Ccapp End Program Message On Shut Down

Jun 18, 2005

This has been going on for a long long time. I have never been able to figure this out, but every time I shut down or restart my computer I get a ccapp "End Program" message. It stays up for about 5 seconds before self terminating. Does anybody know what this is or how to solve this problem? I tried a search and the only thing I found out is that ccapp may be associated with Norton Anti-Virus. Which I have, lastest verision. But this problem has occured with earlier versions too.

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Explorer.exe, CCApp.exe (NIS) At 100% CPU, Taskbar Toolbars Disappear

Dec 8, 2004

Every day about once or twice, I get extremely annoyed after my computer reaches 100% CPU usage and stays there, most of the times forcing me to sit in front of it, ending processes on Task Manager until finally I'm able to restart, taking 10 minutes of my time, especially because when I return to Windows after rebooting, my 4 toolbars in the taskbar, including 40+ shortcuts in the Quick Launch bar, disappear, forcing me to manually reorganize them (which I do with help from the latest screenshot I've taken).

The culprits are explorer.exe (surprise, surprise ), other times CCApp.exe (Norton Internet Security 2005's user session manager), and last time rundll32.exe, which I closed and then, believe it or not, firefox.exe was taking 100% CPU (I'm sure it has nothing to do with Firefox though, maybe a problem with an extension since I have more than 35, but I doubt it). I do not use Internet Explorer, and I don't have any viruses (just checked last night).

Also, spyware is out of the question here (checked about 3 days ago and I'm doing fine, in fact I haven't had any type of spyware in 3 or 4 months (since switching to Firefox it's almost like spyware doesn't exist, what a coincidence), other than tracking cookies, and I've checked with both Spybot and Ad-Aware SE 1.05 with all the most thorough settings).

I'm running Windows XP Home Edition with SP2 on a Dell Inspiron 5150 (3 GHz P4, 512 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD), nVidia GeForce FX Go5200 graphics card (latest nVidia drivers), latest BIOS from Dell, etc....

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Getting Error Message During Shut Down Process?

Aug 24, 2005

everytime I restart or shut down my computer, I get an error message saying that IDLESA~1.exe failed to initialize because my system is shutting down. I have no idea what executable file this is, it just came out of nowhere. This happens everytime & I still can't figure out how to get rid of it.

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Dell Mellium Edition Will Not Shut Down Message

Oct 28, 2007

i have a dell mellium edition will not shut down message is PNSETUPMGR

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Getting Memory Written Failure Message Upon Every Shut Down?

Feb 7, 2007

i get this weird message just before shutdown:-the instruction at 0x01604617 referenced memory at 000000007, the memory could not be written. i have ran a disk check and it has come up clean. any ideas? someone said it might be malware? what is malware, and how do you scan for it?

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Shut Down Pc After 5 Second Delay After Minimize Program

Mar 17, 2006

shutsdown the pc after a 5 second delay, i just need a command to minimize this program to the tray.

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Computer Doesn't Goto Program - Freezes / Not Shut Down

Dec 21, 2008

I can start my computer, get to my desk top, my icons load as well as my anti virus icon on the task bar; however, once I click on an icon, an hour glass appears but my computer doesn't go to the program or web page I'm trying to open, then if I click another, my computer freezes I can not do a shut down but am able to log-off. I can access the web or my MS Office files via safe mode as well as MS Outlook. Can you tell me what has happen to my system?

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"A Problem Has Been Dected And Has Been Shut Down..." Message On Blue Screen?

May 13, 2006

Sorry if it's hard to read. I've gotton it 6-12 times and thought I should take action.

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Cannot Run 16 Bit Program Error Message

Jan 7, 2005

When I boot up I get this error. How can I figure out what app is the problem it is complaining about Everything else on the system is fine I just close the window and the system boots fine.

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Program Not Responding Message

Feb 27, 2010

I have windows xp and use explorer I am constantly plaged with the program not responding message.

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Program Not Responding Message

Dec 1, 2006

I have Internet Explorer 7 for browser use outlook express for mail and XP is my Operating System. My daughter has XP and uses Sea Monkey for browser and mail program. I, my daughter and other people have commented that at different times their computers and mine all freeze and you get a program not responding message. In a matter of seconds or maybe a minute it clears and everything resumes as before slow down. All different computers, XP for Oerating System etc. and we all experience the slow down. Any comments on this. Could it be XP.I had some problems with Internet Explorer 7 at first but after some experience with it I'm satisfied with it.

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Message: Program Needs At Least 3MB Virtual Memory To Run

Feb 21, 2009

Windows XP Pro 1 gig Mem, I am trying to install AutoCAD 2000 LT and I get the message
this program needs at least 3MB Virtual Memory to run. I've checked the virtual memory settings and they are at 1523 MB, I had an older computer (With XP) that I ran AutoCAD on before with no problem, so I know it's not the program.

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Try To Install Some Program / Message Appear In Middle Of Screen

Apr 2, 2005

when i try to install some program the only thing i see is some message in the middle on the screen.over the top 16 bit windows subsystem on blue.below i see this:c:windowssystem 32autoexec.nt,the system file is not suitable for running ms-dos and microsoft windows applications.choose close to terminate the application.i cant opend the program.what is the mistake?thanks for the attention.i always admire the brilliant people.

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Message - Kept Popping Program Couldn't Initialize

Nov 6, 2005

I recently ran into some CD-Rom problems and the hp website recommended that I uninstall and re-install Record now, which is a CD burning program that comes standard with Windows XP.I did uninstall it, but when I reinstalled it, an error message kept popping up when I tried to use it saying that the program couldn't initialize and that I would have to restart the computer or re-install the software.I need the following: a way to redownload the file from a different source in an EXE form, or I need a free program that can Make exact copies of CDs, create my own music cds or create data discs.

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Mdmcls32.exe - End Program - Message - AXWIN Frame Window

Nov 19, 2007

I have an HP Pavilion dv6110us laptop that is running on Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002, and I'm using CA Security Center 2008, which was a recent upgrade that I installed. I'm experiencing similar problems that RHCPfreak21 had reported (system freezing, Task Manager taking forever to open and end a program, etc.). Also, after startup, Internet Explorer won't open, so I have to restart, and then it opens. At shutdown, I've been receiving the following messages:

AXWIN Frame Window
DDE Server

I've run several virus scans, and thank goodness none were found. However, the spyware scans found some files. Per your instructions to RHCPfreak21, I ordered AdWareSE 2007 to fix the AXWIN Frame Window error, and it found 19,372 infected files. All the files were from Wildtangent games. I started experiencing these problems the day after my niece had used my computer, and she likes to play Poker. She evidently went to a site that unleashed malware or something onto my computer without her knowing it. I'll find out tonight when I shutdown if it took care of the AXWIN Frame Window error. I hope so. I've also contacted Microsoft for the "hotfix" to fix the DDE Server message. I'm still waiting to hear from them.

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File Not Found Message: Uninstalled Program But Still Shows?

Feb 10, 2007

On boot up I get a notice that file americ~.dat could not be found. Everything is working ok as far as I can tell but this is busting my chops and annoying the hell out of me. I have run registry cleaners thinking this is a left over from an application I uninstalled but it still shows up. An ideas on how I can track down what is looking for this file?

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Dell Inspiron Laptop - Frozen Out With Message To End Program?

Jan 11, 2007

I have a Dell, Intel 3 notebook with Windows 2000, and I keep getting frozen out with message to end program all the time. Seems it needs fixed up some way. What can I do to get the programs to open more quickly and stop freezing with End Program message?

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C: Program Files Corrupted / Message Pops Up At Every Startup?

Jun 14, 2005

I tried to open zone alarm and AIM and got a pop up saying that C:/Program Files is corrupt. What? Then I got a yellow pop up in the lower right of my toolbar saying that its corupt and to run a chkdsk...Would it fix this? If not what? Why did this happen?

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Open Program Via Desktop Shortcut Shown Error Message

Jun 16, 2010

When try to open any program via the normal shortcuts, I see an error message reading Application Not Found. In order to use anything, I must go find the program on my hard drive and then choose the program responsible for running that program. I've tried creating new shortcuts, but to no avail. How can I get back to normal? I'm running Windows XP.

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Remote Assistance Comes Up With Message "A Program Could Not Start"?

Dec 3, 2004

I have 2 machines behind a Netgear router. The XP Home one can ask for remote assistance. The XP Pro one cannot. When the invite a friend to offer remote assistance link is clicked, the message "A program could not start. Please try again" appears. It comes up with the exclamation sound and the message box claims to be from Internet Explorer.I found a file called constants.js on the machine that had that message text in two places. One of them is NO CHANNEL,and the other is NO Recession I edited the constants.js file and it changed the "A program could not start. Please try again" message so that I could tell that the NO CHANNEL message is being sent to me.

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Error Message: Exception Process Message C0000013 While Connecting Blackberry?

Aug 12, 2008

I'm running Windows XP SP 2 and I get an error message whenever i connect my blackberry curve to the computer. if the usb device is stopped, it will go away, but other than that it won't disappear after clicking cancel. if it helps, I installed the roxio media manager only yesterday, when the error first came up. Its name is Exception Process Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf7c 4 75b6bf7c 75b6b

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Web Page Is Unavailable Offline Message - Error Message Switch Off

Apr 11, 2006

Every time I switch on my machine and try to connect to the internet, I get a dialogue box: Web page is unavailable while offline. To view this page, click connect. When I click connect, I can view the page and don't get the error message again until I switch off the machine. Why does this happen?

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Clicking Add/Remove Program Icon In Control Panel Doesn't Start The Program?

Jan 29, 2005

I have been using Add/Remove icon in Control Panel to remove programs. Although the Win2k Pro is running fine ,the icon of Add/Remove Program is not opening the next window to remove the programs.

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Downloaded A Program From Ebay / Program Didn't Get Install

Jun 19, 2005

I downloaded a program from Ebay and after installing it I noticed it didn't have a uninstall. I used my add & remove program to uninstall the program but not all of it got uninstalled. I deleted the folder and then did a search in my registry for anything with refernce to the programs name "Ebay's Blackthorne" and deleted all entries with that name.Every time I reboot windows tries to install something for Blackthorne and I have to keep cancelling it out.

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Finding External Compression Program In Place Of OS Program?

Apr 17, 2010

I tried to use "Compressed (Zipped) Folders" in Windows. It didn't work. Then I tried right clicking on a folder/file, selecting "Properties", pushing the "Advanced" button,I then checked "Compress contents to save disk space",and the folder and its contents turned blue but the size of the files,seeming, hadn't changed. Have the files actually been compressed? Should I get an external ZIP program? If so can you recommend a program?

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Numerous Errors / End Program / Program Not Responding

Aug 22, 2005

Have had a problem for some time now. Program keep looking up and then get this error report. Have done a registry clean,

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Every Program Automatically Installing To Program Files?

Mar 21, 2005

It is frustrating having every program automatically install to program files, including minor things like audio attachment. I know I'll end up with tons and tons of folders in program files. Beyond that, I can't access program files from the other computers on the network. Is there a good way to reorganize/move files to my C drive in a way that would be efficient and wouldn't require reinstalling every single program in a different place?

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Every Program Goes To Program Files / Wont Go To Other Partitions?

Sep 10, 2005

Um.. I think this could go here. Well i just partitioned my hard drive and i seperated it by music, programs, etc. What im trying to do is get all my programs to use the seperate partition (E) instead of C:. I just wanted to know how to do this.

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CS-P Series Scanning Program - Program Has Encountered

May 2, 2005

I have a Canon CanoCraft CS-P Series Scanning program and when I logg on as guest, I get an error saying, " Canon CanoCraft CS-P Series has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. " On all other accounts, the program works normally. It only doesn't work on the Guest account.

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Cant Delete Program From Add / Remove Program

Dec 30, 2004

I cant delete a spyware program that made it on my laptop.

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Keep Getting End Now On Shut Down

Oct 7, 2007

Whenever I try to shut down, I get a couple of End Now messages, these are usually msnmsg.exe and explorer.exe. I'm running Windows XP Media Centre Edition.

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