not really sure what else can be checked.

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System Extreamly Slow Since A Spyware Infection

Nov 18, 2007

My Dell Latitude Laptop 400Mhz 128MB ram 100GB HD has been really slow ever sence a spyware infection (witch has been cleaned). Windows 2000 takes 2 minutes just to get pass Preparing Network Connections on startup and once windows is started it can take a long time to start up programs.

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Sony Vio Extreamly Slow Startup - Ran The System Defragmenter

Aug 1, 2007

I have no idea, but about 5 days ago, my computer started acting very slow on boot up.I play a sound upon boot up and the them song plays angonizingly slow.From power on to full access its nearly 7 mins.

Ive ran the system defragmenter.

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PC Power Outage Shutting Down

Jan 11, 2006

Recently, my PC has been shutting down during the day when I'm not home. I know its not a power outage, and I have already checked my power options, its not set to shut down. I have scanned for virus, trojans, spyware, ect. ( I do it almost every night because hey, what else is the PC doing while it downloads that video game preview/demo for me?)

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Power Outage: Changed Startup With Black Screen?

Jun 2, 2006

There was recently a power outage in my home in which my computer has a forced shutdown upon loss of power while already in Windows (at the normal desktop screen). When I got power again I found start up o be longer than usual, and when the XP load screen was done the computer immediatly went to a black screen instead of moving to the normal login screen. There was video and the monitor was on, so I know the video card was functioning among everything else

I believe Windows encountered a few problems upon the quick shutdown prior to the power outage. Pretty much I tried everything I knew to try, using F8 at windows selection screen, and going to startup through windows with the most recent functioning configuration- this yielded the same problem unfortunately. I finally started up with safe mode, quite a few drivers loaded, but all in all the processes halted at a specific driver ( dont think this has any specific significance) mud.sys.

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Can't Uninstall Or Reinstall After Power Outage Error 5001

Jul 11, 2005

I was installing some Ulead software when the power went out half way through. I can't unstall the software through add/remove even after deleting the temp folders (like the error told me to do). Software won't reinstall until first attempt uninstalls. How can I get around this?

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Wont Load After Power Outage: Welcome Screen With Blue Bar Wont Move?

Aug 30, 2008

There was a power outage in my area and my computer restarted. After restarting it would hang at the Windows loading screen with the blue bar, and it would stay like that forever.

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Extreamly Slow Boot - Did A Virus Scan

Mar 2, 2008

Ok for the past month or so my computer has been booting EXTREAMLY slow. But once up runs pretty normal with a few exceptions. (videos you have to let buffer fully or they will jerk around and other minor things) But from the time you push the power button till the desk top appears and is ready to go is around 10 mins. I have tried many things

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Extreamly Slow Bootup - Runs Fine Up To The Username And Password

Sep 17, 2009

My XP Pro machine at work has recently started running extreamly slow on bootup. It runs fine up to the username and password window, but as soon as i sign in it then takes atleast 15 min before i can use it. I have a PF usage of 2.24 gig during this time and my HijackThis details are below:

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Extreamly Slow Shut Down - Downloaded And Installed The Latest Security Updates

Apr 30, 2007

I recently downloaded and installed the latest security updates for Win XP. The computer runs fine, but when
it is time to shut it down it takes an extremely long time to complete the shut down. I defragmented the hard
drive thinking that would solve the problem but it had no noticeable affect

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Computer Slow To Power Up With Home SP2

Aug 24, 2010

I have a 4 year old Dell Dimension 3100 desktop PC which when I turn it on first thing in the morning everything seems to be slow coming on. I have Avast AV, SuperAntispyware and Malwarebytes which I scan with daily. This morning it took about an hour before I could use the computer, the SuperAntispyware banner which comes up every morning came up this morning and just froze on my screen, this stupid box which has something to do with my wireless connection kept popping up asking me to enter my username and password, I kept hitting cancel to make it go away, it wouldn't go away.

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5 Reboot On Power On Then System Is Ok

Oct 12, 2007

Daughters PC hangs ever time you boot it up , but if after approx 3 - 5 restarts it is rock solidI suspect it is a motherboard failuer on the memory but not 100% su All so the fact that it is a 1GB ram but Windows only reports 512 seems odd
OS = Windows XP with all updates I have treid memtest86 V3.3 as a boot CD and it did not report any error's at all.Tried various other diag's tools but all so no error's OS has been re-installed but again no joy.

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Desktop Manager For Power Users Must Have Power Toys

Aug 12, 2002

Desktop Manager allows you to switch between multiple desktops creating more elbow room for those who like to stay organized while pushing the max thread limit.1. First grab XP PowerToys from microsoft.com Once installed right click then check: task bar > toolbars > Desktop ManagerYou may now view up to four new desktops. I prefer not to have "Shared Desktops" on as it reminds me more of linux (and is cleaner).Now you may hide the buttons etc. and use Windows key + 1-4 to switch between desktops and Windows key + v to preview.

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Shutting Down The System By Power Button?

Nov 30, 2006

I have a Windows XP computer. Suppose that after finishing using my word processor or viewing an internet page (or whatever) and closed all the screens that I had been using,I immediately shut down my computer by pushing the power button? The computer shuts down a lot faster pushing the power button than clicking Start, Turn Off Computer, Turn Off (and even then I have to wait about 30 or 40 seconds for the computer to shut down)

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Power Schemes Are Missing From Power Options

Nov 19, 2004

I'm running WinXP pro and have lost all the reguler power schemes from the power options propreties window. Also I'm unable to Save a new scheme.I beleive the schemes where deleted from the power properties window by right clicking and selecting delete. They used to be there anyway Unknown is listed above Turn off monitor-Turn off hard disks-System standby-System hibernates and everything is greyed out. They are still listed in the registry but with no value set.How do I go about getting the schemes back?

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Power Got Turned Off: System Hangs During Bootup

Apr 23, 2007

I am running Windows XP, and a number of system upgrades were downloaded and being installed during shutdown. Unfortunately, the power got turned off partway through this, and now the computer won't boot up. I tried putting the Windows CD in to run a repair installation, but it still gets stuck.I get the "Press any key to boot from CD" message, but when I press a key there are two lines of text that appear and disappear too quickly for me to read them, and then it goes to a blank screen with flashing cursor, and doesn't do anything else.

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Power On Light Flashes - System Wont Turn On

May 28, 2006

my desktop pc is a Dell ptiplex GX110.XP-PRO,MB and 40gh.Whenever i press the power button for start up the power on indicator light at the front of my PC only flahes a yellow r orange color but never ghanges to solid green. The system never powers on fully.

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System Unable To Hibernate / Power Settings Wont Work?

Feb 20, 2005

Running WinXP Pro SP2 on an Intel D865GBFL motherboard with Celeron processor and ZoneAlarm Security Suite. DSL broadband via DI-524 router with MAC filtering.The Power settings to trigger hibernation after 2 hours were initially working but are no longer effective. I've tried negating hibernation, rebooting, re-establishing hibernation, etc. to no avail.

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Hold Power Button To Power Off

Apr 7, 2005

I have an IBM NetVista running XP that at shutdown will close windows but will not power off machine, user has to hold power button to power off.

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Power Supply Consume Power

Mar 1, 2006

My PC has old configuration, the Max Power Supply can be only up to 350W. You know that every parts of the PC, either external or internal hardware will consume power. What I would like to know is that, what would happen to my PC if the total power consumption exceeds the MAXIMUM VALUE of the power supply unit.

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System Access DVD Drive Very Slow / Typing Becoming Slow?

Feb 8, 2006

I started loading my games onto it. Insert the CD, and Winamp would hiccup. Then, when it actually starts installing whatever game I try, Winamp plays at half speed, pops and hiccups, and becomes unlistenable. Firefox takes between 10 and 30 seconds to load an instance, and typing is slow, and shows up on screen in bursts. Furthermore, even my System sounds (right clicking, for example) become slow and broken.

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System Facing Slow Startup / Programs Run Slow Too?

Mar 26, 2006

when i first start up my PC it seams slow. like when i try to use a program. its slow to starting up. but after a while things seams to speed up to normal

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Slow Startup / Slow System Operation

Apr 3, 2009

Dell computer with Windows XP SerPac 2.Computer boots very slowly - about 5 minutes. I have cleaned out the startup files, defraged, used several registry cleaners, etc., but no luck.Tried to boot from the OEM-supplied XP CD but system doesn't recognize it. Tried to go to setup and repair/reinstall operating system by pressing F8 on startup but doesn't work.

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System Recovery/ Updates Installed: System Is Slow?

Nov 27, 2008

i just performed a complete system recovery. started the computer, installed windows xp sp2 and sp3, went to the microsoft download center to get my updates and also got all my extras like, java, flash player, shockwave and direct x among many other updates. i also scan my computer with secunia just to make sure i had everything installed on my pc. i started noticing that my computer was working kinda slow.

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System Running Very Slow -system Configuration Utility

Mar 27, 2006

I noticed lately that my computer has been running very slow and decided to snoop around in the services tab in the System Configuration Utility and MAN!! I have about 50 different programs running. I want to know what I can and cannot uncheck so my computer won't stop running altogether. I'm running XP Pro and a wireless network to 2 other computers in the house

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System Idle Process Taking Up 80-99%: System Getting Slow?

Feb 19, 2007

I ALT+CTRL+DEL to bring up my processes and i noticed at the bottom of that window that SYSTEM IDLE PROCESS is taking up 80-99% so i watch it for awhile and it doesnt go down at all, the lowest i seen it was 77%.Now i have about 30-40 things running in the Background not a problem for my computer. I have 2 Gigs of RAM should be more then enough. but this process is really slowing me down.

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System Won’t Shut Down Properly - Very Slow System

Oct 18, 2004

One of the most common XP topic concerns shut-down or power-down issues. The solution can be as simple as going into Power Options in Control Panel and changing the "When I Press The Power Button" setting to: "shut down" or so complex that it simply can't be identified. Sometimes it's a third party product causing a reboot at Shutdown (ie, Roxio CD 5.0 - and there is a fix). Unquestionably, one of the best sites for coverage of this topic is at AUMHA.ORG. I have taken the liberty of pasting the comprehensive information they provide below. Please take the time to locate your specific problem and read their suggested fix. If you still have questions, then by all means post them in the General Questions Forum.

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System Gets Slow - Operating System Pop Up

Jul 9, 2009

I have a PCG-FRV31 Sony Vaio Laptop that belongs to year 2003. I was happy using it with my Windows xp until one day its hard disk found some serious problems and I bought a very cheap, but new hard disk(160 GB, IDE). I came home happy and installed my new HDD and windows again, but when I tried to use my laptop it turns out that file operation(copy, cut, move, deletion) is really really slow. And when for example, I try to open my My computer my mouse freezes for few seconds until the window pops up.

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Very Slow System

Aug 13, 2009

My system is running very slow, it takes a long time to load windows or open any programs such as internet explorer, or change websites. I have deleted all the temp files, but even just opening start menu or any program takes forever. I have just recently installed mcfee not sure if that had anything to do with it.

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Slow System

Aug 25, 2009

My Tablet PC startup real slow, I tried verything over the sun. My PC startup slow, however, once I am in the computer it run ok. I have a HIJACKTHIS text file for someone to view and help me out.

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