Computer Slow To Load Up And Shut Down

Apr 30, 2007

For 2 days now it takes my computer a long time to load up and a long time to shutdown. I did a scan for spyware, trojans and virus's and it still hasn't fixed the problem.

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Computer Slow To Shut Down, Random Restarts

Nov 2, 2008

I am wondering if they are all related. When I click start>shut down, computer hangs up for about 5 minutes before the box, shut down, restart, etc. shows up-computer then shuts down normally.When I print documents, the first will print, then it takes a long time before another will print. The printer is new and works fine. It is connected to this computer, but shared over a home network. Does the same with the other computers in the network.The computer screen will occasionally go dark and just reboot.

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Computer Running Extremely Slow / Shut Down Automatically?

Apr 20, 2006

comp is running very slow... he signs in and gets kicked out and computer shuts down sometimes.

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Computer Running Slow: Can't Load Websites?

Jul 31, 2005

I have Windows Service Pack 2 and all of a sudden my computer is running painfully slow. Takes ages to boot up, desktop images don't appear for ages, anything I click on doesn't happen for a few minutes. Internet is the same. I was going to look up some info on the menopause, but websites taking so long to load I think I may have been through it by the time I find out about it! AVG says no virus found.

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Computer Slow Loading - Take Long Time To Load A Page

Dec 8, 2007

My computer is very very slow, I don'i think is the dsl but the os because it take long time to load a page for example when Ill click on firefox it take 20 to 30 second to load the page than when the page is loaded and i switche web page it load very quickly, same think when i'm tryng to upload the outlook express more than 40 second to upload the program, and when performing multitask everything it slow doan even more, even opening tha my computer file it take 5/10 second.

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Computer Running Slow: Programs Taking Long To Load?

Mar 16, 2008

My computer is driving me nuts,, it takes slow long lately for anything to load on my computer. everything I try to open takes like 10 seconds or more. I get so impatient. Is there something I can do to make things open faster?

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My Computer Takes Longer Time To Load Icons At The Desktop And Also It Is Slow

Jun 29, 2010

My computer is getting really slow. now it is taking more time to load the icons at desktop awell as to load the internet explorer. it use to be fast before but it is taking more time to execute the command. i am using xp. pentium 4, 1 gb ram, symentic antivirus. i used utility softeware tune up. does that made it slow.

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Computer Takes Longer Time To Load Icons At The Desktop And Also It Is Slow

Feb 28, 2007

My computer is getting really slow. now it is taking more time to load the icons at desktop awell as to load the internet explorer. it use to be fast before but it is taking more time to execute the command. i am using xp. pentium 4, 1 gb ram, symentic antivirus. i used utility softeware tune up.

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Computer Running Very Slow Takes Long Time To Load Startup Programs

Aug 25, 2007

Operating System - Windows XP running on a HP Pavillion 761n - Missing dll files such as:mscvr80.dll and msvcp80.dll. Can't seem to find these files anywhere or I just don't know where to locate them.

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CPU Won't Load Past Screen - Shut Down For Safety Reason

Dec 8, 2006

Everytime I boot up my computer I get a message that my computer had shut down for a safety reason, power failure, inproper shut down etc, so I am given theses options:

1.Start Normally
2.Start at last working configuration (setting that my cpu last worked properly)
3.Safe mode mode with networking mode & something else (sorry I forget exactly)

Currently, I have to disable the other computer so I can get online with this one, so I may not be exactly wording the messages given.........

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Lsass.exe Causing System To Shut Down / Websites Wont Load?

Sep 12, 2005

Ok I'm getting this message now saying that something called lsass.exe is causing my pc to just shutdown while I'm right in the middle of something. And, earlier today I deleted some registries by mistake and computer just went haywire. I think for the most part I got them fixed but now pc freezes up and some sites take forever for me to load or certain programs like musicmatch radio and

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Slow Shut Down

Apr 24, 2006

I have an Alienware Sentia laptop with a 1.8Ghz processor, 1Gb RAM running XP Sp-2 It has AVG Firewall & Virus guard & I regularly run Spybot Search & Destroy. It starts up quickly & runs fast, I love it. until it's time to shut down. After clicking the red Shutdown button it takes nearly 90 seconds before the lights actually all go out. The screen does it's "windows is shutting down" bit & then goes black but the green LED for disc activity continues for 30-40 seconds which seems an age when you're just stood waiting for it.Anyone any ideas to speed it up? Or know why it does it (I won't mind so much if I know why) I'm sure it wasn't this slow for the first few months.

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Slow Startup And Shut Down Speeds

Jul 25, 2007

It was configured with windows vista I was using Windows Vista 32bit for 2 months and then switched to 64 bit for the next 2 months. Things were slow, startup, shutdown, normal working etc. Some games ran slow (Halflife 2:Episode One, Company of Heroes), some games ran perfect (Oblivion Elder Scrols, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory). Then I switched back to XP. we have really degraded our thinking level. We guys used to complain about the slow startup and shut down speeds of XP.

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Laptop Really Slow Start Up & Shut Down

Feb 12, 2009

I've been reading thru posts & seem to have some big time slow down issues. I'll post as much info as I can to get started please let me know what else may be needed to help clean this laptop up.

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SP2 Slow To Load

Oct 17, 2007

From the time I log in, it takes 5 minutes for the desktop to load & another 21 minutes for the system tray to complete loading. While waiting for the system tray I have time to have coffee & do the crossword puzzle. I would much rather be reading my Email.

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Extreamly Slow Shut Down - Downloaded And Installed The Latest Security Updates

Apr 30, 2007

I recently downloaded and installed the latest security updates for Win XP. The computer runs fine, but when
it is time to shut it down it takes an extremely long time to complete the shut down. I defragmented the hard
drive thinking that would solve the problem but it had no noticeable affect

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Certain Sites Load VERY Slow

Aug 19, 2005

I've got a very peculiar problem with my desktop computer. When I go to the Delorme website or support forums, pages are exquisitely slow to load, and the forum pages never complete loading fully. The problem doesn't seem to be with their site, since I can access these same pages just fine when using my laptop, or my daughter's computer, all plugged into the same cable-modem connection as my desktop, through a hub/switch. All 3 systems are Win XP Home/SP2, with all critical updates installed. The system having the problem is a 3 year-old Gateway 2.2 GHz Pentium 4, 1 gb RAM, with ample hard drive space available. Both SpyBot S&D and AdAware SE are run regularly, and have been run recently, along with NAV2005, and no virus, worms, spyware, etc. are found. It is running IE 6.0 It is just these Delorme sites that exhibit this problem, with all other sites loading extremely quickly on my fast cable-modem. In face, PC Pit Stop usually clocks me in excess of 4000 kbps download most of the time.

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Load Really Slow - Donotscan

Aug 16, 2009

When Windows loads (black screen with blue thing moving) It takes really long (about 2-5 min usually).
After that, blue screen, where computer would scan disk C:/ - It don't scans, just stands on 0%.
And the third thing, windows start up loads pretty slowly.I need help really, because whole computer started to work very bad since windows loads slow.I runned CCleaner, cleared everything, runned AVG full system scan

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Slow Load At Startup

Feb 28, 2007

it posts fine,but takes 4 minutes from desktop appearing to fully load (noticably the last icon to appear on the taskbar is the LAN connection),the old pc would be ready to work within 30 seconds of powering on.i've tried booting with all non-essential startup items disabled via msconfig.reconfigured bios several times,using almost every bios version designed for this board,currently using the bios specifically designated for this CPU on this mobo.ram is configured according to mobo specs (its in the right slots).i am aware the agp card is somewhat underpowered,but it did provide reliable quality functionality on the old PC.

this was a clean XP home install (same disc used on previous PC) fully updated,hdd's are all ntfs partitions,regularly cleaned up and defragged.the best information i can gather from ASUS forums is that there is a problem with the on board ethernet (intel pro 1000) however there does not seem to be a solid fix or any updated drivers available,the LAN connection does drop in and out at random times sometimes frequently (enough to make me doubt it is an ISP problem) and sometimes not for a week are there any further suggestions?should i be disabling the onboard ethernet and installing a standard PCI 10/100 as i have gathered a faulty ethernet port does slow XP load times considerably.i should mention i have had the CPU professionaly tested good and ASUS support seems to be somewhere in the bermuda triangle for the p5p800se.

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Webpages Slow To Load Or Not At All

Mar 15, 2010

Webpages take forever to load. Sometimes they don't load at all. All webpages are this way not just some. Either they just set there saying they are waiting. Or it says done but the screen is white. Or after hours it loads but not completely. Or I get the message that ie cannot open the webpage. You just recently fixed a DNS hijacker with combofix. I have ran antivirus and antispyware and antimalware. The machine seems clean.

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IE 8 Extremely Slow To Load Ond Open

Feb 26, 2009

Internet pages open extremely slow in IE8. When I open IE it takes about a full minute for my home page to load and open. Any quick fixes? Running XP home, 1.2 gig processor, 512 MB RAM

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System Really Slow To Load Any Program

Jan 31, 2009

It's running like molasses in January. I've run Spybot, Advanced Care, AVG and defragged. It was better for about 10 minutes and that was it. Slow to load any program, internet is slow, a girl could get old here trying to get work done.

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Folders Slow To Load In Same Window

Dec 21, 2008

I've got a Dell running Windows XP Home with a very specific but hard to search for problem:

1. Opening any folder in the same window (folder options set to 'open folder in same window') is incredibly slow (minutes) but opening any folder in a new window or setting folder options to 'open each folder in a new window' is perfectly normal.

2. Internet Explorer takes minutes to load a new page (you can see that it's loaded in the staus bar but you can hear the computer grinding for minutes until it displays the new page). Firefox is just fine.Both of these issues appeared at exactly the same time.

3. Probably unrelated but windows installer is not functional? (I haven't looked into this much yet)

Nothing unusual is running in task manager and none of the normal processes are running extra hard. I have done the basic spybot, adaware, and regfix scans with a couple files removed but none that affected this issue.

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Load Slow Internet Pages

Sep 19, 2006

I have a cable connection and lately I have notice that most of my internet pages are laoding painfully slow. I have clean up the temp files, cache and have check for adware/spyware. I am directly connect to the cable modem so there is no interference with a router. My cable provider says there is no "packet loss" when they ping by IP. They suggest that it is something to do with my PC any suggestions?

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Slow - Takes So Long To Load Pages

Aug 7, 2008

I have posted this problem before and haven't really gotten it resolved. My computer takes so long to load pages its driving me crazy. I feel like I am on dial up. it takes like a minute for a page to load. I have tried the AFT cleaner

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Start System Load Files Slow

Jan 15, 2009

Started having issues last week, very very slow loading XP , then once loaded it would freeze take forever to get going again, opening programs files etc took forever, loaded in safe mode last night backed up as much as i could, at some point the comp. shut up and tried restarting, now windows won't load at all, either in safe mode or normal start up, i know a little bit about comps not enough to know if im completely ed or not, or if there is another way i can at least back up my Hard Disk or reinstall windows on my other Hard Disk and back up the orginally Hard Disk that way.

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Internet Running Very Slow: Wont Load More Than 20 KB/s ?

Oct 16, 2007

Last weekend, my internet conection at home got really slow, for no reason at all. After contacting my internet provider, they were saying that my conection had no rpblem at all.I decided to conect my notebook in the same cable, always direct out of the modem, and for my surprise, it was totaly normal there, downloading from my referece server at 600 Kb/s. Conected my desktop back...and the problem persisted, couldnt dowload at more them 20 Kb/s from the same server.

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Slow To Load Windows 2000 - Virtual Memory Too Low

Jan 5, 2005

The computer is slow to load windows 2000. Takes several mintues to connect to the net. Message showing that "Virtual Memory is low". Have gone into "My computer" - then "advanced options" and increased virtual memory to 1500. There is a good amount of space on the disc. But actions made no difference and still get the message that the virtual memory is low. Speed of computer not improved.Will try "System restore".

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Slow Logon & Taskbar Takes Ages To Load

Feb 17, 2006

I am running xp home edition sp2, here are some details about my motherboard and memory nd stuff off cpu/z Right now that out of the way the probelm is it takes about 20 seconds to logon to my user account and takes 10 seconds for the tasbar to load! i have canceled down some unused services, cleared my startup programs, run adaware and cleanup stuff etc nd nothing has worked!

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Computer Running Slow - Not Just Internet Slow But Onboard Slow

May 10, 2010

Lately my computer has been extremely slow, not just internet slow but onboard slow. For example, if I click on an application from the desktop it will sit there for 10-20 seconds before anything happens. Occasionally I'll click multiple times on something and nothing will happen then 30 seconds later it will open multiple instances of things. This delay has been happening with just about anything I click on, acting like the computer's busy doing something else when nothing else should be going on. I've looked in the task manager and the applications column will be blank

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Slow Internet Browsing: Takes 30 Seconds To Load A Page?

May 13, 2006

i just bought this new computer for 1 of the staff and i have configured his profile. but then i tried to browse the internet and found it very slow, not in opening the IE, but in loading the pages. it takes around 20 to 30 seconds to load a page. when i use ping to check the connectivity, it takes a long time to display the first line, but it gives me a 1ms when pinging the server, which is good.

now i login with the administrator account and find the internet browsing is fast, but again the ping takes a while to display the first line. i did give that user Administrator permissions and tried again, but it's the same issue. i thought it would be higher permissions which could affect the user. So, i added the user to "domain admins", "administrators" groups, and i tried again, but the same situation

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