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System Idle Process At 98 Percent CPU

After my computer finishes the boot process, I start Windows task manager and click on the processes tab. I scroll the listing and at the end I find "System Idle Process is cycling CPU usage at 25,44, and 98 percent within an approximate four second sequence. I do this because I normaly boot and try to run Outlook Express to no avail and I am trying to find out the problem. When I try to open Outlook Express I always get the following dialog. "Outlook Express could not be started because another instance of it is still running on your computer. Please log off of windows and then restart Outlook Express. If the problem persists, save your work and then restart your computer." I go to start and click on Log Off. I wait two minutes and try to start Outlook Express. I get the message the application failed to initialize as the workstation is shutting down! I try to restart the computer but it won't restart or even shut down. Any application I then try to start results in the message "the application failed to initialize as the workstation is shutting down!" I have to Power off the computer.

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System Idle Process - Should End Process
System Idle Process is at top of processes tab in windows task manager. I've read in an earlier post this causes cpu spikes. should I just highlight it and click end process? or is there something else I need to do.

Posted: Aug 23, 2005

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System Idle Process 28k - Is Too Low?
In task Manager System Idle Process is always at 28k. Is this too low? Win. xp2 One user..Also have 6 Sychost.exe running. eMachine W3400 I have [3 startup programs] on start-up in msconfig.

Posted: Nov 10, 2005

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System Idle Process 48 - 61 Cpu
iv'e been searching around for 30 minutes of what the problem could be but i have not found anything. iv'e been looking through msconfig startups and there is nothing wierd there, iv'e also been looking up my programs through ad or remove program if there is some random programs that is installed on my computer and i didn't find anything. When i open my task manager it is System Idle Process that is jumping around between 48-61 cpu usage, i don't know what SIP is for or what it do, so it would be nice if someone could tell me little about SIP and give me some tips over how to solve this problem with the cpu usage. I also found out that rundll32.exe is using about the same cpu usage as SIP 50-55 what is rundll32.exe?

Posted: Jul 27, 2010

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What In The World Is System Idle Process?
what in the world is system idle process? i have been having issues with my destop for the last several months and when i go to task manager and check processes i see that 98-99% of the cpu is being used by system idle process. the system is old (1.9ghz.), but the hard drive is only 66% full. the disk shows 2 hairline red sectors. what is the major malfunction?

Posted: Aug 20, 2009

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How Can Stop The System Idle Process?
How can I stop the System Idle Process, while the computer needs to be working at other tasks.. At times it will run for hours, and slows to a crawl all of my regular usage of the computer.

Posted: Oct 30, 2009

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System Idle Process Is Taking Up 80 + % Of Cpu?
my computer is running super slow. I ran a virus scan and it didn't find anything but when I look in the task manager something called System Idle Process is taking up over 80+% of my cpu and it wont let me turn it off. How can I stop this program?

Posted: Jun 22, 2010

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Finding The Purpose Of System Idle Process?
could someone please explain to me the purpose of the "System idle process" from what i can tell, it doesnt do a great deal, it starts up at the most inconveniant times, and takes up 99% of my cpu resources. is it possible to kill it?

Posted: Aug 14, 2005

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After Sp2 Install - System Idle Process Always Remains On
After a recent win xp pro sp2 install, a system idle process always remains on. It doesn't take more than 16kb usually, so is not a big problem but it does manage to keep my PC's busy light flickering constantly! It is really annoying, but it did not come with the install either, it started a little after it. In my opinion, it was not triggered by any kind of a software or program, but is another one of those "unfortunate mistakes" that windows keeps us entertained with. I probably could fix it with a windows wash, but I was wondering if anyone has any other ideas. My CPU is 700 mhz, celeron B (or the old one, from 97). I have enough disk space, ~ 100gigs, so I am sure it has nothing to do with the page file either.

Posted: Jun 21, 2006

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Slow Laptop / System Idle Process 95%
I Have A Relatively New Gateway Laptop That Works Extremely Slow On Or Off The Internet.most Of The Time My Hard Drive Light Is On Solid. I Checked Processes Through Task Manager And It Says Cpu Useage Is Between 80 And 95% In The System Idle Process. Is That My Problem And How Do I Solve It? You Guys Helped Me With My Desktop And I Really Appreciated That. I Am Going To Make A Donation While I Wait For A Response.

Posted: Jan 9, 2006

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System Idle Process Hogging Processor
i am having issues on a computer where i check the processes tab it says that the system idle process is using anywhere from about 80-99 percent of the processor.

this is on a Hp Pavilion 762
2.2 gig processor
512 megs of ram

Posted: May 17, 2008

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System Idle Process / Computer Running Slow?
well i've been having problems with the computer running slow, and ive noticed that the system idle process in task manager always says 99 under the cpu tab, is this normal?

Posted: Jul 10, 2005

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Unable To Understand The Purpose Of System Idle Process ?
I was looking in my task manager and I have 40 processes running. Out of those 40, the process with the highest use of CPU is the 'System Idle Process' which hovers around the 95-100 range. What is it, and do I need it running?

Posted: Jun 26, 2006

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What System Idle Process Means In Task Manager?
what System idle process means in windows task manager?

Posted: Sep 15, 2009

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System Idle Process - Internet Explorer Version 7
I am using Windows XP Home, on an AMD Athlon XP 2200+ 1GB RAM. When I have been using the internet (Internet Explorer version 7) I occassionally experience a slowdown of everything internet related. I check the Tas Manager and it shows my System Idle Process using 99% of CPU. I find this odd, as my system is clearly not idle cause I am using it! My computer is on a network, and I havent heard it happening to other computers on the network until today, when the same thing occurred on another machine in the network. any ideas on what it is?

Posted: Nov 18, 2007

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System Idle Process Taking Up 80-99%: System Getting Slow?
I ALT+CTRL+DEL to bring up my processes and i noticed at the bottom of that window that SYSTEM IDLE PROCESS is taking up 80-99% so i watch it for awhile and it doesnt go down at all, the lowest i seen it was 77%.Now i have about 30-40 things running in the Background not a problem for my computer. I have 2 Gigs of RAM should be more then enough. but this process is really slowing me down.

Posted: Feb 19, 2007

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System Idle Process Hogging Resources - Task Manager
Has there ever been reports of this hogging resources in XP? I assume it's something that uses the CPU for other OS tasks when not in operation by the user. The problem is even when I'm using the computer it uses 97-99% of CPU.

Posted: Mar 17, 2008

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Idle System Process Running Constantly - End Task Wont Work
idle system process is running constatly in the task manager i have tryed to run anti virus *after updating* running adaware se personal *after updating* still the idle system process is constantly runing and wont stop. i tryed to end task that wont work

Posted: Oct 17, 2005

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System Idle Process Using 99% Of System Resources?
Whenever I pop in a CD, my computer freezes over, and if I happen to get into the Windows Task Manager screen, it tells me that the System Idle Process is using 99 of my computer. What is happening here? This also happens when I leave the computer on for too long

Posted: Apr 22, 2007

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FRESH Clean Install - Idle Process 99% - CPU Usage 50 %
I reinstalled my pc. FRESH clean install. running SP3. xp pro.then installed graphic and mother board drivers.before connecting to the internet or any LAN or installing anyother application. i installed NOD 32 and Spy bot, did both scans. then connected to the internet and did updates for nod and spybot. and scanned again. CPU usage after this was 1%.later during the day. my CPU suddenly was 50 % and idle was 99%that to me is wrong. and if its just a bug. its one that is killing my pc.this is a constant rate of 60% odd (running so far for 3 hours... no change)
i am not sure but could it be the SATA?

Posted: Sep 26, 2008

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System Shutdown When CPU Usage 100 Percent
When CPU usage gets to 100% it will shutdown without notice. I think it may be because I need to run disk clean up, not sure. This computer is old and I fixed it myself, that's why I think running disk cleanup will help, but when i run disk cleanup my usage goes right up to 100%.

Posted: Feb 28, 2006

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RAM Uasge Way Too High For System Idle
I've checked my task manager under processes and can only account for about over 100mb in RAM being used on Idle. But under the performance tab the physical memory shows out of total 1047788(1023mb) roughly only 573900(569mb) is available and the rest is in System Cache. Not to mention Page File usuage rests at about 370+mb on idle.As you can see I'm only working with 1g of Ram so this really affects my applications. Any one know where all this RAM and PF usage is going too?

Posted: Oct 22, 2007

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Update Stuck At 65 Percent
I have windows xp sp2 and i have turned on windows update and can see 46 updates in add/remove program but now the update is stuck at 65% and just starts for a few seconds and then disappears after system startup how can i get it going to recieve the latest update?

Posted: Jun 10, 2006

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Cpu Usage Always Arnd 50 Percent With Screenshot
acer aspire 4520, windows xp newly installed, formatted twice. No software installed-claen install.Ok, my cpu usage always hover around 48 to 70percent. and the cpu fan air is damn hot. but system idle process is 99% percent.reformatted my laptop twice already but problem still persists.

Posted: Apr 14, 2010

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C Drive Fills Up One Percent Every Week
I am running out of disk space, down to 22% only,despite frequent fragmenting, registry fixing, disk cleanups.My C drive fills up one percent every week on average,although I am shutting down my computer without installing updates.

Posted: Aug 7, 2008

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Explorer.exe Takes 90-99 Percent Of Processor Time
Very often, explorer.exe takes 90-99 percent of processor time, and renders my system usless. I then have to end the explorer process and then start it back up as new task, using windows task manager. I am using WinXP home sp2.

Posted: Aug 8, 2005

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System Manager Initialization System Process Terminated - 0x000026c
after copying win xp setup files n re-starting i get this message "system manager initialization system process terminated unexpectantly with a status of 0x000026c, the system has shut down" need explanation and help to resolve this issue thanx.......also note, winxp was installing on the same hard drive just fine on another motherboard so.........could the M/B be the prob?

Posted: Dec 27, 2006

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I am having this wierd and serious problem, my "system" prcoess causes my CPU usage to jump from any where to 50-90% utilization, causing my computer to stop or hand. It also causes all my sound to dissappear saying that my direct sound source is not working. I just did a format and this problem is still occuring. I do not know what to do. Do you guys have any idea where to go for help, because i am also THAT desparate to go to microsoft. I am wondering if maybe it is trying to install drivers under the ststem process.

Posted: Mar 27, 2006

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System Process Consuming 99% Of CPU
One of my friends has a system that has recently slowed down a great deal. The task list Processes tab show "System" using 99% of the CPU. Other WinXP systems I look at show System with about 0%. We've scanned for virii, run AdAware, etc. Any thoughts on what might be burring up all the CPU?

Posted: Aug 16, 2005

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System Process Using 50% CPU Usage
I've been having a problem with my PC running extremely slow for the past several days and it seems to be related to the process named 'System' when viewing Windows Task Manager. The CPU usage looks like this:

System 50
System Idle Process 48-49
taskmgr.exe 01

other processes move between 0 to 1 (iexplorer, sqlservr, services) Here is a copy of the HJT scan that I took a little earlier today. what is dragging my PC down is most ...

Posted: Mar 11, 2007

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