Software For Image Backup Formats Recovery?

May 17, 2010

I have an XP boot disc that I created when installing a while back. Part of what is on this, is an image recovery piece. Trouble is, it would not read the image I had, apparently did not support the file that I had.What type of file will Windows read and restore.What software will create the file I need

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Burn Disk Image For Backup

Sep 16, 2010

I have three same laptops with same Windows XPs, and want to burn the one disk image for backup, if the laptop needs to reinstall, i can use the disk image to restore all of initial configurations. how to burn the disk image from Windows XP?

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How To Test New Full Image Backup Program?

Feb 17, 2006

I just installed Paragon Exact Image 7.0 and sent a full image of my C Drive to a partition on my slave drive. I also created a recovery boot CD made from the same software. Is there a way to use my new recovery CD to boot to my slave partition to see if the puter will boot and to see if the "full image" really is a full image?

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How To Make Bootable Self Installing Backup Image?

Mar 11, 2009

I have been searching the internet for an answer to my question and unable to do so. What I want to do is make a bootable backup image that will self install without windows in case of an operating system failure where windows is unavailable. I want to image my C drive and make it so I can boot from CDR or DVDR and have it format the drive and reinstall my backup identical to the original. A long time ago I saw this done with Symantec Ghost on a job I was on but have no idea how to accomplish the task myself. I was wondering if there is perhaps a better software out there now for making a total self restoring image of your haed drive such as this.

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Backup-- Restore - Copy - Burn - Image A Disk

Sep 28, 2006

I have a problem with understanding the differences between these words (actions), when I use Retrospect,( a backup program,) I cannot read any files since the backup file turns into a huge something. When I backup, I mean I copy my files from one drive to an external drive and I can always restore them or copy them to another computer. These are for my files.
When I want to re-install a program, I take the original disk or the zip file I downloaded, stored on CD or another external hard drive.

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File Recovery For A *.bkf Backup

Jan 5, 2008

Before re-installing the XP operating system on my Dell desktop, a backup of the system (using the Windows System Utilities) was saved to an external hard drive. Then Windows XP Media Center Edition 2002 Service Pack 2 was re-installed. The *.bkf on the external hard drive was accidentally deleted. There was a warning that it was too large to go to the Recycle Bin before it was deleted. I want to un-delete and restore this *.bkf or at least get as many of the *.jpg files (digital photos) out of it. Is there some file retrieve program that will deal specifically with .bkf files given that it is so large (many GBs)? One program we tried didn't locate any *.bkf files.

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Recovery Cd Found Factory Image Issue

Oct 25, 2007

Run the xp recovery cd and number 3 says no user image found and number 4 says no factory image found. I can't reboot my computer and start from scratch and have no idea on what to do lol, I did look all over the internet but didn't find any info.

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Recovery Without Deleting Backup Partition?

Oct 5, 2007

I decided to format my computer because it was going really slow...So i got paragon partition manager and created a logical partition called "backup" and dragged all my important files into that partition. then i used killdisk to format my C: partition. Now i use my recovery disk and it says " All files, including data files on the user partition will be lost and the original factory shipped files will will be recovered to the users partition." Will this delete my backup partition too? If it does, how do i recover windows while keeping my partition with the backup files on it? The files are reallly important...

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User Account Backup Prior To Destructive Recovery

Sep 21, 2008

I work at a computer repair shop and am trying to find an easy way to do something that normally takes me a long time.I want to take in a customers somputer who has multiple user accounts, backup those accounts without backing up the entire registry (entire registry backup would in effect "backup" most problems i am fiing), then do a "destructive recovery (totally reinstalling their OS, and then somehow restore all of their old user accounts and the associated settings, my documents folders, etc.NTbackup will allow me to backup all accounts to an eternal HDD but it wont restore them if they are not on the newly installed OS.

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Different DVD Burning Formats?

Sep 22, 2006

have a great aussie concert, but it's in australian format disk can copy it and burn it back to dvd, and aussies can watch it, but when I send copies to USA, they can't see it..can anyone tell me how to copy/ configure/ find a program that will make it viewable to o/seas watchers? I run DVD Express to view DVDs.LG burner, and Nero to copy/burn. it's frustrating as I have heaps of good aussie videos that Americans can't see I'd appreciate any guidance here.

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Any Thoughts On External Drive Formats

Jun 24, 2007

I have a Western Digital 250 GIG external hard drive. It is formatted to FAT 32, came that way out of the box.My brother in law suggested that I should have formatted it before I started using it and suggested that I use NTFS format. I know why it came pre-formatted as FAT 32 because that is compatible with both Apple and PC. I now have the hard disk space that I can re-format this external drive and not loose any of the files on it. My question is, what format should I use? FAT 32 or NTFS? I don't plan on hooking this drive up to an Apple, so I am leaning toward NTFS. Plus, I believe that NTFS can handle the "extra information" of all my MP3 files which is also leaning my decision towards NTFS.

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Unable To Get Thumbnails For Most Video Formats

Aug 5, 2009

For sometime now,I have been unable to get thumbnails to work for most video formats.avi is the only one that shows, .mpg, .mpeg, .mpeg4,show only shows QT icon, and the rest show WMP icon. I USED to have thumbs, but not for while.Yes, Thumbnails is selected under view. And I have already checked the ShellEx registry key under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTmpegfile and it is setup correctly. I also ran a script to reset thumbnail views Quote:Restore Thumbnail Views in XP So far, NOTHING has worked.

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MS AppLocale - Context Menu - Standards And Formats

Mar 17, 2008

I am using Windows XP Pro, all updates applied.In "Regional and Language Options", in the Regional Options tab, under "Standards and formats" I have "English (United Kingdom)".In the Advanced tab under "Language for non-Unicode programs" I also have "English (United Kingdom)".I regularly use a utility that compares discs, folders and files and gives a side-by-side report of the differences. This program is called "Beyond Compare 2" (BC2). This program is non-Unicode and does not work well with file names containing Thai characters, or files containing Thai characters.I investigated the problem and have installed Microsoft's "AppLocale" program:Quote: The AppLocale utility allows users to run a legacy application without changing to the code-page/system locale needed by that particular application.

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Auotpatcher 2000 Wont Open File Formats?

Feb 3, 2007

I used to run winXP home, but had so many problems that I reverted back to win2000 pro."Autopatcher 2k has it, along with almost every update imaginable. I'm running Win2k SP4 and I most certainly am running Windows Movie maker..just Google Autopatcher 2000 and get the August 2006 Full edition. However,the verison is 1.2.3 and does not support many formats(no FLV, MKV or OGM love)Just fire up autopatcher, deselect everything except "windows Movie maker" under "Windows Addons". "

Now, I have downloaded the autopacher 2000, but have not opened the file yet, becuase I wanted to double check with you guys and gals to see if this sounded legit. I really dont want to mess up my system, becuase its running real strong with no problems. The only thing I want out of the patcher is the movie maker.Please let me know if you have heard of this autopatcher 2000 before, and if this sollution sounds viable to what I'm trying to do.

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After Backup Should Have My Backup Folder Or Backup.bkf File?

Aug 16, 2008

After restoring a computer and backing up files, once the computer is back up and running should I have a foldercalled "My Backup 1408-08 2353" or should I have a single backup file called backup.bkf? I'm trying to help someone, and they have a folder with the files already available instead of a single backup.bkf file. He wants to restore everything to the original location before the computer restore. How can he do that with the folder he has instead of a backup.bkf file? The restore wizard is asking for a .bkf file to place everything in the original locations, and he doesn't have that.

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Backup Software Which Will Backup Just The Changed Elements Of The Past File

Jun 22, 2005

I want to backup my PC for disaster recovery and then do an incremental backup each night to a USB hard drive. I tried Retrospect which came with the USB hard drive. I couldn't get it to work to well. I've been using the MS backup utility. With this software it seems any new email causes changes my large Outlook PST file and the whole
file is backed up again. I've been trying to find backup software which will backup just the changed elements of the pst file and have tried downloading a trial version of
continuity@work from Mobiliti who claim to be able to just backup the changes to a PST file. I left continuity@work running overnight and had to stop it as it was only 50% through the backup this morning. It calls it synchronization rather than backup and from the error messages it seems that it doesn't create a shadow image before backing up as several files were not backed up as they were in use.

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Backup FOLDER On Drive D / Changed To Backup FILE?

May 28, 2006

I have two IDE hard disks one 40GB=C and the secondary 200GB=D,I have made a copy of documents and setting from C to a new folder backup in drive D.After that this operating finished I preformed format of C and installed from on drive C the MS WIN XP operating system.After the installation the backup FOLDER on drive D, changed to backup FILE without extension.How can I restore my DATA? anyone familiar with this phenomenon

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Can Edit Backup Created In Backup Utility?

Aug 15, 2006

basically what im looking to do is delete some old entries that the XP backup utility has created over time that i setup a while ago. Im using the "copy" nothing has been appended or incremental.Im just looking to avoid deleting the setup i got, and maybe just delete a few "copy" backups so that theres not 8 gigs / 1 years worth of backups.i only need about 4 months I forgot about it.cuz i never neaded it. But it looks as if its the only way b/c i cant just delete selected backups.all or nothing?/ anyone know of a better backup utility that is simple and easy on a system BTW?

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Scheduling A Backup Using The Windows Backup Wizard

Aug 24, 2005

When scheduling a backup using the Windows Backup Wizard, I put in all the scheduling info, but Windows backup never launches. When I look at a scheduled event and click "properties" I get an error message that says "General page initialization failed, etc, etc. (error# 0X80090016)

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Cannot Create Image To USB HD With Drive Image 7

Dec 3, 2006

I am trying to create a full HD image of my Dell c800 Laptop using Drive Image 7 (circa 2003) to an USB HD. I have tried twice and received failures about my HD having bad sectors OR locked sectors. I ran check disc with repair and did not find any problems. Re-ran check disc from the boot disc that came with the application and found no problems with the disc. Tried again for a backup and received the same error. I am thinking it is one of the programs I have loaded has a locked sector or one of my processes that loads during boot is the problem?

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How To Replace Boot Gui Image With Own Image?

Jul 13, 2007

whats the best way to replace the native Win XP boot gui screen with my own graphic message display when XP Boots?

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Logon.exe-Bad Image / Not A Valid Image

May 3, 2006

So two days ago my computer suddenly decides that when I arrive back home it would want to start running like a win 95. Thus, I promted to shut it down. Once it arrived to the loading screen after the reboot nothing occurred. I then decided to wait... 30mins later it goes black and then the message arrives: "Winlogon.exe-Badimage The Application or DLL C:/Windows/System32/sfc.dll is not a valid windows image. Please check this against your installation disk settings." I have alot of stuff on my computer I need for work, is the only option to deleted everything and re add XP?

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Unmountable Volume - Can't Launch Recovery Console Through Recovery Disc?

Sep 5, 2008

Hoping to avoid a full reinstall of Windows XP, I'd like to try some repair procedures. The problem is, when I launch my "Vaio PCV-RS430G" recovery disc it goes straight to Sony's proprietary recovery interface which provides ONLY the preset option to wipe my 'c' drive and reinstall Windows. According to some MS articles I've read, an XP recovery disc should allow me to access the Windows Recovery Console (by typing "R" at the welcome screen). Can anyone suggest how I can bypass the Sony recovery and get to the Windows Recovery Console?

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Dell Recovery CD With A New Build - Use Media Center RECOVERY CD

Dec 15, 2007

I had a Dell with XP Media Center Edition on it and I am going to make a new build. My question is, can I use the XP Media Center RECOVERY CD that came with the dell if I were to have a new CD KEY?

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Cannot Backup With Backup Utility

May 12, 2007

I'm using XP Home and have been backing up My Documents regularly to an external hard drive with the back up utility in XP. The last time I tried to do a backup, I got an error message, "You have either run out of space or the backup (.bkf) is too large for this disk. Note: if this disk is formatted with Fat 32 , the maximum possible size for the is 4GB." My external disk is 75GB with 45GB free. It is formatted in NTFS. I did a clean up and defragged the disk and get the same error when I try to backup. Is this an indication of a problem with the external hard disk or a problem with the XP backup utility

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Recovery Console To Recovery Registry

Nov 27, 2009

Trying to recover my registry from being corrupted. I am in Windows XP Pro recovery console. But when I try At the Recovery Console command prompt, type the following lines, pressing ENTER after you type each line: md tmp copy c:windowssystem32 configsystem c:windows mpsystem.bak. It says I cannot copy the file. The file cannot be copied.

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Creating SP2 Recovery File Disc Before Running OS Recovery Disc?

Sep 7, 2005

I looking for a way to make sure my Operation System is working correctly? I have a recovery disc for Windows XP PRO, but it says that it will wipe out all of my upgrades if I use it?Is there a Service Pack 2 Recovery File that I can download to a My desktop, and then burn to a CD?

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Lost Sp3 System Recovery Disc - Run A System Recovery Program?

Sep 17, 2008

I lost my system recovery disc. I also lost all of my games that came with cell, solitaire, paint..etc. I just want those back. Can I run a system recovery program on windows without a disc

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Using The System Recovery Console To Perform A System Recovery?

Aug 23, 2006

I need to do a System Recovery to restore my system back to its factory settings (I'm using WinXP Home). When I hit F10 upon startup in order to access the system recovery, nothing happens- it boots as it would regularly. I was able to boot up using the CD, and am now in the System Recovery console. Might anyone tell me what I need to do to perform a non-destructive, or even a destrucitve system recovery?

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Recovery Console Just Like Compaq Recovery Console For Home?

Jan 11, 2007

My question is regarding the recovery console available on Compaq machines. Is there a similar program to the Compaq recovery console that allows for the home user to install and back up their systems in a nearly identical manner as to how to Compaq R.C. works?

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Compaq Recovery Tools CD /Compaq System Recovery

Aug 18, 2008

I'm running Windows XP SP3 with everything up to date as far as I know. I have the complete set of my PC's OEM Disks that I've used once when my OS was completely messed up, had Geeks Rescue out and they couldn't figure out what was wrong, so I know what they are for.What I'm not understanding are the several tools I'm afraid to open listed in my "Start"/"All Programs" I have both "Compaq"/"Compaq Presario PC Tools" with "Compaq Application Recovery"/"Compaq Recovery CD-DVD Creator"/"Compaq Recovery Tools CD"/"Compaq Support Information"/"Compaq System Recovery"/"Remote Assistance"/"Safety and Comfort Guide"

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