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Computer Running Slow: Programs Taking Long To Load?

My computer is driving me nuts,, it takes slow long lately for anything to load on my computer. everything I try to open takes like 10 seconds or more. I get so impatient. Is there something I can do to make things open faster?

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Computer Running Slow: Taking Long Time For Startup & Opening Programs?
Our family computer is running like a slug. It takes forever to startup and open programs and the hard drive activity light is always on. It also uses up a lot of RAM for some reason but the CPU usage is normal. I have another hard drive that is in a removable tray that I use, and that has all the same settings and everything, but that one is using a fraction of the RAM and runs pretty good!

Posted: Aug 15, 2006

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Computer Running Very Slow Takes Long Time To Load Startup Programs
Operating System - Windows XP running on a HP Pavillion 761n - Missing dll files such as:mscvr80.dll and msvcp80.dll. Can't seem to find these files anywhere or I just don't know where to locate them.

Posted: Aug 25, 2007

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System Running Very Slow: Taking Long Time To Load OS?
i really though that with what i have installed in my custom build pc it will load extremely fast, and i mean fast but something is not right and hopefully someone could help me. So whenever i start up the computer once it hits the Blue Welcome Xp screen it will stay there for atleast 30sec, i mean my mouse shows and i can move it but im just waitin there until it fully loads. Once it goes to the main screen everythin else loads with no problem. So, i have run many malware/spyware programs and nothing.

Posted: Jul 2, 2008

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System Running Very Slow: Taking Long To Open Programs?
system running extremely slow and unable to open programs quickly it seems to me there are usually a lot more to these reports than what I am seeing here.I ran the check, then saved the file then opened it in notepad and copied the results here.

Posted: Aug 22, 2009

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Computer Running Very Slow: Taking Long Time To Boot?
I am posting a computer problem of "The slowest computer of all"? It takes 5 to 6 minutes to boot and then takes on some dialog boxes when clicking 7 seconds to activate, (Show on Screen) and on others, takes 14 to 21 seconds to activate? Sometime you even see the searching flashlite on the screen when you click. The same thing happens with the right click context menu. This computer is a HP a430n running a AMD Athlon(B) XP 3200+ running at 2.20 GHz. It has 1Gig of ram, a GeForce4 MX440 (Raven) AGP 8x graphic card,Integrated AC97 audio and a Maxtor 250Gig hard drive.

Posted: Jul 9, 2008

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Computer Running Very Slow: Taking Long Time In Boot Process?
I have a main WIN XP Home Edition based computer with an Intel 3118 chip, 2GB RAM,190GB Hard drive with 126GB free, additional drive via USB with 470 GB and 399GB free and networked with a laptop and Dell computer all able to read each other. On the main computer I have 60+ icons on the desktop and have Zone Alarm Security Suite and Forcefield running updated.I have cleaned all computers with Crap Cleaner and Esaycleaner have defragged and deleted all unwanted files but still it takes some 9-10 minutes to boot from hot or cold and the close down of programs also takes between 1-2 minutes.

Posted: Aug 1, 2009

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Opening Add/Remove Programs Taking Long To Load?
I always wondered if there is something wrong with my add/remove programs. When I open Add/Remove programs, it takes like 2-3 minutes until it loads. Should It take this long? How can I fix this?

Posted: Nov 23, 2007

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System Wont Load Add/Remove Programs / Taking Long Time?
I have old Compaq Presario that I want to clean up and use as a data back up unit only.<not much data just everyday financial files,some pics maybe, resume, etc.>My Problem is the booger is slower than an injured snail! Before I do too much to the machine I want to uninstall any unnecssary programs, which I have a lot. But, the Add/Remove Program tool does not want to open.

Posted: Jan 5, 2009

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Computer Is Running So Slow: Opening Programs Take Long Time?
when i load windows its slow and when i click on a icon or program it takes ages to open

Posted: Feb 2, 2006

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Slow Running Computer: Programs On Inter Net Takes Long To Open?
I have dem 8250 dell pent 4 2.4 ghz 512 ram its running very very slow... when turned on takes a while to load up and its very slow on my programs as well as the internet .........ive tried the spy ware, adaware, virus scans but none of that is helping ....

Posted: Oct 5, 2008

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Computer Slowed Down: Taking Long Time To Load Interface?
My system uses Intel 810 Motherboard and Penitum -3, 800MHZ processor. I have Windows XP Professional installed. My problem is that the system has slowed down very much. It takes a very long time to even load the interface fully. Most of the programs in Startup (MSConfig)also do not load. I have recently installed Norton 2005. I have scanned the system for Trojans, viruses, SpywareAdware etc. But nothing shows up. Is it because of NAV?? MSConfig/Startup also does not have any unknown entries.

Posted: Jan 22, 2005

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Computer Very Slow At Startup - Taking Long Time
My computer takes a long time to the stage where I can start to use it. I mean like 8 minutes or more, could it have to do with the programs that are started when the computer strarts if so how can I find the folder. I am using windows XP home edition I have a 40GB hard drive I only have used 6 gigs of it. I have 256MB of RAM. This problem is new it never took this long.

Posted: Aug 18, 2005

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Folders Taking Too Long To Load?
Certain folders on my computer take forever to load after awhile. I've noticed that these are usually folders with a lot of files in them.At first, I thought it was just my external hard drives which were acting up due to it being USB, however, I found out the other night that my program file folder on the C:/ drive took a long time to load, as well.Even if I turn the external hard drive off, cool it off, then turn it back on, those particular folders will still take awhile to load.I've also noticed that if one folder lags, then the others will lag around the same time.

Posted: Apr 26, 2008

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Taking Too Long To Load After Fresh Install?
I just installed XP SP2. I have a Sr100T 2.8ghz desktop. I used this cd about a year ago to do a fresh install of xp, and everything worked, I think, I don't remember honestly. Now I used the same cd, installed, but after the Compaq main screen comes up (where it gives options to boot menu, setup, recovery) the screen goes black for about 10 secs, then a tons of white bars in a line appear on the bottom of the screen shows up.

Posted: May 31, 2008

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Computer Slow Loading - Take Long Time To Load A Page
My computer is very very slow, I don'i think is the dsl but the os because it take long time to load a page for example when Ill click on firefox it take 20 to 30 second to load the page than when the page is loaded and i switche web page it load very quickly, same think when i'm tryng to upload the outlook express more than 40 second to upload the program, and when performing multitask everything it slow doan even more, even opening tha my computer file it take 5/10 second.

Posted: Dec 8, 2007

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Dial-up Connection Taking Long Time To Load AOL
I have a winXP desktop which takes about 5 minutes to load AOL dial-up. Any ideas what would cause this?

Posted: Sep 3, 2007

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Firefox Taking An Unusually Long Time To Load Pages
I tend to have problems with Firefox taking an unusually long time to load pages, and normally, I can solve that with using a System Restore. This time, though, I can't get System Restore to work. I've tried several times from various checkpoints, but each time I get a message saying "Incomplete Restoration." I know this topic has been posted before, and I tried using the advice given in this thread I disabled AVG Anti-Virus, but I didn't help. I know from the previous thread that you'll need to look at the system restore logs in order to help; so, I'll just post those now to save time.

Posted: Mar 14, 2010

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Opening Web Pages Taking Long Time To Load?
I believe I have a virus but I can't seem to find information about it. I am unable to clear it up when I run virus checks either.What's happening is this. When ever I open a web page (aol is my home page with ie as my brower) the page takes forever to load and then just after it does load I get a message saying "We're sorry, the content you requested is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." My computer is also EXTREMELY slow to load pages - pages that use to load within 5 seconds (like when checking email) can take 5 minutes to open, if it opens at all.

Posted: Apr 1, 2007

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Programs Are Taking Too Long To Shut Down?
i don't have any anti virus software there is no spyware on my computer because i only go into business/office related sites One program in particular is giving me problems, and it is Adobe Acrobat Pro.. i have called Adobe to see if it is a problem with their program.. they did a "repair" install and still nothing got resolved I need to know what to do or what to look for.. before i just reinstall Windows on this thing again It is very difficult to work on this computer laterly and i am getting to the point where i will have to switch bcak to my old computer

Posted: Mar 16, 2010

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Computer Running Very Slow: Taking Longer Boot Time?
computer running extremely slow and unable to open files or application taking longer time for boot?

Posted: Dec 15, 2005

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Computer Running Very Slow Due To Programs Running In Background
Someone told me that my computer is running slow because I have too many programs running in the background. Could this be true and if so, how do I delete the unnecessary programs and more to the point, how do I recognize which programs are necessary and which are not?

Posted: Sep 5, 2005

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Computer Running Slow: Can't Load Websites?
I have Windows Service Pack 2 and all of a sudden my computer is running painfully slow. Takes ages to boot up, desktop images don't appear for ages, anything I click on doesn't happen for a few minutes. Internet is the same. I was going to look up some info on the menopause, but websites taking so long to load I think I may have been through it by the time I find out about it! AVG says no virus found.

Posted: Jul 31, 2005

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Computer Getting Slow Startup And Programs Running Slow?
Win XP HE SP2. Dell 8300 3.0 Ghz .PC takes minutes from startup to desktop. All programs much slower than usual.I regularly use Defrag, Have Microsoft anti spyware, Panda anti virus, Ad Aware Spybot, System Mechanic Pro.etc.Have tried everything!

Posted: Aug 7, 2005

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Computer Running Slow - Several Programs To Clean Up
I have run several applications to clean my computer but I am sure there is something on there slowing the performance.

I would place my HT log on here but I do not know how do it.

Posted: May 30, 2005

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Computer Running Slow: Having Unwanted Programs?
My computer has been running really slow lately, I don't really know what to do I see some stuff on here about AIM and party poker and money maker or something but I don't use any of those things I don't know where they came from.

Posted: Nov 4, 2007

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Computer Taking Long Time To Boot
When my computer starts, it does the xp loading part. After that my wallpaper comes up, it then hangs for about 5 minutes before anything happens. Does anyone know how to get rid of this?

Posted: May 29, 2008

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New Computer Taking Long Time To Boot?
The comp is cobbled together from parts I managed to pick up, I installed Win2k 3 days ago and already it takes about 3 minutes just to restart the bugger I have ClamWin Free Virus scanner and did all MS updates but it doesn't help.

Posted: Mar 25, 2006

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Computer Taking Long Time To Boot Up?
Just for the heck of it I timed out how long it took for my (Windows XP) operating system to boot up. It turned out to be about 3' minutes and 8" seconds (+/-).I do have several programs that are included in my startup (antivirus, firewall, spyware protector, form filler,it could be reduced if necessary, but I consider all of them pretty essential for my usage. I have a Pentium 4, 1.8 Ghz chip with 1 Gig of RAM.

Posted: Aug 25, 2007

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Slow - Takes So Long To Load Pages
I have posted this problem before and haven't really gotten it resolved. My computer takes so long to load pages its driving me crazy. I feel like I am on dial up. it takes like a minute for a page to load. I have tried the AFT cleaner

Posted: Aug 7, 2008

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