Network Account Continuously Locked Out

May 1, 2012

my user account keeps getting locked out on my domain. It's happening about every 30-60 minutes from my IP address. I've checked the logs on my DCs and the are Pre-Authentication errors due to my laptop being Windows 7 and the DCs running Server 2003. I've tried updating my password and making sure I am logged out of every other server/PC/mapped drive on the domain. I've also tried changing my IP, just because.The strangest part is this happens when my laptop is not connected to the network as well. I will check the logs and my IP Address is listed as the offender.

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Empty Locked Folders Continuously Created On Drive

May 1, 2012

I have most of my games & Steam on this particular SSD & every time I access the drive to add a mod etc there is always at least 50 empty locked .tmp folders (lost count of the number of times I've deleted them) they are all variously named but all start with MSI.. what are they & how can I prevent them from being continuously created.

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Account Lockout - Unlock A Locked Out User Account

May 6, 2010

How to Unlock a Locked Out User Account in Windows 7 ?

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Locked Out From Administrator Account And Can't Add A Guest Account

Oct 29, 2012

I'm locked out from administrator account and can't add a guest account

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User Account Says Locked

Jan 30, 2012

I have an HP Pavilion with windows 7.When the user account screen comes up for you to log in on your account, under mine it says "locked".Why does it say that and how can I change that setting to unlocked.My account is the only one on the computer and we all just use that one, so there are no other accounts on the pc.

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Locked Out Of Windows Account?

Feb 5, 2011

I had no password assigned to my windows account. Yesterday I signed out and restarted my machine. Windows now wants a password. I don't have one. How do I get back in to windows? The interesting thing is that same day my brother called me to tell me the same thing happened to him . He is running win xp. I ran a boot and run virus scanner (bit defender) and it found a few things. I still can't get in to windows.

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Locked Out From Twitter Account

Feb 12, 2013

why do i get a message connection reset when i try to after logging in?

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Cannot Delete User Folder (Locked) With No Associated Account?

Aug 24, 2012

My husband and I just got a new desktop, I originally planned on sharing a user account but since we're both in school I figured to have our own user accounts just to keep our files more separated and everything. So I created a second user account for me. I then realized that since he uses MY iTunes account, it makes sense that we use a shared music folder. Somehow I effed up my folders, the Public Music folder in particular. The only way I could see how to fix it was to restore it. Well that fixed the music folder problem, but it restored the computer back to before I had set up my own user login. No problem, I went back in and re-created it. Now my problem is that the user accounts are just fine, but the user folder from my first account is still in the the C drive under "users" but technically there is no user account that's attached to it. And of course, the folder is locked. I tried to delete it, but got a popup saying I was about to delete a system file so How to I remedy this situation???

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Renaming A Locked User Account Folder?

Apr 12, 2012

I've recently picked up a new hard drive from a buddy of mine.I've managed to change my computer name and user account name.However, the user folder in "My Computer -> Local Disk C: -> Users" is locked, and I am unable to change the name.It doesn't cause any problems, I just want to find a way to change it if its possible.As well, I've also set permissions, but it only allows me to access the files, which is not the problem, since I only want to change the name of the User Account Folder.

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Create A Locked-down Account For Playing Games Only?

May 4, 2011

What would be the quickest way to create a completely locked-down account on my Windows 7 Home Premium so that my flatmates can play my Steam computer games without access to anything else? I've created an account and blocked it's access to the root of all drives via the Security tab of the Properties dialogue of each drive. I've also blocked access to all programs except steam.exe and associated programs.The problems are:some programs are set to run at start-up and yield an error for each program which cannot start - how can I disable start-up programs for a specific user account?steam.exe cannot run because I've blocked access to the drive - I want to be able to block their access in Wndows Explorer but not the authorised programs' access; you know?

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Administrator Account Is Locked In Domain Area?

Sep 5, 2011

I've a problem with ALL my Windows 7 Laptop ini my office. We have 5 Laptop with Windows 7 installed in it. A week ago, everything is doing Normally. I make those 5 laptops join domain, and I make the user in domain as an administrator in their local Laptop. But in last Monday, everything going strange:

1. When I logging in using their account, I can enter the desktop. But when I try to access some programs that need Administrator Account, it become errors and said that I must administrator privilege to access this programs.

2. I try to access user account in control panel, and when I see the user list, it become BLANK. No user defined even an administrator too. When I try to add new user in it, it said that I didn't have Administrator privilege (again).

3. I try to logging in using Local Administrator, but in the log in menu, it said that the administrator account is disabled. How Come?

4. The only way I can access with administrator privilege is using the Domain Administrator. I try to configure again, and when I restart, everything has gone again.

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Windows 7 Admin Account Locked - Stuck With Standard

Sep 24, 2012

I basically had 3 accounts on my computer, one being "Administrator" (w Admin rights), one "test" (Standard User rights) and one more "User" that is the one I use most frequently (with Admin rights). When I last used it last Friday the User account was still present and all my programs were working fine.

However, when I came back to office today, I found that the User account was missing from the welcome screen, and only the "Administrator" and "test" account were there. Somehow, I could not login to the "Administrator" account. When I logged into the "test" account, all the program shortcuts were blank (Firefox, Adobe Reader Etc) and only IE and the default windows programs would work. I suspected that there might be a virus, but I couldn't install anything because I did not have the admin privileges.

My question is:
1. How do I get back into my admin account?
2. is there any way to install anti-virus programs (by going around the admin account) to solve this issue?

I'm basically stuck with a standard user account and I can't do anything with it. I tried using System Restore on the Standard account, but when I click "Open System Restore" nothing happens.

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User Account Deleted - Locked Out Of LT4010U Netbook

Jan 24, 2013

My girlfriend locked me out of my lt4010u by erasing my user account! I would like to completely restore to the purchase status.

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Network Will Not Stay Connected When Laptop Is Locked

May 26, 2009

when I lock my laptop so no can get in to it at home, when I unlock it, it will not be or reconnect to the network(wireless) how do I fix this?

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XBox Connected To Home Network - Shared Folders And Files Locked

Nov 21, 2011

I decided to connect the xbox to my home network, but when I did so all of the shared files and folders got locked. Being locked I cannot watch the videos or play the music with manually unlocking them first. So is there a way to revert them back to their unlocked state? There has to be an easier way than manually doing it... because I have around 50GB of music... that would take an eternity. Here's a screenshot for reference: [URL].

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Can't Login Using Network Administrator Account

Oct 28, 2009

Windows 7 Ultimate - in a domain:

I'm not able to logon to my machine using our Admin account. I just get the usual error that the account isn't valid. Is there something I need to change locally or in Active Directory?

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One Account/user Detects Network Printer, Other Doesn't?

Mar 26, 2011

I have shared the printer attached to the Vista PC, but only one of the laptop accounts/users can add this networked printer.Laptop user A has added the networked printer & printed to it, but user B can't even discover the printer. I have networked & shared everything under the sun.

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No Network Icon In Notification Area For Guest Account

Jan 6, 2010

I like to enable the Guest Account on my Windows 7 computer so that my family can also use my PC for simple web surfing.

One thing that I have noticed in Windows 7 is that when in the guest account no network icon appears in the notification area (aka system tray) to tell you the status of the network connection. This is particularly annoying for me as our wireless network connection can be flaky at times (I blame the neighbours!) and it is good to be able to see the status.

Does anyone know how to enable the network status icon in the guest account?

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Continuously Losing Space On C?

Feb 25, 2012

My system is continuously losing space, down to the last megabyte, even without using it. I've tried deleting all but my last system restore point, and even so, that only uses up 15% so I'm told. I've deleted all unnecessary programs down to the bare essential stuff, I've cleared internet history/cookies often, I've deleted gig after gig of my music until it was gone, and I have virus protection software that hasn't brought up anything major. It's not going away in chunks, just megabytes at a time. I've done everything online I can find, and nothing stopped it, what's happening here?

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BSOD Continuously Crashing?

Sep 12, 2011

I have a Intel Quad Core HP elite Desktop M8190a everything is as manufactured except i upgraded the ram to 4GB.Originally running Vista .. Last week while playing a mp3 file from an external HDD a loud "ticking" occured then the computer crashed. Restarted automatically then a BSOD appeared stating something about a BAD_POOL_CALLER.

Problem Name:BlueScreen


For the last week it has kept crashing daily so i decided to do a full system format to take it back to factory settings. Seemed all was going well, until i got a message stating "bad system configuration, unable to install windows". So i decided to do a fresh clean install of windows 7 64bit (genuine) that i had purchased and had been meaning to do for months. All went well .. connected to the internet fine, activated windows 7. I then installed my printer and all seemed fine. But the second i hooked up my external HDD (which is not new, ive had it as a backup since i purchased the pc 4yrs ago) .. BSOD !!! AGAIN!!! Not sure if it was a coinsidence or not .. but now the pc will not load past the windows screen it just keeps restarting .. so i cant even see the minidump problem .. Also there is no option to use SAFE MODE .. which seems odd. Only options are "Start Windows normally" or "Lauch repair" as this is a fresh OS install attempt there is no last known good configuration .. also i did notice just before one of the crashes that windows was saying it wasnt a "Genuine Version" - but i did purchase it from a store.

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Getting Blue Screen Continuously

May 2, 2011

Yesterday, my comp was still run as normal. Once window update(IE9 update)done and I restarted my computer and played game(PES 2011), the graphic started being not clear and then blue screen occurred. Afterward, I cleaned up the dust in my CPU and also updated my NVIDIA driver to 270.61 version. However, blue screen still occurred repetitively until I was forced to start in safe mode. So, I hope to find out any problems before further action.Here is the error came out from the blue screen.


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System Restarting Continuously

May 1, 2012

when I start the pc it just restarts and boots just before start up n I made no changes.. what could be wrong ?

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Dell Mini Continuously Restarting?

Mar 30, 2012

I have a Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 and it no longer boots fully into windows. It goes through the prompt screen at start-up normally and goes to the next screen, which is a black screen with a green loading bar and has the Microsoft corporation copyright below it.Normally it will boot into the normal windows operating system after this screen, however it just keeps restarting and cycling through these two screens indefinitely.I have already disassembled the computer and cleaned it out and looked for any loose and/broken components but saw neither. Also, I have already re-imaged the computer, setting it back to the original factory state. Neither of these has seemed to help the problem at all and it continues.

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Theme Service Continuously Turning Off?

Feb 5, 2011

Yesterday, seemingly out of nowhere, my theme started messing up. I noticed the scroll bar in google chrome looked like something from windows classic, and some other windows had the same look to them. I thought maybe I'd accidentily changed the theme or something, so I right-clicked the desktop and chose "Personalize", but all themes other than Windows Classic themes were greyed out and I was unable to click them. I hadn't installed/uninstalled anything that day.I checked services.msc and sure enough the "Theme" service was turned off, but it was still set to automatic. So I turned it on, and a few minutes later it turns itself off again.I've tried a system restore to about 5 days before. I've run virus/malware scans, they found nothing. I've rolled back my video drivers, and nothing has worked. Other things to note are that it seems like only some stuff is classic. The task bar still has the aero look to it, but blacks out in some parts. The actual window appearance of windows seem to still use aero, while the inside looks classic.

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Windows 7 Explorer Continuously Crashing

Aug 7, 2011

I'm running Windows 7 home premium (SP1) on a brand new Asus U36SD. I did my usual thing of uninstalling some useless bundled software & ad-ware like games etc. and then just running windows update on the system. I noticed the problems a while after installing both Firefox and VLC, as I hadn't really had to use explorer prior to that.

So first I was afraid it was a virus, but Kaspersky's free to use virus scanner cleared that fear. The next thing I tried was ShellExView, and used it to turn off all the non-MS context menu handlers. It didn't help at all. So I tried to use the registry fix by Andre Ziegler, and it went into the registry all right, but I don't get any dumps. So that's not working out.

System restore doesn't want to function, as it claims I have anti-virus software installed, which I don't, as I've removed the free Kaspersky's software. The computer is without an optical drive, so reinstalling the system would be quite a pain, and seeing as I've not really done anything significant to it yet (I hope), I don't see how it would really help me.

Or how to get the dumps to actually show up? I'm really in a bind, since the crashing is constant and it's basically rendering the laptop useless.

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Continuously Getting Install TrayApp Message After Log On?

Jul 11, 2012

When I log on I get a message to install trayappdisc. I do not have one and dont want this program. I keep checking cancel but it keeps on for about 3 click offs than disappears. How do I get rid of this message?

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Continuously Beeps And Unable To Start?

Nov 2, 2012

my dell inspiron n4010 laptop fell in water and now it unable to start and beeps continously..

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Windows 7 Restore Points Continuously Deleting

Feb 14, 2011

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium on a Dell Inspiron N7010. My system restore points are continuously deleting somehow. I have created restore points manually and I have seen the occasional restore point created from system updates. I will then check back after about an hour or so and the restore point is no longer there! I found that my volume shadow copy service was stopped - I restarted it and set it to auto start. I have system protection set to restore system settings and previous versions of files and have 1.46GB set aside for restore points. I have had it set as high as 2.93GB. I have my laptop set to go to sleep when I close the lid, so I'm wondering if that may be an issue.

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Windows 7 Black Screen And Restarts Continuously

Nov 13, 2012

My computer won't restart, on boot up it won't get past the light blue welcome screen, and mostly stops suddenly before that almost like the power cord has been pulled out.

If I try to run from the CD to make repairs (original cd) the same thing happens right at the point files have finished loading from cd, it black screens and restarts.It will (sometimes) let me start in Safe Mode, but again will black screen and restart if I try any kind of repair - system restore.

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Acer Aspire One D270 Fan Continuously Running?

Jun 11, 2012

I recently purchased a new Acer D270 netbook and observed that its fan is continuously running. Although fan was not making any audible noise at all i thought of using Acer Aspire One Temperature Monitor and Fan Control software even though it mentioned to use the software at your own risk I installed it on my netbook.Now as soon as I ran it my fan speed increased 2 to 3 times the original speed. So, I uninstalled it and restarted my netbook. Now I am observing that even after uninstalling it my fan is running at a `faster speed(may be 1.5 times)` than when I had not installed it. why am I observing this behavior in fan speed and what can be done to reverse the effect of the software.

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Windows 7 Print Spooler Prints Job Continuously

Sep 27, 2010

I have a Windows 7 64bit host that points to a HP 2035 printer connected to a HP175x jet direct print spooler. Every time I print a document from any program the print que continualy resubmits te job when it has completed causing the printer to print multiple copies and will not stop until i cancle the print job in the que. I have verified that I only want 1 copy and have tried this from multiple programs, Word, Notepad , IE ect. I did intall the most current driver for the printer and OS. No change.

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