System Crash On Plugging In Headphones

Jul 5, 2006

Just tonight, my system went crazy. after i pulled out my speakers and plugged in my headphones, the pc froze for a while, then went back to like 4 bit colour. i rebooted and it wouldnt load back up windows. it came to the screen where u pick normal boot up, or safe mode etc only way i can get anywhere, and submitting this, is through safe mode. any ideas what happened and if i can fix it without fotmatting?


Plugging Headphones Into Front Jack / Only Getting Sound From One Side?

Dec 29, 2008

I have a problem with my headphone, I plugged it into the front jack and it's been working okay for months now. A couple days ago I noticed only the right side of the phones playing, I tried it in the soundcard and the same problem I tried it on my cassette player and the same thing

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Plugging Xp Into Lan

Sep 9, 2004

I wonder if anyone could help me with a problem with plugging in a new Win XP computer into an existing LAN.I have a working LAN with a Netgear MR 314 wireless router plugged into an 'ol Win 98 computer(that is connected to the DSL modem) and a Win Xp laptop with a wireless PC card across the room.Everything is working just fine.However I bought a new Win Xp pro computer and would like to replace the 'ol Win 98 computer with the new XP pro.When I swopped out the 'ol win 98 and replaced it with the new xp machine, the LAN won't work.Could someone describe the process of plugging in a new xp computer into a LAN step by step??(I've been told by Netgear that the router's settings enable a person to just attach the ethernet cable to the new machine and it should work but it doesn't)

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Install Firewall Before Plugging In Modem

Dec 16, 2006

Reading various posts, I see mention of activating Win XP firewall immediately after reformatting and installing XP home. What is wrong with unplugging the modem, reformatting and installing everything including SP2, AVG AV, and Kerio personal firewall, THEN going back online and getting updates? Also, what is the value of slipstreaming SP2 instead of just installing XP then installing SP2 before going back online for all win xp updates?

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Explorer Opening When Plugging In Drive

Apr 19, 2007

This is probably an easy question to answer but for the life of me I cannot find the setting anywhere to fix it. The question is - Whenever I connect my IPOD to my Windows XP machice, Windows opens a WIndows Explorer window with the contents of the attached drive (IPOD). How do I stop this from happening? Like I said, it is probably a basic setting or regisry change but I can't seem to locate it?

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Sound From Headphones Not Speakers

May 15, 2007

My gf has a Vaio laptop and everytime we plug headphones into the jack we no longer get sound out of the speakers. we still get sound out of the headphones just not the speakers. She found a setting once that was set to headphones only and she changed it back to speakers and they worked again but now she doesnt know where that setting is anymore. Im alot more comfortable on a desktop and have never seen this setting and i have gone through just bout everything in audio settings but still have not found this.

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No Sound In Headphones Or Speakers

Apr 3, 2008

I have no sound.My microphone is showing lights in the mixer ; I'm getting input numbers in WinAmp. But No Sound!I am running Windows XP on X-Technology custom built.I replaced the HDD they reloaded XP, I have downloaded the drivers for Creative SB Auidigy 2Z..I used that diagdx. I have no sound My microphone is showing lights in the mixer ; I'm getting input numbers in WinAmp. But No Sound!

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No Sound On My Computer Unless I Use The Headphones?

Jun 5, 2006

Does anybody know what would cause me to get no sound on my computer unless i use the headphones?

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Sound Is Coming From Speakers And Headphones

Nov 22, 2009

I've googled and googled and everything I've tried I either don't have the options or it didn't work. The issue is whenever I plug in my headset.. both my laptop's speakers and mic work.. as well as my headset's speakers and mic. I'm plugging the headset into the audio and mic jacks on the laptop.My laptop is an Acer.

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Sound Heard Through Headphones Also Being Broadcast Through Microphone

Dec 30, 2008

I'm currently having a problem with my microphone. My setup is headphones with the microphone attached both plugged into the front jacks on my case.

Now the problem is that any sound that is heard through my headphones is also being broadcasted through my microphone. ( e.g. If I'm listiening to music and I open my microphone to talk to somebody in ventrilo they can hear the music that is playing in my headphones

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System Crash / Bad Ram?

Sep 7, 2006

My girlfriend is having an odd computer problem. Anytime she tries to rip or burn a CD her system will shut down - no errors or warnings, just poof, gone. If she tries to reboot right away it will crash on the restart unless she gives it a few minutes of down time before restarting. She's running XP and has a gig of ram but the system itself is going on two years old, bought at a convention and has no brand name. Could this just be an issue of bad ram?

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Blue Screen Crash - 0x00000050 Crash

Dec 16, 2006

I'm getting a random blue screen crash and was wondering if anyone could give it a shot. It's a 0x00000050 crash, Heres the crash dump file.

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Recovery Of CD Key After System Crash?

Jun 2, 2006

I recently had a full motherboard "meltdown"........I was able to recover all data on the hard drive.I am trying to locate my CD Product Keys so I can re-install softwear (of course I lost the various books).

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System Crash When Using Skype

Jul 16, 2005

A couple of times now my system has crashed when using Skype and Plantronics USB headset.

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XP System Crash With SP-2 Install

Jan 2, 2008

my computercrashed as i was installing SP-2 for Windows XP. I have a disk, I cannot see a prompt to reboot from disk without hitting F12 to select device. I then get a series of questions that I don't know how to answer.It comes up with 2 partitions, one hs TON of free space, the C;/IBM_RELOAD, another partition with 1400 mb freeze.I tried the c drive partition and got these warnings about multiple operating systems and the problems, then a warning about deleting files.I want to do a recovery console but not sure.It starts up, I get the XP start screen and then goes black.

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System Crash Caused By VSS2k

May 6, 2008

My computer running windows XP has been periodically crashing (~ 1 per month). The event viewer indicates a system error category (102) with event ID 1003. The Error code is as follows: 100000d1, parameter1 00000000, parameter2 0000001c, parameter3 00000001, parameter4 ba0a9182. I have tried to analyze the minidump files using the windows debugger tool. It indicates that the error is probably caused by vss2k.sys ( vss2k+6182) and attributes it to a driver_fault. I really have not been able to decipher much more than that.

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System Crash While Playing Game

Jun 25, 2006

A few months ago I built a system for a friend of mine. I had the system running stable @ 2.4 GHz (memory on a 5/4 divider, if I remeber correctly) for a week before I delivered it to him. By stable I mean dual prime overnight, memtest, and hours of COD2 without crashing. Now he has had it for a few months and he is reporting that randomly it will completely shutdown. He primarily uses it to play WoW and so far that is the only time it has crashed. It has not crashed during any other activity but he really doesn't use it for much else. It will usually crash 5 minutes into game play and after a restart it will be stable for the rest of the day. Ocassionally it will crash a few hours into game play. When the behavior first started it would BSOD. Now it just turns off with no warning. After restart it works fine. When it shuts down the standby LED on the MB remains lit but the DRAM power LED does not. I have updated the Graphics drivers to the latest 90 series beta drivers. That did not affect the problem.

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System Crash Now Need To Recover Data

Feb 22, 2007

My system just crashed and i had to reformat the pc. it only took up about 5 gigs on my drive to do this. i had about 70 gigs worth of info stored on my pc before the crash. is there any program i can use to try and recover this information? im running windows xp.

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Cannot Read Main HDD After System Crash

Jul 18, 2008

I have encountered rather a frustrating problem and am quite desperate for any help. Apologies for the long post, but I wanted to make sure to include all the relevant steps of how I reached the point I'm at now.Yesterday, running Windows XP Home Edition SP2, I tried out Google's new "Lively" program (3D interactive chat; mostly integrated into a web browser--Firefox in my case) for the first time. Later on in the day, just before bed, I decided I should defragment the C hard drive, as I had not done so in quite some time.I started the defragmenter while I was still tinkering with Lively, which was probably a bad choice, and perhaps very silly of me. A few moments after starting the defragmentation process, I clicked an option in Lively (to alter my avatar I think) and the system hung; both the mouse and keyboard no longer got any response from the computer.I waited for a little while, then I was able to move the mouse pointer again. I clicked in my browser window a couple of times to test responsiveness, but the system froze once more. After several minutes I gave up on waiting and went to bed, leaving the system to hopefully sort itself out.

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Blue Screen Crash System

Aug 14, 2007

Computer crashing to the blue screen. I had the mini dump auto saved when this happened but have no idea what to open it with and would like someone to have a look and let me know what the problem was.

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Unable To Access Files After System Crash

Jan 8, 2007

I had to re-setup WIN XP after a system crash and had valuable photos and music that I had been permanently wiped. However, I just installed a new Norton AV program and, while running a complete scan, saw those specific file names being scanned,
The path specified was c:ownermy documents and settings
Access to this folder is denied, even though I have no password protection on any user account, and this IS the only account set up.

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System Crash / Internet No Longer Works

May 31, 2008

i was playing guild wars and my system froze--no bsod or anything like that, everything froze and the computer restarted by itself. after i logged in to windows xp, it told me system recovered from a serious error. i went to event viewer, and found two errors around the time of the crash.

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System Crash Wiped All My Firefox Bookmarks

Aug 6, 2007

My computer crashed an hour or so ago and upon restarting I discovered that all my bookmarks in Firefox had been wiped out. I've tried a system restore but it has not restored the bookmarks.what I can do to get them back as it would be a real bummer to try and remember them all?

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Device Driver Caused The System Crash?

Apr 17, 2006

When trying to install farstone virtual drive on a computer it reboots during the driver installation phase. After the reboot at the desktop windows says new hardware found and asks to install it. It's the offending driver, fcdabios. Windows installs it and says it was installed successfully. Then the computer spontaneously reboots again. It seems to start alright back at the desktop but again reboots after 2 minutes. The only cure is to do a restore from a norton ghost image. I sent a debug file to farstone but haven't received a reply yet.

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Installation Of Audio Driver Causes System Crash?

Jul 30, 2009

It is an HP Pavillion 743g running Windows XP Pro, SP2 (installed from a retail disc)It has Realtek AC'97 Audio Card I have attempted to install the driver from HP's website, from Realtek's website, from DriverGuide, and a few other locations.Every version of the installer causes windows to crash halfway thru. I am presented with the window saying it's failed the logo verification or whatever, I click continue anyway, the system hangs for a second then crashes and restarts.

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System Crash While Changing Desktop Icons

Dec 28, 2006

I have two problems the first, my system crashes every time that I try to change an icon on the desktop. If I want to rename or delete a icon I have to use explore to do so. Also some times when using the explore the system crashes. I have run virus scans, defrag, Norton Windows Utilities, and Spy Sweeper all come back clean. I go to the task list to check what processes are running but everything seems to low. The cpu shows 2% to 4% usage. My second problem is USB connections. I can no longer sync with my Dell Axim. I have disconnected and reconnected the USB connection and reinstalled the Microsoft 4.2 Activesync software but nothing helps. My USB printers still works.

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Installed Farstone Virtual Drive Causes Crash The System?

Apr 17, 2006

When trying to install farstone virtual drive on a computer it reboots during the driver installation phase. After the reboot at the desktop windows says new hardware found and asks to install it. It's the offending driver, fcdabios. Windows installs it and says it was installed successfully. Then the computer spontaneously reboots again. It seems to start alright back at the desktop but again reboots after 2 minutes. The only cure is to do a restore from a norton ghost image. I sent a debug file to farstone but haven't received a reply yet.

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System Crash While Playing Windows Media Player

Nov 21, 2006

I havent had a problem in a while. Then all of a sudden while listening to music with the Windows Media Player the system stopped responding and the music kept playing for a few seconds and then the system shut down.

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Computer Running Slow - System Crash - Firefox

Oct 17, 2008

Lately my computer has been having many issues regarding its performance. It's an old computer, about 4 yrs old. HP Pavillion, Windows XP. It runs at around 100% when I have about 3 or 4 programs open, when I restart I almost always receive a message about hardware monitor finding an error. At one time I was wondering if my mouse or keyboard could be the culprit. Sometimes when I am opening tabs in new windows on firefox, and right click with my opens the site in a new window or it shows me the element properties, tries to save the page, bookmark it, etc. I have scanned for viruses and have come up with nothing. I am afraid to turn my computer off because I don't know if it will come back. I've done about three whole system restores on it (all of which have had issues that have resolved if the restore has been started and then let to rest for a few days.)

Another issue last night, was that Firefox would not respond when I entered a website. It would say that it was finding the site, but then it would say "done" very quickly. I put the computer in hibernate (and the part that says "windows is preparing to hibernate" looked drastically different.) This morning I wanted to find out the problem with firefox. i got a message about how firefox had crashed and needed to be restarted. I clicked on "restart firefox" and my computer had a bluescreen error and crashed. This is the message I recieved from windows about that: Blue screen error caused by a device or driver. You received this message because a hardware device, its driver, or related software has caused a blue screen error. This type of error means the computer has shut down abruptly to protect itself from potential data corruption or loss. In this case, we were unable to detect the specific device or driver that caused the problem.

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Camera Wizard Autoplay No Longer Shows Up When Plugging In Camera

Sep 30, 2005

You know when you plug your camera into your computer it brings up the picture transfer wizard. well my computer no longer does that and its kind of annoying. anyone know how to reactivate autoplay i guess? ive tried different usb ports and i even uninstalled usb root hubs and rebooted and let them reinstall themselves.

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The "Spyware Infection" Background: Causes System Crash?

Mar 4, 2006

Got that lame "Spyware Infection" background, and y'know, I'm one of those people who won't really fix anything unless it causes a system crash or something drastic like that. But, since nowadays I'm lookin to change that (me? keep a maintenance sched? I think heck just froze over...), I'm gonna try and see if I can get it all fixed up.

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CD ROM Causing Crash?

Jul 10, 2005

My computer's been experiencing loss of power whenever I use a program that requires the CD-ROM. It doesn't crash right away - I can run the program for 20-30 minutes before the computer loses power. The screen goes black, the fan disengages, and the whole thing simply shuts down immediately. The crash seems to be just a loss of power, as the system log doesn't record any errors and when I press the power button on the computer after a crash, Windows XP Pro starts up normally.

I've tried replacing the external power cable but it didn't solve the problem. CHKDSK doesn't find any errors on the drive and it's a relatively new hard drive, about 2 months old. My antivirus, which is up-to-date, can't find any viruses either. I'm sure it's a hardware problem, but what part is faulty? Could a power connector to the CD-ROM cause the entire computer to crash, even?

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Crash DURING Blue Screen

Apr 17, 2007

blue screen showing On my windows XP SP2 machine no error messages, no corrupt or invalid data.earlier it was saying some firefox files were corrupt, but a reboot and a skipping of chkdsk has fixed this.

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I Keep Getting A Blue Screen Crash

Jan 28, 2009

I keep getting a blue screen crash I have loaded my xp cd and ran sfcscannow once that had finished I restarted the computer & it seemed to work then yesterday it crash again I have also run my Reg cure to clean up but Iam still getting a blue screen. It might not happen for a few days, but then it could crash

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Crash; No Blue Screen...

Aug 30, 2005

Since Win XP (+ service pack and annoying CA EZ Trust virus software; anyone know how to keep the ez firewall software from loading at startup?), my computer will crash intermittently - with no seeming pattern. No blue screen, no warning, just 'bang'; I kill the powercord, turn it back on and it's like nothing happened to the unit. there's often no event of the crash in the error reporting queue sometimes crash occurs and startup prompts for a diskcheck; never a problem there. This phenomena occurs most frequently when I'm (trying) running a backup - or when I do an extended virus search backup routine I can't complete without a crash; virus check has gone thru completely a number of times.

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Blue Screen Crash

Aug 11, 2005

It has recently started shutting down, with a blue screen stop errormessage.note data in parameter 2 & 3 different each time.
This is typically STOP:0x0000008E (0xc0000005, parameter 2, parameter3, 0x0000000)
Event log for each occurence would appear to show the following:
source: system error category: (102) event: 1003

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Mozilla Firefox Always Crash

Jan 15, 2010

how to fix this mozila firefox crashing

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Netgear Router Seems To Want To Crash

Apr 13, 2010

This computer using XP sp3 fully updated hard wired to a netgear router seems to want to crash a lot when I open any word documents. I get an event error 4321 NetBT. How do I deal with this please. I also get a message in the task tray that there is a duplicate name on the network.

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Explorer.exe Accompat.txt Crash

May 4, 2007

I spent almost the whole day trying to fix it. I have knowledge of computers here and there but not enough to fix this problem. The problem starts out with me going to my computers and then opening the CD drive. I put in my music CD and then explored the CD folder, but as soon as i open it, it gives me an error. It pops up the explorer.exe has an ecountered a problem, send do not send report, etc

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Complete Crash After Installing SP3?

Aug 27, 2008

I installed SP3 onto my computer a couple days ago. As soon as I rebooted I encountered a reboot loop that reboots before windows starts. I do not even get to a blue screen. I have no access to safe mode, VGA mode, etc. For the sake of excluding it as an issue, I do not have a AMD.

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Games That Take Up A Lot Of Memory Would Sometimes Crash

May 26, 2008

I've always had weird things wrong with my system which I've suspected memory problems, like games that take up a lot of memory would sometimes crash, etc.

I had gotten BSODs before, but RARELY. Now recently, at least once a day I've been getting this BSOD "DRIVER LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL_TO" (something like that)

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Laptop Crash Now Frozen

Oct 1, 2008

Two computers on a home network, laptop has frozen. Cannot get past request for password. First I had a problem because IE would not load normally (all I had was wallpaper with no task bar or icons) and I had to use Windows Task Manager to access the computer.I followed an online suggestion to use regedit and to type "explorer.exe" in the Winlogon folder after deleting everything else shown. (I did a System Restore first which did nothing and then a Restore point before deleting). Then I tried restarting the laptop but it asked me for a password for each user account. We have never used a password at all. I logged in Safe Mode and entered Administrator which does not need a password and it started to load then logged off and changed user account. I could not get access. I tried to enter Safe Mode with command prompt but it would not let me, just asked for a password. I tried previous good configuration or whatever it is called but it did nothing. I have obviously stuffed it up by deleting what I did and I need to do a System Restore if it is not too late. It will not take the XP setup disk from my desktop computer. The laptop came with bundled software and there are no discs. Any suggestions? I think it will probably need to go to a local technician and I will have to pay megabucks to have him format the hard drive but I reluctant to lose the programmes and data on the laptop and hope there is another way. I also experienced the original problem on the main desktop computer with explorer not loading but I saved all I could and reinstalled XP which worked. I did not do this with the laptop because I did not have any discs for it.I believe a trojan "Small AOK' was responsible for the original problems as AVG found and deleted it. The original problem will still be there I expect but I need to log on in order to fix it.

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No Sound In After Crash And Update

Oct 9, 2007

I have no sound after updating from a computer crash about two weeks ago.There was sound before I updated from windows update and then nothing. I have researched all over the internet to find a way to reverse the effects, to no avail.I have uninstalled the device and reinstalled it with driver updates, without driver updates, without drivers; thus allowing windows to find the drivers and install them. I have gone online to various sites to update all the drivers involved, including the codecs.Then I uninstalled XP professional (yes,I had Professional and Home versions of XP) because I read somewhere that may be the cause of the problem. No sound.I have updated Windows Media Player, to no avail.I have updated Real Player, to no avail.The installed device is Modem #0 for playback and record. There are no speakers installed (supposedly) and there is no way to adjust the volume because nothing is installed to adjust. Do I sound frustrated and sarcastic?You bet..I have been trying to get my sound back for more than two weeks! I have seen other posts on this site that I have tried, to no avail.I have cleared my registry (several times) and cookies, temporary files, etc.

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IE7 - Outlook Crash - Kernel32

Oct 26, 2007

Both IE7 and Outlook crash when viewing certain websites. Both come up with a
kernel32.dll error. I've tried many, many things with no sucess.Here's the IE7 error:AppName: iexplore.exe AppVer: 7.0.6000.165544 ModName: kernel32.dll
ModVer: 5.1.2600.3119 Offset: 0004b15d Outlook Error: AppName: outlook.exe AppVer: 11.0.8169.0 AppStamp: 465f28e3 ModName: kernel32.dll ModVer: 5.1.2600.3119 ModStamp: 46239bd5 fDebug: 0 Offset: 0004b15d

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Intermittent Freeze Crash

Sep 8, 2010

we have had the computer in question for about 3 or four years now, however starting approximately a year ago it started to do this weird thing where randomly the entire computer will completely freeze, if there is any sound playing at the time of the freeze the sound loops repetitively and this will continue until the computer is reset.I tried to see if there was any specific cause for it doing this but i can only say that it happens more often during more intense programs (Eg: I-Tunes, video games, more demanding browsers like Chrome and Opera) but it will crash on occasion while doing nothing or running less intense programs like Internet explorer or paint. I have done numerous checks for virusesadwaremalware and nothing comes up that ultimately fixes the problem when it is removed. I have done several scans for registry errors and still nothing fixes the problem, at one point i even used the windows boot disc to delete the registry and restore it back to default, which as you can guess did not fix the problem and mainly just left me with a huge headache.I have reset the Bios and that doesn't work. i found something relatively similar to the problem i was having which would suggest that my RAM is bad so i ran memtest but after 4 passes it came up with nothing.I used the vacuum cleaner to clean out the whole case and still no results.

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