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Weird Grey Box On Screen

I'm using Windows 7 logged in as an administrator account, but not the main administrator account. I keep getting this weird grey box that's open in my programs list (when I hit Alt+Tab), but not an application on Task Manager. It doesn't show up on my desktop until I use Alt+Tab to switch to it (here is the image I see from that), when it appears on my desktop and doesn't disappear (see this screenshot). It won't let me click on it; refreshing the desktop doesn't get rid of it either. I tried closing a couple processes on Task Manager, but couldn't figure out what it was.

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Grey Box On Desktop Won't Go Away
I have a magic grey box appearing on the desktop of my Dell E6320 running windows 7. It is normally not there when I first turn the PC on, but then appears. I haven't managed to figure out what I'm doing that causes it to start but once it's there the only way to get rid of it is to reboot - but that's only temporary as it comes back pretty quickly.I've attached a few pics, you can see that it is "on top" all the time and usually covers over all sorts of handy sections of the system so I have to move windows around to get to what is behind this box.

Posted: Nov 29, 2012

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Grey Screen After Welcome?
I recently updated my windows 7 through Windows Updates, it shows Win7 SP1 in device manager, as soon as i restart my computer after the welcome screen it shows me a grey screen for about 5 mins and shows me the account name that it shouldn't show as there's only one user account, i don't know what to do, please help me, I am on i5 2400, ASUS H61 M-LX, Corsair 4X2 GB DD3 1333 9-9-9-24, Win 7 32bit..

Posted: Jan 14, 2012

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Stuck At Grey Screen
Yesterday I was listening to music until my netbook froze. When I restart it, the Asus eee grey screen came up and it is stuck there. Pressing F2 to go to set up did not work and pressing tab did not go to bios.

Posted: Aug 21, 2011

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Screen Background Changes From Near White To Grey?
I have recently purchased an Acer Veriton X275 with Windows 7 Professional and I am experiencing a nuisance issue.The screen background changes from near white to grey either, after a time lapse or on depression of keyboard key.This can be temporarily rectified by switching the monitor off and then on and, occasionally, by depressing Ctrl/Alt/Del, entering Task Manager and then cancelling.It seems as though a screen energy saver is operating but I am unable to locate it to extend the period before it cuts in.

Posted: May 16, 2011

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Screen With Blue And Grey Lines
Since a couple of weeks, I have a problem with my laptop screen. From time to time, suddenly, everything on the screen disappears and I get a screen with only white and grey lines (see picture attached). When this happens, I can't use the laptop anymore and I have to shutdown by pressing the power button. On some days, I have no problems, on other days, this happens several times.

Posted: Aug 13, 2011

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Computer Shows A Grey Screen?
My computer has been acting strange upon start up. It takes a little longer than usuall to show my accounts and once I click them it also takes a bit longer. When the home screen finally comes on its a gray screen. This screen lasts for almost 30 seconds. Is this something I need to be concerned about?

Posted: Aug 15, 2011

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Compaq Going To A Grey Screen With Horizontal Lines
I don't have the model on me now, but recently I worked on a Compaq Desktop computer. At random times (could be any program open), it would go to a grey screen with weird horizontal lines. I upgraded the video drivers, ran a video stress test and it went over 2 hours with no problems.

The customer just reported to me that it happened again so I am thinking that maybe it is a faulty motherboard (video built onto motherboard). What do you guys think? I didn't wanna give the customer the run around saying "Let's try 1) putting in a new video card then 2) lets try reformatting and lastly 3) lets replace the motherboard)"

Posted: Oct 21, 2011

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Computer Hanging And Grey Screen At StartUp?
I have a desktop, custom built, that has been a nightmare since day one. Anyway, last time I brought it in for repairs they checked the motherboard and RAM- it was all fine, and they replaced my hard drive.For the past month or so, my computer will freeze or hang while I'm in the middle of working on something. I'm a photographer and it usually happens when photoshop is left sitting open for a few minutes. Firefox will freeze and so will PS and Bridge.When it freezes, nothing works. Ctrl+alt+delete will work to open the task manager, but it won't actually end any tasks when I try. I am forced to hold the power button down to shut it off. About 3 days ago I got a message upon start up saying that I needed to check disk but immediately said that it couldn't check disk due to a corruption? Stating that a recently installed software was the problem and I needed to do a system restore. I tried to do a system restore to before I installed my machforms update and it wouldn't let me! Stated that the c drive is corrupt and I need to do a check disk. So it's sending me in a circle and I can't complete either. Today, when I booted I received a lovely grey screen. This happened about 7 times before it booted normally. I tried to boot in safe mode but it froze.

Posted: Feb 2, 2013

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Grey Screen Is The Ati Card Is Damaged
I bought a new graphics card thinking my old ati radeon 4670 was the problem ( now have geforce GTs 450) and then bought a new 2tb Seagate drive thinking I would just try a new install of windows 7 In case it was a driver/virus etc. issue( didn't want to lose my old partition in case it wasn't )It's only on normal startup, safe mode doesn't give me any problems so I'm at a loss here, I think it may be either a psu or maybe bad memory.

Posted: Apr 21, 2011

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Screen Blanking Out And Displaying Grey Lines?
When I was using the computer just now, the screen just randomly blanked out and showed grey lines instead! I couldn't do anything with the machine, so I switched it off at the wall and restarted it. After a few minutes, the same thing happened again!

I changed the monitor for a spare one, and after about 20 minutes, the same thing happened!

My graphics card is brand new, so it shouldn't be that!

Posted: Feb 20, 2012

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How To Change Default Screen Color From White To Grey
my sister has macular degeneration and has trouble with the glare of her monitor. i want to be able to make the default screen color grey instead of white in all programs. is that possible? For example, i was able to make the screen color grey in Word and the font black so that it opens that way everytime. but that is only one program. i would like to be able to do this so that everything works that way.

Posted: Mar 26, 2011

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Screen Blinks While In Grey And White Combination Backgrounds?
Since yesterday I've noticed that whenever I access a page with grey and white colors (Hotmail, Messenger, Latest news, Sport, Music, Movies, Money and Cars from MSN UK this one is the only one so far) some lines appear and they blink, this does not happen in white or black backgrounds, I've tried removing video drivers (when these were uninstalled there were no lines, but when I installed them back again the lines came back too ), doing a flash player clean install and restarted in safe mode (when in safe mode the lines did not appear) ,My GPU is a RADEON HD 6850, and I've tried with an old driver and with a new one but no ; I don't have any other PCs so I cannot try the monitor in another one unfortunately?

Posted: Dec 4, 2011

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ASUS Netbook Won't Boot (stuck At Grey Screen)
My netbook froze on friday night. Try to restart, but was stuck at grey screen. It has asus logo and eee pc written. The options f2 to run setup and tab to display bios post yields nothing. In other words, pressing either button doesn't work. I have removed the battery, pressed the power button without the power cord, put everything back in, tapping f2. So far, no progress. Few times, i try pressing f2 similtaneously as i hit the power button, i got american megatrends screens. Still, none go further. I have this netbook for a little over a year. The warranty just expired a month ago. It is running window 7 starter already installed when i got it at bestbuy. I had contacted asus support, and tried some i mentioned above. I prefer to do this by myself.

Posted: Aug 22, 2011

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Grey Lines Appear On Laptop Screen Windows 7 ATI Radeon 3200?
suddenly the grey lines engulfed 2-3rd of the screen of my laptop.. I had replaced replaced window vista with window 7 .Now i dnt know how to cope up this problem.

Posted: Jul 9, 2012

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Laptop Gives A Weird Screen While Running
I have wireless at my new job. It is a "guest" link. I know that I have been given the corrct secutrity key for access; others are using it. However my Toshiba, running windows 7 displays a quick weird screen which includes this sentence: Driver_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, and references this information.What do I need to do to stop my system from crashing and connect with my work wireleas like everyone else?

Posted: Mar 28, 2012

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Weird Gray Screen Right After Welcome Screen?
I've been experiencing a strange problem all of a sudden. When I started my PC this morning, it went on to the blue welcome screen and then suddenly a gray-black screen appears and stays there for a long time. eventually, multiple instances of the same error message pop up with multiple processes:the instruction at 0x referenced memory at 0x. The required data was not placed into memory because I/o error....Upon restarting, I've tried safe mode, repair, last config etc. to no avail. Windows also tries to check c: for errors sometimes, but it just hangs saying some unexpected error was found.

Posted: Jun 22, 2012

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Computer Screen Froze With Weird Glitch
Today, I was browsing the internet, while watching a stream of MLG. While suddenly my comp screen shows weird glitchy lines and the sound freezes, i end up turning off my computer and restarting it, but the glitchy screen still shows and wont startup to login screen. I was able to startup into safe mode (still with the weird glitch on screen) but the restoring and doing startup repair seems to not have fixed the problem.

Posted: Jun 10, 2012

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Weird Color Line Across Top Of Laptop Screen
after one day of upgrading from Vista to Windows 7 yesterday, my computer's screen saver stopped and had this weird colored line across the top of my laptops monitor...I restarted and right after the boot up screen it shoots the color line across the top of the screen. No matter what I do it just ends with the line at the top. I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FW285J laptop. The thing ran amazing until just a little while ago. I've read that it might be my graphics card, but if that's the case then why does it show the windows 7 setup stuff when I try to reinstall windows 7. I'd dona clean install to see if my problem is fixed (though I doubt it), but I'm afraid of it resulting in my wifi and LAN not working. url...

Posted: Feb 9, 2011

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Screen Displays In Box Projection Not Full Screen After Downloading Windows 7?
My screen displays in Box projection not full screen after downloading windows 7 - how can I get the graphoics to fit the full screen please

Posted: Jan 3, 2013

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Screen Show Box Display Rather Than Full Screen Size
My screen show box display rather than full screen size after downloading Microsoft Windows 7, how can I get Full screen size

Posted: Jan 3, 2013

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Crash While Playing Skyrim,screen Goes Black With Weird Noises?
a crash occurred while i was playing skyrim,when i am in open world scree goes black within few minutes and weird noises start coming.Same thing happened while i was playing eflc.

amd phenom II x4 3.2Ghz
GA-880GM-USB3 Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
sapphire hd 6850
g-skill 4 gb ddr3
if any solution please reply i have become mad taking these crashes
and my pc is 3 months old
with oem windows 7 64 bit

Posted: Mar 5, 2012

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Toshiba A200 Weird Screen / Freeze When Plugged In - Works Fine In Safe Mode
My A200 has been upgraded to 4GB RAM, and Win7, worked fine for a while, then started randomly freezing with weird screen stuff (video not displaying properly). Power off only worked. Much frustration and removal of progs later, tried on safe mode - works fine. Safe mode with networking - works fine. Can plug it in (surefire way to get it to fault normally) and in safe mode it works fine, in normal mode, immediate fault.

Thought perhaps a horrible malware, did clean install from disc of win7, no change (except now, coz I deleted all the Toshiba drivers, the dvd drive is noisly lol). Can't load progs to run the damned thing properly because it won't run in normal mode, only safe mode. Tried formatting the hdd, but it won't let me (partitions) which I thought were reformatted during a clean install anyway?

Haven't tried changing the charger yet, because it works fine in safe mode, so I thought probably a software issue? Have tried minimal or "clean" normal boots, freezes immediately.

Posted: Mar 29, 2012

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Icon Box At Top Of Screen?
i just got windows 7 and when i first turned on my new computer there was a icon box at the very top with a media icon, security icon, internet icon, and i believe an email icon(and a couple of others). so anyway the box is gone now and i want it backdoes anyone know what it is called so i can read up on it or even better does anyone know how to turn it back on.

Posted: Dec 16, 2009

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Blue Screen While Using Usb Dvb Box?
I am using ProgDVB with DTV-DVB UST7000Bda DVB USB Boxsometime blue screen appear and windows crashed !Dmp files : attached

Posted: Sep 21, 2012

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Screen Reoloution Dialog Box After Login
I'm running Windows 7 RTM x64 on a Macbook Pro.

This didn't happen on any of the beta releases, but I keep getting the screen reoloution dialog box when i first login.

I can close it, of course, but its a little annoying

Any ideas?

Posted: Aug 13, 2009

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Weird Screen Freeze / Programs Failing, Just Complete Freeze On Computer
Im having screen freezes every couple of days. My whole computer just freeze what its doing.Been

-on word
-on a game
-watching movies
-transfering data

So no specifi thing sets it off.Cant alt-cnt-delete.Its like a screen shot of my computer and watching a picture. Cant even move the mouse.My keyboard can change colours via buttons on it (logitech g110). I cant even change the colours coz its like the whole pc is in a time freeze..Due to this i dont get an "windows had an unexpected error" message when i restart the computer...

Posted: Jul 13, 2011

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Change Location Windows 7 Password Box On Logon Screen?
I there a way to change the location of the password box on the Windows 7 logon ScreenI managed to remove the Picture Frame on the login screen using instruction found on this forum months ago, but now, I am an assassin's creed fan, and I have changed the background screen to the Assassin's Creed Logo and would like to move the "password input box" down so that It does not end up n the middle logo.

Posted: Mar 9, 2012

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Windows 7 No Login Box,no Image, No Other Function Box
I have windows 7 Ultimate and my problem is that while booting my windows boots till the login page ,but i cannot find any login box to enter password and no icons to restart or perform any kind of function,,the function ALT-CTRL-DEL is useless,i can just see is "Windows 7 Ultimate" written on the bottom of my screen and nothing else with blue windows background.My keyboard is useless at that time and can just move the cursor.I have not installed any new Software or Hardware. I'm facing this problem from past 2 days. Also there is no login box or any functions,when i start system in Safe mode.configurations:Windows 7 Ultimate.

Posted: Jan 15, 2013

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Windows 7 Login Screen/box Won't Open - Only Background And Cursor Visible
I was surfing the net this morning and in the background i was installing "Logmein". I assume the website i got it off is legit as many of my friends have it installed it to play networked games. This is the website i downloaded it from [URL] Whilst it was installing my laptop froze and ctrl + alt + del wouldn't work so i turned it off by holding down the power button and then turned it back on. It now loads up a screen that says "Windows error recovery" and has an option to "Launch Startup Repair" or "Start windows normally" . whichever one i select the outcome is the same... a screen that says "windows is loading files..." followed by a blank login screen with only the cursor for company as shown in the image below: [URL]

I have no idea what to do and this is the first real problem i haven't been able to solve in the 2 years ive had it.

I have tried every option in the "Advanced Boot Options" (F8 on startup) menu in the hope that something different would happen but every single time is identical to the last. I am running windows 7 premium x64 bit on the Sony Vaio VGN-NW20SF. My laptop didn't come with a windows 7 disk so i cant reformat it. I havent backed it up for a while and there are files i would like to keep if possible.

Posted: Jun 28, 2011

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