Windows Mail Could Not Be Started :: Memory Or Your Disk Is Full (0X80070002)

Aug 24, 2009

The error message I'm getting started after doing some updates. (Should have known better) I'm getting two the first one reads:

Windows mail could not be started. Initializing junk filtering, your computer may be out of memory or your disk is full. (0X80070002)

When you click on the ok button then i get a second window which reads:

Windows mail could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be initialized.

How do i fix this? I have tried some update however nothing seems to work.


Windows Mail Could Not Be Started (out Of Memory)

Apr 25, 2009

Unlike others who get the message: Windows Mail could not be started. Initialize junk filtering. Your computer may be out of memory or your disk is full (0x80004005) I am not using McAfee, I'm using Norton. Been using Vista for a couple of years, know my disk is not full, know I'm not out of memory and am baffled

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Windows Mail "Windows Mail Could Not Be Started, Initialize Junk Filtering

Mar 23, 2008

I received this after my computer locked up when trying to open up windows Mail "Windows Mail could not be started, initialize junk filtering. Your computer may be out of memory or your disk is full. (0x80070002)" After closing that error out I get "Windows Mail could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be initialized.

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Windows Mail Could Not Started

Sep 26, 2009

I can NOT start Windows Mail. When I try I get: Windows Mail could not be started. initialize junk filtering. Your computer may be out of memory or your disk is full. (0x80070002). And when I close that WinMail.exe dialog box another one pops up and says: Windows Mail could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be initialized.

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Windows Mail Could Not Be Started Because MSOE.DLL Could Not Be Initialized

Mar 23, 2008

Got a new Dell PC a couple months ago with Vista Home Premium factory installed. Windows Mail was working great but now I get the following: "Windows Mail could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be initialized." What should I do?

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Windows Mail Suddenly Started Asking For Sign On Information.

Mar 17, 2010

My Windows mail started asking for sign on information but will not accept the information. I am getting the below message. I have gone into "tools", "accounts", and changed the settings without success as well as "advanced" and clicked on the SSL boxes for both (they were initially not checked) all without success. The connection to the server has failed. Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Port: 995, Secure(SSL): Yes, Socket Error: 10060, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E

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Full 2 GB Of Memory Not Increasing Score

Nov 8, 2007

I have a Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop which so far had 512 MB RAM and it ran beautifully under XP. Last month I upgraded to Vista Ultimate and got a WEI of 2.0 because my memory rating was 2.0. All the other scores were 3.7 and above. Here's the strange bit. Last week I upgraded the memory to 1.25 GB by removing one 256 MB module and inserting a 1GB pqi PC3200 DDR 400 module that I bought from Newegg. It had very good customer reviews. The score for memory dropped to 1.6 after the increase in memory! Today I removed the remaining 256MB and inserted another pqi 1GB to bring the total to max of 2GB. The score than increased to a lowly 2.5. My question is how come a full 2 GB of memory not increasing the score? How are people getting higher scores with 1GB on their machines? The Inspiron 9100 is a workhorse with very good specs and I expected it to get a very good WEI running vista.

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Can Get The Full Function Of Windows Mail?

Jul 7, 2008

I have never been able to successfully use Windows Mail away from my own home. I can receive messages but cannot send them. How do I set up an account when traveling that lets me get the full function of Windows Mail?

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Windows Mail Not Showing Full Contacts

Mar 23, 2008

I recently moved from Outlook Express to Windows Mail. Previously, I would type the first letter of an email address and I would get all of the contacts to whom I've sent email as options for the address. Now, I seem to only get a list of people I've emailed within the last day or two. This is annoying (for example, when I cc myself, I seem to have to type in the address every time).

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Disk Full, But Should Not Be Be

Nov 22, 2008

I have Home Premium Vista, 64bit and 688GB hard drive(size when checking C: drive). I recently checked and it showed less than half full. Then a few days ago I tried saving a file and I got disk full message. I checked the c: drive again and it showed full- no space available, which should not be. I did a defrag, check disk and that did not work. I do remember seeing a warning around that time, but it vanished before I read it all. I think it said a file was not working or was corrupted and may have said something about "Catalyst". I found Catalyst Control Center on my computer, but that seems to be ATI card (graphics card?). I did delete a bunch of junk so it can now function, but latest check still shows only 72 MB available and that can't be.

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Restore Disk Full

Mar 23, 2008

I need to make room for my hp recovery so that I can make a back up. the disc is full and I dont know what to do

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Recovery Disk Full

May 7, 2009

I have a DELL laptop running VISTA. I have noticed that my D (recovery ) drive is almost full. I have gone through the routine of trying to erase all unnecessary files several times. The drive is still almost completely full despite all my efforts. The wastebasket is empty, I have deleted all duplicated files from, nothing works. The computer seems to only use the D drive and the C drive is more than 70% free space.

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E: Drive Full, Options To Disk Clean

Mar 25, 2008

System showed that my E: drive (DVD RW) is full. The pie chart is blue. There is no options to disk clean or to compress like the OS C: and local D: drives. Can I or should I do anything about it?

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Full Hard Disk Can't Update OS Can't Do Nothing Except Browsing The Internet

Mar 7, 2009

I Hav a 40 gb hard disk full of nothin:S lol No software installed except microsoft office and adobe photoshop. My Os is taking like 35 GB:S mostly winsxs folder(18 gb) I removed the restore points a while ago. I removed the temp sp1 files. Now i hav a full hard disk can't update my os can't do nothing except browsing the internet lol I feel like I'm using knoppix. What can I do in order to get back a normal pc :S All my pc specifications are well tuned for nothin.

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Windows Mail Settings, "non Full Screen" Mode

Feb 10, 2009

1. When opening a message from the message list, the new window opens in "non full screen" mode. I have to then click on the maximize button. How do I default to full screen for new windows in general?

2. When I open a message and then hit the delete button, it takes me automatically to the next message, I want it to go back to the message list. I know in outlook where you can set these settings but can't find it with Windows mail.

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Backup Failure 0x80070002

Mar 23, 2008

I cannot make a backup with Vista Home Premium 32bit. Whenever I try, I get this nondescriptive error: 0x80070002 and Vista claims it cannot find some file (But it doesn't say which one.) Also trying to adjust 'automatic backup' results in the same error. I cannot change anything in my backupsetting, I always get this error. So I cannot start a backup by hand, nor run automatic backup. This has been like this for months. My system has a RAID1 SATA array. I try to backup to an external USB drive (Lacie, formatted NTFS with enough diskspace). Is Vista backup broken beyond repair on my machine?

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Total Memory Available 3.3GB With 4GB Physical Memory Under Windows 7 64 Bit

Nov 29, 2009

I had 4GB physical memoryon the PC. With Windows vista 32 bit, available memory is shown as 3.3GB. I asked and was told that only under 64 bit windows, will the available memory be 4GB. When I upgraded to windows 7, I chosed 64 bit, but the available memory shown in the system is still 3.3 GB. Why is this and is there a way to make the full 4GB available? It's possible that my video card is using RAM instead of its own RAM. If I install a video card with its own RAM, will the full 4GB be available?

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Total Memory Available Is Only 3.3GB With 4GB Physical Memory Under Windows 7 64 Bit

May 16, 2010

I had 4GB physical memoryon the PC. With Windows vista 32 bit, available memory is shown as 3.3GB. I asked on usenet and was told that only under 64 bit windows, will the available memory be 4GB. When I upgraded to windows 7, I chosed 64 bit (I did clean install of course), but the available memory shown in the system is still 3.3 GB. This is show in both task manager under performance->Physical memory->total, and 'property of My Computer'->Installed memory (4GB/3.3 GB usable)........

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Error 0x80070002 When Trying Microsoft Update

Dec 18, 2008

A couple of days I did a stupid thing. Thinking it would free some diskspace I deleted "WindowsSoftwareDistribution" folder after rebooting I noticed that Windows update is not using Microsoft update service anymore, instead it reverted to Windows update service.

I clicked on the "Get updates for more software" link button, I was directed into Microsoft update website. unfortunately right after the "Review the license agreement" page I got the 0x80070002 error on Microsoft update, so I tried going to Windows update instead on IE but I also got an error there. When I tried checking for updates on My computer it worked like a charm (only Windows update not Microsoft update).

So I googled the error (since Microsoft website was no help at all) I found a couple of solutions Deleting the content of "WindowsSoftwareDistributionDataStore" then starting Windows update. And that was no help at all. I reverted the content of the folder "WindowsSoftwareDistribution" as it was before I started missing with it. And that was no help at all..............

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Getting Error 0x80070002 Durring Backup

Oct 14, 2009

I have Windows 7 Pro (through MSDNAA), and I'm trying to get Backup and Restore working. When I try to do a backup, I get "The system cannot find the file specified. Error code: 0x80070002". I tried doing CHKDSK on both the FROM drive and the TO drive. I tried changing what I wanted backed up (tried a completely different folder), and changed the drive I was backing up to. I ran SFC, and it found no integrity violations. I tried creating an asr.log file, but the file won't appear. I also took a look at my ProfileList, and that's fine. Those are all the ideas I've found around the internet and these forums. Would anyone have any other idea of what could be wrong, or how I could go about troubleshooting this?

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Windows Could Not Be Started

Oct 5, 2009

i received a message saying windows mail could not be started. initialize junk filtering. your computer may be out of memory or your disk may be full. (0x80070002) my computer is not out of memory. i have read other threads and have removed mcafee from my computer. i have gotton on windows mail live. but my problem is that when i went to mail live it did not import my all my folders from windows mail-only a couple. i need to find my other folders and get them to my windows mail live.

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Dumping Memory To Hard Disk And Auto Restart, Blue Screen

Sep 11, 2009

recently my window vista keep crashing with blue screen, then it will begin dumping memory to hard disk and auto restart.

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Windows Started Up Very Slow Working

Apr 23, 2008

I have a big problem with my laptop as when the windows is started up and a speicial icon appeared on the taskbar, the windows is converted to a dummy otherwise its seems good. I have a printed screen for that icon, but i don't know how to post it! at the last time i have installed a 3 antiviruse programs but no result, but some times during the scaning the sysytem was stoped and a blue window (with error message talking about new hardware or software not compatible).

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Cannot Get Mail Through: Mailbox Full

Mar 23, 2008

I only have 80 small size messages in my windows mailbox but cannot get any mail through because of a message that says my mailbox is full. Anybody know why and short of deleting everything how to expand the memory

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Windows Disk Fragmenter Easting A LOT Of Disk Space

Jun 17, 2008

I am a relatively unexperienced windows vista user using windows home premium at 32 bit on an acer aspire 6920 notebook. I noticed that occassionaly my disk space would drop dramatically without me doing anything. 100s of mbs would just disappear for no reason, so probably being stupid i decided to run the disk fragmenter to try and fix the problem. BUT to my horror i was shocked to find that the disk fragmenter began to eat up my hard disk space big style. I went from 79.7GB to 72.5GB in just over an hour. What the hell happened and can it be fixed? can i get my disk space back? i thought the disk fragmenter was supposed to help your computer not rob it. does anyone else have this problem and can someone please help me? im kinda desparate, i cant believe it.

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System Restore Couldn't Work Error Code"0x80070002"

Mar 15, 2009

I recently added some new hardware to my 6 month old computer (2x2 gigs of ram and a 1T hard drive). I had my computer off and unplugged, added the ram and hard drive, then plugged my computer back in. I started my computer and while Vista was loading I all of a sudden got a BSOD saying: Stop: C000021a {fatal system error} The initial session processor system terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0x00000000 (0Xc0000001 0X00100490) The system has been shut down After a few more tries of starting it normally, I tried it once with safe mode and it stopped loaded at "crcdisk.sys" and after a bit it would BSOD to the same screen After starting it up again I selected the option to run the comouter with a previous setting that had a succesful boot, and it went to an error saying that the NLS data was missing or corrupt with an error saying "0Xc0000225"

After I went back to the screen where you have the option to start in safe mode or normal mode, and it said at the top that Windows had failed to load and that if it was due to a hardware change to put in the Vista CD and click on fix my computer, so I tried that. After it tried to fix itself it said that it couldnt automatically fix it. I tried doing a system restore to several differnt points which all didnt work because the system restore couldnt find the file "0X80070002" If anyone has a solution to help me I would be very grateful. I was thinking that I could try re-installing vista, but I dont want to lose all of my personal files, so could I just install vista on my other hard drive, look on my original hard drive, and from there move all of my personal files?

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Cannot Send Mail, Out Of Memory

Oct 4, 2009

this rather annoying thing happened today. I had sent a mail OK to a guy, and after that, when I try to send, I receive a message saying that the message cannot be sent, there is not enough memory. No issue codes or anything else. I have Win Vista Home Premium, F Secure 2010 and Windows Mail. Worked OK until today, now I cannot send anything. Also, for some time, when trying to open an online music channel in Media Player, the same thing happens, there is not enough memory. But when I click on the channels media player, it works.

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Windows Live Messenger Contact List Is Full

May 14, 2010

I have about 1000 Contacts on my account ( I planned to add more friends.

But it's say my contact list is full is there any way to expand it?

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Desktop Doesnt Appear In Full Screen Applications Or Windows

Feb 13, 2008

i have had this for a while, and i have no idea what it is, just a little white square in top left corner of screen. doesnt appear in full screen apps or windows, only on desktop (even if i change pic) when i have no programs running the only thing in task manager - applications is ASUS ACPI Cneter could it be that? what is that? doesnt affect comp in any way just annoying seeing it there

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Upgrade Home Premium To Windows 7 And Full Backup

Jan 1, 2010

My subject on this posting may be misleading. I am actually looking for a reliable full backup solution so that I can perform the upgrade with some confidence that I won't lose everything. Vista Home Premium (also Home Basic) does not include Complete PC Backup. (It was a surprise to me too!) I need a full/complete backup solution. Otherwise, the restore task is piecemeal... and very cumbersome to do and contemplate.

Should I purchase backup software? Disk imaging software? Recommendations? I purchased a sizeable disk drive and can connect it with usb. Does the Windows 7 upgrade have any options to perform the needed backup? Not likely I imagine.

Does Windows 7 Home Premium have the same defect of no Complete PC Backup or equivalent Yeah, I think it's a bad defect! This must be the first OS without a full backup solution! Or am I missing something?

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Exploring, Memory DiagnosticsIf Vista Detects A Memory

Feb 23, 2007

Memory DiagnosticsIf Vista detects a memory problem in your system such as a faulty RAM module, it will display a notification asking if you want Vista to try to diagnose the problem.Then again you may also recieve the sudden BSOD with the error MEMORY MANAGMENT at the top. You can manually run this tool anytime just typememory in the search box inside the start menu.This tool offers you two options: restarting immediately and checking for problems, or running next time you reboot your machine (the memory diagnostic tool must run at boot time).  

Network DiagnosticsWindows Vista also allows you to check the connectivity of your network connection using the Network Diagnostics Framework: An infrastructure and a set of built-in and extensible components that attempts to automatically diagnose and correct network connectivity problems. The usual way to run this check is to open Network Center and click the Diagnose Internet Connection link on the left Vista will either identify ............

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Low Memory On Windows

Mar 23, 2008

I am using an Acer Aspire 5290G laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium. The laptop has 2GB RAM but I have been getting Low Memory warnings after which I have had to reload Windows. At the time the only not automatic applications running are Norton Internet Security, Messenger, iTunes and iPlayer from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

I've tried increasing the virtual memory size to min 4096Mb, max 6144Mb so I'm hoping the problem will go away but it would be useful to know whether this is some kind of known fault or if it is just that Vista is so demanding! I had been running a similar or greater load quite happily under XP Pro on another laptop with only 512Mb RAM. The only intentional difference is that this laptop is running Norton Internet Security whereas the old one was running F-Secure. If the problem persists, is it worth me adding more physical RAM and/or trying a further increase in virtual memory?

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Memory With Ultimate X64 SP1: 10% Memory But Free RAM Sits At 0

Jul 3, 2008

I have a problem with Vista Ultimate x64 SP1, I always seem to lose all my free RAM within an hour regardless of system activity, even while idling. I have noticed an svchost.eve process runs each time I reboot which seems to bloat constantly although when I close it down it only frees up about 800MB, what's happening to the rest of my 8GB??? When I launch Task Manager it says I'm only using 10% Memory but free RAM sits at 0?!?!

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How Windows Uses Physical Memory

May 21, 2008

I'm trying to settle a debate with someone about how Windows (32bit)
allocates memory. In short, my opponent seems to think that ALL applications
will be swapped in and out of the SAME 2 GB of *physical* memory. I suggested
that this was nonsense and instead the OS will use whatever physical memory
it has available. Thus, in theory, if you have a 4 GB system with no swap
file, you could run three applications that take 1 GB assuming that the OS is
consuming no more than 1 GB. Can I get an engineer at Microsoft to confirm
that this is how it works and if so, can I get a link that outlines that

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Windows Memory Detection

Jul 27, 2008

See This It Showing I Have Total 5992 MB of Memory In System 571 MB Used. But, In System I Have 2 GB Memory Means 2 x 1024 = 2048 MB Memory And, 4 GB Virtual Memory Means 4 x 1024 = 4096 MB Memory Total, 2048 + 4096 = 6144 MB But It Showing 5992 MB Means 152 MB Less. Where Is This Memory Is It In Kernel Or Else Where. Can Anyone Tell Me?

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Not Enough Memory / Windows Installer

Dec 29, 2009

I m trying to install AVG, and I was receiving installer issues. I approached other Tech sites and was told to use a program, basically now I cannot install any program, and I receive the error concerning windows installer... "The Windows Installer could not be accessed" I attempted re-install the installer on the Microsoft website, but it gave me the "Not enough memory to process this action"

I've spent countless hours troubleshooting and yeah... I'm just tired of it. Preferably I'd restore to a previous system restore point, but I get the memory error with that... so yeah, no luck with anything.

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Aug 22, 2009

You wouldn't waste money if you install 4GB REGARDLESS of Windows (starting
w/Vista) or hardware (starting w/post-2006) you have, but you can do more,
read my article:

As you know from Electrical Engineering basics, theoretical memory space is
defined by the address bus width. In a binary system it's simply 2^N where
N is the address width.
In plain English:
If your Windows is 32-bit it can theoretically manage 2^32 = 4GB.
If your hardware (e.g. Intel945 chipset?) is 32 bit but Windows is 64 bit,
or hardware is 64bit but Windows is 32 bit it's still 4GB as obviously the
lower address width limits the system, and disregards 64 bit elsewhere.

The practical numbers are somewhat different:

a) Windows 32-bit claims a whopping 0.75GB for itself ("untouchable" by
you - the user) due to I/O overhead in a 4GB memory space leaving you with
ONLY 3.25GB of usable memory
Too long to explain but just accept it as a fact - almost a Gigabyte is
eaten by the BIOS, I/O, etc. memory addresses your applications cannot use.

b) On the upside you can go over 4GB EVEN in a 32-bit Windows if this
Windows is a Server, and not a Client version.
There's a 99.9% chance you running a Client and not Server Windows, so your
usable memory is therefore:

3.25GB But I don't know exactly what Win version you run, so you can
calculate by understanding this article, i.e if you're so advanced as to
have Windows SERVER edition, then even in 32-bit configuration it can "page"
more than 4GB.

How much did you pay for 4GB and how much WOULD you pay for 3GB?

The $dollar difference as of September2009 is NOT worth any regret.
You'd lose pennies, stop worrying & have at least 4GB. Also better if you
install memory modules "symmetrically" which, as a consequence, also means
you'd have an even number of memory units.

In plain English, it's better to install two modules 2GB+2GB = 4GB, than
2GB+1GB = 3GB which is assymetric, although such may not longer be of any
importance for new computers, in the past it was an issue. Still I
recommend not to play with assymetry for DDR2 memory, I don't know about
DDR3 and this example covers 4GB. You might have 4GB+4GB=8GB for example,
for 64-bit Windows AND 64-bit hardware as a requirement.

Why would anyone need 8GB?

Well, I even need MORE - 16GB for CAD/Engineering & Graphics design work, so I can lots of memory running heavy-duty engineering simulations.

Plus it stimulates industry (but hurts environment)

So memory space is defined by 3 factors:

OS bit width

Hardware bitwidth

Whether your Windows addressing is using virtuial/paging/etc to bypass
normal addressing limted to 2^N - i.e. is it a regular Win Client or Server,
and how much your Windows wastes for itself (overhead)
Just get 4GB and be done with it.

BUT IF YOU NEED 1GB+1GB MODULES = 2GB of laptop, DDR667 speed memory, let me
know - I can ship for free (you just pay shipping by Post Office in USA or
abroad), I removed them and replaced with 8GB on my laptop.

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Excel Macros Run Out Of Memory In Windows

May 28, 2008

I transferred some Excel 2002 spreadsheets from my Windows XP desktop computer (also a Dell) to my new laptop. My laptop has Excel 2007. Those spreadsheets were created in Windows XP and, though voluminous (20 megs each), run fast and perfectly in XP. Now, on my laptop, they can't even finish their processing due to running out of memory. My laptop has three gigs of RAM whereas my 5-year-old desktop has only 512k. How can I get my macros to fully run within my laptop?

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Windows Mail Compacting: Error Windows Mail Has Stopped Working And Windows Is Searching For An Answer

Mar 8, 2009

Running Vista on an HP...When I get the pop up to compact the mail I click OK and it gets about 3 quarters of the way thru and I get the message Windows Mail has stopped working and Windows is searching for an answer. The answer was DEP (Data Execution Protection)was shutting it down to protect my computer..What's the problem??? Norton internet Security up to date and nothing found with complete system scan..Vista up to date as well.

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Virtual Memory Control And Settings In Windows

Mar 23, 2008

I need to know if there is anyway to specifically set Vista to allow a program to see a certain Size for Virtual memory. oracle Products require Virtual Memory to be verified before they go through installation. The problem here is that Windows Vista Paging files are not seen as Virtual memory for some reason. The system I have is set with 4000 plus mb of Paging file but when the oracle check completes it shows 0 mb available. Going to a newer version of Oracle is not an option as this is a required product for a College Course. Going back to XP is not an option since no one ever wrote XP Drivers for this hardware. I've hausted all the resources from HP and Oracle and need to try this end of the problem now.

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