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How To Remove Write Protection From Folder?

My write protection seems to be activated on all folders.The box where the check is supposed to be is blackened and when I click to remove it, it goes away.However when I try to remove the folder an error pops up and when I bring up the properties again it shows the box is blackened again.I don't seem to have a problem with files, it only seems to be the folders.

View 13 Replies (Posted: Jul 7, 2005)

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Remove Write Protection On Disk
Using Windows XP Professional when trying to move info to or from a written CD-RW I get a message that the disk is write protected. Remove the protection or use new disk. How do I remove Write Protection?

Posted: Aug 19, 2007

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How To Remove Write Protection On Disk
i have a floppy disc and i can't write to it because it says i need to remove the write protection what is that and how can i remove it

Posted: Jun 23, 2010

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Disk Write Protection Remove
how could I remove disk write protection from hard disk

Posted: Aug 7, 2010

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Remove Write Protection From USB Memory Stick?
I have few files on a 128 MB my Flash memory stick. It won't allow me to ad or remove files from it.It says: Drive can't be written on. Please, remove write protection.According to problem solver there is nothing wrong with the memory stick, or HUBs. Memory stick's on utility program won't allow me to format it. Could it be so that it is jus broken (it's only 4 weeks old)?How do I remove write protection from the USB memory stick?

Posted: Mar 21, 2005

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Facing Write Protection Warning While Transferring Music Files ?
I am trying to put music on my mothers MP3 player, which i have done before multipul times, but now everytime i try to move a file from my music file to her MP3 file, it says "Cannot create or replace file: The disk is write protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk." i dont know how to remove the write protection. i tried to move other files to the MP3, but all files give me the same message, even the ones that are already in the MP3 folder

Posted: Feb 14, 2007

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Compressed Folder - How To Get Passed Password Protection Program?
I created a folder with several files in windows XP. I then compressed and PASSWORD protected the files within th folder. Now i cannot remember the password for the files. How do I get passed the password protection program?

Posted: Jun 27, 2005

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Flash Disk Write Protected - How To Remove?
my flash disk is write protected how will i remove it?

Posted: May 24, 2010

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My Music Folder Wont Access To Write Anything
I'm trying to use iTunes with my new ipod mini, but the My Music folder on my computer wont grant me access to write anything to it, or alter anything in it and I'm not sure why? It asks me to check whether it has full or write-protection, but it shouldnt have seeing as I am the only user on my computer? anyone be of assistance? its bugging me greatly!

Posted: Aug 3, 2005

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Disk Drive Write Protected Must Remove - Access Denied
Unfortunatly, a major thunderstorm passed thru my area and my computer was shut down hard and when I brought it up Windows was trashed, missing system files, some noise about disk-drive errors, etc. So I had to install Windows on another drive on the system. I can copy files from anywhere on the drive to the new windows drive except for "my documents" WEHRE OF COURSE Visual Studio Projects, Word documents, IPod, etc, everything, my important stuff is being kept being kept. The message I get is "Access is denied"

When I bring the system up in Safe Mode with networking and look at the security permission tab for that folder I see that my SID Is not there. When I try and add it (my user ID) it validates it and it looks like I can now have access to it, great, but when I click apply the response is "media is write protected" cannot apply permission changes. When I try and copy a file from my new windows drive to the original I get the message Drive is write protected

Try to defrag it from new windows - same message
Try to repair it from new windows - same message

Can anyone tell me where I could find this media write protect switch and where to change it. Windows XP, NTFS all drives, SCSI

Posted: Jul 3, 2008

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Edit - Remove Commands For Folder - Drive - File Folder
I'm played with the folder options over and over and for some reason ever though I have clicked open folder in same window and "launch folder window in a separate process" is NOT clicked, for some reason when I double click to open a folder it still opens it with a new window. Also, under file types it won't let me edit or remove the commands for folder, drive, and file folder.

Posted: Apr 14, 2005

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How To Remove Startup Folder?
Does anyone know hoe to remove the startup folder from the start menu.I am customising the startup menu by deleting the contents of the startup menu and then copying down the shortcuts when each user logs in.The only folder i cannot not get rid of is the startup folder. Even if i delete the folder it recreates its self!

Posted: May 5, 2005

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Remove Fonts From Temporary Folder
I only wanted to keep 3 or 4 fonts on my computer so I drag n dropped my Fonts folder to my D drive (CD burner). I decided not to do this after all and figured I'd delete the temporary folder from my D drive but it will not remove 2 of the fonts: arialbi and micross, so now I'm stuck with a temporary folder in my D drive. I booted up in safe mode and tried to delete them and can't do it that way, either. How do I get rid of this temporary folder?

Posted: Aug 12, 2008

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Is Safe To Remove Recovery Data Folder
Is is safe to remove the "recovery data" folder from my HD this folder is 2 gigs in size and i need the extra space is has 4 files in it recovery.PQL, recovery.002, recovery.003, recovery.004

Posted: Apr 8, 2007

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Recycle Bin Cannot Remove Folder / Cannot Find File Specified
It all started a few weeks ago when I could not move a folder to the recycle bin because it "could not find it". This week i did somehow get it to move there, but when i tried to delete it for good I got the same error. So i used Tune-Up Utilities 2008 in an attempt to get rid of it. The folder is gone, but the error remains. I think the bin is not working properly anymore either. I moved some folders of music to the recycle bin but they weren't there yet rar files i had deleted were. I have tried many many different commands, and a "restore recycle bin" registry edit, and safe mode.

Posted: Apr 21, 2009

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Need Both MSE And Avira Protection
I have a dell inspiron 531 desk top windows XP2000 service pack 3 and IE8 I just added Avira , and everything seems a little slower but works, what I didn't know is my fire wall is in windows essentials an they are both running Avira also ,and I do know its not to good to have conflicts between 2 malware protectors, should I dump Avira or essentials? I kinda of hop you tell me to keep essentials because its true Microsoft.

Posted: Jul 8, 2010

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Using Norton 360 For Protection
I scanned through the past posts and didn't see anything on this recently. (which surprised me.I'm running a Dell xps T500 with Windows XP SP2 and IE7 Browser. I'm on a home network (cable) with ethernet and using Norton 360 for the protection suite. I also have Webroot SpySweeper and all udpates have been completed. All current scans have been done as well. MS updates were installed via auto update and now IE 7 gives me the error "IE cannot display the webpage" which stops me from getting to any other website (so I can download Mozilla ). I have gone out to the MS site and run through the troubleshooting options there:1) Can't view another webpage2)Network diagnostics reveal no problems3)Reset the modem/routers4)Deleted Browsing History5)Used the No Add-Ons Mode6)Disabled Norton 7)Tested the connected in safe mode, still got the error8)No third party conflicts9)Checked the device manager for issues, and found none10)Finally, reset the IE defaults, rebooted and still got the stupid error

Posted: Jun 7, 2008

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Does Win SP2 Have A Good Firewall Protection?
Before getting Win XP, I used Zone served me well.I used to test how good ZA was by using the tests found at My PC always passed.I just tested my computer with grc's 'leak test' and it FAILED! My PC was penetrated.Does this mean that the firewall provided by Win XP is not doing it's job? If so, should I go back to ZA and disable XP's firewall? (2) I also just heard that Windows Media Player is also a good vehicle for spyware to infiltrate my PC. How can I stop this short of uninstalling the program?

Posted: Apr 18, 2006

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Screensaver Shortcut With Password Protection
I am running Windows XP Pro and have recently upgraded from Office XP to Office 2003. On the Office XP toolbar there used to be a shortcut to screensaver that allowed the password protection to still work. Many discussion groups wrongly state that this shortcut doesn't provide the password protection. I think that this is only the case when the shortcut is to a particular .scr file, rather than the general screensaver function. MSoft have ditched the toolbar in Office 2003 and I can't find the target of the Office XP toolbar shortcut.

Posted: Sep 15, 2004

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Free Virus Protection - Download
Just installed xp on my home built system and had some problems. I need to download something to help with the problems but I don't want to download it without virus protection. Please give me a link to a good free virus protection program so I finish fixing my PC.

Posted: Aug 23, 2008

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Security Center: Virus Protection Is Not Found?
I just opened the security center and see that virus protection is not found How do I turn it on ? I went to microsoft downloads and cant find the virus
part of security center. I did find anti spyware but no anti virus.

Posted: Jun 17, 2005

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Why Is Norton Worm Protection Concidered A Firewall By
This was driving me crazy xp was saying i had a firewall up. Yet i only had xp firewall and thatwas turned off. Finaly turned my brain on and read the fine print in the windows security centre and it says Norton Worm whatever

Posted: Jul 20, 2005

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Data Execution Protection (DEP) Won't Accept My Settings.
DEP has been closing my browsers for the past few days. Right now I'm using Start>Search>Search the internet.
I can get into the settings and change them to allow programs such as firefox and internet explorer but once I've closed the window, DEP has decided it's not safe again.

Posted: Aug 10, 2009

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Surge Protection For Cisco 1720 Router
How do I go about providing surge protection for a Cisco 1720 router?I have looked all over Cisco's web page and find nothing helpful.

Posted: Aug 26, 2005

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Popups- Computer Might Be At Risk Bad Virus Protection
I've been having trouble with popups recently and can't seem to clear them. I updated both Spy Bot S&D and Ad-Aware, and ran some scans in safe-mode and a normal boot. I've also ran scans with Anti Virus which detected a couple of trojans.One of the main problems is a balloon popping up in the system tray (like in XP, although I'm using 2k Pro) telling me "Your computer might be at risk. Your virus protection status is bad. Spyware Activity Detected. Click this balloon to fix this problem". I'm fairly certain this is in fact some sort of spyware itself, and not a function of windows.Anyway, after running all of those scans I'm still having problems,

Posted: Jan 18, 2005

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Disabling Password Protection - Direct Desktop
when I turn on my pc (running xp), I get a password popup, and upon completing the information, startup is's always me using the pc. how can I disable this password protection so that when I turn the pc on, it'll take me directly to my desktop w/o any password requests, etc.

Posted: Jan 14, 2009

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Zone Alarm Security Suite As Primary Protection
So what are you guys running to protect your PC? Right now I'm running...
- Zone Alarm Security Suite as my primary protection. (Firewall, AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, IM Protection, Email Protection, Program Control, Identity Protection, and Parental Control)For backup software (the more, the merrier) I'm using...
- AVG Free (AntiVirus)
- Spybot: Search and Destroy (AntiSpyware)
- Symantec Client Firewall* (Firewall)
- Symantec Client Antivirus* (AntiVirus)

Posted: Oct 5, 2006

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Dell Inspiron B130 - Virus Protection And Firewall
I have a Dell Inspiron B130 laptop and the virus protection and the firewall went down, so they have not worked for a few months and i got a bunch of viruses and spywere. (i don't know how to spell that, a little pc illiterate) but there is no hope for getting rid of it. my internet barely works so i am lucky i can ask right now. any help? i was going to do a full system restore but forgot how, i put all my important files on cds so i dont care if i loose my documents and stuff.

Posted: Sep 14, 2007

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System Unstable And Crashing - Update - Antivirus Protection
os keeps getting error messages such as system is unstable and it is crashing on a regular basis when he goes on the internet. he doesnt update his windows on a regular basis and he does not have very good antivirus protection, so i have unplugged his modem for the time being to stop him getting into more trouble. he has reformatted his drive twice in the last 2 weeks so i want to install avg antivirus, spywareblaster, spybot, and the latest version of ad-aware(as he only has an older version) before he plugs his modem back in, then update every thing, and run scans using the programs listed above. am i doing the right thing? and how do i go about wiping his hard drive so i can re-install his windows.

Posted: Aug 16, 2005

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Desktop Freeze - Icons Blank - Malware Protection
Windows XP desktop freezes when exiting programs. Also some of windows applications load very slowly. The windows search icon is displayed for 10 seconds or more while loading the control panel, search or help utilities. I am using Mcafee security suite and fixcleaner for security virus and malware protection. These programs show a clean system. Also desktop icons are blanked out for at least a minute when leaving programs. When the icons fill in the system operates fine.

Posted: Aug 18, 2010

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