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How To Delete Domain From Computer Name

Some time ago after installing Windows 7 on my computer, I added a domain name (don't ask me why - I was just fiddling around ). Now, I cannot delete it. From my dos commands, when I do a pathping, I get and I want to get rid of the domain part of it since no one else has that domain.

We all log in here on our computers not from any domain controller. We share an Internet pipe and a simple file server.

I have tried going in through Computer|Properties|, under computer name - 'Change Settings' under "To rename this computer click Change" [Change], and under [More] where it states a DNS suffix, it is blank.

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Delete Computer From Domain / Delete Users Profile
I need to replace a W2K computer on a domain with a Windows 7 computer(laptop), but I want to keep the same computer name.I need the ip, username, profile to stay the same. Can I delete the computer from the domain and name the new computer that name I deleted and still keep the users profile on the new machine, as if it was the old one?

Posted: Oct 29, 2009

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Domain Slowing Down Computer?
Our setup is as follows: Users are in a remote location connected by satellite link to the domain server. The domain server is DNS and DHCP server for client computers. Because of the satellite connection data transmission has a longer than normal latency delay but transfer speeds are not bad (0.5 mps).I can understand that when logging in, a client computer might experience a longer login time as Windows communicates with the domain server to validate credentials.However, after logging in, are there network activities being performed by the client computer with the domain server on a permanent basis that would make the client computer much slower than normal while performing local tasks? Users report that when logged into the domain, their computers slow down significantly even when opening files on their hard disks.It might be that other issues are causing the problem, but I would like to understand better how the client - server relationship works when logged into a domain so that we can test further.

Posted: Sep 12, 2011

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Computer Is Not In A Domain Environment
The computer is Windows 7 Professional 64-bit edition version 6.1 Build 7601 service pack 1. The computer is not in a domain environment. I believe this may be a security issue however I completed an in-place windows 7 upgrade to try and fix the problem but after all of the windows updates, etc the error remains and appears every time the computer is rebooted..[code] The relevant status code says that the "Object already exists" which I think is far more relevant then some memory issue. Do I have to delete some file or registry entry? Or is it a security issue?

Posted: Apr 25, 2012

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Windows 7 Professional / Samba Domain V 3.5.8 / Unable To Join Domain?
I have done this all before. In addition to

DWORD DomainCompatibilityMode = 1
DWORD DNSNameResolutionRequired = 0

I am using Samba 3.5.8 and I am trying to join a Windows 7 64Bit laptop to my domain.

HP Pavillion dv6
Intel core i5 CPU M 520 @ 2.40GHz 2.40Ghz
4.00 GB RAM

However when I try join the domain i get the following message:"The following error occurred attempting to join the domain "MYDOMAIN"The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.If I do a nslookup it resolves the domain controller, as well if i watch the traffic I can only see UDP traffic on that IP, however i can still browse the web from it?

Posted: Jun 22, 2011

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Data Gone When Removing Computer From A Domain?
I had a domain on my computer that was restricting me from changing passwords etc on my computer. I removed my computer from the domain but now i have seemed to have lost all the data that was on my computer, inc music and important documents.Can anyone help me recover these?

Posted: Nov 4, 2012

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Can't Log In Windows 7 Computer After Removing It From Domain To Workgroup
Cant log in my windows 7 computer after removing it from domain to workgroup

Posted: Dec 13, 2011

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Way To Assign A Computer Name And A Domain When The Image Is Loading?
I'm currently developing a new SOE from scratch for the company I currently work for as my first real project I have a few concerns surrounding what should be included and what can actually be achived.When I create the image from PC1 does it copy absolutly everything EG: Computer settings and Product keys? The reason why I ask is if it copies the product key aswell we could be in some serious trouble with the auditors.Branching off from my last question, is there anyway to assign a computer name and issue the pc a domain when the image is loading? Or is this not possible?

Posted: Jan 17, 2012

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How To Make Domain User As Local Computer Admin
I want to make domain user as local admin on his system which he logged in on windows 7. How can I perform this?

Posted: Apr 19, 2011

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How To Make Domain User As Local Computer Admin
actually i put a server,and to create one system as a domain member , that was not installed properly that why i delete this active directory and reinstall and to make a domain members except that system

Posted: Sep 17, 2012

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Corrupt User Profile When Removing And Adding Computer To Domain?
We have removed a computer from the domain because of some network issues.When we logged in to the computer as a local administrator we've noticed that the user folder of the domain user who was previously logged to that computer was almost empty(except for the appdata folder).When we joined the pc back in the domain the computer made a new profile.Unfortunaly the user did save some documents on his dekstop in the old profile.

Posted: Nov 23, 2011

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Can't Connect To Home-group From A Domain-joined Windows 7 Computer
I have a Windows 7 PC that's joined to a domain. The network location says "Domain network" and cannot be changed. According to Microsoft, you must set your location to "Home" in order to be able to join a computer to an already existing HomeGroup.My advanced sharing settings for both Home and Domain (domain being the current profile) show all the sharing and discovery settings enabled. HomeGroup Listener and HomeGroup Provider services are started. My Windows Firewall is enabled. I can connect to \computername of my HomeGroup computers.However, I cannot join the HomeGroup. It says "There is currently no homegroup on your network." [URL]I verified the group policy settings do not prohibit me from changing my network location from Domain to Home so that I may join a HomeGroup. However, I still cannot click on "Domain network" in order to change it to Home.How can I join this computer to the HomeGroup?

Posted: Apr 19, 2012

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Wifi Access From Domain To Domain?
I have two domains, and [URL] i need to be able to access the wifi that is on [URL] from a laptop that is joined to [URL]? im running win 7 pro 32 bit with the following security on the [URL] domain wifi

Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption Type: AES

the real deal is that i just need [URL] to share the wifi with as under [URL] domain there are other attributes that need to be accessed?

Posted: Jun 22, 2012

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Can't Delete File From Computer
I recently downloaded Apache Open Office. After installing it, I didn't like it so uninstalled it. But the application is still in my downloads and I can't delete it. It just says preparing to recycle forever. How do I get rid of this?

Posted: May 12, 2012

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Cant Delete Account Off Computer?
im trying to delete my old account off my computer and when i do delete file and continue it still shows up. i even restarted the computer and it still showed up. and when i try to create a new one it tells me i cant have certain characters like "/|#* but none of those are in there.

Posted: May 31, 2012

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Delete Windows 7 From Computer
delete windows 7 from computer

Posted: Jul 21, 2012

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Can't Delete File Nor Open The Computer
first of all i can open mycomputer icon in my laptop but if i open... it just doesn't show any contents or when ever i try to delete a file in this condition from any folder i am unable to delete it... it happens almost everyday(my laptop is samsung rv509,operating system is windows 7.

Posted: May 23, 2012

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How To Delete Virtual Drive From Computer
How to delete virtual drive from computer

Posted: Apr 10, 2010

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How To Delete Built-in Windows Defender From Computer
I have Windows 7 on my computer. I have built-in Windows Defender. Is Windows Defender useful? If not, specifically how can I delete it from my computer?

Posted: Aug 11, 2011

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How To Delete Corrupt / Ghost Files From Computer
I have this really annoying file in my library on windows 7 and I can't seem to delete it. I've tried the traditional ways of deleting it, dragging it to the the recycling bin, renaming it, copying and pasting it somewhere else and then trying, using software programs called "Unlcocker" and "CCleaner", and even going into the CMD prompt of my computer attempting to remove it from there; side note...(I'm not the best at using CMD commands and navigating through there, so maybe I've missed something). Ive also tried to run chkdisk command to see if it was some sort of registry error and I've also tried safe boot mode to see if I could simply delete it that way. The problem with this file is that my computer cant seem to find it on my hard-drive, its like the file doesn't exists, its just a icon in my pictures document.

Posted: Oct 2, 2012

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Delete Blinkx Video Player From Computer?
how to delete and or remove blinkx video player from computer

Posted: Sep 27, 2012

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When Use My Computer / Received VCGFE Is Compressed Press Ctr-alt-delete Message
When I went to use my computer this morning, I received "VCGFE is compressed press ctr-alt-delete" message. I rebooted the computer, and I'm receiving the same message. I tried to go to safe mode (F8) but that didn't work.

Posted: Jun 15, 2012

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Can't Find Option To Delete Thread On Phone Will Delete
Moving to general can't find the option to delete thread on my phone will delete.this thread when im home.

Posted: Jan 28, 2013

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How To Delete "HP2011 Locked" From Computer
how to get rid of "HP2011 locked"display when starting ,stopping my computer.

Posted: Jan 6, 2012

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How To Join A Domain Via VPN
We have a user who works remotely from home.I would like to add his machine to our domain (as we do in the office) so that he can log in and operate as if he was here.

Posted: Jun 13, 2011

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PC Trace On Domain?
Lately my pc on work have been joined into a domain, there is no third party software installed at my pc at all. Does that mean that they can know what i am opening or browsing or how much traffic is on my pc like downloading.

Posted: Jan 13, 2012

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2 Domain In 1 ETH Connection
How to access 2 networks in one physical ETH RJ45 connection ?

At first I would say it is not possibel but it seems my former colleague did this on a Windows 7 machine. Having 2 network:


Can I set a WIN 7 computer to 'see' both networks, without adding a second ethernet card ?

Posted: Feb 22, 2012

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Cannot Log Back Into Domain?
I have several machines running Windows 7 64 bit, on which I am running the XP Mode VM. Both the host and the vm are connected to the Domain. I have been having problems where a person will be logged into the vm, then minimize it to work on other things.When they try to get back on the vm, they have to log back in, but are informed that they domain cannot be reached. The only way I have been able to solve this is to un-join the vm from the domain, then rejoin it to the domain. The vm will be in hibernation when the login attempt is made. Is there a setting I need to make to keep this problem from happening

Posted: Apr 13, 2011

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Specified Domain Could Not Be Contacted
The specified domain either does not exist could or not be contacted.

Posted: Jan 1, 2013

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How To Move From Domain To Workgroup
I'm helping someone with there Windows 7 Professional.They can't update it or get certain features to work. I know it is because they are on an old Work Domain.They no longer work for that company. But the Laptop is there's.I went to System and "changed settings" under "Computer Name Domain and Workgroup settings".I changed from "Work Network" to "Home Network".After restarting, ALL of there configurations and settings were gone. Outlook, ACT!, etc needed to be setup again. But the computer was able to access the features that they needed.Apparently the user account that we were using to log in into, was no longer available.I did a system restore to right before I changed to Home Network.How do I change to "Home Network" from "Work Domain" while still keeping ALL user settings, but getting rid of the lockdown that the Domain Policies Enforced?

Posted: Jul 26, 2012

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