Unable To Unlock Zip Files While Clicking The Unlock Button?

Jan 23, 2009

I click the unlock button, it doesn't work.. I've tried WinRAR/WinZIP They both give me some Error... >.> Also I tried that .REG file. What can I do? Also, the intergrated .ZIP thing wont work either.

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Unable To Unlock "My Documents" Folder / Getting Unavailable Location?

Apr 8, 2007

I locked "my documents" and i cant unlock becouse that program does not working.I downloaded and reinstalled but it wont work. System restore was off so i cant rollback and i cant unnistall program If i try open the my documents it says-C:documents and settingsadministratorMy documents refers to a location that is unavailable.it could be on a hardrive on this computer,or on a network.check to make sure that the disk is properly inserted,or that you are connected to your computer or to a network,and then try again.if it still cannot be located,the information might have been moved to a diffrent location.

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Unlock Disk Defragmenter

Jan 28, 2009

Hello folks, We are about to push a policy to remove everyone from the local administrators group on their local PCs. We are also creating a template to allow all users to access certain hives in the registry. Is there a hive or key that could unlock Disk Defragmenter for anyone to access.

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Unlock Pc With Scheduled Task

Jul 16, 2010

I want to set a Scheduled Task to unlock my PC every morning.

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Acer Keyboard Unlock

Jun 30, 2010

My dads keyboard to his Acer pc is locked. How is this unlocked?

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Unlock Password Protected Screensaver

May 10, 2005

I have a User that Logs onto the PC on a Domain. No problems (Win2k Pro)! The User leaves her Desk and the Screen Saver (set for whatever Time and Password Protected). She comes back and tries to unlock her station. She can't! It gives her a Wrong password error Then it locks her account out! So there are two ways to fix this. Reset the Password which is a Hassle the Root of the Problem the Screensaver.

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Unlock Background List From My Pictures Folder?

Sep 6, 2008

It may because I instilled some software. after that, everytime I open the "display properties"-->>"desktop",my computer will read "My pictures"folder,and trying to load all the pictures in the "Background" list.which are almost 2GB pictures.it is very slow, and my computer halted for a long time.

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Double Clicking Left Mouse Button Does Not Open File

Aug 29, 2005

When I double click using the left mouse button the file does not open. Instead the seach screen comes up. This has just started happing lately. How could I remedy this situation.

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Files Don't Open By Clicking

Jul 15, 2005

I have Windows XP, home edition. For some time now I have not been able to open files with the left double click. That highlights the title in blue allowing me to change the name. I have to open the file with right click and going to open. I have no idea how this changed and I have no idea how to change it back.

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Right Clicking .exe Files Kills Explorer.exe

Dec 27, 2006

Been having some rather strange issues with right-clicking. If I right click any executable file, my explorer.exe is killed (statusbar goes away, then appears again as explorer is reloaded) and started up again. I've been trying to figure out what could be causing it, but it's so hard to even search for a solution.

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Can't Open Zip Files By Double Clicking

Aug 26, 2006

I'm running XP Pro Edition and when I double click on a ZIP file it does nothing (it used to though).
I've tried associating ZIP files with WinZip and PicoZip and still the same problem.I am able to open WinZip or PicoZip and then open ZIP files from the program.

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Double Clicking Files To Open

Feb 16, 2006

whenever I try to double click a file, Ie. a .txt or a small .jpg from explorer it takes aprrox 1 minute to open the file, it's certainly not the capability of the machine as it has just started occuring, and all my other programs are working fine.

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Unable To Get Task Manager By Clicking ALT/CTRL/DEL Keys Together?

Dec 11, 2004

I am using Windows XP Home Edition (Service Pack 1) and according to a manual I have you open Task Manager by pressing the ALT/CTRL/DEL keys together, but when I do this nothing happens. Does any kind person know how to open this program ?

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Clicking AVI Files On Explorer Causing 100% CPU Usage

Aug 12, 2002

Windows seem to have a REALLY big problem when it comes to reading AVI files. It seems that when you click on an AVI file in explorer, it'll try to read the entire AVI file to determine the width,height, etc. of the AVI file this is displayed in the Properties window. Now the problem with Windows is that if you have a broken/not fully downloaded AVI file that doesnt contain this info, Windows will scan the entire AVI file trying to figure out all these properties which in the process will probably cause 100% CPU usage and heavy memory usage.

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Can't Open Files By Double-clicking / Space In Path

Jan 8, 2008

This is not a very serious problem because I have discovered several work-arounds for it. But I am sick of it and I would like to know how to fix it.I am using Windows XP Home SP2. I like to use Windows Explorer to open all my files by double-clicking them. I also like to design actions for the context menu, such as "view" to open in Firefox or "edit" to open in Word. I keep having problems with files with spaces anywhere in the file path. I would like to be able to use spaces in my file names and store files in directories with spaces. For example, I have problems storing files anywhere in "My Documents" or "Desktop" because those folders are subfolders of C:Documents and Settings and Windows won't let me rename "Documents and Settings" because it is a system folder.

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Clicking On JPEG Files Results In Opening MS Paint?

Jan 20, 2006

I double click on a Jpeg it opens in Windows Paint instead of the Windows Fax and Picture viewer as it has always done.BMP and GIFS still open correctly When I check under properties it states that Windows Picture and Fax viewer is the programme it opens with and that is highlighted in the drop down column. I can open them when I use the right click drop down menu and select preview, then it will open in the viewer. I have ran Norton Antivirus, spybot, Ewido, adaware. I have tried changing the Jpegs to open with paint, then changing it back again, still won't budge.

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Long Delay Opening MS Office Files By Double-clicking

Nov 6, 2006

I'm running XP home SP2. I have MS Office 2003 with all updates. The problem I'm having is when I double click on any MS office file (powerpoint, word, excel, etc), it takes about 1-3 minutes to open. When I look at the task manager, the CPU is 99% idle and no task appears to be using many resources. It's not the anti-virus SW because I've removed it from the system and still have this problem. It's also not network related because I've removed it from all networks and still have the problem. If I open the program that the file is associated with (ie MS word for a *.doc file) and then select file/open, it opens fine. I don't think it's just a MS office problem, because the same thing occurs when I try to click on a weblink within a document or application. It takes 1-3 minutes for IE explorer to open and go to the web page. I think it may be due to some security patch, but I don't know which one.

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Cannot Stand By - Button Appears Grey Unable To Be Select

Aug 7, 2005

I have a toshiba laptop computer, so not being able to enter stand is problem..whenever i press turn off computer, the stand by button appears grey unable to be selected what should i do?

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Start Button And Taskbar Missing / Unable To Recover Back?

Dec 28, 2004

I am new to the forum and have read some of the threads related to my problem, but my problem still exists. I have run spybot and Ad-aware from in the safe mode and have removed everything that came up (Bargain Buddy could not be removed.) I have also run Housecall and removed their recommended items

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Clicking Noises On Speakers While Clicking On A Link?

Feb 2, 2006

clicking noises all the time even when im not near the computer like the clicking noises when u view webpages

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One Clicking Acts Double Clicking?

Sep 16, 2005

Currently I have been this problem once this in a while. Whenever I one click, it does what double clicking do. It doesn't happen always, but it happens once in a while. Somebody told me its a bug in Windows where you clicked only once, but Windows think you have double clicked.

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Multi Clicking Mouse: Mouse Clicking Many Times By Itself?

Jun 1, 2008

using windows xp media edition. when I click on things on my screen my computor sometimes works ok but sometimes doulbe clicks or triple clicks and sometimes clicks up to five times by itself I don't understand why this happens. Is it possible I have some type of virus that is causing this multi-clicking of the mouse when I only click once. I did a full system scan with Norton and nothing is found.

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Unable To Run Exe Files

Jun 11, 2008

I'm currently working on a friends laptop thats running Windows XP Pro with SP2. This thing is definitely infected and I'm trying to run hijackthis and other programs to clean it. Anytime I attempt to run a program (exe file), the system runs a spools.exe instead of the actually program I double clicked on. This file then sits in task manager at 100% cpu. I located the file and deleted it but now when I run an exe the system asks me which program to use to run it?!I'm assuming a virus changed something in the registry related to this however I can't even run regedit.

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Unable To Access My Files

Jul 25, 2005

I had recently had to reinstall Windows XP. However, after I reinstalled, I could not access or use any of the old software or files that were still on the computer such as microsoft office. When I try to open and use the software, it takes me into the software screen (ie a blank document for word/excel) and it tells me that the software is not installed under the current user and then the program closes down. I also cannot access my documents saved under my user name. When I try to open the folder, it tells
me that I do not have access to it. It will not allow me to edit its name or delete it as well. In addition, it keeps telling me the folder is empty when I right click and look on its properties while at the same when I go up a folder and look under properties, the same folder has 9 megs in it.

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Unable To See Hidden Files In The Pc?

Apr 15, 2008

I had my PC (athlon 2300, winXP sp2) set so I could see hidden files, just so I could know what was going on in my hard drive. As of yesterday I can't, and re-setting the see hidden files option doesn't work anymore. Last major change I made was uninstalling Norton SystemWorks, a.k.a. ResourceHog, which was giving me a huge headache, and have been using Activescan and Kaspersky online scanners and CureIt free antivirus.

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Unable To Download Any Exe, Iso Or Xml Files From The Web

Sep 5, 2005

i have a 256k broadband internet connection which is behind NAT, since the past 1 week, i have been noticing a strange problem, i am unable to download any exe, iso or xml files from the web. i have tried download managers like DAP, flashget and getright and have also tried mozilla firefox browser, but i am unable to find a solution. i am using mcafee anti-virus version 9 and have no firewalls installed nor the windows firewall in windows xp is enabled. i have also scanned for adware and spyware with lavasoft adware se ver 1.06 pro, spybot search & destroy ver 1.4, webroot spy sweeper ver 4 and ms anti-spyware. i have all the ms patches reeleased after sp2.

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.bkf Files Unable To Open

Mar 22, 2008

I have an external HDD on which I have backed up 15G of Data. I wish to retrieve some Pictures from this Backup but when I try to open it in order to restore these pictures I cannot find a programme to open it with. I do have Windows NT but can't seem to get it to open with .bkf.

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Unable To Delete DLL Files

Dec 20, 2007

byxwuvv.dll is trying to install something on my computer and I am not able to delete the .ddl file.

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Unable To Delete Files?

Oct 4, 2007

They all look like this:
They are in the Windows directory, at the beginning. This is Win/xp sp2.
I think they are some sort of uninstall file for MS fixes. But I don't honestly know. I have several pages of these files. Does anyone know what they are??
Can I safely delete these files????

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Unable To Open Bin And Cue Files?

Feb 3, 2006

I have these two files taht I am trying to open one is a BIN file and the other is a CUE file, Umm, How would I opne THese?

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Unable To Unpack Zip Files?

Aug 12, 2005

My friend can't unpack his zipfiles and get these error messages:
! C:Documents and SettingsØysteinSkrivebordGrunnpakke.zip: CRC failed in
03_mesh_c.bgl. The file is corrupt
! C:Documents and SettingsØysteinSkrivebordGrunnpakke.zip: CRC failed in
04_mesh_c.bgl. The file is corrupt
! C:Documents and SettingsØysteinSkrivebordGrunnpakke.zip: CRC failed in
LWM_ST949090_elv.BGL. The file is corrupt
Can anyone help us out here?
The files is rezipped and resent him, but same error every time.

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