System Running Very Slow: Taking Long To Open Programs?

Aug 22, 2009

system running extremely slow and unable to open programs quickly it seems to me there are usually a lot more to these reports than what I am seeing here.I ran the check, then saved the file then opened it in notepad and copied the results here.


Computer Running Slow: Programs Taking Long To Load?

Mar 16, 2008

My computer is driving me nuts,, it takes slow long lately for anything to load on my computer. everything I try to open takes like 10 seconds or more. I get so impatient. Is there something I can do to make things open faster?

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Computer Running Slow: Taking Long Time For Startup & Opening Programs?

Aug 15, 2006

Our family computer is running like a slug. It takes forever to startup and open programs and the hard drive activity light is always on. It also uses up a lot of RAM for some reason but the CPU usage is normal. I have another hard drive that is in a removable tray that I use, and that has all the same settings and everything, but that one is using a fraction of the RAM and runs pretty good!

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System Running Very Slow: Taking Long Time To Load OS?

Jul 2, 2008

i really though that with what i have installed in my custom build pc it will load extremely fast, and i mean fast but something is not right and hopefully someone could help me. So whenever i start up the computer once it hits the Blue Welcome Xp screen it will stay there for atleast 30sec, i mean my mouse shows and i can move it but im just waitin there until it fully loads. Once it goes to the main screen everythin else loads with no problem. So, i have run many malware/spyware programs and nothing.

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Slow Running Computer: Programs On Inter Net Takes Long To Open?

Oct 5, 2008

I have dem 8250 dell pent 4 2.4 ghz 512 ram its running very very slow... when turned on takes a while to load up and its very slow on my programs as well as the internet .........ive tried the spy ware, adaware, virus scans but none of that is helping ....

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Computer Running Very Slow: Taking Long Time To Boot?

Jul 9, 2008

I am posting a computer problem of "The slowest computer of all"? It takes 5 to 6 minutes to boot and then takes on some dialog boxes when clicking 7 seconds to activate, (Show on Screen) and on others, takes 14 to 21 seconds to activate? Sometime you even see the searching flashlite on the screen when you click. The same thing happens with the right click context menu. This computer is a HP a430n running a AMD Athlon(B) XP 3200+ running at 2.20 GHz. It has 1Gig of ram, a GeForce4 MX440 (Raven) AGP 8x graphic card,Integrated AC97 audio and a Maxtor 250Gig hard drive.

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Computer Running Very Slow: Taking Long Time In Boot Process?

Aug 1, 2009

I have a main WIN XP Home Edition based computer with an Intel 3118 chip, 2GB RAM,190GB Hard drive with 126GB free, additional drive via USB with 470 GB and 399GB free and networked with a laptop and Dell computer all able to read each other. On the main computer I have 60+ icons on the desktop and have Zone Alarm Security Suite and Forcefield running updated.I have cleaned all computers with Crap Cleaner and Esaycleaner have defragged and deleted all unwanted files but still it takes some 9-10 minutes to boot from hot or cold and the close down of programs also takes between 1-2 minutes.

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System Wont Load Add/Remove Programs / Taking Long Time?

Jan 5, 2009

I have old Compaq Presario that I want to clean up and use as a data back up unit only.<not much data just everyday financial files,some pics maybe, resume, etc.>My Problem is the booger is slower than an injured snail! Before I do too much to the machine I want to uninstall any unnecssary programs, which I have a lot. But, the Add/Remove Program tool does not want to open.

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Computer Is Running So Slow: Opening Programs Take Long Time?

Feb 2, 2006

when i load windows its slow and when i click on a icon or program it takes ages to open

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Computer Running Very Slow Takes Long Time To Load Startup Programs

Aug 25, 2007

Operating System - Windows XP running on a HP Pavillion 761n - Missing dll files such as:mscvr80.dll and msvcp80.dll. Can't seem to find these files anywhere or I just don't know where to locate them.

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Running Dreadfully Slow / Fire Fox Takes Long Time To Open Tab

Aug 25, 2006

Every thing runs pretty slow, Firefox takes 5+ seconds to switch tabs, Thunderbird takes almost that long to open messages, Gaim's buddy list scrolling is extremely slow, Paint Shop Pro/Gimp/Photoshop filters take almost double the time they do on my other weaker IBM (see computer specs). It's just terribly slow.

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Programs Are Taking Too Long To Shut Down?

Mar 16, 2010

i don't have any anti virus software there is no spyware on my computer because i only go into business/office related sites One program in particular is giving me problems, and it is Adobe Acrobat Pro.. i have called Adobe to see if it is a problem with their program.. they did a "repair" install and still nothing got resolved I need to know what to do or what to look for.. before i just reinstall Windows on this thing again It is very difficult to work on this computer laterly and i am getting to the point where i will have to switch bcak to my old computer

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Opening Add/Remove Programs Taking Long To Load?

Nov 23, 2007

I always wondered if there is something wrong with my add/remove programs. When I open Add/Remove programs, it takes like 2-3 minutes until it loads. Should It take this long? How can I fix this?

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Computer Running Slow: Programs Open Lately / IE Wont Work?

Nov 3, 2007

Ok, I honestly don't know why, but my computer has been running very very slow lately.. programs are taking forever to load, Internet Explorer windows take 5 years it seems like to come up, and it's just running slow all around My computer is about a 2-3 year old Dell that has run amazingly since the day I installed Windows on it. It has Windows XP Service Pack 2.

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Phishing Filter - Taking A Long Time To Open Web Pages

Sep 30, 2007

My computer is taking a long time to open web pages..."the phishing filter is checking this site" seems like a really long time. Is there something to make this a quicker process? Is it safe to just turn it off? Even when i tried to open this site it took like a minute!

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Lotus Word-pro Files Taking Long Time To Open?

Jun 28, 2005

when I try to open a Lotus WordPro file (*lwp) inside a folder it can take 30 seconds or more to open. Sometimes I have to click on the file a second time at which time I get a(not responding) message on the folder bar.If I open the same file by starting WordPro and selecting the same file from among recently opened files it opens almost instantly. Other types of files don't seem to be affected the system crashes when I right click on a folder to try and display properties.

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Computer Very Slow At Startup - Taking Long Time

Aug 18, 2005

My computer takes a long time to the stage where I can start to use it. I mean like 8 minutes or more, could it have to do with the programs that are started when the computer strarts if so how can I find the folder. I am using windows XP home edition I have a 40GB hard drive I only have used 6 gigs of it. I have 256MB of RAM. This problem is new it never took this long.

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Slow Start Up, Slow Running / Long Boot Up

Oct 12, 2008

My problems are a very long boot up (go away and make a coffee length) and also slow running, especially in opening progs for the first time ie, very slow to open Word initially, then much faster opening subsequent Word files. Even so, the laptop has slowed considerably and is often hesitant.

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Error Loading DOCEOC16B1 / System Taking Long To Boot?

Mar 9, 2005

When I restart this comes up. I run ad aware se, Spybot S&D, My system does seem to be running slower.

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System Taking Long Time To Boot / Unable To Speed It Up?

May 29, 2008

About 2 months ago I had to replace the hard drive. It was a WD40 gig. I chose a Seagate PATA160 gig. It works good but since that time it takes a long time to boot up. Would a new, larger drive need more memory. I didn't add anything else.

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Laptop Slowed Down: Programs Like Sound Forge Taking A Minute To Open?

May 12, 2006

I have a Toshiba Satellite with a Celeron M, 1.4Ghz, 1.5Gb RAM, and XP Home. In the past few days, it has slowed down to a crawl. Programs like Sound Forge that opened almost instantly now take a minute or more. I ran a complete virus scan and found nothing. System Restore won't work - even in Safe Mode. It's like everything is in slow motion. The CPU is active even when I'm doing nothing.

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Computer Running Very Slow: Taking Longer Boot Time?

Dec 15, 2005

computer running extremely slow and unable to open files or application taking longer time for boot?

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Computer Running Very Slow Due To Programs Running In Background

Sep 5, 2005

Someone told me that my computer is running slow because I have too many programs running in the background. Could this be true and if so, how do I delete the unnecessary programs and more to the point, how do I recognize which programs are necessary and which are not?

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Computer Getting Slow Startup And Programs Running Slow?

Aug 7, 2005

Win XP HE SP2. Dell 8300 3.0 Ghz .PC takes minutes from startup to desktop. All programs much slower than usual.I regularly use Defrag, Have Microsoft anti spyware, Panda anti virus, Ad Aware Spybot, System Mechanic Pro.etc.Have tried everything!

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Svchost.exe Taking 100% Of Cpu: System Very Slow?

Oct 28, 2007

Having a major problem with svchost.exe. Everytime I restart the computer an instance of svchost.exe uses a new PID and takes up 95-100% of cpu. I have to find the instance and then "end the process" to use the computer. I have scanned with PCtools antivirus, PCtools spyware, AVG antivirus, Pctools maestro, registry booster 2. All spyware and malware have been removed according to those programs. Registry has been cleaned, defragged and compressed. Still have the same problem.

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All Programs Running Slow

Apr 13, 2007

my computer recently seems to be running slow, i have done all what i know but no improvements, its a few years old now (2003) and never gone wrong (touch wood!).its especially slow when using iTunes, the start of each track skips which is getting annoying!i recently upgraded the RAM and installed a 2nd 300Gb internal hard drive for some extra memory to store music etc (i kept the old one in as the primary drive, its less than a quarter full now).i am running XP sp2, P4 2.4GHz, with 1.5Gb of RAM, my graphics card is a 128mb GeForce4 FX5200.Done scans using Ad-Aware, Registry Mechanic, CCleaner, Avast Anti-virus, and nothing found.checked what loads at startup and removed a couple of things such as iTuneshelper etc but there doesnt seem to be a lot there.

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System Idle Process Taking Up 80-99%: System Getting Slow?

Feb 19, 2007

I ALT+CTRL+DEL to bring up my processes and i noticed at the bottom of that window that SYSTEM IDLE PROCESS is taking up 80-99% so i watch it for awhile and it doesnt go down at all, the lowest i seen it was 77%.Now i have about 30-40 things running in the Background not a problem for my computer. I have 2 Gigs of RAM should be more then enough. but this process is really slowing me down.

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PC Taking Very Long To Shut Down?

Sep 2, 2008

Recently, my PC has been taking a very long time to shut down. When I click on "Start", and then "Turn Off Computer", the 'hour glass' comes on and stays on for anything from about 5 minutes to 15 minutes before the PC eventually goes through the process of shuting down, which then takes about another 5 to 10 minutes before the PC completely shuts down.

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Computer Running Slow - Several Programs To Clean Up

May 30, 2005

I have run several applications to clean my computer but I am sure there is something on there slowing the performance.

I would place my HT log on here but I do not know how do it.

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Computer Running Slow: Having Unwanted Programs?

Nov 4, 2007

My computer has been running really slow lately, I don't really know what to do I see some stuff on here about AIM and party poker and money maker or something but I don't use any of those things I don't know where they came from.

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Slow Running / Uninstall Programs Is Not Very Effective

Apr 11, 2006

I've loaded Norton Antivirus on my friends Dell computer and now it runs so slowly the computer is unusable. I've subsequently heard that this can be a problem and that trying to uninstall NAV using the uninstall programme is not very effective.

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Slow Pc Including Startup, Running Programs

Oct 18, 2005

I have performance problems with my pc, it takes too much time to start and the PC ussage is constatly at near 100% with any program, for example, playing a video or starting word. I have run several anti-virus, and spyware programs, but no solution yet.

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Programs Slow To Respond: Takes A Long Time To Respond?

Aug 23, 2005

When I open programs they are slow to respond. I click on the icon but it seems to take for ever to open up but I don't know why.They use to open up fairly quickly before and nothing has changed.

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Explorer Taking Too Long To Close?

Oct 13, 2008

My Windows Explorer is taking to long before it closes, about 5 seconds or higher. This happens all the time even if my pc doesn't have any activity. I noticed that when I click the close button, my pc doesn't respond at once. Same with my Intenet Explorer, but not to other windows.

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Folders Taking Too Long To Load?

Apr 26, 2008

Certain folders on my computer take forever to load after awhile. I've noticed that these are usually folders with a lot of files in them.At first, I thought it was just my external hard drives which were acting up due to it being USB, however, I found out the other night that my program file folder on the C:/ drive took a long time to load, as well.Even if I turn the external hard drive off, cool it off, then turn it back on, those particular folders will still take awhile to load.I've also noticed that if one folder lags, then the others will lag around the same time.

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Increasing Programs Priority Results In Running Slow?

Aug 12, 2002

In life, the only way to succeed is to get your priorities straight. Well tough-luck, to all you slackers, the computer world ain't much different. Windows has setup a system controlled hiearchy which is notably called the Priority System. By increasing a programs priority, the task manager tells the system to pay more attention to it, by feeding it RAM and optimizing that program to use the system cache more effifiently. Lets explore into the wonderful world of priorities.1.)

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PC Taking Long Time Of 10 Minutes For Startup?

Feb 17, 2008

A friend of mine got a newly built computer from a guy with a repair business. It takes over ten minutes to start up. HE tells thats normal. IT has 1.8 Ghz dualcore cpu, 2 GB RAM, Win XP pro, Norton and Acer logo flashes on the startup screen. I'm guessing some major hardware problems? Maybe something not compatible?

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Is Taking An Extremely Long Time To Boot

Sep 12, 2005

Ran a boot-time defrag of my primary HDD this weekend. It seemed to complete successfully, however, I now takes literally 5 minutes or more for the PC to move from the Dell splash screen to the point where I can select the user profile. This is a Dell 8100 with a 50MB C: drive and a 250MB drive I am using for backup. Can I get by with reinstalling XP home and patching as needed, or do I need to reformat?

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Computer Taking Long Time To Boot

May 29, 2008

When my computer starts, it does the xp loading part. After that my wallpaper comes up, it then hangs for about 5 minutes before anything happens. Does anyone know how to get rid of this?

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Installing Xp Taking Long Time To Be Completed?

Apr 18, 2006

I'm trying to install Windows XP on a machine that was just put together. I started installing XP 4 or 5 hours ago. It's saying 37 minutes remaining right now. almost three hours ago it was at 39 minutes remaining. This isn't my first attempt installing xp on this machine. I've swapped out the HD, the CD drive, tested the memory and checked the jumpers. Everything appears to be okay in the bios (although i'm not an expert). Nothing seems to work. I'm sure it's not the CD, i used it earlier today on my machine with no problems. Any ideas what the problem could be?

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